On January 9, 2013, a month before this story was first posted, a man by the name of Mr. John Halligan came to my middle school to give a presentation. He told us about his son, Ryan Patrick Halligan. Ryan was thirteen years old (in eighth grade) when he committed suicide. On October 7, 2003 he decided to take his own life. After his death it was revealed that Ryan was bullied and ridiculed severely at school and online.

This is a story written in dedication to the Halligans, their son, and to anyone that has lost someone to suicide or has thought about suicide or has been bullied.

This is not exactly Ryan's story. It is based off of it. In other words, I do not have photographic memory so I don't remember everything that Mr. Halligan said. It is not exactly how things happened.

NO ONE DIES in this story!


Chp 1: The Last Day


I looked out the window at the bane of my existence. The place I hated more than anywhere else in the world.


I had begun to seriously hate school when I was in fifth grade and I didn't like it any more now. My only relief was that school would be over in just a few hours and I wouldn't have to talk to any of the kids here face-to-face until next year.

Today was the last day of school.

"Bye dad," I said as I got out of the car. My dad smiled at me and waved before he drove away towards his office. He was a lawyer and my mother stayed at home. My parents, Elizabeth and Edward Masen, had always told me to just ignore the bullies.

That had never worked and it still didn't.

I wasn't ever very good at academics. I wasn't stupid. I had struggled in learning since I was young. I had started speaking later and and walking later than most kids normally did. I had taken special education classes since I had first started school in kindergarten, but I had worked my way out of Special Ed. in the fourth grade. I still struggled regardless.

My parents had taken me to a therapist when I was in fifth grade, when the bullying had started. I looked back and remembered how much I had lied during those therapy sessions, trying to make my parents think that I was fine, that I didn't need it. I felt a twinge of guilt at fooling my parents like that. I pushed it aside and braced myself for another horrible day.

With my backpack over my shoulder, I walked into the school.

"Oh look!" Jacob Black exclaimed, spotting me immediately. I groaned internally. Why couldn't he leave me alone? I had fought him a few months ago in a park. I had gotten a few hits in and the bullying had stopped for a little while. It had been an amazing feeling, not being bullied even if it was only for a little while. But then the rumor had started.

"Hey fag, how are you today?" His friends laughed, as if his insults were the funniest words ever spoken.

This was the latest rumor that was going around. That I was gay. In reality, I wasn't. Every time I went online I was called a fag or gay and guys chatted my saying that they didn't like me or that they "didn't roll that way". Only my friends were supportive of me, trying to cheer me up, saying that none of it was true.

They sounded like my parent and it never helped. Not that I didn't appreciate the attempt.

I kept walking, past him and his group of friends, not looking up to see his tan skin and black hair. It sickened me every time that I saw it.

"Don't walk away from me when I'm talking to you!" Jacob said, walking towards me.

I ducked my head and sped my pace through the halls, towards my first class. I turned right into another hall, relieved to see the door to my classroom, only a few yards away. I sped my pace further only to bump into someone. I fell to the floor, knocking whoever it was over. My backpack fell to the floor next to me. Whoever I had bumped into had been carrying her books. Books and papers were strewn all across the floor.

"I'm sorry," I muttered in a low voice, picking up the books that were now scattered all over the floor. I looked up briefly at who I had bumped into and froze.

Bella Swan.

She was one of the most popular girls at school and my crush for as long as I could remember. I had one class with her and it was the only one that I looked forward to.

I had never spoken to her.

She wouldn't want to be seen talking to the loser, the freak. I thought the words bitterly.

She was the only person that I had never mentioned to my parents. Her long brown hair always fell beautifully down her back. She dressed simply. Fashionable with out being revealing. Today she was wearing a blue blouse, which complemented her skin tone, along with jeans.

"It's alright," she said, in her beautiful voice. A voice that I had only heard from afar and never directly to me. "I'm Bella Swan. You're..." she thought for a moment then hesitantly spoke, "Edward, right?"

My throat seemed to close up and I couldn't speak. She knew who I was. I nodded quickly and looked down at her books and began picking them up with renewed interest, trying to avoid her gaze. I swallowed nervously, embarrassed, as I piled her books neatly. I held them out to her and caught her eyes. I was immediately hypnotized. Her eyes were beautiful, a deep chocolate brown that seemed to reveal every part of her soul.

"Thanks," she said, reaching out to take the books from my hands. Her hand grazed mine and a shock ran up my arm. She let out a small gasp and retracted her hand quickly, taking her books. "Bye, Edward," Bella said as she got up hastily. A shiver went up my spine when she said my name. She walked away towards her first period class before I could reply.

"Hey dork! Where'd you think you were going?" Jacob called from just a few feet behind me.

Damn, I thought, sighing.


If Mr. Halligan has come to anybody's school could you please PM me and tell me what you remember of the things he said. I have a terrible memory and I want to make this story as close to Ryan's story as possible.

This story is the story I will be going to when I have writer's block. I'm sorry but this story is at the moment not my top priority. I have three other stories right now. I just had to get this one up.

I will be updating all my stories every two weeks now, due to homework and writer's block. Sorry.