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Mr. Househusband

Edward's Point of View

I wish I could stay here forever. It felt amazing. The bed was so comfortable and cushy. I swear I was in heaven.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Damn it!

I slammed my hand down on the alarm clock, my back and muscles complained as I moved. There was no way it was already morning. Swearing that it was a few minutes after I fell asleep, I turned to see that it was, in fact, six in the morning.

Feeling the bed, I realized it was empty. Of course she would already be up. She had to leave the house by six-thirty every morning. I sometimes wish that she had a different job so we could wake up in bed together some mornings.

I rolled out of the bed and padded my way into the bathroom. Bella, my beautiful wife of eleven years, was curling her hair. Walking over to her, I gave her a quick kiss before stripping out of my boxers and jumping into the shower.

"So, I don't get off work until six tonight. They are going to have me sign a few autographs for the fans after we finish taping the show," she informed me.

It was like this every morning. I love my wife; don't get me wrong. It was her job that annoyed me sometimes. We weren't like most traditional families out here. Bella was the bread winner, while I cleaned and took the kids everywhere. The only time we really got to talk was in the morning while I was in the shower and she was getting ready.

"Alright, good luck today." I sighed, feeling the warm water cascade down my body and instantly soothing my aching muscles.

When I first met Bella, she was going to culinary school and wanted to open her own restaurant one day. About five years ago, some guy came down to the restaurant she was working for and decided she should have her own show because her food was amazing.

Now she constantly worked long hours, while I ran the children around. Her show Isabella Cullen Gourmet Italian was doing amazingly well. She was making enough money that I didn't have to work. Although I will have to say some of those guys around here have to give their wives some slack. Raising kids, doing laundry, running everyone around, grocery shopping, and all that other shit took a lot of time.

I turned off the water and retrieved my towel from the hook. Bella sprayed her hair before unplugging the curling iron.

She walked over to me and gave me a quick kiss, her chocolate brown eyes gazing into my green ones. "I'll see you later tonight. Wait up for me?" she asked with hopefulness.

"Of course I will." I kissed her one last time before she left the bathroom.

I quickly shaved and got dressed before heading downstairs. I saw Bella pulling out of the driveway when I got into the kitchen. Going over to the pantry I got the box of pancake mix, and milk from the fridge. The griddle took a few minutes to warm up before I poured the mixed batter onto the sizzling steel.

Checking the clock, I made sure I was still on time. The pancakes took about twenty minutes to make and then I was rushing up the stairs to wake up the kids.

I walked into Carlie's room first. She was somewhere in her bed; it was hard to see with the million stuffed animals she slept with. I woke her up and she rushed into the bathroom before her brother could get in there. Masen, her eight year-old brother, loved to hide in the bathroom and play with his Transformers so he didn't have to get ready.

I entered Masen's bedroom just in time to see him run into the bathroom door. "Shit! Are you okay?" I rushed over to him.

"Ouch!" he yelped. It was about a five second delay.

Checking him over, I noticed he was fine and went off to wake up my baby girl, Elizabeth. As soon as I entered her room, she was already awake with a big smile on her face. Her bronze curls were matted against her face, and her brown eyes shone.

"Da! Da!" She pushed herself up and down on the crib waiting for me to pull her out.

"Good morning, Princess." I picked her up and kissed her rosy cheeks.

I placed her on the changing table and took off her pull ups. She was only two, but Bella and I were in the midst of potty training her. Her diaper was dry and I gave her a big kiss on her cheek.

She giggled. "I bwith wirl."

"Yes, you are," I agreed pulling her up and changing her out of her pajamas.

She clung on to me as we went down the stairs and into the kitchen. I set her in her high chair and put the sliced pancakes on her tray with a small cup of syrup for her to dip it in. She wanted to be just like her brother and sister.

I set out the kids' plates and their cups of milk before they came down the stairs. Grabbing a cup of coffee, I took a big sip before I started making the kids their lunches.

They each got a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a juice box, goldfish crackers, apples, carrot sticks and ranch. The kids quickly ate their breakfast, and got their backpacks together while I cleaned up Elizabeth's face.

Once the kids were ready, we piled into my Suburban, and we took off. There was minimal traffic at the school, which was nice for a change. Carlie and Masen were arguing over a DS game they were playing. Their constant bickering was driving me insane. Elizabeth stared and giggled at them.

As soon as we pulled up to the loop, Carlie rushed out of the car with a pout. She was only ten and acted like a teenager sometimes with her attitude. Masen on the other hand was the handful; he was always getting into trouble.

"Remember to be on your best behavior, Masen. Mrs. Webber said she would call me if you were giving her any trouble," I informed him.

"I know, I know." He waved his hand and got out of the car.

My poor boy looked like a first grader. He was so short for his age; he was the shortest third grader boy in his class.

Driving away from the school, I headed to Port Angeles to meet Emmett and Jasper for some coffee. I pulled into a parking space and unbuckled Elizabeth from her car seat. She already had her arms out ready for me to pick her up. I quickly placed the wool coat on her before I grabbed her diaper bag and locked the car.

She hid her face in the crook of my neck as I walked into the coffee shop. Going up to the register, I ordered one coffee and an orange juice for Lizzie. We sat in the corner waiting for Emmett and Jasper to join us.

Emmett showed up before Jasper. I think Jasper had it the easiest. He only had to look after one son, and James was an easy child. He was just like his father, a soccer fanatic. Jasper used to play professional soccer until he got injured. At the time Alice was pregnant with James, and they had decided with Alice working long hours as a fashion designer, Jasper should stay at home raising their son.

Emmett, on the other hand, had the terror twins. Rosalie was a big time lawyer in Seattle, and while she was making big bucks, Emmett was home trying to manage their twins. Aiden and Ashlyn were the spitting image of their mother, except Aiden's hair was turning brunette. The twins loved playing pranks on him and bickering with one another. It was entertaining for Jasper and me, but not so much for Emmett.

They both joined me at the table once they ordered and said hello to Lizzie. We would meet up a couple times a week while the kids were in school. "So when does Bella finish taping this season?" Emmett asked.

I breathed out. "I don't know yet. I think the end of May, so in a couple more months. The show airs in August. That gives her about a month off before she starts doing some other project, and her cook book comes out a month after so she will be on tour for that. Her schedule is so confusing I can't even keep up with her sometimes," I sighed, rubbing my hands over my face.

"I know what you're feeling man. Rosalie is at the office all the time because of some big case. All I ask her now is if she will be home for dinner and that rarely happens," Emmett laughed.

"See, the good thing about Bella's job is that she gets off at a reasonable time, but every now and then there are late nights. She has only missed a couple of dinners," I said.

"Dude, I'm lucky if Alice even comes home sometimes. Don't get me wrong— I love her and everything, but she is always at work because some fabric didn't get shipped, or the new line is coming out. I haven't gotten laid in over three months and am fucking dying over here," Jasper grumbled.

"Oh shit! Sorry!" he apologized, looking at an oblivious Lizzie.

She was busy scribbling on the pad of paper I had brought with us. I turned my attention back to the boys.

"Ha! I can't even remember the last time Rosie and I did the horizontal tango. It's probably been a year or longer. What about you, Cullen?"

"About two weeks ago, Bella had the day off so my parents took the kids." I shrugged my shoulders.

"Damn, you're so lucky that your parents live so close. My parents are busy traveling to all fifty states and Rosie's parents moved to Alaska."

"I wish having someone to watch James was my problem. Alice's parents live down the street from me, and they are constantly over. I'd swear I was Debra in Everybody Loves Raymond," Jasper laughed.

"That shi-p is so funny," Emmett covered himself when Lizzie looked up.

"No, it gets old fast. Last night her parents were arguing over who had the higher IQ. It ended with Mary leaving and Henry staying at my house demanding dinner. He called me a pansy ass, because I stay at home while Alice works for a paycheck. Then he went into detail about what happened during the Vietnam War." Jasper was usually always so calm, but I could tell the closeness of his in-laws was getting under his skin.

"You got to love those in-laws," Emmett chuckled.

"You sure do, but Bella's parents aren't that bad. Charlie acts like he is still a Sergeant at times with the kids and Renee always calls Bella to talk to her about recipes," I said.

"I would take that any day over those pains in my ass," Jasper complained.

"I'm sorry, but that shit is hysterical, man," Emmett laughed at Jasper.

I wasn't going to laugh in Jasper's face, but I thought it was quite hysterical also.

"Da, more," Lizzie said, pointing to her empty cup.

"No more, Lizzie, how about some water?" I asked her, pulling out a bottle of water to pour in her cup.

"No," she pouted.

"Okay, then we won't be having anything to drink," I said, and tears started to fall down her face as she cried.

"Do you want the water?" I asked her one last time.

She nodded her head. Wiping the tears off her face, I poured water into her sippy cup and handed it to her. She took it happily and began drinking away.

Turning my attention back to the guys, we started talking about the next play date.


"You ready to go pick up your sister and brother, Lizzie?" I asked.

She smiled widely. "Yepth."

Picking her up from her changing table, I grabbed her diaper bag and we headed out to the car. I buckled her up and then made sure the house was locked up before we left.

The one thing I hated about picking up the kids and dropping them off was the traffic. It was a lot easier to drop them off, but when I had to pick them up, people wouldn't look where they were going. There would be long lines because someone's child didn't show up on time. And some teachers made the parents walk all the way to the classrooms to pick their children up.

Fortunately for me, I didn't have to get Lizzie out and walk to the children's classrooms. The only problem was that Masen liked to wander around and play.

Getting up to the front of the line, Carlie spotted me and walked to the car, Masen towing behind her. For once, he was with his sister and I didn't have to go searching for him.

Carlie and Masen put their things in the back of the trunk before getting into the car. "How was your day?" I asked them.

Carlie rolled her eyes, "Mr. Banner gave us extra homework today, because Garrett was talking. He should have given Garrett the extra homework instead," she complained.

"I'm sorry." I said.

"How about you, Mase?" I asked.

"Mrs. Webber told me I needed to stop catching flies with my pencil sharpener," he said and started making funny faces at Lizzie.

"Mase, we talked about that before. I know you like to catch them, but not while you are in the classroom," I said.

We pulled up into the driveway and the kids rushed out of the car. I picked up a sleeping Lizzie and set her down in her play pen.

Walking into the kitchen, I grabbed a bag of pretzels and a honey mustard strawberry sauce Bella makes and set it on the table while they worked on their homework. The great thing about my children is that they are extremely smart, so I don't have to help them on their homework too much.

Carlie and Masen worked quickly on their homework while I cooked the spaghetti. They only had an hour and a half before we had to leave. Carlie had dance tonight, and Masen had soccer. Jasper, thankfully, would be able to pick up Masen so I could take Carlie to her class. She finished before Masen, so I would be able to swing by and pick him up.

I grabbed a bowl and gave them each a serving of pasta and brought it to them. They sat at the table dressed and ready to go. While they dug into their dinner, I woke up a sleeping Lizzie and brought her downstairs. She held on to her teddy bear.

Placing her in her high chair, I fed her some macaroni with tomato sauce. Bella and I weren't comfortable giving her spaghetti noodles yet.

I ate quickly, cleaned up Lizzie, and piled us in the Suburban. Driving over to Jasper's, I dropped off Masen.

The girls and I headed over to the dance studio. Carlie sat in the back dancing to her iPod music. She was so serious it was cute. She looked like Bella when Bella was concentrating really hard on something. Next to her sat Lizzie, playing with her teddy bear. She was in her own little world.


It was almost nine o'clock by the time we got home, and I was so fucking tired. When we got inside the house, I carried a sleeping Lizzie upstairs. I quickly changed her into her pajamas without waking her and put her in her crib.

As I walked out of her room, Bella came out of Masen's room in her pink snoopy pajamas. "Hey, how was your day?" I asked, kissing her lips.

"Long," she sighed. "How about you?" she asked.

I took her hand in mine as we walked toward our bedroom. "It was good. I hung out with the boys at the coffee shop," I said.

She laughed, "You and the boys. How have they been?" she asked, climbing into bed.

"Same as usual. Jasper is annoyed with his in-laws, and Emmett is, well, Emmett." I laughed, joining her.

"Hmm," She sighed.

I pulled her closer and kissed her lips. "I missed you today," I whispered.

"Just today?" she opened one eye.

"Always," I kissed her button nose.

Her fingers tangled into my hair as she massaged my scalp, calming my body. I relaxed into her, and pulled in closely as we both fell asleep.

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