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Chapter 17

Lizzy stood on the precipice of a cliff. There was a fleet of Zerg below her along with a new thing that was both Zerg and Protoss. She was at the left side of a shadowy creature who was seated on a high throne above everything, the girl was unable to make it out. Even Lizzy herself looked different, she was in her full Zerg form but it seemed off… Older maybe and taller?

"What do we do now Master? Shall we send in the Hybrids to destroy the remaining Protoss?" Lizzy asked the shadowy creature.

"Patience. After the Queen of Blades met her end I was right to take you into my army. You are far less independent." It told her with a strange echo to its voice.

"What do you mean, Master?" The Different Lizzy asked.

The owner of the Dark Voice raised his left hand and put it on her head, "The Queen of Blades was made to destroy me, to lead the swarm against me. I never would have been able to bring her under my control. But you, you are naturally submissive to a higher power and so now I have a great general for my army." She could hear the smile in his voice. "Tell me, do you feel sad about killing your former comrades?"

The answer was given with no hesitation. "Of course not, Master. I feel nothing for the Protoss now."

"Then let us begin." The Dark Voice began to emanate through the entire Protoss forces. "The Zerg preformed their function as I planned… My Hybrid are proof of this. Now, the last of the Protoss will fulfil their function… in death!"

Lizzy ordered a force of Zerg to test their defences, hundreds were thrown into the wall of Zealots, Archons and Stalkers. When they were defeated the Voice spoke again.

"All shall be remade in my name! Behold my greatest creation!"

Lizzy ordered some of the Hybrids into the battle also, they seemed to hack through most of the front line before being picked up by the Templars and killed. But it didn't matter, to the Voice they were expendable and easily recreated. Wave after wave was sent in slowly whittling down the Protoss forces even the extra reinforcements came.

The Omegalisk made quick work of their ground forces but was brought down by the void rays. But that wasn't all that the dark shadow had planned. "Every hand is turned against you. Even the ground beneath your feet carries the seeds of your destruction!" He sent in Nydus worms to dig their way right under their feet which caused much panic in their ranks. More and more of them were being killed, the Protoss were just not able to handle the continuous waves.

"As I was your beginning – so shall I be... your end." Soon it was time for the final assault the shadow put a hand on her shoulder. "You may go if you wish now."

This made Lizzy happy, she rushed forward to join in the battle leading the next wave of Hybrids and killing as many Protoss as she was able. She was commanding the hybrids with great precision pushing the Protoss further back into their own base.

"You have no place to hide and nowhere to run!" The voice spoke to them all.

Lizzy now came face to face with Zeratul. He had his sword active and went into a crouch. "I couldn't save you young one. And I am sorry. But if we are to fight, I will not hold back." He waited for her to make the first move which she did leaping into the air and slashing down at him.

They traded blows back and forth sometimes having to disregard the other to fight a new comer that interrupted their battle. Lizzy was able to make some lacerations on the Dark Templar's skin but she wasn't without wounds either, the old Templar wasn't weak and soon the girl was bleeding heavily from her side before her Zerg DNA healed it. A hybrid rushed Zeratul from behind and was about to bring a fist down on the Protoss but he turned on his heel and hacked off the hybrids arm.

Lizzy used the distraction to close the distance and attack the Dark Templar. Before he could get a counter in the girl dug her finger blades into his chest damaging his innards substantially. He tried to take her down with him and went to bring his psi blade oh her head when she gripped his wrist preventing the attack.

"You… were not meant to join with him. But you were too much a prize for him." His psi blade flickered before fading completely and he fell to the ground dead.

The dark voice spoke for a final time. "Foolish, prideful children. There was one among you who could have jeopardised my greatest plan… but in your recklessness… you mistook her for the true threat." But they continued fighting. "Your efforts are futile. My harbingers will usher in a new age!"

The battle over, the Hybrids were absorbing the powers of the Zerg leaving nothing but the creep covered ground. "Your light is expended. It is finished."

Lizzy jumped awake with the image of two red eyes staring at her. She was unable to not see it.

'No more chocolate before bed…' She thought to herself.

With the news that the new Overmind had been taken by the UED was all around the ship. Kerrigan had left to try and get some of her broods under control but it was becoming more and more difficult with the psi disrupter's, even Lizzy was getting headaches from the things. It was like a constant buzzing in her head.

It was also the girl's job to keep the others up to date with Kerrigan's plans. Sometimes when she was sleeping the 'Queen of Blades' would wake her up just to give her the report. She knew the woman was enjoying the child's annoyance at being woken up.

She was on Tarsonis and was having trouble restabilising control of all the broods and it was a few days before she would call the others to the planet to continue the plan. To be sure that Mengsk wouldn't try to escape he was put under surveillance by the Zerg while he was in his Cold sleep chamber. At least it meant that Lizzy didn't have to see him again anytime soon. The girl still shaky from her nightmare that was fast fading from her head, dressed and wandered to the bridge to give another report from Kerrigan.

The bridge was occupied by both humans and Protoss, she still half expected to see Fenix but remembered that he was now inside a dragoon and that was much too big to fit in the room. Through their limited interaction Lizzy quickly grew to like the Protoss.

Wandering over to Jim she reached up to tap him on the shoulder, startling him slightly as he couldn't hear her coming, she had recently stopped wearing shoes since she was with the Protoss she liked how quiet she was now.

"I have another report from Kerrigan, she's nearly finished with her broods on Tarsonis and wants us to make our way there." She yawned at the end. "She says that she should be done when we arrive."

"Thanks. I'll make the course change soon. You alright kid? You look like you haven't slept in a week." Jim asked and waved a hand in front of her face to get her attention.

"Huh, what? Oh sorry Jimmy. I'm a little off at the moment. I had this weird nightmare." She told him as she signed and pinched the bridge of her nose. "Can't even remember most of it."

She left the command centre and went off to find swan. There might be something to fix and take her mind off the dream.

A few hours later the group had made it to the meeting place with Kerrigan, Duran led them into the hive cluster and Lizzy was sure he was staring at her.

"My Queen, pardon me for interrupting, but the visitors you have been expecting have arrived." He announced them.

From inside they heard "Finally. They certainly took their time."

"Yeah, well none of us were in any real hurry to get here, Sarah." Jim responded as he Fenix and Lizzy entered.

Still suspicious of my motives, Jimmy?" She asked a smile on her face.


"Heh. When I contacted you both on Aiur, I told you about the new Overmind and the UED that seeks to control it. Well, the UED have done it. They've tames the Overmind and now control most of the Zerg broods in this sector. That's why I've asked for your help." She told them.

"You want us to help you defeat the UED so that you alone will rule the Zerg!" Fenix accused in his dragoon armour.

"Wrong Fenix." Kerrigan had a response to everything and was surprisingly calm even in the face of all these accusations. "I want to defeat them because if we don't, they'll clamp down on this sector and enslave us all! You know that I'm right Jim. You've studied the history of earth, you know what the UED's agenda is. Taking control of the Zerg is only the beginning for them."

Lizzy knew that they were intentionally leaving her out of the conversation not that she cared much, she was a little too young to understand the battle tactics. It wasn't much that she didn't understand since she had Kerrigan's memories, she really didn't care about all this waring. What she really wanted was to crawl into bed and sleep for an whole day.

"Maybe… I don't know…" Jim said slowly.

Duran once again entered the room. "My Queen, once again I beg your pardon for this interruption, but we have a very serious problem!"

"Perfect timing…" Was the sarcastic response. "Gentlemen, we'll need to finish this conversation later…"

And they all left the Hive to the relative safety of the Hyperion.

"She's frustrated. And angry." Lizzy told them.

"Hmph. Doesn't matter. I still don't trust her. Not anymore." Jim told her. "Let's go back to the ship and wait. No doubt that she'll call for us again sometime soon."

He was right, it was only a few days before Kerrigan called them back. Jim stopped the young girl from attending this brief thinking that having Mengsk and Lizzy in close space wasn't a good idea and she agreed. So she was in the canteen with Matt talking about the most random of things, she was talking about a dog she once found.

"-poor thing was always burying itself in the snow and hiding there waiting for me to come close before leaping out and tackling me to the ground." She finished. "We never found out who owned him but that didn't matter since he was always at the farmer's place most of the time. How 'bout you? Had any pets when you were younger?"

"Not really. My father was a merchant and my mother had a cat or two and my brother wanted a dog but that was always shot down. My mother would never have one of those in the house. I guess I was just bored and wanted some adventure so I joined the Confederacy and became a pilot." He explained.

"A pilot?" Lizzy asked. "That must have been fun."

Matt took a drink. "It wasn't too bad. After that I joined the Sons of Korhal full time and earned a reputation there. The rest of the story gets kinda boring. I meet James Raynor and learn about how Mengsk really is and follow Jim now."

As they were talking and having fun Lizzy suddenly gripped her head in pain. Matt began to panic and franticly tried to do something.

"Hay what's wrong? Is there anything that I can do!"

The pain passed and Lizzy was able to take a few breaths. "It's all right Matt, it's just that damn Psi Disruptor. Sometimes it feels like someone is drilling into my skull."

Not long after Jim had called both Matt and her to the bridge which they found strange but went anyway. On the way through the small corridors and cramped spaces Lizzy noticed that there were a few people that were mulling about in a panic trying to quickly get things done. They were all scared the young girl realised, that the Zerg would go rogue and kill them so they were taking every precaution to make sure that all their gear was in top condition.

Arriving at the bridge Lizzy asked why she was here too Jim was reluctant to answer.

"Kerrigan wants you there too. She said she needs your help with the Zerg." It was clear that the thought of Lizzy being near Kerrigan was making him mad, or maybe it was the thought that he wasn't able to save the woman he loved in past and looking at her only reminded him of his failure.

Or the girl was just over thinking things.

They were back on the planet with Kerrigan and from just one look Lizzy could see that she was using a lot of energy keeping the Zerg in check, she was at her most vulnerable because of the psi Disruptor.

'Don't say a damn thing.' The older Zerg woman said to her and added a glare for added effect.

"Hello boys, why don't we get right down to business." She said to the gathering she called. "The Psi Disruptor is causing me some very serious problems. Although I've regained control of my forces here, it's taking more and more concentration just to keep them in line."

"Aww… My hearts breaking for you, Kerrigan." Jim said in false concern. "Now exactly why was it you asked Fenix and I to bring Mengsk and Lizzy to you."

"Are you still suspicious that ill kill him for abandoning me to the Zerg? I've gotten over it Jim. We can't afford to let petty hatreds jeopardize our plans for the UED." Kerrigan replied a small smile on her face. "But-" she added looking at the younger girl and lowered her tone so she wouldn't hear, "You might want to watch her. No doubt she is still furious at the man and would gladly rip him apart. As for why I need her, I can't split my control this much without repercussions. I need Lizzy to take some of the weight of my shoulders, so to speak."

"That's reassuring." Mengsk said with sarcasm walking into the room.

Kerrigan's smile returned and grew "Arcturus… I presume you found your cold- sleep chamber… accommodating?"

The emperor growled at her not at all amused and said "What is the meaning of this Kerrigan?"

"Aw, but I was hoping to chat. It's been awhile."

"Not long enough" The older man replied. "Why have I been brought here?"

"I need your Psi Emitters, Arcturus." Kerrigan told him.

The man was honestly curious and asked "Why?"

"Remember the Confederate Psi Disputer that you could never find? Well the UED found it. And its preventing me from controlling my minions. With the help of your Psi Emitters, I can gather up enough Zerg to destroy the Disrupter and confront the UED." The Queen of blades told them all.

The Emperor put a hand to his chin while he was thinking about the deal. "And what are you offering me in return?"

"Ha. Ever the politician." Kerrigan was amused at the man's antics. "All right 'Emperor', if you help me destroy the Disruptor, ill help you retake Korhal from the UED."

"Hmm… a tempting offer. What assurances do I have of you fulfilling your end of the bargain?".

The conversation was completely ignoring the others in the room. Not that Lizzy cared she was glaring at the man who ordered her vivisection. Jim was keeping a close eye on her making sure she wouldn't do anything.

"The only thing I can assure you of, Arcturus, is that without my help, you'll be the Emperor of your own little eight by eight cell for the rest of your life. That is, if Lizzy doesn't murder you in your sleep." Kerrigan told him.

Taking a quick glance of the young girl and the death glare she was giving him, the man made up his mind. "I see you're still a persuasive speaker. All right Kerrigan. Ill lend you some Emitters, but this had better be worth it."

A few hours later the groups were all assembled, Jim was heading in first to disable the power to the Disruptor.

"All right boys and girls, listen up." Lizzy heard through her ear piece. "Our objective is to locate and disable the Psi Disrupters primary power generator. Once we've done that, we'll turn the mission over to Mengsk and Kerrigan. Let's move out!"

Their job was relatively simple, Kerrigan and Lizzy were able to tell them a basic direction of where the disruption (or headache's in Lizzy's case) were coming from, so they were able to pin point the location of the generators from the information. A few shots from the tanks and the whole place went up in bright fireworks.

"Kerrigan the generators off-line. You can send down the Psi emitters at any time." Jim told them over the comm's link.

After a quick good job. Kerrigan set straight to work. "The Psi Emitter will be carried by one of my SCV's." Mengsk told them. "With the Disruptor's power cut, the Emitter should be able to get the attention of any renegade Zerg near it. The SCV will then be able to lure the Zerg back to your base. Once the Zerg arrive there you'll be able to assert direct control over them."

Kerrigan soon found two Drones and brought them under control. "Perfect with these Zerg I can construct a new hive cluster! Once my forces have grown strong enough, I can assault the Psi Disruptor directly!"

The older woman ordered Lizzy to go and find more Zerg that were around, she would go with the SCV and find the strays then send them back to Kerrigan at the main base. Doing as big the younger girl set out and found that there were also a few Zerglings wandering around as well as some Hunter Killers.

"Excellent work, Lizzy! Although these Zerg are now under my control I can sense that there are more Zerg out there. We must lure as many of them here as possible." The praise was strange coming from the Queen of blades but the Hunter Killers were just that good of a find.

So Lizzy took a wander around and tried to find any homeless Zerg that needed a new home. And met with Marines and Medics, she felt no remorse sending the Zerg to kill them, she was unable to find any more stray Zerg but did get a location of the UED's outpost, sadly the Siege Tank made it impossible to take on with a few Zerglings and Hunter Killers. Which meant that she was forced to retreat back to the base until more Zerg units were available. Kerrigan was well on her way to building and fortifying the base, with two hatcheries and Drones mining.

It was strange watching Kerrigan work directly. Silent commands were quick and efficient telling the Drones where to mine, the larva to evolve into the different warriors. When everything was set the Queen of Blades looked to her young charge.

"It is a relief, having you around. Trying to coordinate this many units on my own is, well not impossible for me, but difficult. We have company."

True to her intuition, there were a small company of Marines and Fire bats. But with just a flick of her wrist the Terran's were lifted into the air and when she clenched her fist they were crushed, literally.

She laughed a little "They are going to have to send stronger men if they want to destroy us."

The Queen of the Zerg had a spire built and went with Mutalisk's as an attack run. Just as she decided to evolve them though, two Wraith's made an entrance but the Hunter Killers were more than enough to take them down.

A troupe… Flock? Of Mutualists were then sent out to destroy a bunker with Lizzy, the Zergling's and the Hunter Killers. Bunker itself was easily dispatched with the occupants also, the main problem was the Siege tank. Lizzy leapt into the air and kicked out as she landed knocking the main cannon out of alignment but before she was able to rip into the metal the cannon came around and knocked the wind out of her. She held onto it as it swung around which caused the distraction that the other Zerg needed as they rushed forward to destroy it.

A shot way's behind the now destroyed outpost were three more Hunter Killers. The SCV was then brought forward with an armed guard of Mutalisk's and Zergling's. And with the addition of the new Hunter Killers the little army was looking mighty terrifying.

Kerrigan had made sure that there was a small contingent left behind in case there was an attack (which there was) and she sent a few Mutalisk's out to try and find the Psi Disruptor. What she didn't expect to find was a Special Ultralisk. A Torrasque. Much more powerful and durable than any normal Ultralisk.

With the addition to that to the army, Kerrigan mustered her forces and charged them straight into the battle. She even joined them herself so she wouldn't miss the excitement. The base didn't stand a chance against her and the army. The Disruptor was quickly eliminated by the Queen of Blades and Lizzy.

Once the damn machine was gone the headaches and buzzing noise went with it. Lizzy sat back on the snow and breathed a sigh of relief.

"Oh thank God, that thing was driving me INSANE! No more Noise in my head!" The young girl shouted happy and caught up in the moment.

Both her and Kerrigan heard the call from the SCV. "Um with all due respect to Miss Kerrigan, sir. These critters make me nervous as hell. I sure would appreciate some immediate evac."

"Aw, the poor SCV is nervous. Isnt that cute." Kerrigan laughed.

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