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"Please lay down beside me "



In the star-lit shade of evening Soubi climbed up to Ritsuka's bedroom window.

Ritsuka I spent my life searching, I realize now it was you I was looking for. Every minute alone was worth each moment we spend together…

Hearing a gust of wind blow through the open window Ritsuka turned to see his fighter. He was looking forward to the man's arrival.

As soon as he stepped past the window, Ritsuka rushed to him and grabbed onto the edge of his button down jacket. "Soubi I" he started.

"Missed me?" Soubi coaxed, silently regarding a new bandage on his sacrifice's cheek.

"Yes" Ritsuka responded peering into midnight blue eyes. He was thankful for the man's presence. Filled with sadness and confusion he did not want to spend the night alone.

Kiss all the pain of the world away…

Reading the thoughts of his young charge, and following what was custom, Soubi stole two breaths with a kiss. Ritsuka did not move to part them.

Releasing tender lips with a breath, a smile rose to the lovely young face.

Days and nights were no different. All was the same until I saw your sweet smile…

His sacrifice was all that mattered, and each expression of happiness and delight meant he was doing something right.

Ritsuka pulled Soubi to the bed. "I've been having horrible nightmares lately", he looked at the bandage on his hand and thought of every other injury covered by his clothes.

He needed to feel safe.

*Lay with me Soubi, love me and hide me…

"No one can harm you while I'm near Ritsuka, I will always protect you." He then turned the lamp switch, cloaking the room in darkness.

They lay on soft pillows. Soubi ran long fingers through lustrous dark locks, lulling his sacrifice onto the path of sleep.

Ritsuka put his arms around his fighter's neck, minimizing the space between them. Following, Soubi wrapped long arms around the torso before him. The embrace warmed their bodies as hearts beat with a matching rhythm.

With you at my side, I can finally rest…

Fighter and sacrifice slipped slowly into peaceful sleep.

*Please don't ever wander away…




The end




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