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My Little Heaven 4

" Figured Out That I Like You, Maybe? "

Today Naruto woke up earlier than usual. He always woke up late around 9AM or 10AM.. But today, is different. He got task, a serious task to do. Alarm rang, surrounded his bedroom. The blonde opened his eyes and tried to collect his souls. With zombie style he got up and walked to the bathroom. It was 4AM there. Everyone else were still sleeping and dreaming. Naru brushed his teeth, washed his face, washed his hairs and body with soapy soap.. He can't stop yawning and he found that getting up early in the morning is so hard. Like a slap right in the face. But he had to. Finished showering and wearing his usual clothes, the blonde lift his bag and wear it on his back. He didn't forget to shove the doll he made yesterday inside his bag. Ready to go, he locked the outer door and walked to Gaara's house. Again, the nine-tailed boy jumped on the roof, slide Kazekage's windows silently, jumped in and closed the windows. Gaara were still sleeping, surprisingly Naru's jacket is still with him. Covering half of his body. Where the fuck are the blankets? Gaara's sleeping while hugging his teddy around his arms.. Naru didn't want to wake him up, but.. Gaara has to prepare himself too.. When Naru is about to wake him up, Gaara's clock rang in this super noisy sound, made the blonde shocked like he were about to be executed.

" Ng.. "

The raccoon opened his left eye, he's a little shock when he saw Naruto was already there, standing next to his bed.

" Naruto..? "

" Morning Gaara. " Naru smiled toward the raccoon and helped Gaara to sit.

The room.. Filled with emptiness and a luminous from the stars and outer lamps rushed into Gaara's room. Without a lamps on, the room was already lit itself..

" I'm about to wake you up, but your alarm rang.. It's kinda shock me. "

" Oh.. Right. We're going to Snow Village today, huh.. " Gaara rubbed his eyes.

Gaara was still sleepy, just by looking at those watery eyes. He tried not to yawn or falls back to sleep again. Naru shoved his hand inside his bag, searching for handkerchief. The blonde walked out from bedroom without saying anything. Gaara just looked to him and questioning what's he going to do. The blonde back with wet handkerchief in his hand, walked near the raccoon and..

" Hmppph, Na-naruto. "

" Wake up sleepy head. " Naru keeps on rubbing the handkerchief on Gaara's face, but slowly and gently. He used a warm waters instead of cold waters.

' Tee-hee ' Said Naru in his mind.

" Naruto.. " Gaara didn't do anything but flushed in embarrassment once again when Naru gently rubbed his face, down to the neck to gather his consciousness. The raccoon's eyes are looking down, too afraid to look into the deep blue eyes of Naruto. He could feel those warm hands touching his soft cheeks. His heart is pounding and words are completely grasped inside his throat.

" Uh Gaara, are you sure you're okay. Your face feels hot somehow. " Naru tilted his head, darting his eyes to the raccoon, Gaara just keep looking down without answering.

" I… I'm alright. " Answered the redhead.

" Ooo..kay? Alright then I will help you clean yourself. Hmm.. " Naru was thinking.

" In this kind of morning, would be better if I clean your body with towel and warm waters instead of taking you to the bathroom. "

Gaara nodded. Naru went to bathroom and fill some waters inside a tiny bowl, preparing some towels then turned back to Gaara's room. Gaara seemed nervous somehow.. Naru tried not to scare the raccoon or anything.. The blonde walked to Gaara's bed, put down the towels and bowl full of warm waters on the desk beside the bed.

" I have to take them off again. I mean, your clothes. "

Gaara just said " OK. " and let Naruto to do the rest.. Just like a perfect baby sitter, Naruto finished on cleaning like in no time. Naruto did it gently, just like a father who is taking care of his son.. Gaara smiled secretly.. Enjoying what the blonde did to him, not just today or now. All these time. Naruto didn't change. He always clumsy and impatient, but he's kind, it's so rare to find someone who is willing to help each other without getting a pay back.

When Naruto is about to wear Gaara his new shirts, he trip on bed's sheets and bounced into Kazekage's body.

" O-owww.. " Cried the raccoon.

"; " The blonde was going to apologize but his words stopped when his eyes met the raccoon's.

" Naruto.. "

*gulp* ' I should get up but my body feels so paralyzed.. Or it's more likely my body doesn't want to gets up on its own. ' Naruto tried to fight inside his thoughts, but his lust took control over him.

*knock knock* " Kazekage Gaara. We have to leave now. "

' shiiit it's the ninja who are going to escort Gaara. He just broke my moment damn. '

Naru dashed and jumped off the bed, turned himself and looked to the raccoon, still freezing in shock. He would like to apologize soon


" YYYES WAIT A SECOND. " Naruto yelled toward the annoying knocks. " Gaara.. "

" Let's go. " Naru pulled Gaara's hand gently.

" Naru. "

" Uh, yeah? "

" Can you please take my sweater inside closet.. "

" O-okay. "

The blonde opened the closet once again and found there's some sweater on the bottom. He took one out. " Naru. " Called the redhead. Gaara seemed calm about what just happened awhile ago. That was a relieve..

" Get one for you too. I know you didn't bring yours. " Gaara smiled.

" Thank you, Gaara. " Naru putted the redhead's bag on his bed and shoved the sweater in. Without saying anything Gaara shoved his doll inside the bag which Naruto found it's really cute. And he's kinda mad that why the hell should Gaara's subordinates came in a wrong timing.

" Let's go. " Said Naru nervously.

" Well, let's go! " Exclaimed the lord Kazekage calmly.

Naruto helped the Kazekage Gaara to stand, lifted the bags and putted them both on his shoulder, and walked Gaara to the first floor. The blonde opened the door, Gaara's subordinates were already here, together with another ninjas in A and B ranks, jounin and chuunin. The blonde locked the door from the outside, Gaara lend him the keys. The gifts from friends, and Naruto's jacket which is still soaked in dry bloods are still in the second floor.. Well that thing can wait, Gaara's conditions become number one here, anything else can be postponed somehow.

" Good morning, Kazekage Gaara, Naruto. " Greeted everyone there, perfectly treats Gaara with polite manners and such. ' You've become someone, Gaara. I'm proud of you. ' Said Naru in his mind.

" Morning. " Gaara replied shortly and smiled.

" Yo. " Greeted Naru.

" First, please hop on to the carriage. We will take a route to the train station. The train is already waiting for you there. " Explained one of the chuunin ninja.

The carriage was run with 2 horses. It's really rare to seeing one.. Only those who's in high position or honorable people could ride something like this. The carriage is having a closed room with some windows attaching in both side. Just like a car.

" OIII. "

' This voice.. '

" T-Tsunade-bachan?! What are you doing here?! " Yelled Naruto with his one finger pointed to the Hokage-sama.

" What kind of manner is that?! Pointing me with fingers, geez! "

Both of them continued arguing in some minutes.. Gaara and the others just remain silent, watching Tsunade-sama and Naruto back in action( infinite times already ).

" Ahem, sorry for the troubles Naruto made, everyone. "

" WHATTT, I didn't do any shit wronggggg…! "

The redhead patted Naru's shoulder, signaling him to stop arguing.

" Hmph, see the Kazekage is really different from you baka. Try to be more calm like him! "

" But im perfectly calm until you shown up and yelled at meee! "

The redhead shook his head left and right, let out a sigh. " Naruto.. ssst. "

" Tch, alright already. What do you need ba-chan. "

" Nah, I just wanted to see if the preparation going well. Go help Gaara ride on the carriage! "

" That's what I'm going to do awhile ago! "

Seemed the storm between those two will never stop.. Well, that's our Hokage and Jinchuurichi. What do you expect. Naruto helped Gaara to climb the stairs and sited him down on the carriage's sofa inside. Such a luxurious design when you look inside the room.. The brown color filled most of the wallpaper and decorated with beautiful lines from gold and yellow color. Even the floor of the carriage has red rugs. There's curtains with soft brown colors hanging on the both side of windows, with a golden ropes ties the curtains open.

When Naruto hopped in after Gaara, Tsunade-bachan waved from the outer window. So she woke up in this kind of hours just to check up on her preparation. Such a responsible Hokage. Today Tsunade-bachan didn't come with Shizune. She went here by herself.

" Thank you ba-chan! We'll be back soon! " Shouted Naruto, his head popped out from the window. The redhead waved his hand and say Thank You even though his voice isn't reaching Tsunade.

Another ninjas are following outside carriage. Both Gaara and Naruto were given a special treat, because Gaara himself a Kazekage and Naruto is precious for Tsunade.. So... Well. Even though Tsunade-sama yelled like there's no tomorrow to Naru, deep inside her heart, she does care, about Naruto. So she's making sure that everything went well before Gaara and Naru left Konoha. Tsunade sighed in relieved.

" I trust you Naruto. You can defend him from any obstacle. Right? "

The Hokage smiled toward the carriage.

The carriage started to move. Slowly and gained some speed. Dashed into the winds. Konoha was still sleeping. All gentle lights were lid. Bright. Created a beautiful view from inside the carriage. The sky drew a very pleasant dark blue mixed with light blue colors. Stars were shining brightly. The luminous hits the ground and the ground itself reflected the lights. They were collide..

The blonde pointed his finger out of the window then turned his head to Gaara.

" Look. " He started.

" Beautiful. " He ended, with a warm smile.

Gaara looked out from the windows which the blonde were pointing. " Indeed. " He responded.

Both of them were enjoying the ride. The view was rare. Since the blonde always wake up late, and Gaara never seen Konoha in dawn time like this. Both were amazed by the beautiful scenery surrounding them.

The ride took over 30 minutes, more or less. Naru and Gaara were talking about so much stuff. They laughed and enjoyed the moment. They finally arrived at the station. It was nearly empty, because it's still too early morning. Only few people were there. Gaara's subordinate opened the carriage's door for Gaara while the blonde insisted on opening the door by himself when one of the ninja was going to open it for Naru. Seemed like the blonde doesn't really like being treated special. The raccoon walked down the carriage with Naru's help. Everyone who were at the station gave Gaara a polite bows, not expecting that the Kazekage will be there. Gaara replied with a faint smile.

" Damn. You're so popular and respected. "

" I am..? " Gaara asked.

" You are. See all of those services. " The blonde laughed cheerfully. " And, look at those girls there, they were fangirling like mad around you. " He continued.

" Well.. "

Naru turned his head around monitoring the station while the other ninjas preparing the ride for both of them.

" Do you have a crush, Gaara? "

" Crush..? "

The blonde nodded. " Yeah, someone you like. "

" Mmmh.. I don't know.. I guess? " The redhead answered and his face became slightly red somehow.

" Wow, yeah? Who? "

" Ummm.. "

" Excuse me Kazekage Gaara and Naruto, the train is ready. "

' Shit ' Naruto groaned inside his mind.

' This subordinates never stop bugging me. '

Gaara said OK and thanks to the subordinates, called Naru out and they both walked to the train. Holy shit, was the first comment escaped from Naruto's mouth. The train was unexpectedly luxurious. Not like the other ordinary trains around. Everything for Gaara is special.. Gaara was amazed by the look of the train. It filled with blood-red rugs, golden curtains, there's luxurious looking sofa with red covered pillows. Between the sofas, there's coffee table completed with red roses pot, nice coasters and decorated plate mates. A big windows are set in the middle of the room. Showing a perfect view out from the windows. There's also an air conditioner. The room for both Gaara and Naruto is separated from the rooms for the subordinates. Gaara and the blonde were given the Main Room which is VVIP ride just like Tsunade-bachan said. The other rooms are divided and blocked with a door that can be locked. Giving them two privacy without being spied. I mean, in a positive way.

Naruto walked Gaara in, another subordinates were bowing down and went to their very own rooms. The train's doors were closed then and the train started to grumble, and moved slowly.

The blonde helped Gaara to sit on the fluffy red sofa, Naru went to the other side of sofa.. And sat there. Naru looked total excited and became so noisy commenting about the stuffs inside the luxurious train. Gaara just smiled and chuckled seeing the blonde's funny reactions like a total idiot.

" This isss sooo rrreeelaxing! " The blonde exclaimed happily while stretched his muscles.

" Well, yes. I never expect something like this. "

" You deserve this Gaara. " Naru smiled a gentle smile towards Gaara. The redhead were amazed by that smile for a while..

" Anyway, " the blonde gets up from his seat and walked to the coffee-maker machine next to the entrance there. There's also a desk full of appetizers and cakes. What a service. " Coffees? "

He offered.

" I want one! "

' ... ' Whose sound is this, he growled. Gaara made a questioning face and looked around. He were not the one who was making that sound. When Naru turned his head to the back he found someone he known so much standing there with an innocent face while holding up the ' Icha Icha Paradise ' book on his left hand. Waving hi to both Gaara and Naru.

" WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE KAKASHI-SENSEI? " Naru yelled almost making the window's glasses break. Gaara remained silent and looked at Kakashi with guessing eyes. The redhead opened his mouth, " Kakashi-sensei.. Good morning. " Then smiled, and bowed down a little after get up from his seat faintly. Knowing that Naruto rapidly held the raccoon's arm preventing him to falls down.

" Ah. " Kakashi started.

" You guys are so cute together. And good morning for you too Gaara chan. "

" Hmph Gaara don't waste your energies to stands up. "

Kakashi walked closer to Naru and Gaara. Tilted his head and sighed.

" So, I never imagined that Gaara became so fragile before. "

" Well yeah cursed that damn poisons. " Naruto groaned angrily, recalling Sasori name who made Gaara like this. " Oh and, what are you doing here Kakashi-sensei? I thought you went on mission with team 7. "

" Like I will let go a wild jinchuurichi alone, huh? Tsunade-sama ordered me to come and guard you two on your journey. I can't let Naruto gone berserk if anything happens actually. "

He explained his existence here. That's pretty reasonable since it's not safe letting Naruto go out without any skilled ninjas that understand how to seals back the nine-tailed demon inside the blonde if he went on the rage.

" Thank you Kakashi-sensei.. " Gaara thanked him, his voice is gotten narrowed.. His face became more paller. And the heat of his body lowered also, Naruto can feel it when he touched him a while ago.. " I wonder if Sunagakure will be alright when I'm away like this.. " Gaara wondered and murmured to himself, but both Kakashi and Naruto could hear it.

" It will be okay, your big sister Temari handled the Kazekage's role there. " Answered Kakashi, he walked around the room gazed into everything inside it.

" Really..? I didn't know.. " Gaara murmured again.

" Yeah I just heard from Tsunade-sama this midnight. *yawn* I haven't really sleep from yesterday though. I'm going to my room. " Said Kakashi, he walked to the door that connecting his room to Gaara's room. " Just enjoy the ride, it will take hours. Oh! Naruto, i'd like you to making me a cappuccino when i woke up. " He waved, and disappeared behind the door. The door was shut, and lock sound was heard.

" There he goes again, he will only read that porn novel again instead of sleeping. "

Gaara chuckled. " Is that novel really that bad? "

" It's really embarrassing. The words are giving me creeps. I wonder why Kakashi-sensei liked it so much. "

" So, what's the book about? " The redhead asked while looking at Naru stepped aside and sat down on the couch. Relaxing his neck on the soft sofa. Sky-blue eyes were staring at the ceiling. The ceiling itself decorated by awesome crafting and colored in gold-brown colors which fits the other elements well inside the room.

" Love. " The blonde answered. " It's about love, and sex. "

Gaara fell silent. Looked down on his hips..

" Love, huh.. And.. Sex? " He replied Naru's sentences like a total innocent. The blonde just grinned and nodded.

" Yeah. Why is that Gaara? "

The redhead wasn't very sure to say this, but he gathered all his guts and asked " How's the feeling of loving someone.. ? "

" Hmm? Well.. " Naru was a little shocked hearing that question came from Gaara. Maybe the redhead just didn't understand properly. Since he were alone and the blonde doubt that anybody ever explain something like this to him.

" For me, " he continued, his eyes met the redhead's. " It's a feelings when your heart races, being with someone you like. You feel like you want to hug them tight and never let go.

And, your body heats up and somewhat like burning and you greedily will ask for more from that person.. " He finished the explanation with a slight blush coming from his tanned cheek. He looked to another direction not wanting the redhead see him blushes.

" Ask for more..? " Asked Gaara, his eyes are filled with curiosity. " Like what? "

" You hug, kiss, and ended up in bed. If you know what I mean. "

" You mean have sex? "

Naru chocked himself real hard, he were drinking a glass of mineral water awhile ago. It's not like Gaara that blurted everything out like that. " Aaah, well.. Yes after you *cough* get married. *cough cough* "

" I see.. So have you ever feel that way? "

Gaara handed the blonde a tissue. The waters were brusting into nowhere, the blonde took the tissues and wiped all the mess around his whiskered face with embarrassment.

" Me? "

" Mm. " The redhead nodded.

" I'm not sure. I think, yes. "

" So you have a crush, after all. "

" I.. Don't know. Maybe. "

All the answers came from Naru was tangled and misgivings. It made the redhead more curious.

" Who? " It was an exact same question came from Naru towards Gaara back then, at the station.

" You. "

The massive sounds came from another train that crossed the line next to this train's line rushed in to the room and blurred every words Naruto just said awhile ago..

" What? Who? Sorry I didn't hear anything.. "

" Nevermind. "

Naru was relieved that the redhead didn't hear what he said, he were saying that unconsciously like almost spontaneous. ' Shit what did I just say, I'm so glad that the train were coming in a right timing. Gaara will hate me like seriously if he heard what I said before. '

" Someone special. " The blonde grinned. Gaara was confused, but well, he didn't ask for a second time so he just remained silent.

" Here, let me take some cakes and coffees. " Naru offered again.

" I want hot chocolate milk. "

" Huh? "

" That one. " Gaara innocently pointed the milk desk at the side Naruto was going to go.

' Aww.. I never know Gaara loves to drink something like this. He's super cute I just want to smack my head on something hard because of his cuteness overkills 999.999 damages! '

" Naruto? " Gaara called again seeing the blonde were spacing out.

" Oh! Right, right, here comes my Kazekage. " Naru shook his head and started making the hot chocolate milk.

Gaara thanked him and turned his face out of the windows to enjoy the landscape there. A huge grassland embracing the light blue-sky together with a sun that was shining brightly signaling it's already morning. There's nothing out there but an electric poles standing firmly as the train goes by with a full speed. The chocolate essence from the milk hugged the atmosphere inside the room created a gentle feelings around. " Mmh.. " Gaara murmured. " The smell's nice. "

" It is. This is some of the high quality milk they got. " Responded the blonde while raising the milk's bottle that showing the label of it, one of the most expensive milk around the villages. The blonde measuring the sugars, milk powders and such in a right calculation. Gaara turned his vision toward the blonde, he smiled when seeing Naru making the hot choco milk for him.

" You're so skilled on making drinks. " Gaara complimented.

" I'm not actually. " Naru grinned and was happy with that praise coming from Gaara.

" Here you go. " The blonde placed the glass of milk on the coffee table. The glass's decorated well also. " Thank you. " Redhead smiled and drank the milk without a second thought.

" Yummy. " Was his first reaction.

" Really? Phew, I'm glad~ " Naru stepped back to the desk with full of cakes. He brought some on the plate, cheese cakes, tiramisus, croissant, all types of cakes are almost there waiting to be eaten somehow. Placed neatly and the laced coaster are fitted nicely. " What cakes do you want, Gaara-sama? "

" Didn't I told you to stop calling me by 'sama'. "

" Why not? " The blonde laughed a little while the redhead was annoyed with Naru's previous sentences."

" It's just too formal. "

" Sorry Gaara-chan. "

Naruto really can't stop picking on the little raccoon, because whenever Gaara making a mad face or annoyed face he looked so cute. Well yes Gaara's smiles are number one.

Gaara let out a single sigh, Naruto would never listen anyway. The redhead looked like he enjoyed the cakes and drink that Naruto served for him. Naru didn't mind though, it's not like he were doing this by force, he willing to do anything, to make the redhead happy. The feelings are growing inside the blonde's heart. Now one thing that he was sure about himself.

I like him.

Without ' maybe ' or ' I guess '.

But, are you feeling the same..?

Yet, I'm too afraid to confess.

I'm too afraid to speak what inside my mind, and heart.

I'm too afraid I will just creates another Sin.

I will keep the feelings myself, until someday. Somewhere. Sometimes.

End of the chapter.

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