I am glad you are here with me. Here at the end of all things, Sam. Sorry. I couldn't resist the quote. I am me, after all. Well, here is the epilogue. I hope that it lives up to and exceeds expectations.

The Time War changed everyone in it; some people who once were good became darker, and some came to resemble their enemies. One day, Rose would find that she was no exception to this rule.

With every battle Rose fought, a little bit of who she was before slipped away. Throughout the years, she found herself called many things: The Bad Wolf, Death, The Morrigan, and many others. She herself began to call herself those as well, scarcely believing in her own innate goodness any longer.

Hope was something that became lost to her. She became darker, more and more of a warrior. It was during that time that Rose discovered her inability to die. At some point in the War, the Time Lords resurrected the Lord President Rassilon. He coerced the Time Lords into harnessing her power, and thus, the Moment was created.

There was a short lull in the Time War a few days before the end, and the lack of danger had the powers of the vortex pull Rose away from the War. It would be hard to say whether the years to come would prove better or worse than her time in the Last Great Time War.

The Vortex and the Void began to pull her from universe to universe, and there was no constant but the fact that everything was always changing. Through the years she became even darker, and she didn't care what happened to her enemies except that they were vanquished. There were times she didn't care if innocents got hurt, but those times were relatively few and far between.

In total, about nine-hundred years passed, and Rose lost the one most important thing about her: herself. But then, everything would change.


Rose appeared in a flash of golden and black light. Her eyes narrowed at the sight that was before her eyes; it was a Dalek, something she had long ago learned to despise. Somewhere, in the farthest reaches of her mind, she was aware of the girl behind her. If she payed attention, she would have known that the name of the girl was Endra. She acknowledged Endra with what passed for a smile from her in those days. "Run!" Rose commanded Endra, her voice dark and practically the sound of despair and doom. Endra ran.

Rose turned back to the creature, scowling at it, her eyes blazing in the depths of her anger. She hissed, unable to deny the hatred the welled within her to the point where she was no longer recognizable. "Dalek! I name you Dalek as Davros, your creator, dubbed you so very many years ago in a different universe!" A smirk wormed its way onto Rose's face.

"YOU ARE THE ABOMINATION MENTIONED IN THE ACCOUNTS OF THE EMPEROR'S DEMISE!" the Dalek screeched, its metallic voice further marring the night. Rose's smirk faltered not.

She drew back the hood of her cloak, the power from her eyes illuminating the night. "Abomination?" she queried, already knowing the answer. ""I named myself the Bad Wolf. I spell death to all those I despise." She opened her palms, and gold and black like cascaded from her fingers. "Dare to defy me."

The Dalek recoiled, its mechanics echoing in the forest in a shrill screech. "YOU CANNOT DESTROY THE DALEKS!" the Dalek protested in vain, sounding almost frightened.

Rose shook her head, her lips curving further upwards still. The very bottom of the Dalek began to be torn apart into atoms. Something about the sight gave Rose a strange thrill, one of a mixture of hatred and sadistic joy. Golden and black lights continued to swirl up the Dalek, causing it to scream in pain, the pain of being ripped into atoms while still being alive. It was agony for the Dalek, but Rose enjoyed it. Whatever compassion she had once possessed was gone like a whisper on the wind. The Dalek's scream died as the creature inside stopped existing. At long last, he Dalek completely vanished, and it was a mercy. Rose allowed a bark of hollow laughter to burst forth from her lips.

Rose felt a tug in her gut, indicating her time in that universe, time, and space was over. Slowly, yet at the same time suddenly, the black and golden light swirled around Rose as she gradually dematerialized. The absence of everything enveloped Rose as she passed through the Void.

In the next instant, Rose found herself in Venice in the 16th Century, and soon, she would meet the Doctor and slowly begin to heal.

I cannot believe that this is the end. And what a long journey it has been to get here.

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