CHAPTER 1: Eyes Open

She was from Osaka.

He was from Tokyo.

And somehow, they both found themselves, standing side by side at a train station in Okayama.

The train began to pull up to the station, the metal screeching. With her brown leather shoulder bag and a small duffel bag filled with clothes hanging from her other shoulder, Sakura began to hum quietly while rocking her feet, earphones plugged into her ears.

As the doors opened, Sakura walked in and sat down, her hands tapping her lap as she followed the beat. Jerking slightly to the right as the train moved, she bumped into the person sitting beside her.

"Sorry!" Sakura said as she looked at the person.

Sakura's eyes widened as the man turned his head towards her. Seeing the most beautiful person she had ever laid eyes on, she kept her jaw closed and drool free.

"Hn." The person replied.

Sakura shrugged her shoulders slightly, and faced forward, her hands returning to tapping her lap.

Dressed in khaki pants, a white polo and a dark blue blazer, Sasuke tapped his foot impatiently as he waited for the train to arrive. The camera, all the other photography paraphernalia and clothes inside his black backpack were not helping either.

As the train pulled up in the station, he walked in taking a seat near the exit. Placing the bag on the floor, between his legs, he leaned back and turned his head to the right to glance at the window behind him. As the train began to move, he felt someone bump into him from his left.

"Sorry!" He heard her say.

Annoyed, he looked at the woman beside him and immediately noticed the pink hair.

"Pink hair?"

"Hn." He said and turned his head away from her.

As the train pulled up on Sakura's destination, she stood up and clutched her bag, walking out. As she disembarked the train, she had noticed the same guy she sat beside her leave the same station.

Glancing slowly behind her, hands in her jacket, he sees the guy walking in a slow pace behind her, his hands in his pockets and earphones now in place. She briefly wonders if the guy walking behind her was someone she had met before.

"Of course not. Impossible."

She glanced back forward and walked out of the station, using both her hands to push open the wooden doors of the old train station.

Sasuke stared at the woman in front of him, he began to think if he had seen her at this small town before. Small town like these, people usually knew everyone.

"You'd think with hair as odd as hers, she'd be the type who'd stick to your head."

Taking out his camera, he stopped in the middle of the empty hallway leading out of train station. He began taking pictures of the windows with light seeping through it, the old rickety door and the old wooden ceiling with criss-crossing beams.

Stepping out, he was greeted by the bright rays of the sun. With his hand as shade for his eyes, he began to wait for a cab.

Sakura stepped out of the cab, and stood in front of a small house. Looking at the piece of paper with the address and the name of the owner of the house, she rang the bell.

Seconds later, slow footsteps were heard, and the wooden sliding door in front of her opened.

An old woman with short dark grey hair and dark obsidian eyes stared at her.

"Hello, may I help you dear?"

"Chiyo-sama?" Sakura asked.

The old lady looked at her and slowly nodded, "Yes, that would be me. Do you need anything?"

Sakura smiled, "I don't know if you remember me, but my name is Sakura Haruno."

Chiyo's eyes widened as the woman in front of her mentioned her name. "Oh dear."

"It has been quite awhile, from what I know. We haven't seen each other in 19 years. Am I right, Chiyo-baasama?"

After arriving at the local inn, Sasuke had begun to wander in the small town. From what he had read, one of the most beautiful cherry blossoms was found here. So with his camera hanging from his neck, he set out to take pictures.

Arriving at Tsuyama, he had been instantly awed at the amazing view of cherry blossoms that lined the small walkway.

As he began to walk along the pathway, taking pictures now and then, he came upon a white cherry blossom in the midst of all the pink ones. He lifted his camera and was about to press the button, when his head became engulfed in pain.

"The fuck!" Sasuke said as he was on his knees now, clutching his head.

People started to gather around him, asking him what was wrong, if he was okay. Forcing to open his eyes in the midst of the pain, he looked up and saw emerald green eyes. But as he blinked again, they turned into sky blue eyes.

"Hey! Are you okay?"

Slowly the pain receded and what was left was a dull throbbing in the back of his head.

He pushed the hand on his shoulder and began to stand up slowly. "I'm fine. Just a sudden head ache."

Walking away from the people asking him questions, he felt an unusual feeling in his chest.

It hurt.

Sakura sat by the garden, her feet dangling from the porch of her grandmother's house.

"Here, Sakura."

Sakura looked up and saw her grandmother hand her a cup of tea, she smiled. "Thank you, Chiyo-baasama."

Sitting down beside her, but not without difficulty, Chiyo looked at Sakura.

"I thought you were…I heard what happened." Chiyo started.

Sakura smiled solemnly, staring down at the cup of tea on her hands as her fingers played with the rim.

"I don't know what happened. But all I remember was waking up in a hospital room in Sakaide in Kagawa. No recollection of what had happened or who I was. People telling me I was in an accident, but no one exactly new what happened."

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