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Louis was in the bathroom trying to cover up the purple spots on his shoulder. It was hurting pretty bad and every little touch made him flinch. Don't ever go to school because its filled with complete douchbags. Being gay is like a fucking crime in that hell hole. Sighing he looked at his face to make sure the bruise around his eye was not see-able.

Now that bruise didn't come from the idiots at school. This one came from Casey. He was mad earlier about Louis being late from his last class. Casey had wanted to take Louis out for dinner, but teacher wanted to talk to Louis about something: which made him late. Louis knew something bad was going to happen as soon as he stepped into the apartment that they shared. He was pushed up against the wall his arms were held above his head.

"Where the hell have you been?" Casey had asked. Louis tried his best not to look Casey in the eyes. He knew that the anger would still be there, he knew for a fact that he was going to get it this time.

"The teacher wanted to speak to me..." Louis said softly. He watched as Casey snorted in amusement.

"Oh really why the fuck did it take so long...i bet it was the music teacher of yours." he growled.

Blue eyes shifted towards the floor, not wanting to see the angry face that was in front of him. He didn't have time to see the hand coming towards his face. Louis ended up on the floor, tears streaming down his face. A bright purple bruise started to form right under his left eye.

"Didn't I tell you to stay away from that perv of a teacher?" Casey yelled at him as he grinded the bottom of his shoe in to Louis' stomach.

Louis was in so much pain that he didn't havn''t the energy to even respond, which just made Casey even more mad.

"Oh I get it now, you wanna get in his pants is that it?" Casey asked angrily. Louis looked up with pleading blue eyes.

"No that's not it at all!" Louis shouted. But Casey wasn't having it he sneered down at the brunette on the floor.

"Your a little slut you know that Tommo?" He said as he yanked Louis up from the floor and pinned him to the wall. Casey's knee pressing in between the others crotch. "If you wanna be such a whore...I'll treat you like one."

And that's what pretty much goes on almost everyday. The boys are starting to worry about him, and that was the last thing that Louis needed. Sighing to himself he walked out the bathroom and headed to the door. Harry wanted to hang out today; just go out and eat probably. To be honest Louis hasn't seen Harry in a while, they all go to the Casey college but since Casey came along, he'd never had the chance to hang out anymore.

Liams' been telling him that he's needs to hang out with actual friends and not his boyfriend all the time. Louis' usually just laughs it off and says that he'll get on it. However whenever Louis wants to hang out Casey always says no, that he's need to spend more time with him. Louis couldn't even count how many times he blew off the boys because Casey told him to.

And for what? To get hit and beaten everyday. Casey's claims that he loves Louis and that he would give up the world for him. But yet he gets so angry about the smallest things, it's ridiculous. Louis pushed all those thoughts into the back of his head and focused on what he was going to do today.

Lunch with Harry, a walk in the park maybe and hopefully ice cream later. A smile formed on his face when the doorbell rung. Pulling his stripped shirt over his head he raced out the living room and to the front door. Brushing his shirt down and fixing his hair a bit he opened the door with a big smile.

"Hey Harry." Louis said with smile. Harry was standing there with a bright smile on his face, his brown curls falling into pretty green eyes. Louis held his breath at the way Harry was staring at him...complete adoration. He wondered why Casey never looks at him like that.

Suddenly he was enveloped with the smell of Harry, "Hey Lou." he whispered in Louis' ear. Louis could feel his face blazing red at the sound of that husky voice. He carefully wrapped his arms around the other into a hug. Louis flinched just a bit when Harry's arm dragged across the bruise on his shoulders.

"Ha you okay?" he asked.

"Oh yeah I'm fine...so where are ya taking me?" Louis asked as he stepped out the door with Harry following close by.

He heard Harry laugh, "Why do I have to take you out?" he questioned.

"Because you called me this morning remember?" Louis said with a smirk. Harry made a face before pouting.

"How bout' we get some ice cream, yeah?" he then asked. Louis' eyes brightened at the idea, well hell skip lunch.

"Yes that would be perfect."Louis said as he looked at Harry from the corner of his eyes.

Harry and Louis were sitting in the park with ice cream in there hands. Louis was licking away at his vanilla while Harry has a mint chocolate. The day has gone by really fast, before they got ice creams they went to the mall for while. Harry said that he needed a new coat, even though he had on now was completely fine, but knowing Harry he couldn't have enough stuff. After that they took some pictures in the photo booth, which was quite fun actually, and then they ended up in the park next to the pond.

Louis kept stealing glances at Harry, he knew better than to do it but he couldn't help himself. Harry was his first crush, he loved everything about the curly haired boy. From the curls on his head, the green eyes, the dimples, that beautiful smile and husky voice of his. Louis was completely smitten with the other. However Harry doesn't know that he liked him...at all. And Louis wanted it to keep it that way. He wasn't sure how Harry would react to something like that...and besides he was in a relationship with Casey...so I didn't matter.

"Something wrong?" Harry asked as he looked over to the spaced out boy. Louis quickly blinked before looking away, "Yah I'm fine...just thinking." he said absently. Harry made face, saying that I had better tell him what's going on or else.

Louis looked at Harry, wondering if he should tell him what's going on with him and Casey. Could he trust Harry? Of course he could, but Louis also didn't want Harry to get hurt, because when Casey got angry...he got angry. And what if Harry storms into the apartment, demanding answers as to why he had bruises covering his body. Louis shook his head before looking out onto the park, his ice cream long forgotten.

"Liam keeps complaining about how I never hang out with you guys any more." Louis finally said.

"Well you kind of don't anymore Lou...your always with Casey." Harry said a bit put off.

"I know and I'm really sorry it's just that-"

"It's just what Louis, I never see you nobody ever sees you anymore." Harry says urgently. Louis is starting to feel bad because he's making Harry feel neglected, like doesn't care for his friends. He needed to fix this, he would not let the love of his life feel like this.

"How about we go out tonight then...all five of us?" Louis asks. He smiled when the look on Harry's face brightens.

"That would be perfect." he exclaimed. Louis was going to say something but his phone started to ring. He looked at Harry and gave him a sheepish smile.

"Hello?" he answered.

"Where are you?" Casey's voice filtered out of the phone, hard and strict.

Louis turned his back to Harry and kept his voice quiet, "I'm at the park." he said.

"With who?." he questioned.

"Harry, he called this morning and wanted to hang." Louis said.

"Well why didn't you tell me you were going out we have plans." Casey yelled.

"Plans?" Louis asked. Since when did they have plans. Casey's has been out since he woke up this morning, and he certainly didn't say anything about plans. This little bit of information made him angry, Casey is always doing shit like this and it's getting very annoying.

"Well I have plans with Harry and the boys tonight so whatever plans you have it can wait." Louis huffed angrily.

There was this eerie silence over the phone before heard Casey's voice again.

"If your ass isn't here in couple of minutes Tommo I swear to God I will kill you." he hissed.

Louis nearly dropped the phone his hands were shaking so much. He saw Harry looking at him out the corner of his eyes, and it really killed him to do this but he had to listen to Casey or things will get bad.

"A...Alright just...I'll be there." he said quietly.

Casey didn't even say bye he just hung up. Louis took a moment to take breath before turning to Harry and giving him a sad smile. "I'm sorry Harry can we go out another night?" he asked. It killed him to do this, his heart was breaking with every word he said.

Harry's face fell, "But why...was that Casey?" he asked. Louis rubbed his arms unconsciously as he stared a the ground.

"Yah his parents came down unexpectedly and he wants me over." Louis said, lying right through his teeth.

Harry just shook his head in disappointment, but he covered it with a small smile. "It's okay Lou' we can all go another night, yeah?" he said.

Louis nodded his head before walking over and giving Harry a hug. "I promise." he whispered. They broke apart but not before Harry clapped him on the shoulder and Louis tried so hard not scream in pain. His eyes scrunched in pain for a minute before shaking it off. "Don't worry about it Lou." Harry said.

Louis smiled again before saying by and headed back to his and Casey's apartment. He just knew that once he got there, there was going to be hell to pay. And Louis wasn't looking forward to it.

Meanwhile Harry was walking back to this own apartment when he called up Liam.

"Hey Harry what's up?" Liam answered, and Harry could just pictured the kid with smile on his face.

"Have you talked to Louis lately?" he asked.

"Uh yah actually he called me yesterday...why?" Liam asked.

"Because I think he's not telling me something, and if he were to tell someone it would be you." Harry explained.

"...Well your kind of right but what made you think this?" Liam questioned, now curious.

""Well today Louis and I met up to hang out and Casey called his phone and they were arguing but Lou was trying to hide it." he said.

"Harry couples fight all the time." Liam said boringly. Harry walked around in circles in his living room, rubbing a hand over his face.

"No, no I know that but when I said bye to him, he gave me hug and the shirt he had on slipped of his shoulders' a bit." Harry explained.

"Uh huh continue." Liam said.

"There...there was this huge bruise there Liam...it was purple and it looked...do you think..?" Harry started to say but he didn't know how to explain it. He could tell that Louis was trying to cover it up because the makeup was staining the white stripes on the others shirt.

"Harry are you saying that Louis is being abused?" Liam asked shocked.

"I don't Liam that's why I called you, if he was going to say something he would probably go to you first." He said.

"Hm Alright I'll talk to him tomorrow then." Liam stated.

"Thanks Liam." Harry said.

"No Problem mate."

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