My second Austin & Ally story I hope you like it.

Summary: Austin is a vampire and Ally was just a normal human being, when their worlds collide not only do sparks fly but things from the underworld stir up, all there hopes and dreams are put on the line when one moment changes the fate of Ally Dawson and the world she lives in. Can Austin protect her from what is to become of her or will Austin not be able to hold everyone back.

In this the name Weeping Angel is used throughout I know if there are any Doctor Who fans reading this may think I stole it but I'm using Weeping Angel as a human being and the name works very well! :)

I DO NOT OWN AUSTIN & ALLY...Only the plot to this story!

Ally's POV:

I shot up from my bed, gasping for air and sweating, I looked at the clock 7 o'clock, I placed the back of my hand on my forehead yet again another nightmare they have become a regular occurrence lately they have all been the same it's me running, running as fast as I can away from some creature with horns and a giant jaw all red and runs on all fours, it ends the same way all the time it's when I come to a giant open field and there are dead bodies everywhere then the ground beneath me swallows me and then I wake up like I have right now. I got out of my bed and walked to my bathroom I splashed some cold water on my face and looked at myself in my mirror, what has gotten into me lately bad dreams, bad boyfriend, bad life...My boyfriend Elliot never treats me right well he does when we are alone but when he is around his friends with me he treats me like poo on his shoe it's quite upsetting, I've tried to confront him about it and he just laughed and told me to stop being silly, I'm not being silly? My life well you could say it's normal but life always has it's ups and downs and mine is currently at a down, my Mum and Dad have just split up and it's quite hard because my Mum wants me to move in with her all the way over in Texas and I told her that I want to stay here because I have friends that I couldn't bare to be away from. My Dad is yesterday went over to the house across the street to welcome the new neighbors we have on our street, the new family from what I heard have a 3 sons my age which is really weird but then I found out they are all adopted, also they have a daughter who is my age and adopted, Dad tried to get me to go over and I told him no I'm not really very good at socializing with people I don't know. I looked at the clock again 7:30 better start getting ready for school, I pulled out some dark denim jeans and a orange vest top, I changed into them, then walked into the bathroom and brushed my teeth and applied some mascara and lips gloss, I let my curly hair flow down my shoulders, I was happy with how I looked so I grabbed my brown jacket and some brown boots and walked downstairs.

"Hey Dad!" I kissed him on the cheek and grabbed an apple then spat it in the sink still having the taste of minty toothpaste lurking in my mouth I placed the apple down on the side.

"Hey Sweetie, how you feeling?" He asked looking up from his newspaper.

"I'm fine Dad, you?" I raised an eyebrow at him while I picked my bag up off the back of the chair.

"I'm hanging in there" He chuckled and I laughed.

"See you later Dad!" I waved goodbye to him then walked out the house and started to walk to school, I looked up at the house across the street where the new family had moved in, I saw a girl standing on the drive staring up at the sky, I took one little step of the sidewalk and it was like she heard me when I barely made a sound, she quickly spun round and I froze she stared at me for a second then walked back inside the house, I furrowed my eyebrow's...Well that was...Odd?

I stepped back onto the sidewalk and carried on my journey to school. When I was near the front of school a car drove past it was black and the back windows were blacked out, it turned and pulled into the school's parking lot, I quickly speed walked onto the car lot and slowly walked over it.

"Ally baby!" Elliot came out of nowhere and rested his arm on my shoulder.

"Hey Elliot!" I saw the black car's doors open the one I saw out the front of school just a minute ago, out stepped three boys and a girl. One of the boys had ginger hair and was very tall, skinny and pale. The next had brown hair and was very broad built with big muscles, the next well...Wow! He had blonde bushy hair he was tall and wearing shades, in fact they were all wearing shades which was odd, the girl was a bit chubby and small she had long curly blackly brown hair. They all stopped and crowded round there car I took my focus away from them.

"Who are they?" Elliot asked as we started to walk past them.

"Why don't you go ask them!" I snapped at him, he shrugged his shoulder then pulled me over towards them.

"How's it going dude!" Elliot raised his hand up for a high five to the one with ginger hair, and he didn't high five him Elliot brought his hand back down.

"You lot new here?" Elliot asked I just folded my arms and rolled my eyes.

"Elliot lets go!" I nagged at him.

"One minute Ally!" He snapped at me.

"So anyway do you want me to show you around!" They didn't reply, I looked over at the one with blonde hair and he was looking at me I think? Hard to tell when he was wearing sunglasses, I felt a shiver go down my spine.

"Jesus tough crowd!" Elliot muttered, Elliot walked over to me then leaned in to kiss me and I turned my face so it landed on my cheek.

"The hell Ally?" He snapped at me, I tutted at him.

"Leave me alone Elliot!" I snapped.

"Sorry about him he has the tendency to be a bit of an annoying prick!" I spoke to them and they all chuckled.

"Now I'm going to get going...Welcome to Miami!" I smiled at them then walked off and walked inside.

"Hey Ally!" Dallas said slamming his locker shut and walking with me down the corridors.

"Hey Dallas!" I said walking over to my locker.

"What's wrong with you?" He asked in a caring voice, Dallas has always been like a big brother to me I don't know where I would be if he wasn't always there for me when times were hard.

"Elliot he just walked over to the bunch of new people and made a complete fool out of himself and me then he snapped at me because when he leaned into give me a kiss I turned my face so it landed on my cheek!" I huffed grabbing some books and putting them in my bag.

"Oh don't worry about Elliot he is just naturally a prick!" I laughed then shut my locker, Cassidy then came running over.

"Oh my god Ally have you seen the new kids!" She squealed.

"Yeah I have!" I said getting annoyed.

"Have you seen the boys they are gorgeous! Especially the one with blonde hair I'm so going to make him mine!" She yelled we then turned around as we saw all of them walk past the blonde one was smiling as he walked past us, they all then walked over to the lockers that were across from us.

"He so wants me!" Cassidy squealed again jumping up and down.

"Sure, whatever!" I rolled my eyes at her.

"Don't you think they are a bit weird?" Dallas asked resting his chin on my shoulder.

"I know, I saw the girl this morning out the front of their house just stood staring up at the sky!" I whispered so they couldn't hear me Dallas laughed.

"Freaks!" He took his chin up off my shoulder.

"I wouldn't exactly call them freaks Dallas we barely even know them!" I snapped at him, the one with blonde hair was looking over his shoulder at us.

"Alright I was only saying!" He yelled.

"Whatever I'm going to Science see you guys at Lunch!" I walked off down the corridor and walked to Science.

When I got there, sitting right next to where I sit was the blonde kid from earlier how the heck did he get here so fast?

I walked over and sat down pulling out some books and grabbed my phone and browsing through it, the teacher wasn't here yet and neither was half the class I like Science so I have always got here early, my phone buzzed in my hand and Cassidy had messaged me.

To: Ally.

From: Cassidy.

He wants me, he wants me, he wants me!x

I laughed and he turned to look at me.

To: Cassidy.

From: Ally.

You've known him for what 2 seconds? And I bet you you've already made wedding plans and thought of names for your children? :D x

"Who does she want?" A voice said from right next to me I screamed because he scared the hell out of me.

"Sorry I didn't mean to scare you!" He laughed.

"No problem I've always been a very jumpy person...Oh and my friend well she wants you!" I smiled at him and he smiled back.

"I'm Austin by the way" He held out his hand and I shook it he was cold...freezing cold.

"Ally!" I said.

"I know" He sat back down in his seat.

"Yes, yes you do!" I chuckled the bell rang then everyone filled in the classroom, the Mr King the Science teacher walked in.

"Morning class!" He said placing his briefcase down on his desk, there was a surf of groans throughout the class.

"Today we will be watching a video about the Human Body!" He rolled the TV in then he pressed play, I heard a loud bang and crash coming from in the hallway and everyone focused on it until Elliot popped up at the doorway.

"Sorry I'm late" He started to walk over to me and then he realized Austin was sat in his seat.

"Dude that's my chair!" He snapped pointing at him.

"Elliot leave it he was here first!" I snapped at him. "Go sit somewhere else!" Elliot's eyes widened and he walked over to sit at the back, everyone then focused on the video.

"Is he your boyfriend?" I heard Austin whisper.

"Unfortunately yes!" I sighed.

"Well why you with him then?" He asked keeping his voice low so no one could hear.

"Honestly I don't know anymore!"

"Why don't you end it with him then?" I looked up at him.

"I really don't know?" I felt someone tap me on the shoulder I turned around to see it was some random girl I've never spoken to in my life she handed me a balled up piece of paper I took it then turned away from her, I opened it up.

We are over Ally I'm sick to death of you!

"Hey I guess I don't need to end it with him!" I moved the note over to Austin and he looked at it.

"He doesn't even have the curtsey to do it to your face!" He snapped. "How rude!" I laughed.

"It's fine I've have worse break-ups!" I said and he laughed.

"Do you know that you live across the street from me?" I asked.

"Yeah I do your Dad came over yesterday!"

"Oh yeah he did!" I looked down at the table.

"Trish said she saw you earlier when she was outside?" He said and I looked up at him, so the girls name is Trish.

"Yeah, what are the other lots names?" I asked him.

"Dez and Chris they are like brother's to me" He said and I furrowed my eyebrows.

"Oh we are all adopted there not really my brothers!" He said.

"Yeah, you don't need to tell me things like that if there to personal you know?" I said.

"It's fine" He said smiling at me, he focused back on the video I looked down at his hand and saw he was wearing this ring it was gold and had a red stone inside it, it was really beautiful.

After Science I went to Maths, then after that I went to different lessons until it was Lunch and I headed over to the Cafeteria, I saw Dallas and Cassidy sat at a table so I walked over and sat with them.

"You not eating Ally?" Dallas asked.

"Not that hungry!" I shrugged my shoulders.

"Oh here they are!" Cassidy squealed I turned around to see what she was on about that was when I saw Austin and the rest of them heading over to sit down at a table that's when something caught my eye I looked down at all their hands they all had the same ring on that Austin was wearing? Weird? I turned back around.

"The one with blonde hair is called Austin, the one with brown hair is called Chris, the ginger one is called Dez and the girl is called Trish!" I let out a breath of air that I was holding in.

"Austin is mine!" Cassidy said folding her arms.

"Whatever you say Cassidy!" I rolled my eyes at her.

"Ally I heard you and Elliot broke up?" Dallas asking while taking a bite of his apple.

"Yep I'm actually glad I was talking to Austin in Science about it and he was asking me why I was even with him and I didn't even know myself" I shrugged.

"Hey well I bet you will find someone way better then him!" I laughed.

"Let's hope so!" My stomach let out a loud wail.

"I think you should eat something Ally!" Cassidy suggested.

"Alright then" I walked over and grabbed a tray I filled it up with food then walked over to the fruit basket and started to browse through the fruit I picked out an orange then I heard something a song I turned to look around and everyone was acting normal why can't they hear it my eyes then fell upon where Austin was siting and all of them looked alarmed like they could hear it too, Austin looked up at me and I stared at him then the song got louder and louder.

The time is coming, You better start running, Because the Devil is fuming, You better be careful, Very very careful, It's time to rise, You better be prepared, For the Devil's time, You better dig deep, And start finding The Weeping Angel.

My tray fell out of my hand and crashed to the floor everyone turned to look at me then the song stopped I looked at everyone then I looked at Austin who's eyes were wide, I then took off running out of the Cafeteria, I ran over to my locker and slid down it landing on the floor, the song kept going through my head.

The time is coming, You better start running, Because the Devil is fuming, You better be careful, Very very careful, It's time to rise, You better be prepared, For the Devil's time, You better dig deep, And start finding The Weeping Angel.

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