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It wasn't supposed to happen like this, they wern't supposed to respond so quickly.

Micheal Scofield wouldn't have crossed that line if he knew that they were waiting for them, someone slipped up. There wasn't a thing Micheal could do but watch in horror as the gaurds rammed into the room, staring as Abbruzi, Sucre, C-Note, Tweener, and Haywire were brought to thier knees, he watched helplessly as Westmoreland was spotted, dead and helpless on the ground. Then lastly, he felt his heart stop dead in his chest, when he looked up at him, horror and pain twisting his features, Lincoln was quickly detained by a buised and battered Bellick. Forced on his knees and onto the ground.

The sirans rang loudly, as gaurd dogs barked. Echoing off the concrete stone walls. Micheal watched as gaurds ran across the fields, guns in hand, dog-collar in the other. Police were beginning to respond and breaking out around the stone barracade, surrounding there positions. But he hasn't been spotted yet, he hasn't even been noticed. Micheal couldn't leave his brother behind, he was going to get killed. The escape was a failure, he understands, he debated on allowing himself to get caught. He didn't want to lose his brother, all of his work would have been for nothing.

Police and gaurds alike were shouting orders into thier walkie-talkies, scrambling around trying to find any loose runners that may have escaped and were in hiding. They were missing eight Inmates, but in the commotion they didn't bother counting, little did they know that they only had six.

"Pretty, We have to go." T-bag's voice sounded desperate, trying to force Micheal out of his daze. "It's too late for them,"

"No!" Micheal shouted, "There has to be another way."

"Yeah, get caught an' put in the SHU, Be realistic, let's go!" T-Bag gripped Micheals shoulder roughly, pulling him off the barbed wall with him. Micheal gave the building one last look, his eyes shooting into the window where Lincoln softly mouthed go, turning away he was lead out of the room along with the rest of the furious terrified inmates, before Micheal reluctantly followed the child murderer. He'd be back for his brother, he was going to come back.

Officer Bellick glared at the inmates, sick to his stomach. How dare these little degenerates attack him like that? He was the top dog of the pact, and these filthy pups were nothing but dirt under his feet. His eyes were wondering, looking for that bastard T-Bag, the little imbred prick was going to pay. He didn't see him, confused he looked back and saw that the inmates were pilling out, and just figured that he had already been taken out, shurgging he'd deal with him later. Allowing his eyes to wonder the room, the window was in peices, and ripped from it's propper place. Silently wondering how they were able to do it.

Then his eyes wondered downward, where Westmoreland was resting. Bellick felt sick at the sight of the man, "Get him on his feet." He rasped at a gaurd, "I can't sir, I don't think he's breathing."

"What do you mean you don't think he's breath'n?" Bellick looked at the pasty blooded form on the ground. He wasn't moving.

"Oh god." The captain breathed, He wasn't sure if he should be disgusted or upset about the cons untimely death. Instead he did what was easier, turning away from the mess of a body, he mumbled for the cop to take care of it. The gaurd nodded in understanding, turning his attention to a few other informants, gesturing his head, they nodded and walked over to the elders body. Bellick looked away and examined the window once again, letting his gaze go across to the bording wall, empty, just like it always was. Smiling inwardly, he'd stopped the escape.

Turning away, he left the room, after C-Note was pulled out. These imbiciles were going to the SHU, and another 20 years under their belt. Snickering, he grabbed his Walkie-Talkie, his voice proud. "Give count," He ordered, he got a static response "Yes, sir."

Bellick nodded, though he knew that the gaurd couldn't see him, ignoring the move he walked around the mess and made his way down to the main cells in B-Wing.

Micheal ran beside T-Bag, moving swiftly through the tree's and trying desperately not to get caught, tripping on his feet, it was T-Bag who stopped. Micheal could see the debating behind his eyes in that single moment, where the man didn't know whether to leave him there to get caught, or help him up. Only a split second of hesitation before he reached down and pulled the pale man to his feet. "Come'n Pretty, no lolli gaggi'n." T-Bag mummbled under his breath.

Micheal nodded and they began running again, dodging away from tree limbs and zipping through the fallen leaves until a clearing came into view. Abruzzi's plane. Hope swelled up in Micheal as he neared the device, but drained just as quickly as it came when the buzz of the motor went off. They were leaving, T-Bag got the hint just as quickly. "HEY!" He shouted waving his hands in the air as they neared the air craft. But they just didn't see them, they didn't stop moving either, taking off just as soon as the two inmates got into view, but the poilet noticed too late, already in the air and off before he could stop the craft. Yet instead of going back he continued onward, much to the con's displeasure.

"Whad'a we do now?" T-Bag asked, his voice breathless, tired. "We keep running." Micheal answered, patting the serial killers back once to motion him around. They left without another word, heading back into the tree's, Micheal knew of a van nearby, him and the killer could escape easily in it as a second plan. It was either Haywire or Tweener that told him, but he trusted their word enough to go searching for it. Helicoptors flew threw the skies, the sound of dogs barking and howling in the distance, along with the prison's sirans and police car wailing filled the air as they quickly made themselves dissapear.

Bellick stood above the exsasperated Wardin, he was furious and demanding to see Scofield, he wanted to have a word with the man. Bellick reassured him that he would get the chance once they finish protocall. Reluctantly the Wardin agreed, he knew better than to allow his emotions get the better of him. A gaurd walked in, his face slightly scared, and over all angered, spoke up. "Sir, were missing two inmates."

Bellick whipped his head around so fast he was slightly surprized he didn't snap it off. "That's not possible." He rasped angerly. "Who escaped?"

"We don't know yet sir." He answered. "The inmates arn't talking."

"Then make them talk." Bellick demanded harshly, "Nobody escapes my prison, not under my supervison."

The static on the one gaurds Walkie-Talkie blured for a moment, before an electronic sounding voice spoke up. "We're missing Theodore Baggwell."

"What?" Bellick yanked off the communication device off of the cop's vest. "This is your captain speaking, what about T-Bag?"

The other end hesitated slightly before answering to his superior. "Theodore Baggwell is missing, sir." Anger swelled up in the already furious Captain, before taking a breath. He pressed the button again, "Who else is missing?"

"Uh.. A Micheal Scofield."

The Wardin didn't have to ask what was going on, already having heard the conversation. Shouting curses he flew his chair across the room, leaving through the door in a violent fit. Heading towards the unexpecting inmates, he was going to make them talk. One way or another.

T-Bag was the first to spot the van, waving Micheal to see for himself. "Right 'ver there." Jogging briskly to the motor vehical. Micheal searched for the keys, after a few moments of looking, T-Bag stepped out with them jiggling in his clutches; smirking before tossing them to the younger male, who caught them and moved to the driver's seat. Unlocking the doors he slid into his chair, slamming his door beside him. T-Bag entered, following suit, climbing into the passenger seat; he layed back. The smell of weed, tobacco and sweat filled the overly used car, starting the ingion the car sputtered before a soft consistant humming noice erupted from the back. Pressing his foot on the gas, the van advanced forward, the two of them getting away from it all.

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