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After Louis and Harry left the bathroom, they were rushed out onto the stage. Harry had Louis' hand in his while as they walked out onto the stage. The boys were handed microphones and the announcer stated that they will be starting. Louis saw Niall sitting on one of the stools with his guitar in hand, Zayn next to him with a smile on his face, and a arm over the boys shoulder.

"Welcome everyone now settle down, here we have wonderful boys who are gonna sing for you." one of drama kids announced. Louis watched as the kid walked off the stage and the light dimmed and Niall started to play. He could tell that everyone was swaying with music, and it made his heart swell, because if people liked it, then it meant that they didn't suck. Then Zayn started the song with his soft, silky voice, his arms never leaving Niall's shoulder. After his part Liam came in, his eyes closed, his hand on his stomach.

Then we all came together our voices molding together perfectly in tune. Then it was my turn to sing my part, Harry pushed me a bit to the front winking at me.

You can't go to bed without a cup of tea

Maybe that's the reason that you talk in

your sleep, and all the conversation are the

secret that I keep, though it makes no sense to me.

Louis could feel Harry's eyes on him as he sang his part, and he couldn't help but smile. Now Harry was striding towards him on stage, those green eyes bright with love as he started to sing his part. Louis couldn't take his eyes off of Harry. As he sang to Louis, the boy couldn't help but feel as Harry was serenading to him. When his part ended we all came back together again to sing, all the students were loving the song.

Niall wrapped up the last couple of part, while playing like a pro. As the song ended we were going to go on to the next one but the our teacher came onto stage. They all stopped and turned, "Sorry to interrupt you boys but we have to cut the talent show short." he said.

"Aww why, we still have another song?" Niall whined. Louis wanted to know why they had to cut the show short also. He was really looking for to singing the next song, and by the looks of the other boys they were to.

"Well we had a certain someone in the crowd tonight that wanted to meet the five of you."

Louis looked around the boys to see all there confused faces, he wondered what was going on...wondered who that "special" person is.

"Holy shit!" Liam cursed into the microphone, Louis was going to say something about Liam cursing but he immediately said the same thing when Simon Cowell stepped on the stage. Louis looked at Harry who looked at Niall who was looking at Zayn, whose staring dumbly at Simon.

"Hello boys." Simon said. All the boys greeted him wearily, everyone trying to figure out why the hell Simon was in there school...on there stage. Simon started to walk forward so that he was standing in front of us and all the students started cheering.

"Now I bet your wondering why I'm here?" he said.

"Uh yeah?" Niall said and Liam nudged him in the ribs for being rude. Simon laughed, "Well I'm a friend of the principle actually and he called me down here to catch up." he said. We all nodded our heads,

"However he needed to stay back for a while to get some things done, so I came here to watch the talent show and let me tell, you boys have got some talent." he stated. Louis' heart started to beat a little faster, he looked at Harry who had this look of panic on his face.

"How would you boys like to become stars?" he asked. We all looked at each other, "Of course." Liam was first to speak.

"Who wouldn't want to be?" Niall said.

"Always wanted to make it big." Zayn answered. Louis looked at Harry and the curly-haired boy had this look of pure delight on his face.

'What do you think Lou?" he asked softly. Louis broke out into a bright smile, "I'll go wherever you go Haz." he whispered.

Simon smiled at the boys, "Well we can set up a meeting to get everything set up huh?" he asked.

"Yes sir." Liam said. Simon nodded his head, "Well boys your about to become the number one boy band in London." he smiled, "Now whose the most organized out of the bunch?" he asked. We all looked to Liam who about to jump out his skin from excitement.

"That would be." he said shyly, Simon waved his hand over, "Well come with me and we can discuss the meeting and time."

Louis swore that if Liam kept smiling like that his face was going to split in half. As he scurried of the stage with Simon, the talent show was pretty much over. Even though Louis didn't get to sing his song, being offered to become a number one boy band, by Simon Cowell himself is more than he can ask for.

The boys were all hyped now, after Simon talked to Liam the boy couldn't stop talking about the man. It was Simon this and Simon that, everyone thought it was annoying but Louis thought it was pretty cute. Niall was so pumped that he suggested that they have a party and Zayn wouldn't shut up about being a real band. Everyone one was in a good mood, the air was buzzed with anticipation, adrenaline, succession.

It wasn't until later did they find themselves at Niall and Zayn apartment. The music was loud, probably the whole damn college was there, partying hard and just not giving a fuck. Louis was in the kitchen drinking when Harry came up to him, "Hey Lou." he breathed giving Louis a kiss on the cheek.

"Hey Harry." Louis said trying not to sound so down, Harry noticed and took his hand, leading him to the back. He ushered Louis into on of the boys spare room and closed the door. Louis was sitting on the bed when Harry sat down next to him.

"What's wrong Louis?" Harry asked seriously. Louis sighed before rubbing at his arms, nervously.

"Don't you think were rushing into this?" he asked finally.

"I thought you were excited...this is a huge opportunity Lou." Harry said, running his hand through Louis' hair, the other leaned into it, sighing again.

"I am I'm really excited but what if we don't make it as big as Simon thought...then he's gonna drop us." Louis stated, "Then what are we gonna do Haz, were giving up our education for something that might not even happen." he cried.

Harry wrapped an arm around Louis' shoulder bringing the boy close. "Louis first of all were in our last year of college so it really doesn't matter, and two if the Simon Cowell tells us were gonna make it big, then we are gonna make it big." Harry said, confidence laced in his answer.

"And besides with Niall's hot accent, Zayn's wistful attitude, and Liam's adorable brown eyes and my curls...who wouldn't love us?" Harry said. Louis smiled because he knew that Harry was right, who wouldn't love the; they were cute, fun, lovable...and British...and Irish.

"What about me?" Louis asked softly his face going red. Harry chuckled before pushing Louis down gently on the bed. He leaned down and kissed his forehead, "Who wouldn't like your blue eyes." he murmured. His lips trailed down to Louis' cheek, "And these high cheek bones." he said before kissing it. Louis started to squirm, because the way Harry was complimenting him, it just made him feel so...so loved.

"And how could we forget those soft perfect lips of yours." he whispered before kissing Louis softly. Louis smiled slightly into the kiss, wrapping his arms around Harry's broad shoulders. Harry's tongue slipped into Louis' mouth and the other boy sucked it in. Harry groaned before pulling back, his lips red and wet, his green eyes sparkling with passion. "Your beautiful." Harry said after awhile.

"Our world is going to turn upside down." Louis said seriously staring into Harry's green eyes. Harry have Louis a lazy smile before kissing him again, just lightly this time.

"Doesn't matter...long as your with me I'm good." he said. Louis' eyes started to water because Harry was such a damn sap sometimes. The things he say are just so damn romantic and cheesy, Louis just couldn't take all that; plus with all this alcohol running through his body, it's just making him all emotional.

"I love you." Louis said, tears falling from his eyes. "I love you..so much." he said again. Harry sat up, bringing Louis with him, he held the boys face in his large hands.

"Words cannot explain to you on how much that means to me Louis." Harry said hugging the boy tightly in his arms.

"I loved for so long Lou, and to hear you say that...God I just...I love you to." Louis giggled a bit at Harry rambling, which he thought was really cute.

"Wouldn't have been so long if it wasn't for Casey." Louis then said. Harry shook his head his hands tightening on Louis face.

"No don't bring him up anymore...your with me and I'm never going to hurt you Louis, I will always be here for you no matter what...and when were famous you will always be my number one." Harry said his smile bright and shining.

"Thank you...for saving me Haz, don't know what I do without you." Louis said smiling at him.

"You guys are so fucking cute I swear...it makes me want to puke." Niall said

Louis and Harry both turned to see Niall, Zayn and Liam in the doorway. Harry rolled his eyes before moving to sit next to Louis.

"You guys ruin everything." Louis whined. Liam chuckled, "I don't think Zayn and Niall would appreciate you two fucking on there bed anyway." Louis looked around the room, he swore Harry pushed him into the spare room...hmm guess not.

"Yah that's my place where I fuck my boyfriend, go find your on fuck place." Zayn said wagging his finger in there faces.

The three of them laughed, "Your pissed mate." Louis said obviously. Zayn waved him off, "Who wouldn't be, were gonna be fucking stars!" he shouts.

"Your mental." Liam said slapping him on the back of his head. Niall flicked Liam in the nose, "Hey I agree with him, were gonna be huge, just think about it mate." the blonde said enthusiastically.

Harry laughed, "Having our own tour, a single, awards." he listed off.

"It's gonna be great." Liam said.

"What about you Louis, you never really talked about it since we left the talent show?" Niall asked. Louis looked at Harry who was smiling at him again, then he looked at the boys. Four talented boys that was going to do it big.

"It's going to be great, s'long as you guys and Harry are there I'm happy." Louis said holding out his arms for a hug, and not a second later did they all jump on his, kissing his cheek, hugging him tightly.

This is where he belonged the whole time, he was so glad that Harry saved him from Casey or he wouldn't be as happy as he was now. For the first time in a while he was happy, truly and wonderfully happy. He had the best three mates ever and a perfect curly-haired boyfriend who were about to go on adventure that they will never forget.

What more could he ask for.

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