There was nothing but darkness. Where am I? I can't seem to remember much before this darkness. Was there ever anything before this? I can't tell.

My limbs feel heavy, but not heavier than my eyelids. I lazily flutter them open, and the blinding light is almost shocking. I faintly hear the beeping of some sort of medical machine. I quickly notice the needles poking into my inner elbows.

I try to focus my eyes elsewhere, but the only thing I can see is a large blonde man looming over me. I notice that his jaw is dropped, he looks anxious.

"Izaya?" he inquired very warily. What is he talking about?

"Who's Izaya?" I answer his question with another question. There is a strange familiarity about this man. Where do I know him from? I feel like it's in the back of my mind somewhere. When I look at him, I feel strong emotions overwhelm me.

If his jaw could have dropped more, it did. For a split second, I think I saw sorrow shoot through his eyes. He quickly turned and ran out of the room. What the hell?

Why am I here? And who is "I"? I can't remember anything. I can't seem to recall a single fact about anything that has to do with my life. I feel like it's all on the tip of my tongue, but just as I feel like I'd remember, it slips away.

Three people come storming into the room that I'm in. One of them is that mysterious man from before, another looks like a doctor, and the third doesn't seem to have a head. I feel in some way I should be surprised by this, but I can't say that I am.

The blonde man is glaring at the ground in the corner of the room, looking like he's about to explode. What's wrong with him? His fists are clenched, and his teeth are gritted; I think he's trembling.

The doctor walked towards me, "Do you know your name?"

I ponder on this for a moment, "Ah, this is kind of embarrassing, but I can't really remember it…"

The doctor looked like I just punched him in the stomach and the headless woman looked that way too, even though I couldn't really gage her expressions. The man in the corner started shaking more.

"Then it's amnesia. I knew this was a possibility, but I just didn't expect it coming from him," he nodded quietly.

They were all quiet for a moment, and I still had no idea what was happening. My eyes kept falling on the tall blonde man, his actions were very interesting. Although he was just shaking with anger in the corner, I found it fascinating.

"So," I began, "is anyone going to tell me what's going on?"

The doctor snapped his head back up to look at me, a goofy smile sprawling out over his face. "Oh right! Sorry," he babbled, "your name is Izaya Orihara. You received… an injury to the head, causing you to lose your memories for the moment, but don't worry, I'll do whatever I can to get them back!"

Well, his mood certainly changes fast.

"And I'm Shinra! You're long time friend and doctor!" he continued, pushing his glasses up to his face, "and this," he motioned to the headless woman who was standing beside him, "is my beautiful wif-," Shinra was cut short by a punch in the stomach from the dark figure. "I mean, my beautiful, perfect, amazing best friend, Celty."

"Oh," he chattered on, motioning to the furious man in the corner, "and this is Shizuo!"

I looked up to Shizuo yet again, our eyes meeting; he still kept his same demeanor.

"How can you be so happy?" he lowly growled, moving his gaze to Shinra.

Shinra sighed in response, closing his eyes, "Negative emotions get you nowhere, in fact, studies sho-," he was cut off by Shizuo storming out of the room; Celty strode after him. Shinra sighed again, rubbing his head.

"What's wrong with him?" I chuckled.

Shinra chuckled back, "A lot."

It's been a few days since waking up. Shinra and Celty won't let me leave, no matter how extremely bored I am. The other day two young girls came by to visit me, claiming to be my sisters. When I told them I had no idea who they were, they got upset and left. Shinra tried to explain to them my condition, but the chatty one said that they couldn't stand to be around with me like this, and the quiet one agreed with her.

Yesterday, a cold hearted witch came by; Shinra said her name was Namie. She yelled at me, demanding her paycheck from all the months that I was apparently in a coma. But after she hit me in the face with a newspaper, Shinra shooed her out.

Everyday Celty has been showing me pictures of people and places that I am supposed to know. Some of them show a dark tall man standing in front of a sushi restaurant. There are also plenty of pictures of a group of four people that drive around in a big van. Celty typed on her PDA that they would visit me soon, but none of them have yet.

In these few boring days, that Shizuo guy never came back. Shinra said that I shouldn't really expect him to, considering he was kind of a thoughtless brute. This made me want to ask why he was the one there when I woke up, but I never voiced it.

My thoughts were interrupted by Shinra barging into my room, "Izaya!" he beamed.

I looked up at him questioningly, "What?"

"Celty and I are going to play some video games, do you want to join?" he sang. I don't understand how he's always so happy.

Because I was so terribly bored, I agreed to it, nodding my head and getting out of bed to follow him into the living room.

As Celty, Shinra and I play some exceedingly difficult Mario game, a harsh rap on the door caused Celty to pause the game. Shinra shot up to answer the door and I followed behind him.

"Ah! Shizuo!" he chided, opening the door, "What are you doing here?"

He pushed past the over-ecstatic doctor, "I got stabbed in the-," he paused, locking eyes with me. He quickly turned his head, and paced over to the kitchen. "I got stabbed in the arm at work," he continued, in a low voice.

"Oh jeez, Shizuo! You act like its nothing, you know one of these days you're going to be fatally wounded!" he babbled on, but I stopped paying attention. I watched as Shinra cleaned his wound on the kitchen table.

I sat down with them and stared at Shizuo, but he avoided my gaze. What's his problem?

Celty walked over to us as well, typing something on her PDA. She flashed it to all of us.

[I have to go out for a job. I'll be back in a few hours.]

"Oh no! My darling is leaving me!" he wailed, and Celty flicked him in the head. I nodded her goodbye and waved, and she waved back. Shizuo just continued to look down at nothing in particular. Is he acting like this because of me, or is he always like this?

As Celty left the apartment, I turned my attention back to Shizuo. "Are you always this quiet?" I inquired, placing my face in my hand, as my elbow leaned on the table. He glanced up to confirm that I was talking to him, and turned back to the ground. He made a 'Tch' sound, which I frowned at.

As Shinra continued to work on Shizuo's wound, "Don't worry, he has lots of mood swings," he chimed in, matter-of-factly. This earned a low growl from Shizuo, and Shinra whined, "Sorry, sorry!"

As Shinra finished up, Shizuo muttered a half-assed "Thanks," and turned to leave. As he was about to open the door, I ran up after him, grabbing his wrist.

"Wait," I smirked.

"What?" he turned back, wide-eyed, looking like he was about to have a tantrum.

"I'm bored, take me out somewhere."

"Like hell I will," he scoffed.

Shinra strode up beside us, "Izaya, he's not the 'hanging out' type," he laughed nervously.

I let go of Shizuo's wrist and crossed my arms, "What a protozoan." Shinra's eyes looked like they were about to pop out of his head.

Shizuo made that 'Tch' noise again, which made me snidely laugh. Shizuo turned around and aimed to punch me, but I easily dodged out of the way.

"What a temper!" I laugh. He attempted to punch me again, but I skipped away from his flying fist.

"Shizuo! Stop!" Shinra pleaded, "Do you want a repeat of last time?"

Staring into his eyes, I see his expression change. Anger and fury quickly change into sadness, and what looked like... Guilt?

He lowered down his arm, and looked away from my eyes. I dropped my smirk out of confusion. After a moment passes, I break the silence, "So, you're going to take me out now?"

He snapped his head up to look at me with an unreadable expression.

"Fine," he agreed, annoyed. Shinra and I both dropped our jaws in surprise. However, my look of surprise quickly turned into a smirk as I realized all the fun I could have with this interesting man.

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