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recap on last chapter

After dinner was over

Harry was walking out of the dinning hall until he heard someone called his name.

"Harry wait up!" said a voice

Harry turns around to find his sister moving towards him

"Yea Sakura." said Harry

"Harry I have something to tell you." reply Sakura.

Sakura whisper into Harry's ear and said "When me and Naruto gets married you are moving in with us. You don't have to live with our cousins the Dursley's anymore, isn't that great."

"Really I don't have to live with them!" said Harry excitedly

"Really Harry, me and Naruto have been talking about it before we even came here. I ain't missing anymore of your live Harry. But we live in Japan, don't worry you still be able to go to your school if you want and you will still be going to Hogwarts also. So what do you say Harry want to live with me and Naruto?" ask Sakura

"Yes! A million time yes!" answered Harry

They both hug each other before Harry had to go back to his dorm. Harry sleep knowing this year was going to be great.

Chapter 7

2 months later

Only Harry is the only one student who is passing Sakura, Sasuke, and Naruto's class. Hermoine is just getting frustrated by all the quick movements they have to do. Ron and the rest of the students hated the class but love their teachers except for a few people who just hate them both. It was time for dinner and everybody is at their respective tables. Everybody at each table are sore because of the hard class. Draco is becoming a little nicer to the golden trio because of Sakura.


Draco was bullying on Harry again but he didn't notice that Sakura was watching the whole scene.

Draco bump into Harry on purpose.

"Watch were you going Potter! Your whatever relationship with Haruno is not here to save you so get out of my way you little lier." said Draco

"Shut up Draco or I make you shut up for you." reply Harry showing his fist

Then Harry and Draco got into a fight until Sakura came out from where she was hiding.

"What are you boys doing?" said Sakura with looks in her eye that shows she is angry

both boys look at each other then back at Sakura and then replied "Nothing"

"It didn't seem like nothing to me, but find then Harry go back to your dorm right now." said Sakura

Then Harry walked back to his dorm and that left Sakura and Draco.

"Draco I want you to be nicer to Harry and his friends." said Sakura

"Why professor?" ask Draco

"Because he as much a hard life even without me and with you bullying him I am afraid he is going to lose it. So stop bulling him." reply Sakura in her angry tone

"Yes professor." said Draco scared for his life

"That is a good boy, now get off to your dorm and don't worry I will tell Severus why you were late." said Sakura

"Goodnight professor." said Draco and left to his dorm

End of Flashback

Ever since that day Draco has been a little nicer to the golden trio, which made Sakura happy. Sakura has been planning hers and Naruto wedding, she was planning on having the wedding in 2 weeks. She and Naruto are still trying to figure out the guest list so far they wanted everybody from Konoha to be there at their wedding and of course she would want her brother and his friends to come to the wedding also. Sakura kept getting calls about the wedding, classes, and her mission she can to skip most the classes. So instead she kept the place she was living at clean for her and Naruto.

Time Skip

It is now night time and Sakura was getting ready for bed when she heard the door open.

"Naruto is that you?" asked Sakura

no one replies, Sakura started gathering chakra in her fists.

"Naruto is that you honey?" sakura ask again as she slowly walks out of the room

Sakura heard someone in the kitchen. she slowly walk down the stairs in the pitch black dark with her fist ready to kick butt at any moment. She crept closer and closer to the kitchen door. While she was doing that she heard footsteps walking closer to the door, closer and closer she got the louder the footstep were, she then put her head against the door then BANG! The door opens up and hits Sakura in the face, she look up to see who had just gotten into her and house and had just hit her in the face with the door. She was extremely piss right now. When she look up her anger was gone, she had seen Sasuke's uncle. The last time she saw his uncle was when Harry was attack. She had heard that Sasuke has missed his uncle alot but couldn't understand why was he here. Sasuke's uncle likes her and Naruto, she can't wait to tell Harry about Sasuke's uncle. Sasuke's uncle was a nice but mean man. He will be tough when needed. "Sakura it has been a while. Say where is Sasuke and Naruto?" said Severus Snake.

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