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Summary: When Merlin lied and disappeared Arthur knew something was wrong. Nearly everyone told Arthur to move on but Arthur was determined to track Merlin down and find out the truth.

There are a few time jumps in this last chapter.

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It was a couple of days later when Arthur and Merlin went to their first visit to see Merlin's physio. Walking in there Arthur knew that not only was this private but also that his father was probably paying the bill.


"Yes Merlin?"

"This is private."

"I know."

"I can't afford private."

"I know baby, neither can I. Well I can but there is private and private."

"But your father can?"

"He can." Arthur sighed.

"Arthur I can't have your father paying for this. It will take close to a year, maybe more."

Arthur crouched down so he was facing Merlin. "Sweetheart, father knows this and if we tell him we can't accept it he won't accept that and won't hear of us saying 'no thank you'."

Merlin opened his mouth to say something when a door opened. "Merlin Emrys?"

Arthur stood up and turned to see a man walk out, long hair that sat on his shoulders that was grey, going white. "Hello I am Gaius and I will be helping you until I can do no more for you."

Merlin smiled and wheeled himself forwards to shake the man's hand, which Arthur then did. "Am I alright to be with Merlin during these sessions?"

"Of course. If Merlin wants you there then it is okay."

"I do." Merlin smiled as he reached out and took Arthur's hand.

"Right then. Let's begin." Gaius said, smiling as he led them both into the room he just came from.

It had been two months since Merlin's first session with Gaius and Arthur couldn't believe how well Merlin was doing already, he was moving his legs more, and feet without it hurting him so much.

Arthur had gone for his morning jog and decided to take a different route home; he turned the corner and stopped when he saw the building in front of him. Arthur smiled when an idea came to mind, this could help Merlin improve more. Making his decision, he jogged across the road and went inside to make enquiries.

A week later Arthur packed up what they needed and told Merlin they were going out. "Will you just tell me where we are going?" Merlin laughed as Arthur refused to tell him.

"Why tell you when I can show you. I have talked to Gaius about this and he said this was a great idea."

"So this has something to do with me getting better."

"Yes. Now shush. We are nearly there."

When Arthur pulled up in front of the building, Merlin looked unsure. "Arthur I don't know."

"It will be fine Merlin. Gaius says this will be easier than how we do it at physio." when Merlin still looked unsure, Arthur continued, taking his seat belt off and leaning over, cupping Merlin's face. "Do you trust me?"

"You know I do Arthur." Merlin smiled, taking hold of Arthur's arm, tilting his head a little and placing a kiss on the blond's wrist.

"Then will you go in with me?"

Merlin sighed and looked at the building once more before looking at his lover. "I will."

Arthur smiled and got their things out from the car and after getting Merlin in his chair, he slowly walked in and up to the desk.

Merlin watched as Arthur talked with the woman at the desk and paid before signing them both in and walked away with a smile. "Okay it will just be me and you for a couple of hours, I know you won't be able to do two hours but -"

"Arthur that's fine. Let's just go. I want to see you wet and naked."

"Merlin I won't be naked."

"Well, almost."

Once Arthur had changed and helped Merlin change, he carried Merlin into the pool which was shallow. "Right then Merlin. I will be holding you up like I always do in front of these steps. In your own time, try and move your feet up and back down them."

"You won't let go?"


After taking a deep breath, Merlin began.

Morgana and Gwen had just showered after gym and went upstairs to the snack bar to get a drink when Gwen, who was sat at one of the tables whilst Morgana got their drinks, called her over.

Morgana paid for the drinks and joined Gwen. "What's wrong?"

"Look at this."

Morgana sat down and looked out of the window that overlooked one of the many swimming pools and saw Arthur and Merlin. "How sweet do they look?" Gwen said.

Morgana didn't answer and just continued to watch her brother and Merlin.

Arthur kissed Merlin. "Well done sweetheart. I am proud of you. Was it easier at all?"

"A lot easier, can we do this every week?"

"Of course. Want to try something different now?"


"Well we all know that when you relax in water, you float. I will keep a tight hold of you under your arms, relax yourself and let yourself float, when I say, try and paddle with your feet."

"Look how he helps Merlin." Gwen said. "I can't believe how well Merlin is doing... look he is paddling his feet!"

"He does seem to be doing well." Morgana responded quietly. They both sat there and watched until Arthur took Merlin into his arms and carried him from the pool, heading towards what they guessed were the changing rooms.

It was a couple of weeks later and Merlin was getting a lot better. Gaius was very impressed saying it will only be another month before they would try him walking. It was now their third time in the pool and Arthur and Merlin had just finished changing when a knock sounded on the changing room door.

Arthur opened it and was very surprised to see his sister there. "Morgana?"

"Hello Arthur. You and Merlin come here when I finish gym. I go upstairs for a drink afterwards and two weeks ago when I came with Gwen we saw you. I saw how you are both doing and how well Merlin has improved. I was wondering if I could, well, what I mean to say is."

Merlin who had been listening heard how sorry Morgana sounded and knew she was trying to apologise as well as help. Taking pity on his old friend whom he had missed and wanted back, he wheeled himself over to Arthur. "Morgana. Would you like to join us in the pool?"

"Can I?"

"Of course you can."

Morgana smiled and moved forwards before stopping. "I will wait until after when you are dressed again before hugging you."

Merlin laughed and looked up at Arthur. "Let's get in the pool and wait for Morgana to change."

Morgana smiled. "I'll be five minutes." she promised.

After a few weeks Merlin had improved so much with his physio that the exercises he did with Gaius didn't hurt him, Arthur loved how Merlin now did his physio with Gaius with a smile on his face. Gaius was that pleased with Merlin's progress with how quick he was recovering that he announced to the ecstatic brunet that the following week they could start with him trying to walk once more.

To celebrate this news Arthur took Merlin to an expensive restaurant. "Arthur why bring me here. I would have been happy with just a night in, just the two of us in bed."

"Oh believe me, that is how our night will end but I brought you here for two reasons. One is to celebrate your progress and the other for something else."

"Which is?"

"You will find out soon enough."

"Arthur..." Merlin moaned, wanting to know.

"Oh a preview for later on."

"No a reminder of what you won't hear again if you don't tell me."

Arthur couldn't help but laugh at him. "I will tell you baby, just not yet." he smiled as he picked up his menu. "Now. What do you want for dessert?"

"If I order dessert will you tell me?"

"If you don't want dessert I would tell you anyway."

"Then no thank you. I am too full from that exquisite meal. Thank you very much."

Arthur called a waiter, asking for the bill before turning back to face Merlin. "You are very welcome."

After paying for the meal they left, wanting to get home so they could spend the rest of the evening in each other's arms. Once they had showered they had simply laid in each other's arms as they watched a film. It was only when Arthur noticed Merlin falling asleep did he turn the film off and wake him as he needed him awake.

After they had both brushed their teeth and washed up, they had stripped and got into bed, Merlin shuffled closer to Arthur, his arms going around the blond. "Arthur?"


"What was the other reason for this night?"

Arthur held Merlin tighter to him and rolled him onto his back, Arthur leaning over him, being careful not to have all his weight on the man under him. "Well Gaius said you will be trying to walk again as of next week. I know you and I know you will push yourself to work harder at it if you were aiming towards something."

"Yes I would."

"Marry me Merlin. Walk up the aisle to me?"

"You really want to marry me?"

"Yes Merlin. I had planned on asking you when you got back from your trip. I love you Merlin and I want to spend the rest of my life showing you just how much."

"Yes Arthur. I love you so much."

"I love you too Merlin." Arthur replied as he moved his head down, capturing the lips of his fiancé.

"He said yes?" Ygraine asked.

Arthur had gone to his parents the following day and told them of Merlin's progress and how he asked him to marry him the night before. "He did mother."

Uther, who had been sat next to his wife at the time, placed his hands over his ears just in time as Ygraine shrieked. "Do you want me to help Arthur?"

"Mother I was hoping you would plan it."

"Oh I would love to." Ygraine kissed her son's cheek and stood up, moving over to her desk where she took out a notepad and started to write things down, mumbling under her breath. Arthur was broken from his stare when Uther grabbed his hand and shook it. "Thank you son."

"What for?"

"Well look at your mother. She is excited. I will be getting plenty."

Arthur shuddered and pulled his hand away. "Father please."

"Arthur dear are you alright?" Ygraine called over.

"Um, yes mother. I will leave you to it. See you both later."

The following week when Arthur went for his morning jog, Merlin rang Ygraine.


"Hi Ygraine its Merlin. I wanted to talk to you about the wedding. I need your help."



"Well anything I and Uther can do to help."

"Thank you. The thing is..."

Merlin's physio was going well. Merlin was now walking between two bars which he held tightly on to. Each session he was getting better and better and he no longer needed a chair to get about in. When Arthur had come home from a meeting he couldn't get out of, Merlin had surprised him by opening the door and welcoming him home.

The meal Merlin had prepared for them both had gone cold as Arthur had picked Merlin up, chucked him over his shoulder and took him to bed where they spent the rest of the day.

"I can't believe my mother has got a date set already and so soon."

"I know two weeks. How does she do it Arthur?"

"She has rallied together all her female friends and called in favours. With my mother it's not just what you know. It's who you know and what and who they know." Arthur laughed as he walked over to Merlin who was stood at the cooker stirring the pieces of chicken mixed in with sweet and sour sauce, wrapping his arms around the brunet from behind. "Smells gorgeous."

"And not quite ready, set the table."

Before they both knew it, it was their wedding day. Arthur was proud of Merlin that he would be able to walk down the aisle to him. Merlin had been upset that he would be walking down the aisle to meet him with his crutches; Arthur had guessed that was why Merlin didn't want him at physio for the last couple of weeks.


Arthur turned to face Lancelot, his best man. "Of course not. I am about to marry the love of my life. Why would I be?"

As the last of the guests came in and sat down Gaius leaned forwards and got Arthur's attention. "Is Merlin alright Arthur? How is he doing?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well since he finished physio two weeks ago."

"He fini -" Arthur couldn't finish his question as the music began to play and the doors opened. Arthur turned and saw Uther and Ygraine arm in arm walking up the aisle, followed by Hunith and Balinor. When they were seated Arthur felt his jaw drop when he saw Merlin with a smile on his face, walking towards him. On his own. "He - he."

"He doesn't need his crutches to walk anymore mate. He wanted to wait and surprise you on the day." Lancelot informed him.

"Merlin." Arthur breathed when Merlin stopped in front of him. "You are walking on your own sweetheart."

"Yes. I knew it wouldn't take long so I rang your mother and asked her if she could push the wedding forwards so I could surprise you."

"Surprise me you did." Arthur laughed as he kissed Merlin.

"You haven't got to that part yet mate." Lancelot said.

The ceremony itself was simple and beautiful, just what they had wanted, they had kissed when declared husbands and now being able to walk or not, that didn't stop Arthur picking Merlin up and carrying him back down the aisle.

"Thank you for finding me again Arthur."

"I would never have rested until I found you. I love you too much." Merlin whispered as Arthur placed him back on his feet.

"I love you too Arthur."

They both ducked their heads, laughing at the confetti that was being thrown over them; they both ran to the car and climbed in. Arthur taking Merlin into his arms, giving him a loving and passionate kiss, looking forward to spending the rest of their lives together. Arthur happy that he found his Merlin again and Merlin thankful that he did.

The end.

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