Ch. 2

Vanellope woke up early the next morning to see the new game. She put on her hoodie, shoes and skirt and snuck out quietly from Ralph's house and over to game central station. She glitched herself over to terminator salvation and boarded the train

The train brought her into an old abandoned city filled with broken cars and trash and debris. She passed destroyed machines that had rubber skin on their faces

"Not the kind of game I was expecting" said Vanellope trying to be brave

She began to wander off into the city. She found dead bodies on the ground and she began to get scared. She turned around and saw a convoy of trucks heading towards her. A soldier stepped out of one of the trucks and asked her "Are you okay kid?"

"Yeah I'm okay, but where am I?" asked Vanellope

"You're in the ruins of Los Angeles kid. Are you even from this game because you're not dressed like someone from here?" asked the soldier

"What makes you think I'm not from here?" asked Vanellope

"You're much cleaner than you should be, you're wearing a candy wrapper for a skirt, and you have what appears to be candy in your hair" said the soldier

"Oh" said Vanellope

"You're not from here are you?" asked the soldier

"Well no but-

"Then why are you in here?" asked the soldier

"I just wanted to see the game" said Vanellope

"Well you've seen it, now get out before you get hurt" said the soldier

"Okay but can you give me a ride, I kind of forgot where the exit was" said Vanellope

"Fine, get in the truck" said the soldier

Vanellope got in the truck with a bunch of civilians and the truck started to move again. A few minutes she heard something, it sounded like jet engines

"What's that sound?" asked Vanellope

"Oh no, not now" said a civilian

"What is it?" asked Vanellope

"They're back" said another civilian

"Who's back?" asked Vanellope

"The machines, everyone get down" yelled a soldier

The soldier began to shoot at something but he was quickly shot. A t-600 threw him out and aimed its gun at everyone in the truck. A soldier behind it shot it and it fell to pieces.

"Everyone out now" yelled the soldier

Vanellope grabbed the fallen soldiers gun because she knew she would need it to survive this threat. She saw a car being chased by an HK coming right towards her. She jumped out of the way and the car crashed into the truck and exploded in flames. 2 machines walked through the fire and towards Vanellope. She shot them and 3 machines walked through the fire. She shot 2 of them but she couldn't shoot the 3rd fast enough and it punched her into a wall.

Vanellope was in deep pain but she couldn't give up. She shot the machine and got up. She turned around and faced a t-1 terminator. Before it could shoot Vanellope glitched herself on it and shot the eyes on its head. Vanellope knew only 1 thing now, it was going to be a long day. She just hoped Ralph didn't find out about this