Chapter 2

The day passed slowly, with Emily trying to figure out a way to get Will to go home without hurting him, too.

She finally settled on fatigue, and sent him home around lunchtime. They both had an early start in the morning, shifts beginning at five in the morning, and Emily had laundry and cleaning to attend to.

Luckily, he didn't question her, even when she barely kissed him back when he left her at the door. She'd say that about him, he was a gentleman. Insisted on walking her to her door, and seeing her inside before he left.

"So, Will, huh? Thought you were leaning towards Micah yesterday." Tyra's voice from behind her almost made Emily jump out of her skin. As it was, she still spun around, hand to her throat, and smacked her elbow off of the door frame.

"Ouch! Tyra, you scared me to death!" Taking a deep breath to calm her racing heart, Emily closed the door behind her and regarded Tyra, who was sitting at the kitchen counter, munching on a green apple.

"When did you get back?"

Tyra smirked. "Just a few minutes before you and Will got here. I was treated to the whole thing, him opening the door, and the kiss goodbye? I figured you would be a little more animated after four years of... dreaming."

SIghing, Emily sagged back against the door frame.

"Tyra, I think I made a huge mistake. I might have ruined everything." The tears she'd been holding back all day, from the moment she'd watched Micah drive away in that cab, welled in her eyes.

Frowning, Tyra rushed over and helped her over to the couch,taking her hands. "What's wrong? What happened? Is Will terrible in bed? I honestly don't get you straight girls. Women know what women want."

Laughing as she blinked back her tears and wiped her eyes, Emily shook her head. "No, its not that. It's just that... I slept with Will, and I think I would rather have... not." Looking at Tyra, Emily squeezed her hands. It was good to have friends who would listen to nonsensical babbling.

"When I said I was over Will, I really wasn't. At all. I still harbored those feelings for him, until he showed up here last night. I think I got over him when he kissed me. Does that make any sense?"

Tyra stood up and went to make some tea. "Honey, you're talking to a lesbian about kissing men. None of this makes any sense to me. But, did you get over Will when he kissed you, or when Micah kissed you?"

Dropping her head into her hands to massage the migraine she felt coming on, Emily snorted. "I don't know. This is so confusing. I knew it was all a mistake when Micah showed up here this morning."

Tyra's muttered curse made Emily look up. She'd spilled hot water on her hand, and was running it under cold water. "Micah showed up here? This morning? Were you and Will...?"

Emily goggled at her. "God- thank god, no. He brought flowers, and he wanted to go for a walk and get breakfast, and I knew I'd made a huge mistake, because I got the butterflies then, when I should have gotten them when I was with Will, but when I saw Micah it was like my heart dropped down into my feet because Will was here, and when he saw Will he'd know, and-"

"Breathe. You're going to start hyperventilating. Let's try this again. Micah showed up, with flowers- which since I see none, I'm assuming Will brought none and Micah left with his- and he saw Will." Tyra handed Emily a cup of chamomile tea, while she blew on and then sipped her own.

Taking a deep, calming breath, Emily recounted the rest of the morning, seeing Micah leave in the cab, and having to spend the day with Will when she was miserable over what she'd done.

Sitting back, Tyra blew out a breath. "Wow. This is going to get awkward at work when you tell Will how you feel. Tell me how it works out, it might help me when I finally tell my father I don't have a boyfriend because I like girls."

With a pained chuckle, Emily sat back, pulling her legs up underneath her. "I don't even know where to start."

"Well, you could start by explaining to Will that you don't feel that way about him. And then go talk to Micah after that. Micah is a good guy, I'm sure he will understand. Hell, you were in love with Will for four years, he can't really begrudge you getting a little play out of it." Tyra smiled at her, and Emily nodded. It made sense, she supposed.

Hopefuly Tyra was right, and Micah would forgive her.

The next morning, Emily was pulling her lab coat on, when a pair of hands bracketed her waist, and a kiss was placed on her neck.

She'd recognize Will anywhere, and she turned around with a smile. She started to step back, but not before the door swung open, and Micah started to walk in.

Once he saw Will and Emily, though, he turned around without a word and left. Emily raised a hand to wave him down, but he was gone before he saw it. Worst timing ever.

Dropping hand to her side, she stepped back and put her watch on.

"Hey, don't look so sad. He'll get over it. Want to grab something at the cafeteria before our shift starts?" Will asked, but Emily shook her head.

"Will, we need to talk. It's about us, I'm not sure-" Both of their pagers beeped before she could finish, and she felt like cursing.

Without a word, they ran to the entrance to the hospital, where the EMTs were transferring a blood covered woman who looked about eight months pregnant onto a gurney.

Dr. Bandari was already there with Micah and Tyra, Cassandra was hurrying after them.

"Female, mid twenties, thirty three weeks along according to her husband, car accident. Head trauma, possible concussion, multiple contusions, heart rate rapid and thready."

The heart rate monitor suddenly flatlined, and Dr. Bandari immediately started chest compressions. " She's going into cardiac arrest, we need to get her into surgery now! We need to get this baby out before we lose them both."

"Dr. Owens, you'll assist." Micah said, and Emily followed them into the surgical suite.

By the end of the surgery, they'd stabilized both mother and baby, although it was going to be touch and go for a while for both of them.

Micah and Emily went out to the waiting room, where her husband was waving off a nurse who was trying to clean a cut on his forehead.

When he saw them approaching he stood up unsteadily, moving towards them. They stared a look, quickly moving to his side and sitting him down.

"Mr. Daigle, your wife and baby are both out of surgery. They're not out of the woods yet, but its looking good. Your wife has a nasty concussion, but we think she'll be fine." Micah assured him, while Emily took the cleaning supplied from the nurse and started cleaning his head wound.

"The baby will be fine too. She's a little earlier than you expected, I'm sure, but she's a fighter. She could use a name, if your wife and yourself have one picked out. And this cut is going to need stitches, are you exeriencing any dizzyness or nausea? Looks like you hit your head pretty hard."

nodded, and let Emily lead him to a room where she and Micah could take better care of him.

"We were thinking Thea for a girl, and Johnathan for a boy. So I guess it's Thea. I'm so glad they're ok, it was a horrific accident. We were thinking Thea for a girl, Johnathan for a..."

Emiy turned around from grabbing a penlight to check his pupil reaction when he started to repeat himself.

The man started to shake, and Micah grabbed him, rolling him onto his side. Emily yelled for a nurse to bring meds, and they went to work on him. His brain was swelling, pressing against his skull.

"Looks like we have another one for surgery. Page Drs. Bandari and Copplessen." Micah ordered as they brought him out of the room.

Emily stood, watching as they rolled the patient away. She had a feeling it wasn't going to be a good day.

* I'm not a dr, so I'm sure some of my medical terms are wrong- I did a bit of research and tried to keep it as baseline as I could. This story is going to revolve around Emily and Micah more so than the medical jargon, so I'm going to try and keep it light on the medical terms as much as I can, since I don't want to make mistakes if I can avoid it. Keep reading and reviewing so I know if you are enjoing it :)

Next Chapter: Emily talks to both Will and Micah, and has a run in with Cassandra.