He shot up, wide eyed like a deer in the headlights. His head throbbed and and clutched it as his quick healing nature kicked in. Bart felt the large lump on the back of his skull, but the swelling was not of his concern.

"Blue! Blue, where are you?"

He saw the unconcious bodies of his teammates around him, the people who had been celebrating a victory what seemed like moments before now collapsed in painful contortions of face and body. He was terrified, stunned at how it had happened so fast, but more concerned at the absence of someone.

"Jaime!" He yelled, his tiny voice echoing through the metal alien structure. They got Jaime. The Reach used this attack from outer space to distract the Team and get Jaime and the scarab.

He was angry and scared, so he did the only thing he could. He ran.

Each hallway he went down, every corridor he explored proved empty. They were littered with the defense system, now inactive, but Impulse saw no sign of the Reach or any escape method. He raced back to the Team, finding Superboy and shaking him awake. He had been the ground leader of this mission; he would know what to do.

"Superboy, it's-it's Blue. They've got him, the Reach, they got him and-"

It was as Conner groggily looked up at Bart that he realised the truth. The entire team unconcious, the staples holding Cassie's arms down and imbeded into the walls, the missing Jaime.

The Reach had gotten him, but they'd gotten him long before.

The speedster, though always so quick, couldn't react. His mind went blank, and he couldn't speak. Bart felt tears building as the rush of denial hit his body harder than the initial blow that had knocked him out. No. It couldn't be true. Jaime would never betray him.

He pushed his goggles up, wiping his eyes before he started crying. "Superboy, he didn't-"

"Blue Beetle betrayed us." Conner spat, clearly angry, though restraining himself. "And where's Aresenal?" He hit a button on his communicator. "Nightwing, team's down. I need recovery."

"No, Blue would never do that," Bart exclaimed, looking to Conner for answers, comfort, anything. But Superboy wasn't able to give him that. He had a team to take care of.

"It wasn't him, it was the Reach!" Impulse cried, the true intention to reassure himself. "He's not in control, the scarab's taken over. It's not him, I swear."

Superboy wasn't paying much attention to Bart anymore-he was waking up the rest of the team and organising a rescue with Nightwing. A little mumbling speedster wiping his eyes was not his concern at the moment.

"I know it wasn't you, hermano," Bart assured Blue, wherever he was, however the scarab and the Reach were opressing him. "I'll find you, and I'll save you. I promise."