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Warning: Language, suggestive content, criminal activity.

Late mornings, cheap diners, bitter coffee, early morning news, and sunshine creeping through old motel blinds and brightening the dawn in more ways than one. Sometimes it's easy to forget how nice the simple things in life truly were, simple this, and simple that, the lack of forced routine, and a chance to switch gears. Mornings were like this, mornings were supposed to be a change, a beginning of decision, sometimes it could be routines; but for Theodore, it was never about familiarity. It was about the thrill of a new day to come, it was about the chase, and still knowing that after everything, he can still hear his heart beat, and lived to see another day.

It's been a few weeks now, and the two had slowly began to grow into a rhythm that was familiar. Anyone who saw them didn't think of two escaped convicts, although a few perhaps recognized them, but they never stayed long enough in one area to get caught.

Motel to motel, city to city, finding people, connections, and ways to both stay out of the feds line of vision, but also post-pone the inevitable death of Lincoln. T-bag could have been more help, but this wasn't really his business. Avoiding certain confrontations with the younger convict when it involved Linc; Michael may be a calm little bastard, but he sure was touchy about certain subjects.

Right now, it seems that the end of Lincolns with-hold from the chair was coming to an end, and it didn't take two and two to figure out that the only reason he was still alive was for legal purposes. After an escape attempted, those in the makings were to be held in the shu and interrogated. The interrogation, T-Bag presumed, must have been regulation, death sentence or not, keeping him on death row a bit longer than most saw necessary.

Michael seemed to have a lot of hope that he'll pull through, but the longer they dawdled, the harder it was to see between the fine print. Everything was starting to blurr around the edges, and T-Bag wasn't even sure that Linc'll pull through the week. It's not impossible, it just seemed unlikely, and he'd hate to break the news to pretty boy over there.

T-Bag straightened the suit he was wearing, upturning the edges, and pulling at his tie. They had a few places they needed to run to today, and Teddy wasn't entirely sure where or why; Michael did a pretty 'cut out' job on keeping him in the dark, but he tried his damnest not to show it bothered him. Michael has a big thing about not wanting to talk, very much the silent type when it didn't involve avoiding the feds, or Linc, so they kept to their respective distances and tried not to be too much of a burden to the other. Teddy found it pretty damn annoying, but pretty boy wasn't lettin' up, so he did what he could when he could and saved their asses a few times down the road. They worked better this way.

They've had to switch out cars more than one, however, and change the plates on a couple, but they've been out of site for the most part, and things were beginning to look up.

Linc may still be under lock-down, but he was still under lock-down. He was for sure surviving for at least a few more days, but when he's out it's lights for Linc the zinc and he knows that it's beggin' to edge down on Scoffield. But known' the kid, something was bound to give, and to be honest, the kid was a damn genius and even he had to admire that.

They were driving down the main interstate in Illinois, not many cars forward or behind, and blending in pretty well if he had any real say. No weird glances from any passing drivers, and they held up their get-up pretty well, not much second glancing around here. Pretty boy and him, however, are on the front page of the news every damn week, and have been since their initial escape. Teddy took to dying his hair blonde and growing a stubble, and Michael tried growing out his hair more, and wearing some make-up, a bit under the eyes and forehead to make it look as if he was aging, adding some dyed gray to the roots and nobody was the wiser.

Needless to say that the feds weren't any closer to finding them than they were the second day, which isn't much. Teddy found out quickly home much the press elaborates to get publicity and the public pumped on finding them, describing the events of the jail break as if it was violent and someone actually got hurt. They acted like they were the menace with something to hide, while the government covered up their steps every foot of the way.

Michael pointed this out on their 4th or 5th day together on the run when they stopped to get something to eat, looking at the weekly newspaper. Sitting across from each other at some sketchy diner on the border of Ohio and Michigan, it seemed so nice, so simple, something small out of the complexity and hardened demeanor of life that finally let a glimpse of light into their world and let them breathe. It was such a simple thing for Michael to do, the idle conversation over pancakes and eggs, but it was idle conversation and Teddy hadn't realized how much he missed that. Not only that, but he would never cease to be amazed at the sheer intelligence that Scoffield carried on him in a little blue box that flew through time and space. Like a personification of the TARDIS if there was such a thing.

Michael had connections on the outside, that Teddy soon found out about, and they knew his plan and played their part. One way or another they were going to prove Linc's innocence's, and apparently Michaels damn way on his way there. He had people crawling out of the wood work with clues and evidence, trying to prove that he did nothing wrong, but nothing added up and everything was missing valuable pieces, working on a schedule because time was slowly ticking out and away from them.

It wasn't fair, but Teddy had a feeling that it wasn't going to work out in the end, that Michael was going to lose Linc and when they do they're able to prove his innocence, but it'll be too late, and the 'Company' or whatever it was going by would have won. They only know so much and they're still learning, and things are starting to come together, but so very slowly, and when they find another piece, it only leads to more questions with multiple answers they can't find.

Teddy has wanted to suggest they forget about Linc and worry about their own tails, but knows very well that Michael would drop kick him out of the little 'hunt' and leave him for cop food. He's better at watching his own tail when it's not between his legs, so stickin' with pretty boy was the best option, and keeping to himself kept him alive longer.

He didn't really join in on all the little meetings Scoffield dragged him to, but he listened in and put his two cents on the table when they needed it, mostly because the people Scoffield joined with were dense in the head and too dull to figure things out on their own, like they couldn't see the pretty little picture Michael set out for them clearly enough and had to contradict on every portrayal he had to offer. It was demeaning and a damn waste of their time.

Regardless, it got the job done, or whatever they happened to be doing, so they could get out of the area before the cops caught their scent.

Sometimes the two of them would be driving for days on end, hitting up destination after destination, and only been spotted by cops on rare occasions, able to switch up the act, and in the end, they had each others backs, even when Michael cut him out for the most part and treated him like less of a being. He deserved it to, so he didn't comment on it unless he was gettin' a bit out of hand. He was a guest and an accomplice, not an equal, and sure as hell Scoffield made it clear. Even when it came to something as simple as sleeping arrangements. More often than not they've been lucky to getting away with sleeping on separate beds, and even went as far as to take shifts on who sleeps on the bed, other times when the day had been particularly hard or rough for the both of them, they'll collapse on the single bed, and simply keep their distance, out of respect for the others space, at least on Teddy's part. And although Michael may not really show it, he has a bit of respect for the mans space as well, and does his damn best to keep away from it when he can.

Michaels great and all, but the only thing really lacking is good conversation between them.

Like a real conversation.

Don't get 'em wrong, Teddy has tried. But pretty boy just has nothing to give in return, sitting in compatible and damn near awkward silence on a constant that it's become normal, and damn does T-Bag hate that. He's always been a talker, and finds himself talking to a damn wall whenever he's in the car because Michael just won't answer back unless asked a direct question, but he tends to keep it short and sweet. Teddy's a charmer, always has been and most likely always will be, he's great with manipulation, and smooth on the tongue, but he can't seem to get that edge on the man; he won't let up.

It's weird to think that he's incapable of getting a persons attrition, even after all this time, but here he is, talking to a stoic man whose only real response may be a smirk, or a slight nod of the head, maybe. No matter, they have all the time in the world to get friendly, and Michael can't keep this hardened fa├žade up forever.

They kept up with the new's as much as they could, and knew that the government was holding back on some knowledge that they had. With holding from the public because they knew that the two convicts may or may not be watching and they don't want to give away too much in fear of loosing them for good.

T-bag caught onto the little scheme and was able to convince Michael to get out of his little routine and trail and hide out in some random state for a few days, and to be honest, Teddy believes he was able to successfully confused whomever was tracking them. Someone was on their trail and he was pretty damn good at what he was doing, who ever he was. Their was a lack in pattern from their stops and where they were going, and who ever was working with the government was picking up little codes here and their and it was becoming dangerous, the trail going elsewhere, the dawdling a bit too long in one town really messed them over and saved them some time, even when Linc's life was on the line.

But that was the system for you, they tricked and manipulated to get to where they wanted to be, fooling with the masses and covering up what wasn't true, because you 'have' to believe your eyes and everything they saw, and the evidence proved that. The pointed in random and sturdy directions towards the future and everyone saw the bright and burning light at the end of the tunnel and didn't ask how it got their, and was only happy that it was their in the first place. Michael saw this, and when he was feeling particularly nice he would tell Teddy, let him listen to his views and the little things wrong with the government, and how the flaws weren't as flawed as they should be, and what was shown wasn't always the truth.

He taught T-bag a lot of things the convict never really considered before, and having intelligent conversation was breathtaking. Seeing as every day they were taking one step forward and two steps back, and when days became particularly rough and when they were struggling trying to prove what was wanted to be the most hidden evidence and hidden truth in perhaps all of America, they needed these little talks that kept them on track of what they wanted to find and what they wanted to look for, because freedom was a length of rope, and God wanted you to hang yourself with it.