Fairytales terminated on the earth

Author: Jadeite

Translate: MoonlightOutsider

Disclaimer: Sailormoon is the property of Takeuchi Naoko, Kodansha and Toei Animation. All characters, settings etc. are used without permission. This is a fanfiction of Sailor Moon, for my interest in the Dark Kingdom, and I promise that there is definitely neither illegal nor financial purpose.

The translators words: Well, to be honest, I have admired this fanfiction for a long time, and now I finally decided to translate it into English. The author, Lord Jadeite, might be one of the most important persons among all the Chinese Dark Kingdom fans that he started the first Chinese website specially for Dark Kingdom. He has also witten a lot of wonderful DK fanfictions with deep thoughts. (And the translator had even not watched Sailormoon at that time...)

Thank you for supporting me to translate your fanfiction, Lord Jadeite!

Note: According to the author, a few ideas in this fanfiction might be affected by some fanfictions the author had read before.

Chapter 5:

Time flies slowly but continually, decades by decades; centuries by centuries, and thousands years by thousands years. The moon was still a dessert, while the earth started a new path of evolve, from cells to fishes; from amphibians to reptilians, and finally human being appeared once again.

On the newly born planet, both side of the war in the past found their chance to wake up and went on the unfinished battle of the previous lives. Of course, the precious prince Endymion and princess Serenity were lucky enough to be included.

As a result, fortunately—or actually, unfortunately, Endymion met Jadeite who was his friend during previous life again, but this time, as enemies.

Tokyo International Airport, Japan.

Endymion was in his suit of Tuxedo Kamen, wearing a hat and a mask, standing in a silence.

Serenity who was in her sailor moon form was staring at her prince hopefully, with hearts and pink bubbles flashing in her sights. Mars and Mercury were by her sides seriously.

Jadeite, standing in front of them, was also in a silence. He was now wearing a grey-blue uniform with red lines of the dark kingdom, instead of the gold and white one of the kingdom of the earth.

The breeze of late night was whispering like a sigh, blowing the black cape, blowing the golden short hair. They stared at each other, and both pairs of eyes were concerning and clear…

"Ja…Jadeite, I'm En…Endymion…" Finally it was Tuxedo Kamen that broke the deadly silence with a stammering sentence in a dry voice.

"I had already known that." Jadeite answered expressionlessly.

"I haven't expected that you…are alive."

"But I knew clearly that you would not die."

"Neither have I expected that we would meet again in such a situation…"

"I do feel pity, Tuxedo Kamen."

"Tell me, Jadeite, what happened after I left? How could this happen, how could you become a member of Dark Kingdom?" Tuxedo Kamen raised his tone while asking with a temper.

Jadeite was still expressionless when answering: "Nothing much, I gave my loyalty to Her Majesty."

"Why? Why betray me? Why betray your friend?!" Tuxedo Kamen couldn't help screamed, and the three girls had to cover their ears when hearing the sudden noise.

"Because…I don't want to die, perhaps…neither do you…"

There was a faint skein of sorrow in Jadeite's whisper.

"You coward! You betrayed your friend for that?!"

"No, I've never betrayed my FRIENDS. Kunzite, Zoisite and Nephrite are at our side. And you are not my friend."

"Why, why do you say that we are not friends?" Tuxedo Kamen was confused.

"Am I wrong? You had told me yourself."

Tuxedo Kamen stood still stared at Jadeite, and the memory of previous life flashed back through his mind.

"I'm sorry…"

Again he spoke in a hoarse voice.

But Jadeite only answered carelessly with coldness:"Enough. I've been bored with your apologize long before."

Tuxedo Kamen felt uneasy that he avoided the sights from his friend…his former friend, and glanced at his own shoes standing still. A mixture of emotions was boiling inside his mind, and a steam suffused a bitter taste all over his soul. Faintly he felt that such things shouldn't happen…but who should be blamed?

"You have wasted to much time, make your action!" Jadeite began to lose patience.

"Do we have to…fight?" Tuxedo Kamen asked bitterly.

"If you are unwilling to fight, please give way and I'll deal with the three sailor brats."

"Jadeite! Isn't there some better ways to solve the problem?"

"Never. Kill or be killed. If I were killed, then one of Nephrite, Zoisite and Kunzite would be your next enemy; and one of Mars, Mercury and Sailor Moon would be my next one if you were the loser. It's a game with the simplest rule."

"Why, Jadeite? What did you make your choice for? We were once best friends, how could we even become enemies?!" Tuxedo Kamen cried his sadness out, yet even himself didn't know who he was asking—the others, or rather himself.

"Yes, that is my choice made in front of Queen Beryl. But you had never given me a choice…perhaps you are right that I am a coward, for I am afraid of death, afraid of suffering from loneliness…Hence, excuse me, I have to follow the orders from my queen." With these words, a smile filled with sorrow appeared on the blond's face.

"I hate to fight with you, Jadeite…but I also have to protect the person I care." Tuxedo Kamen answered sadly.

Follow the orders from his queen…

Protect the person he cared…

They tasted each other's words carefully, before at the same moment they both burst into laughter, in which the thick bitterness dissolved.

Therefore, after a few seconds' still, Jadeite stepped towards Tuxedo Kamen, while the dark-haired man stepped towards Jadeite.

He raised his hands while he lifted his stick.

Then started the battle.

Ever since the love-sick Prince Endymion feel worry about being apart with Princess Serenity, the fate was leaded to a series of complex stories from the previous life to the future.

But none of the stories mean romantic.