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Chapter 21

"Okay, got it." Garcia confirmed to Hotch as he narrowed down the search parameters; then clicked off the phone, "Okay, come to mama." The blonde murmured to herself until she found what she was looking for. Garcia immediately hit Hotch's speed dial, almost bouncing out of her chair as she impatiently waited for him to answer.

"What have you got, Garcia?" That was Hotch - not bothering with pleasantries.

"You won't believe the juice that I've uncovered. Juicier than the juiciest pineapple you've ever-"

"Garcia." Her stoic boss cut her off sharply.

"Sorry sir." She apologized quickly, "Like I was saying, this is huge. I know for sure that slimy Mr Prentiss is not doing it on his own. I searched for museums and the like that have been broken into over the last forty years – because he would have been doing it before my cupcake was forced to help him – that match her description and I have… seventy three hits." The line was silent for a second as Hotch processed this information.

"Thank you, Garcia." He spoke stiffly, not sure what to make of the information, and hung up.

"So, if we assume that he is responsible for most of the robberies, he must only hit once or twice a year, since they are all well spread out." Reid rattled off as Hotch explained what Garcia had just uncovered.

"He spends months meticulously planning everything down to the last millisecond. No wonder he hasn't been caught yet." Rossi speculated.

"Look at this," Reid held up one of the police reports for one of the robberies, "I looked up the last robbery that Emily took part in before her parent separated, and it was quite close to the embassy where the family were living at the time. Maybe that was what caused them to finally split up." Reid carried on with Rossi's speculation.

"Someone could have started to suspect something. All the robberies were in the countries that the Prentiss' lived in at the time." Hotch nodded.

"God," Rossi shook his head, "This is going to be a political nightmare."

"Hey, Em." JJ made sure to make noise as she walked up behind her friend so as to not startle her in her fragile state. The blonde placed two plates of food onto the coffee table, and saw Emily give her a meek smile in thanks.

"You have to eat something, honey." JJ said after watching Emily aimlessly twirl spaghetti around her fork.

"I'm not really hungry, Jayje." The brunette mumbled, not taking her eyes off of her plate.

"I know, Emily," JJ patted her friend's knee, "But if not for yourself, do it for me. If I don't make sure you eat anything Garcia will go ninja on my ass. You don't want to force me through that, do you?" JJ smirked as she saw her friend's lips curl into a small smile.

"Well, I don't know…" Emily replied, "It could be pretty fun to watch." JJ started to chuckle. It wasn't as if she had the old Emily back, but she knew that the brunette was trying.

They continued to eat in silence after that. The blonde cautiously watched the profiler to make sure that she took all of her medication – she's promised herself that she would take care of her friend.

Emily couldn't even finish half of her plate of food, but JJ was pleased since it was more than she'd eaten previously.

"Where's Morgan?" Emily asked when JJ began to collect the dishes.

"Oh, he's asleep upstairs." The blonde explained, "He was up all night – he knows that there's officers posted outside, but he prefers that there's someone awake at all times."

"Oh." Emily replied simply, not wanting everyone to go too much trouble for her, but also knowing that the blonde beside her would not budge on anything. JJ quickly walked the dishes into the kitchen, immediately deciding that they could be done in the morning, and sat beside Emily on the couch. After their previous conversation the profiler had drawn back into herself, so JJ chose to make it her mission to bring her back out to the land of the living again.

JJ softly placed her hand on Emily's knee.

"Do you fancy watching a movie?" When a few seconds had passed, the blonde thought that she wouldn't get a reply, but Emily suddenly raised her eyes and looked intently at her.

"Sure, which one?" Emily prompted, so JJ made her way over to the cabinet in the corner and skimmed her eyes over the selections.

"Monty Python and the Holy Grail?" JJ asked. It was a firm favorite for girl's night with Garcia, and JJ knew that Emily needed some mindless comedy to take her mind off of things.

When JJ started the movie, Emily and herself were sitting far apart on the couch, however the blonde noticed Emily slowly inching her way towards her until their legs were touching. Whether it was subconscious or not on Emily's part, JJ was glad that her friend felt comfortable around her after everything that had happened.

Soon enough JJ's arm was wrapped around the profiler, and Emily's head was rested on the crook of her neck. JJ smiled as she could feel her friend's breath gently blowing loose tendrils of hair onto her cheek.

When the film only a half of the way through, JJ turned the volume of the television down, not wanting to wake the brunette – who she knew had fallen asleep when her breathing slowly evened out, and relaxed her body.

The media liaison studied the older woman's face as she slept. Emily looked calmer than she had for days, apart from the bruises that were still peppered over the porcelain skin. They had started to turn a green/yellow color, and while it didn't look too good, JJ knew that this meant that they were healing. The frown that had marred her face for the last few days had ironed out as she slept, and the blonde was glad that Emily finally had some peace, even if it was for a few hours.

JJ scratched slowly at the bandages around her wrists, left from the shackles that had mercilessly bound her and her friends to the wall. She knew that she would be left with at least a little scarring, but JJ found herself to not care. She would get through it. Just like Emily will. After hearing a scuffling sound from upstairs, and knowing that Morgan was finally awake, JJ let herself drop into a dreamless sleep. One where nothing could reach her.

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