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Non Timebo Mala

Harry wandered through the flea market, not really knowing what he was looking for. The Winchesters had stopped over for a while between cases and Harry had decided to go for a wander.

He looked around, there were stalls selling all sorts of random things, towels and rugs, furniture and books. As he looked, his eye alighted on a small stall under a grubby awning, manned by a tall, willowy woman who was clearly French.

"Bonjour Madame" Harry said as he approached

"Bonjour Monsieur" she replied with a smile

"These dolls must all be very old" he said, nodding to the collection of porcelain dolls on the table in front of her

"Oui, this one here is early Victorian" she said, pointing to a small blonde doll in a white dress, as she spoke, Harry's eye was caught by another doll, an unusually tall one with black curls and pretty blue eyes that was about as tall as an average five-year-old. What really piqued his interest was the fact that he was sure the doll had blinked.

"What about this one?" he asked, indicating the doll

"Oh her? She unfortunately has a bit of a bad reputation. I've had trouble selling her" the seller said sadly

"Bad reputation?"

The seller nodded "a large number of her previous owners ended up dying mysteriously; often in horrible ways" she sighed "I'd be lucky to get $800 for her". Harry checked his wallet; he had a fair amount of money in there, thanks to his allowance from his grandparents in Italy. He counted out eight hundred and then, after a moment's thought, added an extra bill.

"Nine hundred and I'll take her" he said as he handed the money over, the woman looked shocked but took the money "don't worry, I'll take good care of her" he smiled sweetly as he picked up the doll, holding her like a baby.

He walked away and rounded a corner into an alley.

"Hello, I know you can hear me" he said, looking down at the doll in his arms

"Hello" she said, smiling up at him

"What's your name sugar cube?" Harry asked with a smile as he readjusted her

"Clarissa" she said as she shifted herself into a more comfortable position in his arms

"That's a cute name. What's all this about dead people though?" he asked

"The lady that made me, the way I am" she muttered "had an old relative who collected dolls. The lady bought me and enchanted me so that when the old lady was asleep I'd come to life and kill her so that she could have her inheritance" Clarissa looked sad "after a while I ended up with a new family, the girl who owned me was nice, but her Father hurt her, so I killed him. I got passed around from family to family over the years, if the owner was nice then I behaved but if someone tried to hurt them then I killed them" she looked up at him "You won't make me go away will you?"

"Why would I? Whatever you did in the past is just that; the past, it doesn't matter. You can call me daddy if you want" he winked at her and she hugged him tightly as they exited the alley.

Non Timebo Mala

"Ok, so let me get this straight. You saw a doll in the market, a doll which has a reputation for killing people, and you bought it anyway?" Sam said, turning his trademark bitch face #65 to the max as he looked at his brother and the little doll that were sitting on the bed in the motel

"Yes and what she did in the past doesn't matter, she's promised to behave. She might even come in handy" Harry petted Clarissa's ebony curls as she sat on his lap

"I promise I'll be a good girl Uncle Sam" she said sweetly, looking up at him with her sapphire blue eyes. The second oldest Winchester looked at her, his face twisted as he tried to resist but in the end he gave up

"Ok fine, she seems harmless enough but she's your responsibility" Sam said as Clarissa hugged her new 'daddy'

"You are such a pushover dude" Dean laughed as he took a long draught from his beer

"Yeah because you could've resisted that adorable face" Adam laughed as Dean shrugged, just then, Sam's cell phone rang

"Yeah? Oh hey Bobby" Sam said as he answered it

"What's up?" Harry asked as he snagged a beer from Dean's cooler

"Ok first, how many times have I told you not to drink alcohol?" Sam said disapprovingly

"American pastime, family tradition" Harry countered, the older brunet shaking his head

"Anyway never mind that, what did Bobby want Sammy?" Dean asked

"Thirteen missing kids in Holly Springs, Mississippi, he wants us to look into it since we're so close" Sam said.

Clarissa was clenching her hand in the direction of Harry's hand.

"What? You want the cap honey? Ok" the boy gave her the cap and she bit it clean in two, chewing a swallowing before repeating it with the other half

"She eats metal? Ok" Dean said and took a pull on his beer.

Non Timebo Mala

The family of now five drove east to Mississippi. Shaking up in another crappy motel they began researching and doing all the usual; interviews with local L.E.O.s, talking to families etc.

Harry, in the meanwhile, was doing several things at once. He didn't really get involved with research much so his main role was in the 'domestic' department. Among his tasks at this point was fixing dinner for the family which involved a trip to the store to pick up ingredients for sandwiches as well as salt, bottled water and plastic cutlery, which it seemed Clarissa was more than happy to eat as a substitute for metal.

Another thing he had to do was pay a visit to the local thrift store to find some clothes for Clarissa, there wasn't much they had in her size but what they did have was cute, although the two of them did attract some unusual stares for people in the town, most likely because Clarissa looked more like a doll than could easily be explained away.

This led to Harry's third task, scavenging around for the relevant ingredients for the spell he was planning to do.

Eventually he had all the relevant equipment and he began to mix the ingredients and chant the spell which would create a permanent glamour charm around the small pink amulet that hung from a string of white pearls that would allow Clarissa to pass for human.

While he was doing all this, Clarissa was chowing down on a packet of thirty plastic spoons and Sam and Adam were doing the relevant research form books, internet etc while Dean handled the field work.

"Ok done honey" Harry said as he patted the amulet dry, Clarissa came over and Harry placed the string around her neck, instantly her appearance changed until she resembled a normal five year old

"Looks good, she won't attract so much attention now" Adam smiled down at the little girl

"Thanks Uncle Adam" she smiled.

"Well the good news is we now know who's taken these kids, and thankfully they don't have the number of kids they need yet, they have thirteen but they need fifteen" Sam said

"Fifteen? Doesn't seem very Satanic" Harry said

"I know but that means we have an opportunity to catch the sons of bitches in the act and get them to give up the location of the other kids"

"Sounds good but I have a better plan" Harry said "me and Clarissa act as bait, with you guys on hand to step in if stuff goes wrong, and we let them take us right into the belly of the beast so to speak"

"But-" Dean tried to interrupt

"Let me finish. We then know exactly where the kids are and you guys follow us and rescue the kids, taking out the bad guys in the process" Harry finished

"Harry I don't like that idea, there's so much that could go wrong" Sam said, concerned

"Trust me Samsquatch, I can take care of myself" Harry gave a slightly evil smirk

"You're sure you can do this?" Dean asked

"Dean, please" Harry gave Dean his classic 'Demon Slayer' Glare

"Ok, fine" Dean put his hands up in surrender

Non Timebo Mala

Harry rubbed his arms as he and Clarissa walked through the shadowy streets.

"You ok Clarissa?" he asked her, looking down at her where she stood next to him in her little white dress

"Yeah, I don't really feel the cold much" she said, holding his hand as they walked down the street, they knew that the impala was only a short distance back on the street but that didn't stop Harry feeling a little unnerved.

Just then, a nondescript van screeched to a halt near them and they were pulled into the back, their faces covered by rags that smelled sickeningly sweet. Chloroform. Harry felt his eyelids getting heavy as the blackness closed in on his vision; he looked around to Clarissa as he lost consciousness.

Non Timebo Mala

In the impala.

"Here we go!" Dean said as the two kids were pulled into the van and it sped off, they kept close behind it all the way into the woods outside of town, where they saw two guys get out, each holding one of the kids, each unconscious. The two guys went into a shed away from the rest of the house and came out without the kids.

"This is it guys, let's do this" Sam said and opened his door.

Non Timebo Mala

Harry's eyes fluttered open as he felt a small hand on his arm.

"Hmm? What happened?" he asked as he sat up

"They put us in a cage with the other kids" Clarissa said as she looked around at the others in the low ceilinged metal structure

"Now we've all had it, they needed fifteen. You two are the last, now we're all gonna die" one of the smaller girls said

"We're not gonna die sweetie, we're here to get you out of here" Harry reassured her as he looked at the door of the cage which was in the top, it was chained shut with a heavy padlock

"Can you open the door?" one of the other boys asked

"Clarissa, hairpin please" Harry said, the girl pulled a pin from her hair and handed it to him

"You can pick locks?" one of the girls asked

"When your family pretty much breaks the law to earn a living you pick up tricks like this, especially considering this isn't my first time in a cell" he chuckled, remembering the first time he was arrested, back in Hope, North Dakota.

He quickly picked the lock as the door of the shed opened to reveal Dean, shotgun drawn. Some of the others screamed as Harry jumped out of the cage.

"Hey bro, caught up with us then?" he smiled as he lifted Clarissa out, "Come on, it's ok; he's with us" he smiled and the other kids began climbing out of the cage

"Thank you" the girl who'd spoken before hugging Harry

"Adam's waitin' to take the kids back to town" Dean said as he pointed back towards the van that Adam had successfully hotwired to take the kids back to the town*

"Awesome, get goin' kids" Harry said and nodded towards the van

"Aren't you comin' with us?" the girl asked

"Somebody's gotta make sure those guys don't do this again" Harry smiled at her and she left

"Be careful" she said, pausing at the door

"Let's do this" Harry said, Demon Slayer glare firmly in place on his face as he stalked out of the shed

"I don't wanna be the cult leader right now" Dean said as he and Clarissa followed him.

They walked into the house were the cult were preparing for their sacrifice. Most of the members were dispatched quickly but one last guy shot Dean in the shoulder, he was close to Harry and Clarissa who made to attack.

Clarissa got their first, slicing the guy in half with her Wolverine style claws which had extended from her fingernails. Harry cheered her on as the cult member was ripped to pieces but then a slight splash of red appeared on his cheek as a small bit of the man was flung against his face.

Harry froze, biting his lip as he wiped the piece of flesh from his face.

"I need to leave" he said and dashed out of the room into the woods.

"What the-?" Dean asked, looking after the younger boy

Non Timebo Mala

Harry dashed into the forest, panting as he tried to control himself.

What the Hell is wrong with me? Is this because of my parents? Why can't I fight this… this hunger? He thought to himself as he leant against a tree

"I must be going mad" he said

"Could be" a voice said, Harry span around but before he could see who was there everything went black.

Non Timebo Mala

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BTW, in my mind, Dean taught Adam and Harry to drive and they do know how and do drive on a regular basis, they just don't have licenses.