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Summary: When Merlin lied and disappeared Arthur knew something was wrong. Nearly everyone told Arthur to move on but Arthur was determined to track Merlin down and find out the truth.

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Arthur sat at his desk staring at the wallpaper on his laptop screen. It was a picture of him and Merlin that was taken six months ago, Merlin with the biggest grin on his face as Arthur had his arm around him, kissing his cheek with a smile on his face.

Morgana had taken that picture at her housewarming get together. Her and Leon had taken the next step and moved in together. They had had a few drinks and had a laugh and Arthur had grabbed Merlin and kissed him, letting a staring Gwaine know just who Merlin belonged to. He didn't know that Morgana had taken the picture and thanked her for it as soon as she sent it via e-mail and within seconds it was his wallpaper.

Morgana walked into her brother's office and saw him staring at his laptop screen again and sighed. "Arthur please. This doesn't help."

"What do you know?" came the reply.

"I know that this isn't healthy. I wish I never sent you the damn picture now."

"You weren't to know back then."

"I don't understand why you didn't get rid of everything of Merlin's when he told you."

"Because this isn't him!" Arthur snapped, banging his hands down on the table, making his sister jump. Arthur sighed. "I'm sorry Morgana I... just leave me alone, please?"

Morgana took pity on her brother and stood up, "get yourself home, or the cleaners will be bothering you." she said as she closed the door behind her with a click.

It had been three months since Arthur last saw Merlin, Merlin worked alongside Arthur, they had met in uni and became close, getting together before they left uni and went straight into work together at Uther's law firm. They had been there for two years, living together for eighteen months and were happy.

Well, at least that was what Arthur thought until Merlin had to go on a business trip for a month; two weeks in Arthur got a phone call from Merlin. A phone call he never hoped he'd get. Arthur let a tear escape as he remembered the first two words Merlin said to him. 'It's over.'

For an hour after those two words Arthur had fought with Merlin, asking why, what had changed, wanting more of an excuse then just two words. Arthur wished he hadn't as the next three words broke him completely. 'There's someone else.'

Arthur had then got mad and told Merlin he was going to him so they could talk face to face but Merlin said no and told him if he did then by the time he got there then Merlin would be gone. Arthur called his bluff and went anyway and when he got there he found Merlin was true to his word. Everything had been cleared from the room where he was staying.

That was three months ago and everyday Arthur still called Merlin and everyday Merlin would reject the call.


Arthur looked up and saw Lancelot walk in, he couldn't help but chuckle. "Let me guess, Morgana was worried and it would seem too obvious if she sent Leon so she asked you."

"Got it in one. Come on friend, remembering and getting yourself like this is helping no one."

"I still love him Lancelot."

"I know you do." his friend said as he logged off his laptop and turned out the light before helping him up and guiding him from the office, locking the door behind him.

"I don't believe any of it. I know Merlin. Merlin doesn't cheat and lie."

"I know he doesn't."

Arthur stopped and looked closely at his friend. "So you believe it also? This isn't Merlin?"

"I believe that Merlin doesn't hurt people and would rather hurt himself than others."

"I will find him Lancelot. I have hired someone, gave them all of Merlin's details. I need to find him and talk to him again."

"I know. Come Arthur. Let's get you home. I know the company will survive without you for a week or two."

"No Lancelot, I need to work."

"What work Arthur? When you go to work you stare at the wallpaper on your laptop all day. It's not healthy. Trust me Arthur. Get some sleep, have a couple of weeks off and get yourself together again."

"That is easier said than done mate."

"I know it is. Which is why we are all here to help you."

A week later Arthur came back with some shopping to find someone at his door. It was who he hired to find Merlin. "Mr Jackson. Sorry I had to nip out and get some things."

"That's okay, and call me Percival."

"Okay. Percival. Come on in." Arthur said, trying to smile as he quickly unlocked his front door gesturing Percival to enter first.

Arthur had left his shopping in the kitchen unpacked and joined Percival in the living room. "I am guessing you have some news of some sort? You said you would only contact me if you had some."

"I did say that and I have. I have found Merlin Arthur."

Arthur dropped down onto his settee, shaking a little. "Arthur are you alright?"

Arthur cleared his throat. "Um... yes, just a bit of a shock, I was starting to think you wouldn't find him. Where is he?"



"Yes. From what I have found out he is living with his father. I have pictures but I just need you to double check first to see if it is him."

"What do you mean?"

Percival sighed and took a photo from his pocket. "Is that Merlin?"

Arthur took the photo and smiled. "That's my Merlin." he laughed. In the photo was Merlin with another man. "Who is this?" Arthur asked, pointing to the older man who had his arm around Merlin's shoulder, both of them laughing.

"That man's name is Balinor, I believe him to be..."

"Merlin's father." Arthur finished. "I know his father's name but never seen pictures."

"Arthur I need you to prepare yourself for this next picture. The only person who can explain this next picture is Merlin and I have an address. If you go there I need it so you do not go alone."

"I will go with him."

Arthur and Percival looked up to see Lancelot in the doorway. "What is the other picture?" he asked Percival who sighed and handed it over to Arthur who after looking at it gasped and let the photo slip from his fingers and onto the floor.

Lancelot hurried over and picked up the photo and looked at it. In the photo Lancelot frowned at what he saw. Merlin's father was in the photo along with Merlin who was in a wheelchair.


Arthur stood up and hurried upstairs. Lancelot turned to Percival. "Have you been paid in full or need owing any?"

"No I have been paid in full."

Lancelot shook Percival's hand and showed him to the door after he handed over the address. "Thank you so much for this."

"You and he are welcome. I hope he finds happiness again, he sure needs it."

"That he does. Thank you again."

As soon as Percival left, Lancelot hurried upstairs to find Arthur hastily shoving his clothing into a holdall bag. "I need to see him Lancelot, I need answers I have questions. I..."

"Need to breathe." Lancelot interrupted.

"Arthur. You are not driving. I am and you are not going yet. You are going to go downstairs, unpack your shopping, have something to eat and let your neighbours know you are going away for a while so she can keep an eye on your house. And don't think I haven't thought of taking your car keys because I have them. Now do as you are told whilst I pack your things properly, you show up in how you have packed these clothes you will looked to Merlin as though you have been dragged backwards through a hedge."

Arthur nodded and was about to leave the room when he stopped. "Can you pack my deep purple shirt? It's Merlin's favourite."

Lancelot laughed. "Of course I will."

The next morning after Lancelot had gone home and packed his things they had both set off to Ireland, Arthur wanting to get there as quickly as possible Lancelot sorted it so they got there by boat. Arthur swore saying the boat wasn't the quickest way but the only reply he got from Lancelot was. 'It will give you time to think on how you will approach Merlin and ask him and have answers ready for questions he knew Merlin would ask.'

When they got there, Lancelot hired a car and stopped when he saw a sign. "What is that word supposed to be?"

Arthur looked up and saw the sign and laughed. "I was just like that when I first started to go out with Merlin. He would always explain it to me." Arthur opened the map and looked at the address. "Looking at the map where Merlin is it looks about an hour's drive."

"That's fine. Have you worked out what you are going to ask Merlin?"

"I have."

"You are not going to just go charging in and demanding answers."

"No Lancelot."

"Well. I know you are not as I am going to be with you."

"Lancelot there is no need."

"There is every need Arthur. Once you are both settled I will drive around and find us a hotel."

"Make sure it is the closest one to -"

"To where Merlin is I know."

"This is it." Arthur whispered when they pulled up outside a house. "There is car in the driveway so they must be in."

"Arthur wait, look."

Arthur did and saw Balinor leave the house and get into the car, driving away minutes later. "Perfect." Arthur said and was out of the car and crossing the road before Lancelot knew what was happening.

"Arthur. Arthur wait." Lancelot said as he locked the car and ran over to his friend who was just about to knock on the door.

Merlin sighed when he heard a knock on the door. "Why is it that someone always knocks as soon as dad leaves?" Merlin questioned as he wheeled himself over to the front door. "Just one minute." he called out.

Arthur gasped and looked at Lancelot. "Did you hear that? That was Merlin."

Arthur heard the sound of a key turning and the door slowly opening as he nervously drummed his fingers on his legs.

Merlin eased his chair back so he could get the door open and gasped when he saw who was on the other side. "Arthur!"


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