Chapter One A


I followed Rose through the woods towards the town of Forks. I had no idea where she was going but she definitely had a certain goal in mind. The woods were beautiful and I thought I might bring Peter out here when everything calmed down. Eventually Rose came to a halt then moved forward silently. "Get down here now Edward" I heard her hiss. I looked up, sitting in a tree, half hidden by branches was Edward Cullen. He jumped down sulkily and stood head bowed. Rose grabbed him by the throat and shook him, "You moron. What did you involve the Volturi for? Did you really think that would help?" her voice was raising and I just hoped that whoever lived in the house behind us was out at work. "You are absolutely unbelievable Edward. Do you realize that Carlisle has been called to Volterra as well? What did you think they'd do? Rip Jasper's head off and send Bella home with a pat on the head. Now, all three of them are likely to die." There was a terrible cracking sound as she pulled his right arm off at the shoulder and proceeded to beat him with it. I stood back for a while before intervening by grabbing the offending limb. "Rose, enough. We need to get him back so we can work out what to do." She took a few deep breaths to calm herself then nodded and pushed him away from the house deeper into the woods. Curious I looked at the house for a few seconds. The wind was blowing and a gust pulled the bedroom curtain outside and I caught the scent. Then I understood, this was Charlie's house and the open window was Bella's bedroom. What a mess!


Peter and I were on our feet the minute we saw the three come in through the door. Edward minus one arm and looking very disheveled was pushed forward by a furious looking Rose and Charlotte came up the rear swinging the missing limb like a club. Esme looked at him with a mixture of hurt and anger, "Why Edward?" she cried. He put his arm out to her but she shrank back. I moved forward and grabbed his remaining arm, "I should end your sorry fucking life right now and I would if we didn't need some information from you. Do you have any idea what you've done? Not only are Bella and Jasper in danger but Carlisle too." He looked at me scornfully, "Good try Em but I know Carlisle will be safe. He and Aro are great friends. I told Aro he had no part in what happened to Alice". That stopped us all, the dumb fuck had told them about Alice's death." I looked at Peter and Rose by turn then I slumped back into an arm-chair. "That's it then. We might as well give up." Peters eyes were blazing as he took Edward by the throat. "Edward Cullen you are a murderer and I personally will take you apart one piece at a time burning each one in front of your eyes before grinding your fucking head into dust." He was shaking with rage and I knew how he felt. Edward looked baffled so Peter set it out in small chunks, each delivered with a slap of the face, "You, sent, Carlisle, Bella, and, Jazz, to, their, death." I pulled Peter away before he started making good on his threats in front of us.


I knew they would be angry with me but I thought I'd be able to explain my motives. I hadn't expected to see Peter and Charlotte in the house or to see Esme so upset. "I don't know what you're talking about. I told Aro it was Jasper who murdered Alice. Carlisle wasn't involved." Emmett shot from his seat and punched me across the room, "You fucking moron, Carlisle is our leader of course he's responsible for Alice's death. What were you thinking? I shook my head, "No Carlisle is Aro's friend he'll be fine." I punched a fresh hole in the wall in frustration. "You really don't get it do you? The Volturi will kill all three of them. Carlisle because he didn't stop things happening, Jasper because now Aro can't collect Alice's gift and Bella just because she's human and she's caused trouble. The Volturi don't do trouble you stupid fucker".


I thought I'd better stop Emmett this time before things got out of hand. I wanted Edward Cullen alive when Jasper got back. Lets see how he fared against The Major. "Emmett, leave him be. He's not worth it. For now we need to get organised. First thing, Esme do you have any contacts in Volterra?" She thought for a minute then nodded, "Yes. There is someone we keep contact with but I don't know if he will be able to help." Peter looked at her gently, "Try him Esme. See what you can find out. We need to know how the Volturi plan to deal with this. We also need to know if Jazz and the others are there yet and if so where are they staying. Also find out if Aro wants to speak to Edward. Catch him." he added as Edward tried to run for it. Emmett sorted out the problem by sitting on Edwards chest with his feet on his throat. Esme got the phone and started dialing as there was a knock on the door. We looked at each other before hearing Charlie's voice. "Esme? Emmett? Anyone here?" Peter shrugged and Rose went to let him in.


I may only be a human but I'm not stupid and I knew there was something wrong that they didn't want to talk about before Jasper and Bella left. I waited a few hours, Carlisle was driving them to the airport which surprised me under the circumstances, and then tried to contact Emmett. His phone went straight to voice mail so I left a message then I had to go to work. When my shift ended I tried again, still voice mail, so I tried Carlisle's number. That went to voice mail too and I drove home with a bad feeling in my gut. While I was having my tea, left overs from the meal Bella cooked last night, I'd missed home cooking, I heard a disturbance in the trees out back. I wasn't quick enough to catch who ever it was but I was a
pretty good tracker so I got my hunting rifle and followed. I can't say I was really surprised to be led to the Cullen house. I knocked and shouted before Rose came to let me in. She smiled, "I kinda expected you Charlie. You heard us earlier?" I nodded So it was you? What's going on Rose I've been trying to get Emmett or Carlisle all day. Some thing's wrong I know" She pulled me in and shut the door "I think we'll let Edward explain" she said as I followed her into the huge lounge. I'd seen some sights whilst in the police force but none quite so bizarre. Charlotte was standing with Peter swinging what was apparently Edwards arm in her hand. Esme was on the phone while Emmett shouted a greeting from his place, perched on Edwards chest. "Have I called at a bad time?" I asked. "Hell no Charlie. We're just getting set to interrogate the suspect, but I guess that's your department". I nodded as Peter threw a dining chair which Emmett caught one-handed and set down, lifting Edward to crash down on it. "Be my guest" he said standing to Edwards side, arms folded. "OK. Where are they Edward?" He looked sulkily at me, "I don't know who you're talking about". Emmett's arm shot out and Edward rocked sideways. "I'll try again. Where are they?" Edward looked as if he wanted to tell me to fuck off but with Emmett standing by he opted for an easier answer. "Italy. To answer for Alice's death". That made me stop, "Alice's death?" every face in the room went hard "What do you mean Edward?" He looked as if he'd wished that last statement back in his mouth. I nodded to Emmett and Edward rocked again. "She orchestrated all of it Charlie, to get back at Jasper. It's really complicated but I was duped too". I nodded and Ems fist shot out again. I could see a spider web of cracks appearing on Edwards face. It was then I realized I still had my rifle in my hand. "Edward I'd really like to be doing Emmett's job but I know that if I punch you it would only hurt me. However, if I shot you in the head it might be a bit different". I lifted the rifle and touched it to his forehead. "Wanna try it?" "No, No" he screamed and huddled over. Emmett pulled him back up saying "Edward at least try go act like a man". "I'm going to ask you one more time and if I don't get an answer I'm gonna pull this trigger". Esme had by now disappeared into the dining room. "So, let's try again shall we, Who killed Alice and why, and your bonus for ten, Where are Jasper and Bella?"