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Two, I'm trying out a different style of chapter organization. That is, I have no chapter organization. These one-shot type stories are not in chronological order whatsoever. They're from all over the timeline. Since I can't think of a defined name for such a style, and this is Doctor-Who related, I have decided to name this style of writing . . . River Song style!

Clever, yeah? Because, you know, River and the Doctor never meet in chronological order either. I'm overexplaining this, aren't I? Well, enjoy the story! And leave a note!

"Doctor! Doctor!"

The Doctor closed his eyes, huffing in frustration. He listened to the yells echoing through the TARDIS and wondered briefly if this had been a mistake. It had been a while since he'd taken on a male companion, after all. The girls were so easy. For the most part, they stuck close by and hung on his every word. But this guy …


The Doctor looked up, his eyebrows furrowed in frustration. "Lost? Again, Hiccup? That's the …" Gazing up, he mouthed numbers silently before continuing. "That's the fifth time so far!"

The impatient, often sarcastic voice boomed in the hallways. "I'm not lost! I'm just … lost."

The Doctor smiled a little. He reached out, slapping the walls of the TARDIS affectionately. "Just turn left three times!" he yelled back.

"Oh, sure. That makes so much sense."

"Of course it does. I'm the Doctor and this is my TARDIS and it makes sense!"



The Doctor heard Hiccup groaned, and the time lord groaned too. Another reason he shouldn't have taken Hiccup along for the ride. He didn't like teenagers all that much. Too young, too impulsive. At least Rose had been sensible, and she was practically out of her teens. The sarcasm - for crying out loud, the constant sarcasm - didn't help matters either. Why had he extended the invitation to Hiccup, the Doctor asked himself silently.

"Thinking twice about this?" The Doctor spun around. His lanky companion stood tall, arms crossed across his green hoodie and thick vest. The Doctor sighed - Hiccup was also so much smarter than the others. How could you be mysterious around someone who seemed to figure out everything? Where was the fun in that?

But, as he met Hiccup's eyes, the Doctor managed a smile. He'd never really forgotten the reason he had parked the TARDIS in front of the Haddock house for the second time - the reason he had grinned widely at the astonished teenage boy, reached out a hand, and asked, "Coming?"

Yes, Hiccup was different from the rest of them. The Doctor had seen the longing in the boy's eyes, a yearning almost as strong as what the Doctor often saw in mirrors. Hiccup had wanted to have a grand, marvelous, fantastic, brilliant adventure. He had wanted the danger. Why else would he have chased after the Doctor into the flaming factory?

Hiccup didn't want the sad, tired, heavy life he lived. The Doctor had caught glimpses of the boy's life - the cruel classmates, the estranged father, the mocking teachers, the snooty town. The time traveler had seen the constant pain the teen lived with, and he didn't think it much over after that.

He just knew Hiccup needed a chance.

So the Doctor grinned, tugged at his bowtie, and winked at Hiccup. "Ha! Thinking twice - where's the fun in that?"