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Chapter 12: Find the Girl!

(Kame House)

Kuririn widened his eyes and shocked, 'That man is so huge! Why did he need this little kid to come here to have Muten Roshi-sama train him if he's pirate?'

'Eh? Now two guys are getting in my way of training. That will only burden me!' thought Kakarrot.

Roshi nodded, "I see. I will take care of him. I will train him. However… On one condition, he must bring a Pichi-pichi girl to us so we can train him. Just to be fair for Kakarrot and Kuririn."

Teburu narrowed his eyes at Roshi and thought, 'He's really a pervert! Why would he want us to bring the girl over here?'

Kagu rubbed his head and sighed, "Well, you can take of him as you please. I must leave now because I have an important to do something today." Then he looked down at Teburu and patted his head. He smiled, "Your Daddy gotta go. Your Daddy has to look for treasure now. Please remember that Turtle Hermit-sama's training might be harshly. You will have to tolerate his training."

Teburu nodded, "Right, Daddy!"

"I will miss you," said Kagu.

Teburu went to hug him and smiled, "I will miss you! I will always love you!"

Kagu smiled, "I love you, too. Now I have to go." He released Teburu and walked over to his large pirate ship. He turned around and waved at Teburu. "Good luck, son!" With that, his big ship left off to find a large treasure somewhere in the world.

Kakarrot folded his arms and scoffed, "Parental love, eh? Ha! That's rich!"

However, Teburu ignored Kakarrot's mockery. He looked around at Roshi and exclaimed, "Train me, Muten Roshi-sama!"

Kakarrot growled, 'Damn him! He ignored me completely!'

"What're you waiting for? I will not accept you as my pupils until you bring me a Pichi-pichi gal as a condition of your training," reminded Roshi. "Go now!"

Kakarrot sighed, "Fine, I will take you guys to fly with me to find the girl."

Kuririn waved him off and gulped, "Wait, wait, wait a second!" But Kakarrot did not listen him at all. He immediately grabbed Teburu and Kuririn and flew off to find a girl.


Kakarrot were flying through the skies with Kuririn and Teburu. He frowned, "There aren't many people here, huh?"

Kuririn stared up at Kakarrot and snarled, "Come on! Fly lower, would you?!"

"Yeah! He's right! Fly lower, please!" agreed Teburu. However, Kakarrot decided to fly down closer and closer to the ground faster.

Kuririn scowled, "Hey! Kakarrot, if you aren't careful with us, we are going to fall down!"

Kakarrot scoffed, "Do not worry, retard! I am carrying you guys, thus you won't fall down, midget!"

"I what?" hissed Kuririn.

Then Kakarrot looked down and noticed something. "Hey, guys! What about that one? You think the Old man will like that one?"

Kuririn and Teburu raised their eyebrows and looked down around the town. "Where, where?" asked Teburu.

Kuririn looked down and only found that there was a farmer man staring up at them in shock. "What are you, an idiot? That's man, isn't it?" sighed Kuririn.

"Would you call me an idiot more if you could not take a damn joke, retard!" said Kakarrot.

"I'm not a retard! Stop call me retard or midget!" scowled Kuririn.

"I will call you by name whatever you like or not. I will still call you a midget or whatever," sneered Kakarrot.

"What did you just say?!" hissed Kuririn.

"Could you shut up for a while? Your bickering is getting on my nerve," interrupted Teburu.

"No, you shut up!" yelled Kakarrot and Kuririn at the same time. Teburu began to groan because he immediately did not like both of them.

(Western Saloon)

Cowboys sat at the table and played a poker for gambling. Three wanted posters were on the wall. Akira's bounty was 100,000 Zeni. Other man's wanted poster was on the wall next to Akira's. His bounty was 1,000,000 Zeni. Finally, a blonde woman named Lunch's bounty was only 2,000,000 Zeni.

A large cowboy pointed the pistol gun at the blonde woman's wanted poster on the wall. Then he put his pistol gun back in his waist. He stared down at the shorty cowboy and asked, "Hey, you sure this gal Lunch is really coming?"

A long beard cowboy pushed the chair down to the ground and nodded, "Yes, the world is she's tearing up the next town over, and heading this way." Most of cowboys were in shocked with fear.

"S- So are you sure we're okay? They say that after Lunch leaves, not even one blade of grass remains," explained the shorty cowboy.

The large cowboy scoffed, "Idiot! Don't get so shaken up over one lone woman! Think about how you're going to use the reward money instead." Suddenly, he heard the door opened, then he immediately turned around and pointed the gun over yonder, but only to see the dark blue-haired woman walked into the saloon.

"Oh, what incredible wind! And I rinsed just yesterday," said the dark blue-haired woman.

The large cowboy frowned, "N- Not her, huh?" Then he turned around and rested his elbow on the bar.

The dark blue-haired woman walked over to the bar and sighed, "Ah, I've had enough of it."

The large cowboy looked at the bartender and ordered, "Bartender, get this young lady a glass of something for me." The dark blue-haired woman began to smile. "Don't ask why. See, the color of your hair is the same as the hair color of a girl I once loved, is all." His underlings fell down to the ground dumbfounded.

The long-beard cowboy frowned, "B- Boss!" He lifted himself up on the bar. "T- That's a bit corny, isn't it?"

The large cowboy poured the beer down on his face and grabbed his clothes up. "You be quiet! I have a weakness for girls of her type!" Then he sighed, "So, young lady, don't be shy, be my guest."

The dark blue-haired woman smiled, "Well then, by all means, I accept! Um, Bartender-san, one orange juice, please."

The bartender nodded, "Okay!" He made a glass of orange juice for her and handed it to her. "Here you go."

Just as she was about to drink the orange juice, a small sandstorm went all over her face. She suddenly sneezed, "Achoo!"

However, when three cowboys looked at her, they widened their eyes in shock. The large cowboy shook his head, but he still saw something wrong. He stood up and growled, "You…!"

The blonde-haired woman stood in front of them who resembled the dark-blue woman pretty much. Then she kicked him away and broke the table down. She knocked the long-beard cowboy to the wall. At last, she kicked the shorty man square in the jaws, bowling him over to the wall. The bartender quickly picked up the machine gun of his own.

However, the blonde-haired woman picked up one of her own machine gun and fired a multiple bullets, shooting the glass of beer or wine. The bartender managed to duck his head and cowered behind the bar before the blonde-haired woman could shoot him. The broken glass of beer fell down on his head, injuring him a bit. She completely destroyed the saloon and simply walked away and left them in shock.

(With Kakarrot and others)

The frog could not stand because someone took a pee on it! The pee must be Kuririn's who urinated lately. Kakarrot walked to him from the behind and scowled, "Hey, not done yet? This is taking a while!"

Kuririn widened his eyes and shocked, "D- Dummy! Don't look! G-Get away! G-Get away from me!" He tried to shoo Kakarrot away.

"I won't leave until you finished that fucking urinate!" argued Kakarrot.

"You can't tell me what to do! It's sounds like you demand me what to do! What the fuck, man?!" scowled Kuririn.

Teburu was sitting on the ground and covering his ears so he would not have to listen to them anymore. He groaned, 'How long are they going to yell at each other before they can satisfy?'


A blonde-haired woman was on the top of mountain in her motorcycle as she watched the train driving on the railroad. She started the engine and ran her motorcycle to jump down to the surface. Then she got off and stood on the railroad staring at the train. She now carried the large launcher on her shoulders. Then she pointed her launcher at the train. She carefully aimed at the train through the scope. The train was running closer and closer to her.

Finally, she pulled the trigger to fire a launch at the train, derailing it. She jumped in and stole some money from one of the train cars.

Luckily, the cowboy survived this and picked up the phone. He shouted, *Hello, police? Lunch just showed up!*

Lunch quickly fled from the scene on her motorcycle.

(With Kakarrot)

Kakarrot now carried Kuririn and Teburu on his back over the mountain and overlooked at the broken train. Kuririn scowled, "Hey, Kakarrot! We've gone where nobody is again, you know!"

Kakarrot was annoyed now and growled, "Shut up! I've gone to where nobody is because I tracked someone with my Scouters, retard!"

"So, why do you suppose the Turtle Hermit-sama prefers a Pichi-pichi gal?" asked Teburu curiously. He only asked this because he had an enough with their bickering all days, so he decided to speak up anyways.

"How the fuck should I know?!" grumbled Kakarrot.

"If it were you, it's obvious that you'd prefer your fish with some 'Pichi-pichi' spring to them, wouldn't you?" replied Kuririn.

"So you're saying that old man is going to eat her?" joked Kakarrot. Kuririn widened his eyes in shocked because he knew what Kakarrot meant. However, Teburu was not sure what they meant because he was too young to understand. He was only nine years old boy after all.

(With Lunch)

Lunch speeded up the motorcycle away from the police who were chasing her. The police cried, "Halt! Halt or we'll shoot!" However Lunch refused to obey them, so they had to fire their guns, but their aim was way off. Annoyed, Lunch then threw a grenade, destroying one of the cop cars. Another more police car went after him and growled, "You lousy rat!" They shot more at Lunch.

Then Lunch went across the mountain, shocking rests of police. The police shouted, "This way!" Then they turned around the mountain.

Then Lunch went down to the other side of surface and ran her motorcycle to flee away from the police cars once again.

The police shouted, "There she is!" They shot more at Lunch, but their aim was way off once again.

Lunch glared over her shoulder at the police and thought, 'Sheesh…!' Then she picked up the shotgun and pointed at the police car. She began to smirk at the feared police. However, she could feel that she was about to sneeze. She shocked, "T-This is bad!" She sneezed once again. "Achoo!" Then, her motorcycle fell down to the ground again.

(With Kakarrot)

Kakarrot was still flying together with Kuririn and Teburu on his back, and looked around him. He sighed, "Damn! The battle power just moved around too much makes so difficult for me to find that powers!"

"C'mon! I doubt Pichi-pichi gal would be in a place like this! Go back!" demanded Kuririn.

"No way! I'm going to find that power!" replied Kakarrot.

(With Lunch)

Two policemen pointed the gun at the dark blue-haired woman who happened to be blonde-haired woman from the earlier whom just sneezed. "L-Lunch, you're under arrest! Come quietly, and d- don't try anything funny!" warned the policeman.

"Move, and we'll shoot!" warned another policeman.

Lunch looked at them and confused, "Who are you? What are you doing?"

The policeman growled, "W-What's with the 'who are you' routine?! Don't play dumb, we're the p-police, obviously!"

"What is it you're saying I've done?" asked Lunch.

Another policeman confused, "How can you even say such a thing?! You have no shame! We're not going to be fooled by your disguise! You're under arrest!" He picked up the handcuff, which scared Lunch.

Lunch screamed in fear, "Somebody help me!"

(With Kakarrot)

"Huh? I think I just heard someone calling for help…" said Teburu.

"Yeah, me too," added Kuririn.

Just then, Kakarrot spotted the two policemen who were pointing the gun at Lunch. He pointed over yonder and said, "Over there!"

Kuririn shocked, "That girl is being attacked!"

"Hmph! Let's go helping her!" said Kakarrot.

Kuririn deadpanned, "W-We would look cool if we helped her, but with our skills, we couldn't handle it yet. Those guys have guns and all. L-Let's let sleeping dogs lie."

"Why don't we go attacking the policeman? Dad doesn't go well with them because he's a pirate," said Teburu.

Kakarrot nodded, "Yeah, let's go helping her. Old man might be interesting in her. She looks normal to me." He flew down towards them.

The policemen looked up at them and shocked, "What?!" Then, Kakarrot landed on the ground in front of policemen.

The policeman shocked, "Who are you?!"

Kakarrot smirked, "I'm here to kill you!" Teburu and Kuririn quickly ran away in hiding.

Teburu shouted, "Go kick their ass, Kakarrot!"

The policeman snarled, "You're what?!"

Kuririn chuckled, "L-Let me just say in advance that I am in no way involved in this. This is all on him!"

The policeman pointed the gun at Kakarrot and growled, "What do you mean, you've come to kill us?! If you think you can interfere with us just because you're kids, we'll arrest you, too!"

Suddenly, Kakarrot teleported to kick the policeman and disarmed his gun. Then, he kicked him square in the jaws, bowling him over.

The last policeman pointed the gun at Kakarrot and snarled, "Why, you…!" Just as he was about to shoot at Kakarrot, the arrow suddenly barely starched his hand. He gripped his own hand and screamed in pain.

Teburu was the one who just fired an arrow from his bows and chuckled, "That's what you get for underestimating us! I'm the archery here!"

The policeman glared at Teburu and growled, "D- Damn you!"

Kakarrot charged towards him and delivered a powerful punch to the face, knocking him out cold. He glared down at them and sighed, "What a fragile. I could not believe how pathetic you're. You're too weak to face me alone! Just die, already!" He stomped on one of policeman's throat to death. Then, he blasted another policeman, reducing to nothing but smithereens! Kuririn and Teburu were in shocked.

Lunch smiled happily, "T-Thank you very much! What can I say to thank you enough?"

Kuririn walked over to her and giggled, "No, no, it was nothing!"

Teburu stared at Kuririn and frowned, "You did nothing! You don't deserve a 'thank-you'!"

"We're going to bring you with us. Old man will definitely find you suitable for him!" said Kakarrot. 'Damn it! I have to carry all of them! Fuck!' With that, he carried Lunch on his back while holding Teburu and Kuririn in his both hands. They went back to Kame House. When Kuririn looked up at Lunch, he found her attractive girl.

Kuririn smiled, "Very nice indeed, isn't she…?"

"Um, where are we heading?" asked Lunch.

"Old man Turtle Hermit's house…" replied Kakarrot.

"Turtle Hermit?" wondered Lunch.

Teburu nodded, "Right!"

Kakarrot flew over the ocean until he found Kame House. He smiled, "That's it!" Then they landed on the island.

"Wow! What a handsome little place!" amazed Lunch.

"Is it to your liking, then?" asked Kuririn.

"Hey, old man! We brought back one of those Pichi-pichi gals!" greeted Kakarrot. However, he did not hear any answer. He growled, "Hello, Old man?! Geez! At the time like this…"

"Why isn't he answering?" wondered Teburu.

Kuririn chuckled, "Perhaps he is making use of the lavatory."

"Are you sure that he went to the bathroom?" asked Teburu.

"Seriously? Pooping at the time like this?! That's it! I'll go tell him to hurry it up!" complained Kakarrot. He ran into the house to look for Muten Roshi.

Kuririn looked around at Lunch and giggled, "Pardon me! He's such a vulgar boy!"

"So, why have you brought me here? Is there something you want me to do?" asked Lunch curiously."

"No, there doesn't seem to be anything in particular you need to do," replied Teburu.

Kuririn chuckled, "If we could just have you stay here for a little while, that would be okay, wouldn't it? After all, with only us men here, we're lacking somewhat in splendor."

Lunch smiled cheerfully, "In that case, it will serve me as well! I'm being chased after."

"Chased?" Teburu frowned, "Now that you mention it, you were being attacked by guys dressed up like policemen, huh? Who were those guys?"

Lunch smiled, "Policemen! Real ones." Kuririn and Teburu widened their eyes in shocked.

(With Kakarrot)

"Old man, are you done yet?! We brought back a girl!" yelled Kakarrot loudly. He stood next to the bathroom door.

"A- All finished! Just wait!" said Roshi. Finally, he opened the door and scowled, "You idiot! Not so loud! This looks terrible, you know?!"

"You smell awfully, aren't you?!" groaned Kakarrot.

(With Kuririn)

"W-Why are you being chased after by the police?" asked Kuririn.

Lunch opened her bag and frowned, "Seeing as how this bag has a great deal of money in it, I wonder if I robbed another bank."

Teburu shocked, "A- Are you kidding me right?!"

(With Kakarrot)

Roshi walked over to the window and asked, "This time, she's an honest-to-goodness Pichi-pichi gai for sure, right?"

"If that's what you say, then I guess that's yes," replied Kakarrot.

Then Roshi took a good look at Lunch, and sighed, "Let's see…"

"Or maybe a train robbery?" wondered Lunch.

Kuririn laughed, "You're taking the joke too far! There's no way someone like you could do something like that, after all!"

"You're the daughter from a rich family, right?" asked Teburu.

"You should all be careful as well!" said Lunch. "When I…sneeze… my personality completely…"

Suddenly, Roshi yelled out loud, and giggled, "Very nice!" That startled Lunch, Kuririn, and Teburu. He looked around at Kakarrot and smiled, "Well done, you three!"

"So she's good enough?" asked Kakarrot.

Lunch stared at Roshi and sighed, "Oh, you startled me!"

Kuririn walked to the door and smiled, "Muten Roshi-sama, we've just returned!"

Teburu bowed, "Yes, we have returned, Muten Roshi-sama."

Kuririn ran to Roshi and whispered, "How about her? Her face still has a childish look about it, but her body is good and stacked!"

Roshi nodded, "All right, all right! Three of you are now accepted as my pupils!"

Teburu and Kuririn cheered, "We did it!"

"About fucking time!" said Kakarrot happily.

Roshi walked to the door and waved at Lunch. He giggled, "Say there, by all means, welcome! How kind of you to come!"

"Pleased to meet you! My name is Lunch," introduced Lunch. "Your grandsons saved me from a precarious situation."

Roshi glanced over his shoulder at Kakarrot, Kuririn, and Teburu. He shocked, "These guys saved you?"

Lunch nodded, "Yes. Thank you so much."

Kuririn chuckled sheepishly, "Nah, it was nothing, really!"

Kakarrot glared at him and frowned, "Midget, you didn't do anything! Only the pirate's son and I deserve praise from her! Not you!" Kuririn started to feel that Kakarrot was getting on his nerves.

Roshi looked at Lunch and chuckled, "That's fine and all, but they aren't my grandsons. They're my younger brothers!" Teburu, Kakarrot, Kuririn and even Lunch fell into their anime fall. He rubbed his bald head and laughed, "No, I was just joking there!"

Lunch wiped on her cheeks with the napkin and chuckled, "Yes, I knew that."

"The truth is, I am Muten Roshi, also known as the Turtle Hermit. I am teaching these guys the martial arts," explained Roshi.

Lunch smiled, "Oh, martial arts? That would explain why the boys are so strong!"

Roshi glanced over his shoulder at boys and nodded, "So it's already been of service?"

Kakarrot frowned, "I still don't learned anything from you, old man."

Roshi looked at Lunch again and asked, "So then, Lunch, was it? If you have the time, would you take a bath with m—er, rather, live the quiet life here for a while?"

Lunch looked around her and asked, "Here? If I'm not in your way, then I should request it myself!"

"I-In the way? Don't be silly! You could stay here your whole life!" Roshi hopped around and cheered, "Hey, hey, hey! Hooray, hooray! I feel so cheerful! Yahoo! Yahoo!" Then he stopped dancing around and asked, "By the way, what do you think? Would you like to try learning some martial arts as well?"

"Huh? Me? It sounds like fun, but I don't think a girl like myself could keep up," denied Lunch.

"No, no, I'm not saying you should try it on a full-scale. I meant you could take it casually. It will prove useful for the health of both mind and body, as well as for your good looks," said Roshi.

Kuirirn looked up at Lunch and smiled, "You are incredibly fortunate! There is no one in the world of martial arts that does not know of Muten Roshi-sama here. Quite frankly, he's the greatest in the world! For you to be able to learn from the master himself…"

"Oh?! I had no idea he was such a person!" praised Lunch.

Roshi rubbed his back bald head and giggled, "Aw, it really is all that, but it still makes me blush."

Kakarrot growled, "Hurry and train us!"

Teburu frowned, "Yeah, I just want you to hurry and train us."

Roshi ran to Kuririn and whispered, "You're a good fellow."

Kuririn bowed, "I am honored by your praise."

Roshi ran into the house. Then he ran out of house only to give her a box. "Well then, first of all, change into this uniform."

Lunch grabbed the box and nodded, "Right!"

"U- Uniform?" wondered Kakarrot.

Then Lunch put the box down on the ground. She nodded, "Okay, then…" She was just about to change her clothes. Roshi began to get all excitement.

Kuririn widened his eyes and shocked, "Y-You're going to change here?!"

"You're right. I'll go change inside the house," said Lunch. She walked into the house.

Roshi glared down at Kuririn and irritated, "Look here! You say too much! Would you like to go home?!"

Kuririn gulped, "I'm sorry…"

Roshi nodded, "Right, right, you change into these too."

Kakarrot frowned, "I don't want to wear this."

"If you complain, I won't take you as pupils!" said Roshi.

Teburu nodded, "Right, understood! Come on, Kakarrot, Kuririn!"


Lunch emerged from the house, wearing the 'armor' and sighed, "Um…" Kakarrot, Kuririn, Teburu, Roshi, and Lunch were now wearing the pink lingerie. "This looks like underwear."

Roshi blushed, "No, no, this is the wardrobe of my Eternal Turtle School." Lunch fell down to the ground while her feet stuck up.

Kuririn chuckled, "You've got to be kidding!" Then Lunch stood up and stared down at her own lingerie.

"I am a Saiyan! Why do I must wear this fucking lingerie?! I hate it! Fuck this!" complained Kakarrot.

Teburu sighed, "I agree with you, but we have to do this anyways."

Roshi stared at her body and thought, 'Young girls are the best!' Then he nodded, "We will now begin the training." Suddenly, he spotted the fly flying around him. "What an annoying horsefly!" He waved it off to shoo it away.

Soon after, the horsefly flew past her nose, which made her sneeze soon. She widened her eyes and warned, "Everybody, run away!"

Finally, she sneezed, turning herself into the mean Lunch. Kakarrot, Kuririn, Teburu, and Rsohi were in shocked. She looked around her and grumbled, "Where is this?! Doesn't look like a jail…" Suddenly, she picked the machine gun and growled, "Who the hell are you guys?!" She then fired her machine gun at Muten Roshi, Kuririn, Teburu, and Kakarrot, who dodged all of them in panic. The bullet hit them, but none of that killed them at least.

Luckily for them, Lunch sneezed again, turning her back into her sweet, innocent form.
"Huh? Oh, dear…" She stared at them and rubbed her head. She chuckled, "Sorry! Every time I sneeze, it seems I switch personalities! Did I do anything I shouldn't have?"

"N-No, nothing especially…" said Roshi.

Teburu shocked, "Whoa!"

"Seems like we brought the fucking wrong girl here!" muttered Kakarrot angrily.


They had to change back into their previous clothes. Roshi sighed, "Now then, let's turn the house to a capsule and take it with us, shall we?" He pushed the button the house and changed it to a capsule. He picked up the capsule up.

"But how are we going?" asked Kakarrot. "I am not going to carry all of you guys!"

Roshi picked up another capsule and said, "I'm getting a boat out." He threw the capsule at the water, and changed it to a hovercraft. They hopped into the car. "So then, 'Let's go!'" He drove off on way to new island.

Roshi looked at Lunch and asked, "Uh, Lunch-san?"

"Yes?" replied Lunch.

"Do us a favor, and while we're riding in the boat, don't sneeze, okay?" pleaded Roshi.

Lunch smiled, "Leave it to me!"

Kuririn stared at Teburu and sighed, "Say, what's pirate is like?"

"Huh?" confused Teburu.

"How's your father's life as pirate is like?" asked Kuririn.

"He's looking for famous treasure in the world. He had to endanger his life to fight another pirate crews in order to find the treasure so he can be Pirate King!" explained Teburu.

Kuririn widened his eyes and shocked, "W-What?! Pirate King? You mean he's going to Grand Line to find One Piece treasure?!"

Nodding, Teburu smiled, "Yep! That's why he left me here so I can have Roshi training me."

"No way! Do you even realized that going to Grand Line is too dangerous?!" asked Kuririn.

"Yeah, I do know. That's why I want to be pirate just like him!" declared Teburu. He looked up at the sky and smiled, "Even although he is not my real Father…"

"What? Where's your real parent then?" asked Kuririn.

Teburu frowned, "I was abandoned on the rowboat at the ocean when I was a baby. That's where Father found me. He raised me and treated me fairy well. He's really strong! That's why he won't die there at the Grand Line!"

Kuririn sighed, "Oh, I see…"

"We're here now. Hop out, boys," said Roshi. Then they all hopped out of the boat. Roshi threw the capsule on the ground to expand the Kame House. "Now then, shall we do some light training until supper?"

Kuririn bowed, "If you would be so kind."

Roshi looked around him and confused, "Kakarrot's not here! Where did he go?"

"The other boy? He flew off, saying he was going to see what was on the island," explained Lunch.

(With Kakarrot)

Kakarrot flew above some of house on the island. He would fly around the tall mountain. He flew around the island a few times.

Then he finally arrived at the Kame House and frowned, "Old man! There are a lot of other houses here!"

Roshi nodded, "Of course there are! There are at least 300 other residents on this island, after all. Never mind that, come down here quickly! The training is starting!"

Kakarrot descended down to the ground to land and smiled, "Then train us now! Train me! Train me!"

Kuririn stared at Kakarrot and sighed, 'What a frivolous kid! I'll show him my true abilities, and put some distance between us!'

'While they are bullying each other all days, I will show them my true power and show them that I'm stronger than them!' thought Teburu.

"Um, am I doing this, too?" asked Lunch.

"Well, either way. You can do whatever you like," replied Roshi.

Lunch smiled, "Then I'm going to go prepare some supper—" Suddenly, she sounded almost as if she was about to sneeze. "sup…per—" Roshi, Kuririn, Teburu, and Kakarrot widened their eyes in panic and fled into hiding behind the small boulder. However, it turned out that she was actually yawning. She looked at them and waved at them cheerfully. "Well, I'll be making supper! Good luck!" She ran into the house.

Kakarrot growled, "O- Oh, she was yawning?"

Teburu sighed with relief, and nodded, "Yeah! She's yawning!"

Kuririn gulped, "S-She sure startled me!"

Roshi stared down at Kuririn and frowned, "F-Fool! If you get jittery over something like that, you'll never become a complete man!"

Kuririn bowed, "My humble apologies."

Roshi sighed, "And so, we're about to begin your training, huh?" Then he looked at Kuririn and asked, "Kuririn, have you had any experience with martial arts?"

Kuririn nodded, "Yes! I studied for eight years at Orinji Temple before this."

Roshi looked down at Teburu and asked, "What about you? Have you had any experience with martial arts?"

"Yes, Father taught me to learn martial arts before this! Actually, Kagu Pirate's first-mate was an archery. He taught me to be archery, although. Don't worry. I can do both pretty good!"

Roshi nodded, "I see. Then three of you should have the fundamentals out of the way. Now then, I think I'll have you show me what you're capable of. Ready?"

Kakarrot, Teburu, and Kuririn nodded, "R-Right!"

To be continued…

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