Counting down from twenty now

Twenty seconds and it's all over

Twenty seconds till the hero bows

Twenty seconds and it's all over

Twenty mint tins accumulated in the top drawer of your dresser

Nineteen flowers planted in front of my home

Eighteen love letters hidden in your dormitory

Seventeen years lived before we forever lost the world we know

Sixteen sweet songs which sung me to sleep

Fifteen breathless, sleepless nights now behind us

Fourteen gifts switched between our hands

Thirteen years we'd lived before the wake-up punch

Twelve times that you asked me to dance

Eleven times that I agreed

Ten noble families eternally estranged

Nine lives you lived that no one else got to see

Eight strategies I employed to keep you away

Seven challenges too massive to measure

Six books I never asked you to give back

Five pieces of jewellery I'll forever treasure

Four children unwittingly, unwillingly adulterated

Three words we literally would die to speak

Two worlds brutally colliding

One burning necessity we cannot meet

One terminal illness we cannot treat

One forbidden fruit we cannot reach

But wouldn't it be so sweet?