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Sanada had once thought that his relationship with Yukimura was very similar to the one Tezuka had with Fuji. He couldn't have been more wrong.

While both he and Tezuka were stoic, and didn't like to reveal more expression than absolutely necessary, he could never deny his boyfriend anything. Whenever Yukimura wanted something, all he had to do was pout a little, whine if need be, and Sanada would cave in.

In their relationship, Yukimura always won.

On the other hand, whenever Fuji wanted something, he could hardly get it from his boyfriend. He could whine and pout all he wanted, but no matter how adorably cute he looked, Tezuka would stare him down until Fuji sighed, and gave up – until the next hour, of course – or they would come to a compromise.

Sanada never compromised with Yukimura. He just gave in to whatever whims his lover had.

Which was why he was currently in this situation.

Yukimura wanted to tell the regulars that they were dating. Apparently, it was to 'claim his territory', so that no one else would try to lay their hands on him. Whoever in the regulars would ever try that, Sanada had no idea. He couldn't imagine himself with anyone but Yukimura, anyway.

"So," Yukimura beamed, clutching onto Sanada's arm like a blue haired koala. "We're dating! Anyone who dares to touch him, dies!"

Sanada wondered how Yukimura could threaten the regulars with death while smiling as though all was right in the world. He tried to jerk his arm out of Yukimura's grasp – it was beginning to feel numb – but Yukimura held on, grinning widely all the time.

"Honestly, buchou," Niou drawled slouching to the side. "Did you really think that none of us knew you were dating fukubuchou?"

Yukimura laughed, head thrown back slightly, and Sanada wanted to kiss his boyfriend right there and then, but restrained himself. It would not be proper to do such a thing, especially when the non-regulars were under the impression that they were discussing the new team line-up for the next tournament. "What do you think, Niou?"

Niou grinned, "I think you want my photos of when I was up on that tree with Yeahgyuu over here."

Sanada turned swiftly to look at the trickster. "What photos?"

Smirking, Niou handed a cheering Yukimura a package, then went back to stealing Marui's gum from his back pocket, taking one and handing it to Yagyuu, who refused. He ended up eating both of them, with Marui screaming at him to stop stealing his gum.

He watched as Yukimura giggled to himself over the photos, and pulled down the brim of his cap over his eyes, resisting the urge to groan and slam his head into a wall. Or pass out. Or pass out after slamming his head into a wall.

He really needed to learn how to say 'no' to his boyfriend.

Well, this. I don't know what this is. Good day.