Fairytales terminated on the earth

Author: Jadeite

Translate: MoonlightOutsider

Disclaimer: Sailormoon is the property of Takeuchi Naoko, Kodansha and Toei Animation. All characters, settings etc. are used without permission. This is a fanfiction of Sailor Moon, for my interest in the Dark Kingdom, and I promise that there is definitely neither illegal nor financial purpose.

The translators words: Well, to be honest, I have admired this fanfiction for a long time, and now I finally decided to translate it into English. The author, Lord Jadeite, might be one of the most important persons among all the Chinese Dark Kingdom fans that he started the first Chinese website specially for Dark Kingdom. He has also witten a lot of wonderful DK fanfictions with deep thoughts. (And the translator had even not watched Sailormoon at that time...)

Thank you for supporting me to translate your fanfiction, Lord Jadeite!

Note: According to the author, a few ideas in this fanfiction might be affected by some fanfictions the author had read before.

Chapter 2:

At the noon of the next day, the satisfied Endymion back to the Elysium with a couple of dark circles under his eyes. The princess had begged her mother so their date was finally allowed, and even prolonged for hours.

When the prince was just preparing for a sweet sleeping, Jadeite suddenly told him something unpleasant: "Big problem! Where is Zoisite?"

Endymion frowned:"What happened?"

It was Kunzite who was stepping following Jadeite answering: "Well, he behaved emotionally yesterday, I tried to comfort him but it was useless. In the evening he said that he wanted to have a walk around the palace and would be back soon, and he refused anyone to follow him. I had to let him go since I could not persuade him, but he hadn't been back till now…" His voice sounded tired and worried.

"I met Kunzite just after you left, and then we found Zoisite missing. We had checked anywhere we could imagine for a whole night but he was still nowhere to be found…" Jadeite added.

"Well…so…well, he is not three years old, and he will be all right…well, perhaps, perhaps he had gone to the moon…" It was rather easy to understand that it was Endymion's unreasonable behavior that led to such a situation. The prince noticed that and tried to comfort his two friends.

"Bullshit! Why on earth did he go to the moon, he's not a lovesick idiot as you are!" Nephrite suddenly pulled…kicked the door rushed in and argued angrily.

"Nephrite! Are you crazy? This place is for the His Highness to…" But Jadeite suddenly chocked before he finished his words, since he saw the blood on Nephrite's coat and trousers, and his hands as well.

"Oh My God!" The three shouted in one voice.

"Calm down, that's not my blood!" Nephrite angrily threw the others a glance before seriously told them that he hadn't found Zoisite yet, but when he was searching for the younger one, he met a troop of wounded soldiers. The soldiers told him that a devil force named Dark Kingdom was on the way to attack the Elysium at their last breaths. The moving speed of the dark force was beyond imagination and nobody was even able to prevent them from expanding. The soldiers who tried to fight were either killed or brainwashed that only few of them could pass the information to the capital city.

Kunzite glanced Nephrite strictly:"That do make a serious thing…but behave yourself, it's rude to kick the door."

"I was too hurry to behave gently! Moreover I have the permission not to waste time on such clichés during the battle time. Help yourself to check my words from whichever law books." Nephrite argued.

Jadeite tried his best to draw the two men's attention in order to stop the quarrel by speaking to himself aloud intentionally:"It it were true then Zoisite would be in danger…" He seemed to succeed, that Kunzite rushed out of the room as soon as he heard such words. Nephrite tried to stop him from being impulse, but he caught only air in his hands.

And Kunzite's figure had disappeared at the end of the corridor, leaving only his voice echoing backward:"I'll try my best to find him back! Jadeite, Nephrite, keep on guard and protect the prince!"

After looking at each other hazily for quite a while, it was Nephrite who had recovered from his surprise first. He could imagine what the naïve and unreasonable Endymion had done, so he couldn't help yelled at the poor prince:"Look at what you have done, Endymion! You should take your responsibility!"

"It's none of my business! Perhaps I did have said something but I had never meant harm! It was not I who drove Zoisite away!" Endymion felt wronged, he tried to argue for himself without considering that his words might drive Nephrite even more to the edge of fury.

"Endymion, you are quite a shame! Whenever you feel hurt you shift your temper to your friends, you are no doubt a coward! Dare you ever pour your temper to the queen of the moon?"

"What, Nephrite, dare you say it again!?"

"Take my words: you are a COWARD, you are a shame!"


Endymion was to angry to hold back his impulsion.

Nephrite was taken aback by the event which was hard to believe, he held his face staring at his prince:"You…how could you…you slapped me?!"

"Don't, Endymion, calm down, you shouldn't slap him!" Jadeite was so shocked by the two young men that he grasped the prince's hands immediately and tried to calm him down.

"It's none of your business! I am now the prince and in the future the king, why shouldn't I slap anyone?! Even peoples' lives belong to me! You four did grow up with me together, but that doesn't mean you could forget who you are! I had never gave you the permission to go against me, you are only nobodies…"

With these claims of a future king, Endymion wiped Jadeite away with all his strength, caused the unprepared blond to fell down to the floor.

Jadeite was still trying though he knew it was futile:"Please, Endymion, master, please stop that! Do you even have a sense about what you have said? Words are like blades and what was done could never been undone…You had sworn, master, you had sworn to me before! Nephrite might be angry but he didn't mean harm, either! Since we are best friends, please, please think twice before you speak…"

"Shut up!" Endymion was too taken by fury to consider whatever Jadeite had said, "You are no more than a servant to me, how dare you call yourself 'my friend' without my permission?!"

Jadeite had no idea but turned to Nephrite:"Could you show some sympathy, Nephrite? Since he is after all the prince please show some sympathy to his bad temper."

"What does 'prince' mean? Does it mean the privilege to behave atrociously unreasonable? I am a human as he is, so I have a equal proud and emotion, do you meant that he was born with a more precious soul than me? Good, very good. Endymion, Jadeite, finally I know what bastards you are! Never bothered and I will leave you alone now!"

With these words Nephrite turned back and rushed out of the palace. Jadeite stood still for an instance before followed him in a hurry. The poor prince who was the only one left was freezing at where he stood, staring at the figures of his two friends, almost died for anger.