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Mr. Househusband

One Year Later

Edward's Point of View

I could hear the distinct sound of the alarm blaring off, but I was way too tired to get up.

"Bwella et ids," I mumbled into the pillow, while pushing her body.

I must've fallen back asleep, because a blaring scream quickly jilted me awake. "Edward! What the hell? The kids are going to be late to school. You were supposed to have them up an hour ago," Bella said, aggravation clear in her voice.

"I um…I told you to get them," I responded, staring into her wide chocolate brown eyes.

"How was I supposed to know that, when I was in the shower?"

"Well, I was tired, so I didn't realize you weren't in bed," I answered back.

"You were tired! You were tired!" she repeated as I waited for her to come unglued.

She rushed over to me and started hitting me with the pillow as she screamed more things at me. "I was the one up all fucking night while you practically humped my leg into oblivion! I was up with Lizzie and rocked her back to sleep, because she had a nightmare, while you slept soundly!" she hissed.

"Hey!" I stood up and grabbed the pillow from her. "You weren't complaining about the little love fest last night! So don't blame that one on me."

"You…You…My god I swear I live with four children instead of three!" she snapped before stomping out of the room.

"You weren't exactly saying that last night!" I called after her with a smirk as I walked to the bathroom.


I was definitely feeling like I was having a heart attack. After rushing the children out of their beds and into the car, I took them to the local doughnut joint for breakfast. I barely made it to the middle school in time. Carlie practically ran out of the car before it came to a stop. She didn't want to be late for her first day at Forks Middle school. I couldn't believe that I had a daughter in junior high now. It was beyond scary.

I drove down the street toward the elementary school and gave Masen the same talk—for the hundredth time— about meeting me after school.

"Masen, remember after school, you are not to go and play around. I want you to meet me out front as soon as the bell rings. Do you understand, little man?" I asked him with a pointed look.

"Yes! Can you please stop telling me that?" he asked.

"I just want to make sure you completely understand before I take off," I replied.

He rolled his eyes at me as he opened the door and darted out. That little boy had way too much energy for his own good.

I looked in the rear view mirror at Lizzie. She was staring at me with her big brown eyes and a wide grin. Thank goodness I had one easy child.


As a first day of school tradition, I was meeting the guys at Starbucks.

"So how's the divorce moving along?" Jasper asked Emmett.

Emmett sighed in disappointment. It had been a hard year for him. After our family getaway at the zoo last year, Emmett and Rose had a major talk. He found out that there had been many "meetings" with one of her colleagues, Royce King. She even shared that he had kissed her, but it meant nothing. When Emmett asked if she still talked to him, she admitted that she was very close to him, but she promised nothing romantic would ever happen again. However, a couple months down the road, Emmett went to Rose's office to surprise her with a romantic dinner and found Rose and Royce in a rather indecent position. Emmett was still taking care of the twins; Rosalie saw them on the weekends.

"It's moving along slowly. But I am telling you both, it is hard as fuck, being a single parent. Rose barely even talks to the kids. She's always traveling with that son of a bitch or working. Has she even spoken to Bella or Alice?"

"She called Alice once a couple weeks ago about a dress design she wanted for a work function, but that's about it." Jasper shrugged.

"Bella hasn't heard a thing from her."

"Man, my life sucks. I'm a thirty-one year-old divorcee with two kids. I work at the fucking McDonald's. Who would want that in a life partner?" He groaned.

"Hey man, I'm sure you'll find the right person down the road. Don't let Rose dictate your life anymore," I said in a comforting tone.

"I sure hope so." He pouted.


My mood was a little down after meeting up with the guys, it wasn't that I didn't sympathize with Emmett, but every time we got together it was always the same thing. I had my own things at home that I needed to focus on. My wife was back to her long days at work, and I was left at home taking care of the children. Luckily in her contract she was able to negotiate the weekends off and every Monday and Friday she would work from six in the morning till noon, giving us some alone time before we had to get the kids.

The children were finishing their homework while we waited for Bella. She was stuck in traffic, but she was almost home. We planned on having a nice pasta dinner at home, and later tonight we would have a movie night in the family room. I had the tent all set up and ready to go.

As I finished up the creamy pesto sauce, Bella came through the door. She greeted me with a kiss; our little tiff this morning was long forgotten.

"Where are the kids?" she asked, dipping a spoon and sampling the creamy pesto sauce.

"Mmm, I could eat a bowl of that sauce by itself," she moaned.

"They just finished their homework. I made them take their showers as soon as they got home."

"You sure are on top of things, Mr. Cullen." She licked her lips.

I smirked at her and she was quick to roll her eyes, "I have no words." She giggled as she left the kitchen.

A few minutes later the table was set and the children were sitting patiently in their seats as we waited for Bella to join us. She walked down the stairs in one of her little nightgowns with a smirk. I knew exactly what she had in mind when she wore those little dresses—easy access.

She came and sat next to me and helped me get the kids' plates together. Masen and Carlie each took turns sharing about their days. I was pleased until Carlie started talking about a "cute boy" in her class. She was a bit too young in my eyes to be thinking about boys.

"And how old is this 'cute boy'?" I asked her as I took a big bite of pasta.

"He's twelve years old like me, Daddy." She rolled her eyes.

"Carlie, you know how much I love you." I paused as I tried to reengage her attention. She nodded for me to continue. "Boys are nothing but dirty pigs who are trying to find a nice young lady to get their rocks off."

"Edward!" Bella exclaimed, her eyes were wide with disbelief.

I shrugged my shoulders.

"Daddy's right. I hate taking showers and I love throwing rocks!" Masen said loudly before slurping his pasta.

"He wasn't talking about those kinds of rocks, you idiot!" Carlie snapped at her brother.

"Carlie! We do not talk like that," Bella reprimanded her.

"You're the idiot," Masen responded back.

Carlie and Masen bickered back and forth with one another until Masen threw a piece of pasta at his sister. She ducked in time, making it land in Bella's hair. The room became deathly silent, as we waited for her reaction. While I waited for Bella to yell at the kids, she surprised us all by grabbing a buttered roll and dipping it into the pesto sauce and tossing it at Masen's head.

Soon the room erupted into chaos as pasta and rolls were tossed around, making the kitchen a disaster. Lizzie wobbled around as she chased her sister and brother, while Bella and I threw rolls at them.

As I lifted another roll off the table, I got hit smack dab in the eye with a soft roll.

"What the hell?" I asked, turning to Bella.

She shrugged her shoulders with a smirk before turning and dashing away from the table.

"You're going to get it, Mrs. Cullen!"

"Ah!" she squealed as she slipped on the sauce. I almost caught her before I slipped and she landed on top of me.

We both laughed at one another before the kids dog piled on us. As much of a hard time my children give me, I wouldn't change my job for anything.

"Ew! Masen peed on me!" Carlie screamed.

"I told you I had to go, and you told me to do it!" Masen hissed back.

On the other hand, maybe a corporate job won't be so bad after all.

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