Author's Notes Forgot to mention in the last part, Clarissa belongs to the Author of 'Ghost of a Chance' which can be found on my faves list and I have permission to use her. Thanks for reminding me about that Anon, though you could have been nicer about it.

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Non Timebo Mala

Harry's eyes fluttered open for the second time that night. He was sort of getting fed up of being knocked out by this point.

Looking around he saw he was in what looked like a warehouse, typical.

"Welcome back to the land of the living" the voice from before spoke, looking over, Harry saw a tall man with extensive piercings and tattoos, suitably scary looking. As he spoke, the man's eyes flashed black, a Demon.

"And to whom do I owe the honour?" Harry asked politely

"McRae, just McRae" the Demon sneered and slapped Harry sharply across the face "And you speak when you're spoken to you filthy little abomination"

"The only abomination here is you traitor!" Harry growled and spat blood in the Demon's face, McRae slapped him again

"Shut up you piece of filth! You Nephili think you're so tough, just because your dads knocked up Angels, it makes me sick" McRae hissed

"Kill me then, if you're so tough! You haven't got the balls" Harry growled, "besides, you wouldn't dare piss off my old man" McRae flinched and stepped back as he realised just what he was dealing with here when the teens eyes flashed as black as his own had moments before

"You! You're no Nephilim! You're…"

"Crowley's" Harry laughed, loud and insanely, as the Demon backed away

Non Timebo Mala

"Where's papa?" Clarissa asked, Adam had just got back from dropping the kids at the sheriff's office

"He was with you" Adam said

"He left, we thought he'd be out here" Dean said as they looked all around the area but they couldn't find him anywhere

"Over here!" Clarissa called, she was standing near an old oak and there was a smudge of red against the bark

"Blood" Dean said

"It's papa's, I can tell by the smell" the little girl said "and look" she handed him a piece of torn material

"Harry's jacket" Dean told them after a moment

"I can track his scent, I have a good nose" Clarissa explained and sniffed at the air "this way" she pointed and led them back to the impala, leaning out of the window to better keep the scent

Non Timebo Mala

McRae backed away slowly, his eyes fixed on the boy that was still tied to the chair. Harry smiled, his own blood slowly dripping from his lips, he looked over the Demon's shoulder

"Hello Father" he said in a sweet English accent.

McRae wheeled around only to be stabbed in the chest

"Don't mess with my son" the acting King of Hell hissed as the other Demon died

"Nice timing" Harry smiled as Crowley came over to him and cut off the ropes

"Anything for family" the taller man ruffled the boy's hair as he stood up and spun the bloody Demon knife in his hand. Looking at it for a moment he handed it, handle first, to Harry who looked down at it, surprised.

"I thought you said I had to earn my Demon blade the same way I did-"

"That doesn't matter, besides the Winchesters would get suspicious if you didn't have a knife on you and this guy was dead, I've changed the name on it so that it's truly yours so don't worry" Crowley smiled

"Thank you" Harry smiled and took the knife

"Now I have to go, your brothers are coming" the Demon smiled down at him "Your mum and dad would be really proud of you son"

"I know they are" Harry smiled before Crowley disappeared.

Just then, the door of the warehouse was wrenched open to reveal Clarissa, claws drawn, with Dean, Sam and Adam behind her with their guns ready.

"You took your sweet time" he said as he wiped the knife clean on his pants and tucked into his belt

"Are you ok?" Dean said, running over to check Harry for injuries

"A few cuts and bruises but I look better than the other guy" he nodded to the corpse on the floor

"How did you-?" Sam looked at the chair which was engraved with, strangely enough, Angel binding sigils

"Angel binding sigils, yeah weird. Not that they work so well on vampires" Harry laughed; the brothers knew his Mother had been half vampire, so it was a reasonable lie to curtail Sam's suspicious mind.

"And you just happen to have a Demon killing knife?" Adam asked with raised eyebrows

"It's his" Harry nodded to the dead Demon "idiot left it on the table, stupid move when you're dealing with a Witch who can summon objects from across the room"

"I still get confused as to how you're a vampire and a Witch?" Adam said

"Easy, Witch Father, Vampire Mother" Harry explained quickly, not going into the details that neither of his parents were exactly themselves when he was conceived.

"Well let's get going, case closed, we need to get the heck outta dodge before shit gets real" Dean said and led them out of the warehouse.

As they were leaving, Harry noticed a small black cat near the side of the warehouse.

"Hello, what are you doing there?" he asked it as he bent down to pick it up

"Harry it's a stray cat, and no you can't keep it" Sam said

"But she's a hellcat, like a hellhound only feline" Harry said "she must have been the runt of her litter, poor thing, all alone out here on the street. If we don't take her in, she might just hurt somebody later" Harry explained

"Fine but it's your responsibility" Dean said "and it better not mess up my baby"

"I was thinking she'd make a nice pet for Clarissa actually" Harry said, handing the cat to his daughter

"Really? Thank you daddy!" she squealed "I'll call her… Xanthia!" she said after a moment of thought

"Cute name honey" Harry kissed her on top of the head and they left.

Non Timebo Mala

Author's Notes ok, so, Nephili is the plural of Nephilim and in my head-cannon a Demon's knife (like Ruby's knife) is like an Angel sword, every Demon has one and it belongs specifically to that Demon unless it's won from them in battle or given to someone else willingly (such as Ruby's). The inscription on the knife is the Demon's name in demonic script (like Enochian, the Demons have their own language).

The next episode will be called; Return to Sender and is one of those little filler episodes that they sometimes do that don't really focus on the Winchesters on a case, like A Weekend at Bobby's so that should be fun, *SPOILER WARNING* An old friend/enemy of the Winchesters is set to make a surprise reappearance so 'Let's light this candle!'