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Chapter 2. " I generally don't have very good luck with women,"

From the window of the airplane Selina could see every small detail of where they were going to land first. A place in Italy. Bruce had suggested that they could travel to different places in Europe or even South America if she pleased. Of course Selina liked the idea. What she didn't like was Bruce un-connection towards her. Before catching the plane and while Bruce worked on his unfinished business that he urgently had to do before they left, Selina waited impatiently for the nights to come. In all honesty she was hoping Bruce would touch her. The looks he gave her from time to time made her feel as if that was what he wanted. Only thing was-he never did. In fact he hadn't kissed her at all. What gives? If Bruce asked her to come with him on this little vacation, shouldn't that mean something more?

Selina crossed her legs, still staring vacantly at the window.

What if it's just me? Selina thought to herself suddenly aware that maybe coming on this trip with Bruce wasn't what she thought it would be.

" The plane's about to lane," Bruce said from the seat next to her.

" Terrific," Selina replied shortly.

" Something wrong?" Bruce hands slide to hers.

That was the only thing he had done since they embarked on this runaway. Selina stared at his patronizing gaze. She was close to saying it, but then she decided she'll wait a little longer. Meanwhile she grasped his muscular hands back.

" I'm just sick of this plane," Selina replied, not exactly a lie. They had been in this plan for hours, she couldn't wait to land her feet on stable ground again.

" It's only a matter of minutes now," Bruce leaned back on his seat.

" Out of curiosity what will we do when we arrive?" Selina attentively asked.

" Check into the hotel we're staying at, then I thought we might enjoy some tourist attractions for a couple of weeks," at the end of his sentence, his tone dropped. " I haven't been out to do fun stuff like this for a long long time-," he explained.

Selina frowned, "You sure had lots of parties, I've doubt you didn't have fun in any of them"

At that Bruce lips twitched into a smile. " Maybe a few were pretty entertaining," he admitted.

" Thought so," Selina shot him a glance before returning her eyes back to the window. She had never been this relaxed before either. She was always so used to watching her back at every moment that just the thought of relaxing made her nerves crawl.

Once the plane landed she could hardly contain herself. She was among the first passengers to abandon the airplane. She found out soon enough that Italy did suit her. Automatically she felt the atmosphere enveloped her. The sun felt warm against her skin and the smiling faces of everyone around made her smile. Gotham was so corruptive, only the rich had fun. The poor we're almost always left to suffer, especially in the last couple of months. Italy now seemed like an escape from reality. Her eyes trailed back to Bruce, who had been staring at her. She arched an eyebrow, then smiled. Maybe it wasn't just her that felt an attraction. She liked that his eyes were directing at hers instead of any of the other women around.

The moment Bruce introduced the hotel where they were going to stay at, Selina couldn't contain her surprise.

" You're joking this is a hotel! That's- I-," she stopped talking all together, her hand flying to her mouth to hide her surprise.

The hotel looked like a mansion itself.

" Yup this is it. My parents took me here when I was 5, I never forgot this place," Bruce sighed before grabbing their suitcases.

" Wow!" Selina couldn't utter a single word as they entered.

She overestimated how rich Bruce really was. As Bruce arranged the room, Selina took note of everything. From marvel floors, to the exquisite hallways.

" Ready or are you going to continue to gawk at the hotel?" Bruce was teasing, but Selina couldn't help sticking her tongue out at him as if she were a child.

When Bruce opened the door to their room, Selina noticed two things. First that the room was bigger than her place back in Old Town and second being that there were two beds instead of one. Her smile disappeared. Two beds? She set her suitcase down with a thump. She was never the one to be embarrassed with uncomfortable talk, but right now she was wondering whether she had imagined the whole attraction towards each other. With a composed face she turned to Bruce.

" Two beds?" she asked.

" Thought you would be more comfortable with two beds," he answered, wearing his best poker face.

" Bruce we need to talk-," she started only to be interrupted by a knock.

" Room Service,"

Selina almost cursed, but grumbling she unpacked her things and pretended like the lady hadn't interrupted a very important needed talk. Bruce stepped out of the room meanwhile the lady checked if everything was working.

" That's a very beautiful dress, signora," she pointed to the black dressed Selina had just toke out of her suitcase.

" Grazie, I love it too ," She smirked at the woman.

" Is it for el signore?" the lady asked teasingly with her eyebrows arching up and down.

" Perhaps," Selina smiled at the woman's nerve to ask.

" There's a party out tonight by the piazza, perhaps you two would want to go," the woman suggested.

" Sounds like fun, again grazie for you advice," Selina thanked her just as Bruce appeared at the doorway.

" Arrivederci buena sera ," the lady left then.

" Where did you go?" Selina asked once he closed the door behind him.

" I went to collect the world newspapers. Apparently the news of Batman being a hero finally came across," he set the papers down.

Selina wasn't paying attention to the newspaper, instead she stared straight at him. She didn't need the newspaper to tell her what a great man Batman had been, she knew it already. She needed to ask him now. Or maybe she could just test it instead. She leaned over towards him.

"So what are our plans for tonight?" she asked with a relaxed playful tone.

" We could go out," Bruce shifted a bit, his breathing coming out a bit harder than usual.

" Or we could stay here and do something else," Selina trailed of suggestively.

" Selina-," there was an edge to his voice, but before he could continue Selina's lips had trailed to his own. In a sudden motion Bruce arms wrapped around her shoulder, sliding down to her waist before he pulled her on top of his lap. Selina shifted herself closer to him, loving the feel of his hands roaming her back. Their mouths smashing into each other in an angle that rose Selina temperature. Her fingers slid to trailed to behind his neck and up to his hair, as they continued kissing passionately. She could feel her heart beat accelerating with every touch. It was as if hunger had taken control of both of them. Selina moved so that her legs would open up and wrap tightly around Bruce's waist. It was that movement that made Bruce stop kissing her. He pulled apart, pushing her gently away after disentangling her legs from his waist.

" Selina-," he started to explain, but once again Selina cut him off.

" Okay, spit it out already Bruce. What was really the point of bringing me along?" she didn't move from her position as she said this. " Obviously you don't want to have sex with me." She blurted now.

" Selina," he attempted to talk again.

" Honestly what the hell? Did you just tag me along out of sympathy?"

"That's not it! You don't understand Selina. I generally don't have very good luck with women. The first woman I ever loved ended up choosing another and dying. The next women-well she was just playing with me,"

" Don't tell me your talking about your crazy stock up girfriend?" Selina wrinkled her nose in disgust.

" I want it to be different with you," he avoided the answer.

" Your telling me you slept with that crazy bitch!?" Selina eyebrows crossed.

" See like I told you. I don't have very much luck with women. That's why I want to try something new with you-..I want to wait for the moment," Bruce explained, uncomfortably.

Selina's frowned deepen. " You do realize that you're talking to me as if I'm a fucking teenage girl right?" she eyed the dress on the corner of the bed.

" You're taking it like it," Bruce equally replied.

" Let me get this straight, your saying you won't sleep with me until you what? Feel that it's the right time?"

" I'm going to try," he replied, passing a hand through his hair.

" Well…then…-we'll just have to see," Selina stood up abruptly grabbing the dress and heading to the bathroom. She instantly began to prepare herself.

" Are you mad?" Bruce knocked at the door.

She didn't respond. She couldn't argue that she understood that it would be difficult for him to trust another women like that, but it didn't mean that she liked the idea of waiting. As she placed a new set of red lipstick to her lips, she grinned to herself. She knew that tonight she couldn't possibly stay at the hotel after that conversation. She came out of the bathroom. Bruce had been standing right outside the bathroom door. His eyes widened when he saw her in that dress.

" Where are you going?" he asked as she sidestep him to put on her heels.

" Party down by the Piazza. Since we're obviously not doing anything tonight. Why not have fun anyway right," she leaned in to give him a kiss on the cheek, before opening the door. Before she stepped out she turned back towards Bruce. " I never said I was a good girl Bruce."

Something flash in his eyes as Selina stepped out. Not hesitating at all Bruce began to look for clothes to go out in to follow her. He hoped he had enough self-control for tonight. The task of falling in love with her first before making love to her seemed impossible with that dress she had worn just now.

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