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Chapter 5: Death

"Mom..." Kora said. "I'm hungry."

"I know, Kora." Neema said. "These Outlanders won't let any of us eat. Everytime we try to catch something for us, they just take it."

"Has anyone even tried to go see if Simba and his parents are okay?" Nala asked.

"We've tried, Nala." Sarafina said. "Zira has lionesses gurding the borders, so we can't get out of the Pridelands."

"What if they're dead?" Nala said in a worried tone.

"Nala, I'm sure they're okay." Sarafina assured her. "Mufasa and Sarabi are very capable of taking care of themselves, and I'm sure that they wouldn't let anything happen to Simba."

"I hope you're right." Nala said. "I just-"

"Sarafina!" Adia yelled as she ran over to them. She seemed to be in a panic.

"What's wrong?" Sarafina asked. She noticed Adia looked visibly upset.

"One of the pride members." Adia said. "She's been killed."

Sarafina looked back at Neema. "I need to go." She said. "You stay here with the cubs and I'll be back."

"Right." Neema said.

Adia led Sarafina away to where the lioness was.

When Sarafina and Adia got to where the lioness was killed, they saw a group of lionesses gathered around.

"Who was it?" Sarafina said as they approached.

"It was Kadi." Adia answered. "An Outlander killed her."

"Why?" Sarafina asked.

"I don't know." Adia told her. "You'll need to ask Zira. She's right over there."

"Doesn't Kadi have a cub?" Sarafina asked.

"Yes." Adia answered. "She wasn't with her."

Sarafina walked through the crowd of lionesses until she came upon Zira, who was standing over the deceased lioness. "Zira, why have you done this?"

"So quick to put the blame on me." Zira said. "I did not do this, though it was my lionesses."

"They should be punished severely for this." Sarafina told her.

"It's not my fault she was weak." Zira said. "She should have been able to defend herself."

"They killed her in cold blood!" Sarafina exclaimed. "She couldn't have done anything to deserve this!"

"Oh well." Zira said. "Deal with it." She started walking back to Pride Rock.

"Zira!" Sarafina yelled angrily, but Zira just ignored her and continued walking.

Now came the hardest part. "Who's her cub?" Sarafina asked.

"Akili." Adia told her.

"I need to go tell her." Sarafina said. "It's not going to be easy..."

Sarafina knew this wasn't going to go well. She had lost her mother when she was a cub and it took her a long time to heal. The last thing she wanted to do was deliver this news. When she got back, she saw Neema and the cubs where they were when they left.

"Who was it?" Neema asked.

Sarafina just gave her a sad look before looking at Akili "Akili..."

"W-what?" Akili asked. She knew what Sarafina was about to say. She felt tears starting to well up in her eyes.

"Your mother..." Sarafina said. "She was killed."

"No..." Akili choked as she grabbed Sora, who was sitting next to her. She started sobbing into his fur.

He didn't know what to do except hug her and try to comfort her.

"Sarafina, we need to take action." Neema said. "If they killed one of us for no reason, they won't have a problem doing it again."

"I know..." Sarafina said. "But if we try to fight, we'll be putting everyone in danger. We may have the same amount of lionesses, but the Outlanders are strong. We'd need to completely outnumber them to win."

"We at least need to make sure nobody else gets hurt." Neema said. "I just feel so helpless..."

"Me too." Sarafina said. "Me too..."

Mufasa, Sarabi, and Simba were walking toward the Pridelands border to meet the hyenas. Normally, Mufasa wouldn't bring Simba anywhere near a fight, but he was needed for this.

"Simba," Mufasa said, "when we get to Pride Rock, I need you to make sure the other cubs get out of harm's way."

"Got it." Simba said.

"Do not come near any fighting." Mufasa said. "Just take the other cubs and hide."

When they got to the border, they saw that Shenzi and the other hyenas were already there.

"Let's get moving." Mufasa said to the hyenas when they reached them. "The lionesses will join when we get there. Be sure to only attack Outlanders."

"We know." Shenzi said.

"Good." Mufasa said. "It's time to go."

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