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It wasn't that they didn't dare to tell the world about their relationship, but the both of them were conservative people. Sanada because he had been raised in an extremely traditional family, and Yukimura because that was just a part of his personality.

If others that didn't know them well had seen them at that point of time, huddled together in Sanada's bed with two blankets covering them, sharing one mug of hot chocolate, they might have said that they were hiding their relationship from the world, not daring to show nor tell anyone that they were together, instead choosing to barricade themselves behind walls, never showing affection in public.

For those that did know them, and know them well, they would know that it wasn't that they were trying to hide themselves – it was that this was the way that they showed each other affection.

The way Sanada would look down and make sure that Yukimura was comfortable enough. The way he would squeeze his hand once in a while to let Yukimura know that he was content and happy to lay there for a long, long time. The way he would lean down to press a chaste kiss on the crown of the captain's hair.

It was the way Yukimura would smile and nudge Sanada, telling him that, yes, Genichirou, I'm comfortable, you don't need to keep checking. The way that Yukimura would squeeze back and lean against Sanada's shoulder, giving him the exact same message. It was the way Yukimura would laugh, the empty mug falling to the carpeted floor as he returned the kiss.

Sanada Genichirou and Yukimura Seiichi were not the most obvious couple out there, but no one could deny that they were amongst the most loving.


"See, Yeahgyuu? I told you Sanada was a softie when it concerns captain."

"Niou-kun. Regardless of whether or not you are right, could we please get off of this tree. It is one in the morning, and I do not wish to spend my time spying on Sanada-kun and Yukimura-kun."

"Tch. You're boring, Yeahgyuu."

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