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Harry's point of view

It was just a beautiful night as I set off to see Sirius Black my godfather. As I got of my broom I said the spell to enter the house. As I walk though the narrow hall I heard people bickering.

"No I won't allow it, Harry will be staying with me." said that deep voice I knew. Sirius Black

I was about to walk into the room until I heard this women voice I never heard before.

"No! I am Harry's big Sister and I saw he lives with me instead of this place you call home!." screamed the unknown woman voice

I walk though the doors, I now knew I have a big sister. 'Why didn't she come and help me instead of leaving me?' This thought went through my head as I walked though the doors. What I saw couldn't shock me even more. My sister has pink hair.

'HARRY!" yelled the pink hair lady

I pulled out my wand and pulled off the lady

"Who are you?" I yelled at the random lady. Yes I knew that was mean but I didn't know what else to do.

But then the pink hair lady hit me in the head really hard, that left a big size bump on my head.

"Owww!" I said, "Why in hell do that for lady!" I yelled

"Is that anyway to treat your sister. I thought I taught you better than that" said the pink hair lady

"Sorry?" I reply back to the lady, I then turn to face Sirius

"What is going on Sirius?" I asked

"Well Harry this is Sakura Haruno, your sister." reply Sirius

"My s-s-sister?" I shuddered, everything was spinning then it turn black.

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