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Chapter 1. "Aren't you supposed to be dead?"

The moment the Bat disappeared over the bay, Catwoman didn't waste any time. She turned to the Bat-Pod and speeded away. She didn't glance back. She didn't have to. Her heels pressed down the accelerator. If she could go back in time she would've done anything to save Batman. After all that's all she really cared about. How dare he, she thought angrily pressing harder on the accelerator. What she hated the most was that that man made her feel feelings she had tried so hard to kept hidden. She bit her lip, she wasn't about to cry. No, she was stronger then that.

" Damn him," she muttered out loud, her fingers locked tightly on the handles.

She kept on speeding through the streets, time passing away. After hours she found herself at the Wayne Manor. She stood outside, in part wondering why the hell did she come all the way here for. She glanced down at the Bat-Pod. When Bruce had shown it to her she had loved it immediately, but right now it only reminded her of Batman. She took a deep breath. She decided to drop the Bat-Pod and then leave. Leaving it outside would only attract a thief or suspicions, so she broke into the house. It wasn't hard breaking in, for her sneaking into places was her specialty. She left the Bat-Pod at the entry, but instead of leaving she wandered around the house. Her heels echoing around the whole house. It was only now that she realized why she had come all the way here. She had been foolish enough to think that Batman-no Bruce, would be here. After scanning the house she found herself looking at his bed. She smiled when she saw it. He can save a whole city, but he can't even make his own damn bed. Her smile disappeared a moment later. He was truly gone then, he had sacrificed himself for this corrupt city. Something she would've never done. She left the room going to the next. She went into a peculiar room with a fancy elegant piano stood. Closing her eyes she remembered the last thing that happened between them. When she had pressed her lips on him. His lips had lingered on her own. If only she could've hold on to him a little longer….

A noise escaped behind her. Selina whirled back.

It's nice to know how fast one can change their feelings towards someone when they disappear from your life unexpectedly. One moment here the next moment gone. At least that's what Selina thought until she saw the dripping, supposed to be dead Bruce Wayne/Batman stumble in front of her.

A moment of shock crossed between them at the recognition.

" You're still here?-" was the first thing out of his mouth, but not before Selina had raised her hand and slammed it on his cheek so hard, her hands tingled from the impact.

" Aren't you supposed to be dead?" she said,her hands balling.

At that instant all Selina could think about is that this idiot, this stupid son of a bitch had made her hurt. The moment the Bat had gone over the bay, she could hardly contain the tears threatening to burst through her. In the midst of all that she even regretted not dying with him. Just remembering made her anger rise as she aimed to slap him again, only this time Bruce reacted more quickly. He caught her wrist, fingers locked tightly around.

" What are you doing here?" Selina asked, in replace of all the words threatening to slip out her mouth.

" Last time I checked this is my house," he let go of her wrist.

Bruce was still in his Batman suit, but no longer was he using the Batman cowl.

" How'd you do it?" Selina crossed her arms, her eyes narrowed suspiciously.

" It took a hell of a swim," he replied with a slight smirk playing on his lips.

Selina couldn't believe this guy. He was smiling at the situation as if it was a joke.

" Oh please, Mr. Wayne I am not in the mood," she curtly replied, glaring, and making a point of not letting this go easy.

Bruce stared at her for a while. She met his challenged as they stared at each other without either saying a word. Finally Bruce spoke-

" I'm sorry. I had to make it seem like I had died," Bruce took a step forward towards her.

" Couldn't you have mentioned it? I thought you were-," she stopped herself, quickly regaining her composure.

At that Bruce lips curled back into a smile. He averted his gaze to the bookshelf behind the piano.

" Batman time had been done. That was the perfect opportunity to say goodbye to Batman, one last time," Bruce explained. Words that seem to just spill out of him, as if they were meant to be said a long time ago.

" Still, don't you think a simple heads up would've been nice," uncrossing her hands, she quickly added " I wouldn't have bothered coming here."

Selina wasn't about to tell him how much she had suffered while she watched the Bat disappear or how much it effected her thinking him dead.

" It was a last minute thing. I wasn't going to come back, but something changed my mind," Bruce now looked away, pretending he was attracted to something on the left.

That caught Selina's attention.

" So, a suicide mission? Then you chickened out, why?"

Bruce eyes returned to her, a deep stared to them. " I remembered something you said," he smiled slightly, but his eyes were still intently on hers. It unsettled her when he would stare at her with such a deep look to his eyes as if he could just see right through her.

" You're saying that I changed your mind?"

" I have to restart my life, I can't be Batman anymore. I thought of a perfect opportunity to start over, a fresh start," he explained without a hint of doubt. " Italy sounds nice don't you think?"

That took Selina by surprise. This man was surprising her in ways she couldn't understand. Beginning with yesterday when he had approached her, asking for her help after she had betrayed him. Now he was trusting her to start over. Running away together?

" You want to start over with me?"

Bruce nodded, running a hand through his partly dry hair.

" Unless you're going back on your proposition,"

Selina frowned, this was probably one of the reason she couldn't stand this man. Somehow he knew more to her than any other man. The fact that she hadn't left yet was proof of that.

" What are we doing still here then?" she murmured, in replaced of saying No.

That's exactly how it started, just by saying that, Selina knew she had taken a huge step. She didn't just welcome people into her life so openly. Especially not men, but inside of her she couldn't possibly say no to him.

" I have a few errands to run before we go, " he said.

There it was again…We. A word of danger and promise.

" Then I'm all yours," he shot her one of his famous signature Bruce Wayne smiles.

The way Bruce said it, made Selina's heart pound. She enjoyed those last words a little too much at the moment. Consequently an image form inside her head. Mischievously she walked next to Bruce with a smirk playing across her lips, she placed her elbow on his shoulder.

" What are we waiting for then? Let's get these errands of yours over with so we can get the hell out of here," she softly whispered in his ear, her lips only inches from his jaw. She felt Bruce tensed at her proximity.

She was going to enjoy their little vacation.

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