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It's as she falls, the little brunette from Two, that he thinks she looks like Catnip. His Catnip. And for a moment the world blurs and it is her. He reaches out to the screen, whimpering. "Katniss?" Then he's back to reality. It's the girl from Two, Clove. But he can't help think that there's something beautiful about the way she falls, screaming for a name he doesn't know- "Cato! Cato!" He can hear the boy's reply, and it's broken. Oh so broken. In seconds the brunette was transformed, a flicker of hope in her eyes. And then she realizes- he's won't run fast enough. Then this tiny little Career- she's supposed to be strong, isn't she?- has her heart in her throat and is just a rabbit-hearted little girl.

"Clove!" The boy falls, his heart in his throat. "I'm here. I'm here. Just open your eyes. No, you can't close them! Open them! Stay with me. C'mon, stay with me! " "She's gone," he whispers, heart hurting for a boy from Two, out of all places. And then he cries, mind racing with thoughts of What if that was her? Oh, Christ, what if that was her? He wipes his tears soon after, whimpering softly. He places a hand over Posy's eyes when the boy gets up, spear in hand, and rips the boy from Eleven's throat open, screaming her name-"This is for Clove! You killed her!" He thinks Two's way of avenging someone is rather bloody, but justifying. He also thinks he's lost his mind.

And then Katniss is back in her cave, all snuggled up with Mellark. That should be me, he thinks, images of Clove and Cato dashing through his head. That should be me. And Katniss is fumbling with the little box that she risked her life to get, just for her Lover Boy. It's then when he excuses himself, thinking of glassy eyes and clouded minds. (It's almost two years later when he realizes what's he's looking for when he moves to Two. A brunette girl who throws knives a fast as he can blink and a blonde boy with eyes the color of ice, sitting together on a corner. He's always had a bit of respect for the blonde boy-"Cato! Cato!"- avenging Clove and all.)

AN: I honestly have no earthly idea where this came from. XD I just had a random thought one day that Gale would see Katniss in Clove, just a little bit. I wrote a Gadge story yesterday in Gale's POV, too. I guess I just like to write him lately. :P Please leave a review!