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Kakarrot's Mission

Chapter 1: Hunt for Dragon Balls Begins!

(Planet Vegeta)

"Kakarrot?" wondered the doctor while looking at the newborn baby.

The lizard-alike alien nodded, "Yeah, the son of a low-level soldier. I guess the only thing we can do with him is send him off to one of the frontier planets."

"I suppose so," said the doctor. He pressed the button to open the round window.

A boy gave his first cry on the Planet Vegeta. It was a boy whose father and planet were about to be destroyed by a terrifying enemy.

(With Bardock)

The henchmen fired a blast on Bardock, but he dodged and elbow smashed against the mask henchman. "Freeza!" cried Bardock. Then he tried to get through the enemy, but he dodged the strike from the enemy, then roundhouse kicked the enemy, and dodged the enemy's blast. He proceed to kill the enemy with his Full Power Energy Wave.

He went straight to the spaceship, but he was grabbed by one of the enemy, and full of enemies was on Bardock. He succeed to get free of Freeza's henchmen by releasing his Ki, however two remaining enemy still held Bardock. One of henchman strangled his neck while other one was on Bardock's leg.

"Freeza!" cried Bardock.

Freeza did do as he was told so he came out of the spaceship. Freeza's henchmen shocked, "It's Freeza-sama!" "Freeza-sama!"

Bardock laughed, "Now, everything changes! Planet Vegeta's fate, Kakarrot's fate, and…even your fate!" as he puts his hand forward and charges a blue energy sphere. Then he shouted, "This is where it ends!" as he drew his arm back, and then he brought his hand forward and fired the attack at Freeza.

However, Freeza created a spark of Ki lights on the index finger, and once enough energy is gathered this spark may grow to the size of a small moon. It absorbed the blue energy sphere.

Freeza just simply launched his supernova toward Bardock, and hit him.

Bardock also foresaw that his son, Kakarrot, would challenge Freeza on other planet one day. "Ka…ka…rr..ot" before his death, he smiled, "Kakarrot!"

As soon as the supernova hit Planet Vegeta, it blew up which leave the no trace of remaining fragment of Planet Vegeta.


Planet Vegeta was gone, as well as Saiyans. Freeza laughed upon the death of Planet Vegeta as well as Saiyans. Even he killed his own henchmen.

Kakarrot heard the voice inside his head, and it came from his father, "My son, Kakarrot. Carry out my will! You will avenge the Saiyan and your Planet Vegeta!"

(With newborn baby Kakarrot)

Soon afterward, Kakarrot's space pod touched down on Earth, where he was found by an elderly man, and giggled happily in the old man's arms. The elderly man lifted him up and smiled, "Your name will be Goku!"

(11 years later- Mount Paozu)

A young boy that had a monkey tail named Kakarrot. He was found by a martial artist named Gohan, and was adopted by him as his grandson, who Gohan trained to be a powerful. However, unfortunately, when Kakarrot knew the full moon would be occurred that night. He chose to look up at the full moon and transformed into the Great Ape in order to kill Gohan. Before Gohan's death, the elderly man gave the Dragon Balls to him.

As the deer licked the water, butterflies flew together, and the bird flew away into the sky, Kakarrot walked on the large log as it rolled over while carrying the large saw. The monkey sensed his presence and fled in fear.

Kakarrot smirked, "Looks like I'm going to start my mission. I need to kill all of Earthling and sell it for a price. First thing to do, I need to make a firewood, and eat a food before I can start my own mission."

When he arrived at his home, late Gohan's former home, he threw the wooden log into the sky, and then he jumped up and chopped up wood with just kick. The wooden was stacking up on the ground.

Goku folded his arms and chuckled, "About damn time… I just finished making the firewood!" He could feel that his stomach was growling and sighed, "Damn it! I need to eat! I'm hungry!"

(On the mountain road)

The green-haired girl drove down the mountain and then stopped on the middle of road. She got out of car and stretched herself. She picked the radar up and looked at it. She sighed, "It should be right around here somewhere…" She then drove the car to search for something from the mysterious radar.

(With Kakarrot)

Kakarrot went to see his Dragon Ball. He sighed, "I do not understand what that old geezer means 'It might be useful to you. You might be able to get what you wanted for in future.' Oh, well. I'm going to bring it in case someone steals it from me." He put the Dragon Ball in his armor and smirked, "I'm going out to catch food!"

He randomly wandered through the forest to find something to eat. He sighed, "What should I find to eat? I already had a bear the other day…"

He looked up and found an apple. "Eh? An apple? It can't be help. I guess no choice but to eat it before I can find the real food." He jumped on the branch and grabbed the apple. He jumped back on the land and still ate the apple. After he finished eating the apple, he threw it out. He discovered the river and saw the fish jumped up.

He smirked, "Perfect! I found a good food to eat."

He stripped to put his tail into the water as bait to catch fish. Soon enough, a monstrous fish spotted the tail and laughed, "Time to eat!" as it jumped out of the water. Having no fear of the Giant Fish, Kakarrot dodged it and killed it with one kick.

He swan down to drag the fish and sighed, "What a weakling fish!"

On his way home dragging the fish, he heard the noise very distant behind him and wondered, "What's that noise?" He spotted a car and got run over by it. He got knocked against the tree.

The teenager girl shut his eyes down and shocked, "I hit him! But when she opened her eyes and saw that Kakarrot stood with the fish looking pissed off! She shocked, "He's alive!"

Kakarrot glared at the girl and growled, "Damn you, woman! Who do you think you're doing!?" He charged towards the car and punched through the window. "I will kill you, girl!"

The teenager girl panicked and got out of the door. In her defense, she took out a gun, and growled, "You asshole!" as she fired at Kakarrot a several bullets.

However, he didn't flinch at all. He laughed, "That didn't hurt me! Are you ready to die!?"

The teenager girl shocked, "Yikes! Why aren't you dead?!"

Kakarrot smirked, "Obviously, an earthling like you won't understand me at all! I'm a Saiyan after all! Now die, girl!" He then started to charge at her.

When the girl saw the Dragon Ball next to the tree and shouted, "Time out! I- is that your Dragon Ball over there?"

Kakarrot stopped charging at her and scowled, "What of it?! What does that Dragon Ball have to do with me?! I should kill you right now and here!"

The teenager girl chuckled nervously, "Y- yes, that Dragon Balls is unique. If you gather all of seven Dragon Balls, then something will come out of Dragon Balls and grant you a wish."

Kakarrot narrowed his eyes at her and wondered, "R- really? The Dragon Balls can grant you a wish?"

She nodded, "Yes, it can grant you a wish anything!"

"Anything?" asked Kakarrot.

"That's right!"

Kakarrot smirked, 'That's excellent! If I look for seven Dragon Balls then I will have an Eternal Life!' Then he asked, "But how do we find Dragon Balls then?"

She folded her arms and smiled, "I'm a genius after all! I invented this radar called Dragon Balls Radar!"

"Oh, you might be useful. Now you will do as I say from on now! You must let me to have my wish granted! However, if you make an attempt to ruin it, then I will kill you!" said Kakarrot.

She nodded nervously, "Yeah… Before we begin our adventure to find the Dragon Balls, let me ask you something."

"What is it, girl?!" scowled Kakarrot.

"Um, what's your name?" asked the girl.

Kakarrot sighed, "My name is Kakarrot. What about you?"

The girl shocked, "Eh? Me?"

"Are you supposed to give me your name?! It's rude not to give your name after someone introduced himself to you!" scowled Kakarrot.

The girl sighed and blushed, "Bulma…"

"Your name sounds lame, therefore I'm going to call you girl from on now," said Kakarrot.

Bulma growled, "That's why I didn't wanna tell you! And call me Bulma please! I don't like you calling me girl!"

"Shut up! I don't care if you like it or not! Now get moving, girl!" scowled Kakarrot. He pushed her to get move more.

Bulma stopped her and scowled at Kakarrot, "Stop! I got it! Watch this!" She picked the capsule from her pocket and threw it on the ground. Suddenly, the motorcycle appeared. "Here it is. We can leave now." Then she thought, 'Great! I'm stuck with villain here! If I can't find a way to escape him, he might plan to kill me once he got his wish granted.' Then Bulma hopped on her motorcycle.

'She didn't realize that I can fly, but it's better not to reveal this to her. I'm going to pretend that I can't fly at all,' thought Kakarrot. He hopped behind her on the motorcycle and demanded, "Now get going! Start it before I decide to blast you off into next dimension!"

"Ok, ok! I'm starting it now!" panicked Bulma. She pushed the acceleration to run the engine and ahead to hunt for more Dragon Balls.


While they were running the motorcycle down the road to look for the Dragon Balls, Kakarrot wondered why Bulma wanted Dragon Balls.

"Hey, girl…" sighed Kakarrot.

"W-w-what is it?" stammered Bulma nervously.

"Why are you looking for the Dragon Balls in the first place anyways?" wondered Kakarrot.

Bulma gulped and sighed, "Originally, having an unlimited supply of strawberries is hard to turn down, but I'm going to wish for a cute boyfriend instead!"

Kakarrot laughed, "A cute boyfriend? I do not know what you're talking about! But I am going to give you a word of advice. Do not wish for a cute boyfriend anyways."

"W- why not?!" wondered Bulma.

"Because you might ended up on different planet, since there might be so-called 'cute male' somewhere. However, it doesn't matter at all. You will have to gather all of Dragon Balls to have my wish granted!" chuckled Kakarrot.

"Say, what do you want to wish for?" asked Bulma.

Kakarrot scowled, "It's none of your business! Stop bothering me!" Suddenly, the motorcycle stopped. "Girl! Why did you stop all of sudden?! Do you want to get killed?!"

Bulma got off from the motorcycle and chuckled nervously, "Sorry! Wait there, I'll be right back!"

"Where are you going?" asked Kakarrot.

Bulma replied, "I'm going to take a leak."

Kakarrot put the Scouter on, and sighed, "Suit yourself. If you do anything funny, I can find you no matter where you are! I will kill you if you try to run away!"

With nothing else to say, Bulma simply nodded and ran behind the tree. Goku hung his arms behind his head and growled, "What a vulgar girl! I can't believe it!" Suddenly, he heard her screaming and sighed, "Oh, great! What's now?!"

Kakarrot followed her screaming, but when he checked what's behind the rock. He spotted a fearsome pterodactyl seizing her. The pterodactyl looked down at Kakarrot and asked, "Who are you?!"

"I'm Kakarrot. Let her go before I kill you right here!" said Kakarrot.

The pterodactyl laughed loudly, "Kill me, you say? Yeah, right! Like you brat would kill me!"

Kakarrot smirked, "Wanna prove?"

"Sure, you're going to die!" said the pterodactyl. It went to lunge at Kakarrot with its tail.

However, Kakarrot caught it and smirked, "No, you're the one who is going to die!" Then he opened his palm at it and fired the blast, and completely annihilated it which dropped Bulma on the ground. He glared down at her and scowled, "Hurry up and finish your urinating! I don't have to time for babysitting you!"

She was scared of him and went to urinate behind another rock. When she finished the urinating, they then headed out back to their adventure. Kakarrot chuckled, "We only need to find four more, right? This'll be easy!"

Bulma confused, "What're you talking about? You probably don't know since you live in the middle of nowhere, but the world is a big place!"

"Oh, shut up, girl! Let's stop here. I'm hungry…" said Kakarrot.

Bulma gulped, "Yeah, it is getting dark, so let's call it a day!" She picked the box up and smiled, "Now then…"

"What are you doing? Are you going to make a house come out of one of that box like your motorcycle?" asked Kakarrot.

Bulma nodded, "They're called Hoi Poi Capsules." Then she looked at the empty space as she threw the capsule out on the ground. "Okay! That'll make a good spot!" It spawned a house. She smiled, "Here we are!" as she went into the house. She turned the light on.

Kakarrot quickly sat on the chair while he leaned his leg on the table, and demanded, "Now go make me a food!" He suddenly heard Bulma's stomach growling and chuckled, "Looks like you're hungry too."

"No way! You're taking a bath before dinner. You reek!" scowled Bulma.

Kakarrot growled, "You dare to defy me?! Do you want me to kill you right now?!"

Bulma chuckled, "Sure, if you kill me, then you will never be able to find Dragon Balls."

'Why, you! You'll pay for it next time!' scowled Kakarrot. "All right! I will take a bath, however… you better prepare more than fifty meals for me before I finished taking a bath!" as he went into the bathroom.

Bulma shocked, "D-did he say fifty meals? Is he insane or what? Never mind him, I better prepare fifty meals for him before he gets angry with me." She went over to the kitchen, and grabbed nearly all of food from the fridge and sighed, "That's about three months' worth! Now some left for me is only… 2 meals!" She then went to cook a lot of meals just for Kakarrot. 'Great! Why do I have to be stuck with this brat?! Damn it! This must be bad luck! God!'

(Inside the bathroom)

Kakarrot filled out the water in the tub and lied in the tub. He looked up at the ceiling and sighed, "This reminds me of that old geezer's bathtub. He used to wash me when I was a young before I killed him." Then he growled, "But that damn girl! She tried to make a fool out of me!"

"Still, I smell a delicious food. She must have prepared more than fifty meals for me! She probably would be surprised if I eat a lot of meals since I have a Saiyan heritage," chuckled Kakarrot.

When he finished taking a bath, he put his Battle Armor back on, and went out of bathroom only to find himself a bunch of foods on the table. He smirked, "Looks like you finished cooking for me, huh?"

Bulma nodded, "Yeah, I prepared fifty meals for you. Now can I go bathroom? I need a bath."

Kakkarot took a seat and sighed, "Suit yourself. Oh, by the way, you're free as you'd like to, however you still have to do what I say to you. Since your death is the problem, I can always torture you if you disobey me. Now time for me to eat." He grabbed one of dish and finished the meals just in 10 seconds.

Bulma widened her eyes, and shocked, "H- h-how did you do that?!"

Kakarrot smirked, 'See? She freaked out! She had never seen someone eat like this so fast!' He finished all of dishes in just 10 minutes. He rubbed his stomach and belched, "That was good! You could be useful to me, girl! Your cooking is an excellent!"

Bulma shocked, "You ate all of it! How did you do that?!"

Kakarrot smirked, "Obviously, I'm a Saiyan. I can eat faster ten times more than you earthlings eat! Now, should you go to bath?"

Bulma snapped out of her thought and nodded, "Yeah… I'm going to bath now." She went into the bathroom.

(In Bathroom)

Bulma filled out the bathtub and lied in the bathtub. She sighed, 'Really? What am I going to do with him? For a kid, he treated me like I'm his slave. I've seen his fighting. He has his unbelievably power. There's no way I can run away!'

Suddenly, Kakarrot entered the bathroom and stared at her. She got startled and asked, "What are you doing in here?"

"I can do whatever the fuck I'm doing!" replied Kakarrot.

"A- are you trying to rape me?!" asked Bulma.

Kakarrot laughed, "Rape you? No, I'm not going to rape you. I am not interesting in you, earthling girl!"

"Umm? Then why are you in here?" she asked.

"I had to use toilet, but I noticed that you used the bubbles. Why do you need to use that bubble thing?" asked Kakarrot.

"Oh… I prefer to take the bubble bath so I can be comfortable. Most girls usually take the bubble bath. In other words, you can't see my breasts. Oh, by the way, how old are you?" replied Bulma.

"I am eleven years old. What about you?"

"I'm sixteen. But how could you be eleven years old if you are so tiny?"

"Idiot! We Saiyans are always short when we were a kid. We will remain unchanged until we become sixteen. We will be grown up!"

"Oh, I see…" sighed Bulma. She couldn't help but she wondered what a Saiyans is. He had been saying this for a while. She was afraid to ask what a Saiyan is, but she could not care anyways. She knew that he wouldn't kill her because of her Dragon Balls Radar. "Kakarrot, what is a Saiyans?"

"Gladly… We Saiyans are a renowned warrior race! Our task is to go through space, searching for planets with good environments, and once we've exterminated those who already live there, we sell them for a high price to aliens who are looking for a suitable planet. Adult warriors embark directly upon planets where those with a higher battle power live. But to planets like this one, which have a lower level, they send babies like me."

Bulma widened her eyes and asked, "So you're planning to kill all of earthlings here?"

Kakarrot smirked, "So you're shocked right? Yes, I am planning to kill all of earthlings include you. However, once we collect all of seven Dragon Balls and have my wish granted, then my mission will be begun."

"B- but why do you have to follow your mission? Killing all earthlings is unnecessarily!" shocked Bulma.

"It doesn't matter," sighed Kakarrot. He got up and waved at her, "I am going out to hunt for more meals. Have a nice bath… However, don't do anything funny, or else." as he left the bathroom.

She sighed, 'Poor him… How could the Saiyans send babies off on their own?! He probably would be in guilt if he realized that it was a wrong thing to kill even for mission. Did he say aliens? Yeah, he said aliens. Could those aliens be their boss? This has to be terrible!'

(With Kakarrot- Skull Valley)

He stumbled into the valley and search for his food so he could eat tomorrow. "Damn… This valley doesn't have a lot of good meals. All I've managed to find so far is this one centipede." Then he looked up. It was an airplane hovering above him. The airplane landed on the ground. He saw the woman and the fox hopped off of the airplane.

The woman looked around her and trembled, "This place certainly is creepy…"

"I think I wanna go home…" said the fox.

"Let's go!" ordered the woman. They jumped on the bunch of skulls. She got startled realizing that a lot of skulls corpse was surrounded by them. Suddenly, they saw that the red light glowed behind the forest.

"D- Did you see that?" asked the fox.

"It might be a Dragon Ball!" said the woman.

From the far distance, Kakarrot widened his eyes and thought, 'So they are after a Dragon Ball too! I need to kill them first!'

The fox nodded, "Let's go check!" Before they could walk to check the orange light out, they saw the kid with a monkey tail stood in front of them. "Who're you?!"

The woman laughed, "What a pathetic armor. You must be from the sticks."

Kakarrot smirked, "You're not going to steal it from me! It's mine!"

The fox confused, "What's this kid talking about?"

"Hurry back home, little boy," sighed the woman. Suddenly, a lot of red glowed around the forest staring at them.

It was a wolves emerging from the forest. "Wolves!" shocked the woman.

Kakarrot smirked, "So they are here. It's perfect! I can eat them!" The wolves suddenly charged towards three of them. Kakarrot punched one of wolves, then kicked another in the head, and beat all of wolves that charged at him up.

Another pack of wolves chased after the woman and fox. They almost ate them, but Kakarrot stomped one of wolves scaring the pack of wolves. Then he killed the remaining wolves, but he noticed that the airplane ascended.

"We're taking off!" said the woman.

Kakarrot looked up and shouted, "You're not going anywhere!" He saw pack of wolves went to him. "GET OUT OF MY WAY!" as he exploded the wave around him. The pack of wolves already died. He raised his right hand towards the airplane and smirked, "BEGONE!" as he fired the blast towards the airplane.

The fox shocked, "What?!" as the blast hit the airplane head-on.

He smirked, "Now they're gone! Alright!"

He picked bunch of dead wolves to carry them on way back to Bulma's capsule house. However, he didn't know that the fox and woman were still alive. "W-w-we need to tell Pilaf-sama about him!" said the woman.

(With Bulma)

She was reading the book until she heard familiar voice cried, "I'm back! Open the damn door already, girl!"

"Right away!" cried Bulma. She rushed to the door and opened the door. However she saw the bunch of wolves and one centipede on the floor. She shocked, "W- what?! You really are going to eat them?!"

Kakarrot sighed, "Of course, I'm going to eat them tomorrow! Now, can you stack them up in your capsule?"

Bulma nodded, "Yes, I can." She put pack of dead wolves and one centipede into her capsule. "Done… I just put all of them into my capsule."

They went into the capsule house. It was time for them to sleep at night. "I'm going to sleep on your bed. You're going to sleep on the floor. Got it?!" demanded Kakarrot.

"What?! You're not going to sleep on my bed! You sleep on the floor!" shouted Bulma.

Kakarrot glared at her and growled, "You questioned my order, didn't you?!"

"N- n-no, sir!" panicked Bulma nervously.

Kakarrot walked forward while she walked backward. "You dare to disobey my order?! YOU DARE TO DISOBEY ME?!"

"I- I am not!" said Bulma.

"Don't fuck with me!" growled Kakarrot. He suddenly punched Bulma in the face to knock her down the ground. He grabbed her shirt and chuckled, "If you do ever again! You will face another of my wrath! You won't be happy around me! You won't have a fun around me! You will do whatever the fuck I want to say! Disobey my order. I will do the same thing to you again! You're really annoyed me! Good night!" as he turned the light off and went to sleep.

She lied on the floor and started to cry, but she couldn't make a noise otherwise she would get beaten up by Kakarrot. 'I can't believe it!' Bulma sniffed, 'I never have been fucked in my entire life before! No single boy ever hit me before because I'm beautiful girl! Now I'm stuck with him! I need a way to get out of here before he found all of seven Dragon Balls!' She closed her eyes and sighed, 'Maybe it's a dream. I hope tomorrow when I wake up; there will be no Kakarrot here. I hope it's a nightmare! Yes, it must be not real!' Finally, she fell asleep.

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