Fairytales terminated on the earth

Author: Jadeite

Translate: MoonlightOutsider

Disclaimer: Sailormoon is the property of Takeuchi Naoko, Kodansha and Toei Animation. All characters, settings etc. are used without permission. This is a fanfiction of Sailor Moon, for my interest in the Dark Kingdom, and I promise that there is definitely neither illegal nor financial purpose.

The translators words: Well, to be honest, I have admired this fanfiction for a long time, and now I finally decided to translate it into English. The author, Lord Jadeite, might be one of the most important persons among all the Chinese Dark Kingdom fans that he started the first Chinese website specially for Dark Kingdom. He has also witten a lot of wonderful DK fanfictions with deep thoughts. (And the translator had even not watched Sailormoon at that time...)

Thank you for supporting me to translate your fanfiction, Lord Jadeite!

Note: According to the author, a few ideas in this fanfiction might be affected by some fanfictions the author had read before.

The story:

Long long ago, the earth was a unified state, and so was the moon.

The prince of the earth named Endymion lived in the Elysium.

The princess of the moon named Serenity lived in the Millennium.

Endymion had four best friends protecting him as well as the earth, and their names were Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoisite and Kunzite.

Serenity also had four best friends protecting her as well as the moon, and their names were Mars, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus.

The Earth Kingdom and the Moon Kingdom was a union, the people from the two kingdoms were friendly to those from each other. Hence, the lunarians often visited the earth, and so did the earthlings, even including the princess and the prince. As a result, Endymion and Serenity became to know each other, and slowly fell in love.

They matched each other, so they gain blessing from everyone, they thought themselves the happiest luckiest couple in the universe, too. However there was one thing that was a pity, which they were after all from two different asters, so it was not always that convenient for them to visit each other. Moreover, they were both heirs of the two kingdoms, hence they usually had to be busy with something else.

It was this tiny pity that made the love-sick Prince Endymion feel worry, and leaded a series of complex stories from the previous lift to the future.

But none of the stories mean romantic.

Prince Endymion felt like hell since early in the morning.

The reason was quite simple: when he went to the Silver Millennium happily for dating Serenity he was prevented from seeing his lover by Mercury politely…well, Mercury's reason was even simpler: Serenity had to study first. As a result, despite the poor prince begged hard, he was sent back to the earth politely.

The prince could do nothing but back to Elysium, aimlessly wandered in the palace complaining the unfair destiny. And then, fortunately, or rather to say, unfortunately, he saw something he should not have seen.

He saw two men, who were kissing, who were Kunzite and Zoisite.

It was in fact nothing serious. The prince knew about the love affair of his two friends. He was not a fogey, but the problem was, as a consequence to being not able to see Serenity, he was just at the edge of the being crazy accidently.

It is often said, a fox that missed grapes would claim the grapes sour; a wolf that missed grapes would set the grapes on fire in order to destroy them.

Fortunately, Endymion was neither a fox nor a wolf, instead, he was a well-educated prince. As a result, he left without disturbing the lovebirds, though he felt bad.

But it was not finished yet. Once more, twice more, a third time, a fourth time…when Endymion was sent back to the earth politely by Venus for the seventh time, he again met Kunzite and Zoisite. This time they were not kissing but only discussing something about their work. But whatever, Endymion could not bear his jealousy for a single more second.

Why is it so unfair? Why on earth? Why some twist gays could enjoy themselves day by day showing up their love-fest, while I as a normal heterosexual man could even not see my beloved girl for a whole week?!

As he was walking pass by the two Endymion intentionally cursed loudly as if nobody was around, and then he rushed into his study and slammed the door closed.

Zoisite and Kunzite looked at each other, their faces were turning pale and then turning green. Eventually Kunzite successfully dissuaded Zoisite from fighting with the prince with his both hands clenched, and took him away from there.

"Endymion, open the door! You have to read some documents…"

Pang! With a loud striking noise, Nephrite shut up feeling sorry for the broken objects for a short while.

"Out of here and leave me alone!" The prince roared.

"But they are so important that you must read them immediately!" Nephrite didn't show the white feather.

"Don't you understand what 'OUT OF HERE' means?"

"Don't you understand what 'IMMEDIATELY' means?"

"You bastard leave me alone!"

"Damn it, open the door!"



After forty minute' nonsense dialogue through a single door like that, Endymion finally gave up and opened the door despondently, and Nephrite stepped into the room quickly putting the documents on the desk. To the auburn-haired man's surprise, the room was filled with flakes of glass, ceramics and paper.

The prince was a little embarrassed and shrugged explaining:"Nothing, I was just upset…"

"It is lovesick rather lovesick, isn't it?"

Nephrite swept the flakes together to the corner with a broom, and asked as he patted his shoulder.

The prince sighed a deep sigh and nodded.

"Well, I was just back from the moon…I met Jupiter and she said that the princess…"

With these words Nephrite stood up and put the ink and pen on the desk in order.

"What!? How's the princess?" Hearing these words Prince Endymion jumped up from the floor and grasped Nephrite's shoulder.

Nephrite's smile faded as he pointed the documents to the black-haired prince seriously:"Had you wanted to know you must finish your work first."

Endymion pouted and picked up the pen unwillingly…At last, he finished all the documents within half an hour at a magical speed that he had never reached before. Hence Nephrite kept his words and told the prince that the queen of the moon would allow the princess three hours off, and Jupiter could help the royal lovers date with each other.

It was quite a piece of news that made Endymion extremely exciting. Yet at the moment, his angel inside noticed that he should apologize for his unreasonable behavior in the morning, but he could not find the two he had hurt.

To date or to apologize first, that was the question. Just at the moment he was hesitating, Jadeite, whom he hadn't seen for almost a whole day, suddenly appeared:"Endymion, I want to talk to you."

Jadeite was shouting near the prince. Endymion didn't move as he felt something bad was happening.

"I saw Kunzite this morning and he told me that something unhappy had happened, between you and him."

With these words Jadeite stepped towards Endymion, he's voice was calm but with anger in it.

As he had expected! The prince felt ashamed that he tried to escaped, but Jadeite grasped him.

"What are you doing? Serenity is waiting for me!" Endymion tried to protest.

But Jadeite didn't release him, instead he pulled the prince onto the wall: "Let her. Before that you must listen to me…if only you still see me as a friend."

"Then say it!" Endymion answered impatiently.

"I want to tell you a story, a story about Uranus and Neptune."

"What is it?"

"Neptune is the sailor senshi of planet Neptune, while Uranus is the sailor senshi of planet Uranus. They were a couple of lovers, but were separated by destiny, forever."

"It sounds familiar…"

"And now they are staying at different planets, they could not see each other for long, and yearning to each other is their only connection."

"Well, that's cruel to them, I admit, and so what?"

"You are always comparing yourself with someone else. Even Kunzite and Zoisite lighted your jealousy! Then I'm now telling you, that you're already a lucky dog comparing to someone else! You have your planet, your kingdom, your people, your friends, even your girlfriend. But think about what you have done, Endymion? Simply because you have to be separated with your girlfriend for a few days, how much inappropriate words you had said?"

"I'm…I'm sorry…"

"Endymion, if only you know, words are like blade, and what is done cannot be undone!"

"I'm…seriously sorry…"

The prince blushed and felt like to hang his head in shame.

"It's not appropriate for a prince to do such things, Endymion, swear to me that you would behave yourself from now on. Please be kind to your friends especially Zoisite, you know how sensitive and stubborn he is. We don't want any accidents, do we?"

"I swear to you."


"Of course, we are best friends, Jadeite, please trust me."

Jadeite smiled with release. He set the prince free and stepped backwards.

"I'm sorry, Endymion, I mean no offense to you."

"It's not your fault, Jadeite, I know you mean good to me, and it was me who should be blamed." Endymion patted the blond's shoulder.

"Then you may go now, it's becoming late and the princess must be worrying about you."

"Sure, but please help me explain to Zoisite and Kunzite, and tell them that I will apologize to them as soon as I come back."

"No problem, goodbye, Endimion!"

"Bye, Jadeite!" Finally every problem was solved so that Endymion went to the high tower near Elysium happily.