Hello people of Earth, Jupiter, and beyond. I have taken a current interest in Rory and Prim pairing so I decided to do this story.



So I was walking down to the town square. Thinking about my sister Katniss she was away in the Capitol for 2 years! It was some thing about the rebellion but she gets to come home from time to time. Now back to the town square. My mother had gotten very ill. So I headed to get medicine from Paula's Pretty Palace. They had everything there and her and my mother are great friends. So when she found out about her being ill she insisted on giving us a discount for her medical needs. Mother had been ill for almost a week now and I was quite worried. When I was walking I heard Gale from behind me ask me what I was doing. He was one of our family friends as well was his whole family. I had to admit his younger brother Rory was pretty cute. Rory was my age. I told Gale where I was going and why. Then Rory walked up to Gale and started talking about some constellation stuff. Gale cleared his throat and nodded over to me. "Oh hi Prim" Rory said "Hi. Well I have to get going but I'll see you guys later" I told them and waved as I walked away. I sighed he didn't even notice me! My life's a wreck.


I had just calculated the most amazing constellation ever!(I don't know anything about stars and stuff so I just put something that sounded smart lol) I had to tell Gale! I ran up to him and I noticed someone else their but I didn't care. Gale gave me a hint that I was being rude so I looked over and saw Prim! The most beautiful girl in all of Panem. "O hi Prim." I said. Smooth Rory, smooth. She said hi and then left I asked Gale where she was going he chuckled slightly and told me about her mom. Poor Prim.