Benny, Ethan, Sarah, Erica and Rory are all 16
Jane is 11...

As the doorbell sounded Jane slid down the banisters, landing with a light jump at the bottom.
"I'll get it" she called to the rest of the household
She opened the door, revealing Benny and Sarah stood on the doorstep
"Hey guys" she greeted holding the door open for them
"Where's Ethan?" Benny asked eagerly "I have to show him this new game!"
Jane raised her eyebrows at him "Err upstairs in his room..." she said slowly
"Thanks titch!" Benny called taking the stairs two at a time
"Honestly, he's meant to be 16" Sarah sighed as she hung her jacket over the coat hook.
Jane laughed and pulled her into the kitchen.

Benny bowled into Ethan's room "Dude have you seen this new game?" he demanded holding up the case.
Ethan spun round in his seat "How did you get that? It's not out for another month?!"
"I have my contacts" Benny boasted
"Tell me it's not stolen" Ethan groaned
Ignoring him, Benny shoved the disc into the drive "So where are the folks tonight?" he questioned
"Dinner at Dad's golf club"
"Ooh fancy"
Ethan sighed and chucked him a controller.

Outside a figure stood in the shadows, eyes focused on the front door.

"Thanks for helping me make cookies Sarah" Jane grinned licking the dough off her fingers
"No problem now why don't you..." she was cut off by the sound of the doorbell
Jane climbed off the chair and followed Sarah into the hallway.
"Who is it?" she asked craning her neck to see out the window
"I can't see anyone" Sarah told her confusedly
Slowly she turned the handle and opened the door.

"Did you hear the doorbell?" Ethan asked pausing the game
"Yah, it's probably Rory, I told him about the game" Benny explained
Suddenly screaming came from downstairs
"Oh god, you don't think he's brought a severed head to the door again do you?" Benny groaned
Ethan jumped up and darted downstairs.
"Benny, Sarah and Jane have gone!"