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Chapter 4: The Thief Bandit, Yamucha!

(With Kakarrot, Bulma, and Oolong- River)

Bulma, Kakarrot and Oolong were in a boat passing through a river. Bulma was driving the boat while Kakarrot and Oolong were in the back seat.

Bulma smiled, "Only two Dragon Balls left! It looks like we'll get them all sooner than I expected!"

Oolong stared at Kakarrot and asked, "Why are you bringing me here, monkey boy?"

Kakarrot felt offended by the name Oolong just called him, but he actually calmed down. "First of all, don't call me a monkey boy ever, ever again or I will lose my cool and kill you! I have a name! My name is Kakarrot! Got it?!"

Oolong nodded nervously, "U- Understood!"

Kakarrot folded his arms and chuckled, "Second of all, you're coming with me, because I need more men. The more men, the easier we will find a Dragon Balls. In other words, your pathetic transformation ability might be useful."

"Count me out!" Oolong begged, "Journeys are a big pain in the butt!"

"Unless you want to die, that is," threatened Kakarrot.

Bulma widened her eyes and gulped, 'I need to do something quickly!' She sighed, "It's so hot… Maybe I'll sleep only in my underwear tonight…"

Oolong hung his arms around behind his neck and chuckled, "I guess a trip every now and then isn't too bad!"

Suddenly, something appeared the idea inside Kakarrot's head. Then he began to smirk and thought, 'W- Wait a second. I am going to humiliate this woman in front of perverted pig. I am going to pay back to her for humiliating me this earlier afternoon!'

(Flashback Began- Aru Village)

"Hey, Kakarrot-kun…" said Bulma.

"What do you want, woman?!" asked Kakarrot.

Bulma picked up the girl dress and smiled, "Go put it on. You got the same size as old man's daughter."

"What?! I'm not going to use those filthy clothes!" argued Kakarrot.

"Please, wear this!" begged Bulma.

"No way! I'm a Saiyan! I do not wear pathetic Earthling's clothes!"

"Come on! If you aren't going to do, then you won't be able to get the Dragon Ball!" scowled Bulma.

"Damn you!" Kakarrot growled, "Fine! I will put it on for the sake of Dragon Balls!"

(Flashback Ended)

Goku began to grow impatient, and complained, "This pathetic boat is slowing! Aren't we there yet?"

"We still got a long way to go," said Bulma. "I'd guess about three more days…" then she picked the map up from her backpack.

"Say," Oolong asked, "where the heck are you guys trying to go, anyway?"

"Let's see… Somewhere around Mt. Frypan," said Bulma.

Oolong widened his eyes and shocked, "W-What? Mt. Frypan?! You were planning to go there?!"

"You know that place?" asked Bulma.

"So what about it?" asked Kakarrot.

Oolong pointed at Kakarrot and asked, "You've never heard of it?! The terrifying Gyumao lives on Mt. Frypan!"

"Gyumao?" wondered Kakarrot. 'I'm sure I've heard that name somewhere before,' he thought.

Bulma scoffed, "He doesn't scare me! Kakarrot'll take care of him for us!"

Oolong stood up and shocked, "You mean you don't know how horrible the Gyumao is?! He's truly terrifying! He's even known as the emperor of demons! Everyone who gets near Mt. Frypan gets this!"

"They get killed?" asked Bulma.

Oolong nodded, "Yeah…"

Kakarrot chuckled, "So you're talking about him almost as if he was this powerful. I would like to take on him!"

"You can count me out!" said Oolong. He jumped and shouted, "Transformation!" He changed into a fish and chuckled, "Later!" then he dived into the water.

Kakarrot stood up and growled, "You bastard! I'm going to dive in and capture you back alive!" then he dived into the water and swam in search for Oolong fish. He spotted the fish alongside another fish.

Oolong swan through the water and muttered, "There's no way I'd ever hang around them! What were they thinking?!"

"Stop!" shouted Kakarrot.

Oolong fish looked around and saw that Kakarrot was swimming towards him. He shocked, "He just doesn't give up!" then he retreated into hiding from him.

Kakarrot looked around him and sighed, "He should be around here somewhere…" Sighing in defeat, he swam up back to Bulma. "He got away…"

Bulma chuckled, "There's no need to dive in the water to catch Oolong!" then he picked the white panties up that hanging on the hook of fishing pole. "This is all you need!"

"Eh? That's underwear or whatever, huh?" asked Kakarrot.

"Freshly-removed panties!" said Bulma.

Then Bulma threw the hook line into the water waiting for Oolong. Once she felt his pole was pulling, she reeled back which pulled the fish who bit the panties out of the water. "See! It worked!"

Kakarrot caught the fish in his hands. The fish growled, "Damn it!" But when he looked down at the hand, he widened his eyes and realized that it was Kakarrot's hand. He got panicked thinking that Kakarrot was going to kill him.

Kakarrot snarled, "What were you thinking?! Do you have a death wish or something?!"


While Bulma was driving the boat again, Kakarrot picked the fork and knife and glared at Oolong. "Run away again and I'll slice you up and eat you!" threatened Kakarrot. "It's no joking! I'll have no regret over your dead body! Run away means your death!"

Oolong sighed, "I'll come with you since I have no other choice, but at least let me have those panties!"

Bulma handed Oolong a hard candy ball and smiled, "Here, you can have this instead!"

Oolong grabbed the hard candy ball and frowned, "But it's just a stupid piece of candy…"

"I'll give you the panties if you make yourself useful in the near future," said Bulma. 'He may be jerk, but I don't want Kakarrot to kill him anyways. With this candy, he can't run away.'

Oolong took a bite and sighed, "Really? That better be a promise!"

Suddenly, the boat stopped on the middle of river. "Hey! The engine stopped!" Bulma shocked, "Oh, no! We're out of gas!"

Kakarrot chuckled, "Your boat sucks! What a useless vehicle! Then again, you said something about your dad inventing capsule things right? Then your dad must be suck!"

"Don't be stupid. We ran out of gasoline! I just forget to fuel the gas, that's all!" said Bulma.

"Old man Gohan told me something about gasoline. Gasoline is a refined petroleum used as fuel for internal combustion engines, right? Well, this planet must have a terrible vehicles, huh?" Kakarrot chuckled, "From what I heard about my Saiyans homeworld, the gasoline can be defined as unlimited gas fuel. That means you can go anywhere in the universe. That's how I get to this planet, even although Planet Vegeta is very farther from this pathetic planet. Our spaceship has an incredible speed which had exceeded Earth's faster spaceship. I bet you have a spaceship here on this planet, huh?"

Bulma sighed, "Yeah, we do have a spaceship here on this planet, but we do not tend to fly anywhere in the universe just like you Saiyans." Then she glanced over her shoulder at Oolong and asked, "Hey, Oolong. Can you turn into gasoline?"

"Of course I can't!" replied Oolong.

"Then turn into an oar so we can row to shore." Bulma said, "I'll get some gas out of one of my Hoi Poi Capsules."

"An oar?" confused Oolong. Then he shouted, "Transformation!" as he changed into an oar.

Bulma stared at Kakarrot and said, "You paddle, okay?" then she handed it to Kakarrot.

Kakarrot began to smile and thought, 'Oh, yeah! Perfect! I hope he learns his lesson not to run away from me anymore.' Then he began to paddle the water faster to accelerate the boat easier.

"I'm delicate, you know!" Oolong complained, "Handle me gently!"

Kakarrot laughed, "Nope! You need to tolerate your pain! If you wish not to be hurt, then don't run away again, piggy!"

They finally reached the shore. Kakarrot had to tie the rope around the tree. "It's tied!" said Kakarrot.

Bulma nodded, "Good work!" then she got on the shore.

Oolong stared at Bulma and sighed, "Hey! I was useful! Now make with the panties!"

Bulma chuckled, "You're mistaken if you think you can get a girl's panties that easily!" while put her hands in pocket and search for the capsule.

"That's not fair!" Oolong frowned, "You promised! Just one pair! Come on!"

Bulma widened her eyes and shocked, "It's gone…! The case with all my capsules is gone…!" Suddenly, he ran towards near the river and panicked, "I must've dropped it in the river somewhere!" Then she ran back to Oolong and demanded, "I'll give you my panties if you turn back into a fish and look for it!"

"Yeah, right!" Oolong said, "That river's humongous!"

"What's wrong? The cat got your tongue?" asked Kakarrot.

Bulma fell to her knees and cried, "I lost my capsules! The boat doesn't work, and we have no house, no car, no motorbike…! We can't go anywhere now!"

"Well, too bad. In that case, we need to walk then," said Kakarrot.

"What're you talking about?!" Bulma scowled, "It's no problem for you since you can fly, but there's no way I can walk hundreds of kilometers!"

"Shut up, woman! Pathetic weakling woman like you should be dead by now the moment you yelled at me!" yelled Kakarrot back, startling Bulma a bit. "Anyways, flying is the problem, too. Flying required us to use up all of our battle powers, therefore I can only fly for a while. So why not have piggy turn into a motorbike thing and ride on him?"

Bulma smiled happily, "Brilliant! That's a great idea!" then he glanced over his shoulder. "Hey, Oolong-chan!" But what they saw Oolong was not there. She shocked, "He's gone!"

"Bastard! I thought I told him not to run away anymore! That's it! I'm going to kill him!" said Kakarrot.

The pig was behind the boulder to hide and chuckled, "Hell if I'm going to that freaky mountain! Sorry, but I'm giving up on the panties!"

Bulma chuckled, "Okay!" then she cupped her mouth and shouted, "Pee! Pee! Pee!..."

Suddenly, Oolong felt his stomach ache and groaned, "Huh?!" He really need to go to bathroom so badly for some reason! Since there were no bathrooms nearby, so he had to go to random bush to replace 'bathroom'.

Bulma chuckled, "Hey, Oolong-chan! You've got diarrhea now, don't you?! I made that candy that you ate earlier! It's called PP Candy, and people who eat it get diarrhea when someone says 'pee pee'!"

While Oolong was using bush as a bathroom, and heard everything what Bulma told him, he frowned, "Oh, man…"

"Hurry back here or I'll say it some more!" said Bulma.

Kakarrot chuckled, "Sounds good! I can say that in case if he run away again! And how long will the effects of that so-called 'PP Candy' last for?"

Bulma smiled, "The effects of PP Candy last for one month! Amazing, wouldn't you agree? Oh, by the way, that's last one. I don't think you can force it down in my mouth. Sorry, Kakarrot."

"Yeah, whatever," Kakarrot sighed. "I don't need to put that one in your mouth anyways. I know what to do with you anyways. I can always torture you different ways although."

After Oolong finishing the bathroom, he walked out of the bush and carried the toilet paper under his arm. "I'm sorry, I won't run away anymore! Stop!"

Bulma chuckled, "I'll do it again if you don't do what I say!"

Oolong nodded, "I promise…" Then he muttered under his breath. "Dammit! She tricked me into eating something I shouldn't have! She sure plays dirty!"

Kakarrot scoffed, "Good thing I didn't eat one! Because if I did, then she would have to face her punishment tonight!"

"Rub it in, why don't you?!" scowled Oolong.

Kakarrot laughed, "What was it again? Do not talk back to me. Pee! Pee! Pee!"

Suddenly, Oolong rushed back into the bush and take a bathroom again. He glared at Kakarrot and yelled out, "Stop playing around!"

Kakarrot laughed out loud, "Then don't run away or talk back to me."

"Okay, Oolong! Transform into a motorbike!" demanded Bulma.

Oolong sighed, "Alright, alright." Then he shouted, "Transformation!" and change into motorcycle.

Bulma sweat-dropped, "This is a motorbike? You have an old sense of taste."

"Just shut up and get on!" scowled Oolong.

Bulma shrugged, "Well, I guess it's better than walking." When she sat on the motorcycle, she suddenly fell down. She glared down at Oolong and growled, "Pull yourself together! You collapsed under me!"

"Yeah, what a weakling! After all, this planet is full of weakling anyways!" said Kakarrot.

"It's not my fault! All I can change is my shape! Not how strong I am!" said Oolong. Then he changed back into his regular form and sighed, "And besides, I can only stay transformed for five minutes at a time. After that I have to take a one-minute break!" Then he pointed at Bulma and chuckled, "But here, I wouldn't mind turning into a pair of panties for you! You aren't wearing any right now since you took them off on the river, right? I make a great pair of panties!"

He shouted out, "Transformation!" Then he changed into pink pair of panties and chuckled, "Feel free to put me on! Go on!"

"You call that useful?!" scowled Bulma, slapping the panties down the ground harder.

Kakarrot picked the Oolong panties and stared at him. He chuckled, "Well, looks like walking is our only choice. Now change back into piggy."

(Later- Diablo Desert)

As time passes, they were now walking in Diablo Desert. Bulma used the stick as support to her walking. She panted, "I'm dying…!"

Oolong also used the walking stick to support him. He panted, "I lost all strength after that diarrhea…" They were too hot enough to make them sweat so much.

However, Kakarrot was the only who was not complaining about heat. He glanced over his shoulder at them and scowled, "Come on, you guys're slow! I even decided to be nice and walk with you guys! Don't try to wear my patience out! You might don't want to see me losing my temper!"

"I'm from the city!" argued Bulma. "Don't compare me with someone like you who grew up in the wild or from other planet!" Then she looked around and asked, "Where are we, anyways?! It's practically all desert! We have no other choice. We can't get to Mt. Frypan without going through here…" then she fell to her butt and sighed in exhaustion. "No more! Let's call it a day!"

Kakarrot sighed, "What a pathetic weakling you are!"

"Do you suppose there's a hotel or inn around here?" asked Bulma.

"Of course not," replied Oolong.

"No! I hate this!" complained Bulma. She crawled backward under the large rock. "I'm hungry! I want a bath! I can't sleep unless I'm in a bed!"

Oolong deadpanned, "She doesn't have the greatest personality, does she? Talk about selfish."

Kakarrot sighed, "As if you're one to talk." Then he found out that Bulma suddenly fall asleep. "She's nonsensical! She said all that but suddenly fell asleep…"

"Maybe we should get some shut-eye too," said Oolong. Then he laid on the dirt and fell asleep.

Suddenly, Kakarrot could feel his stomach growling then he rubbed his stomach. "Come to think of it, I'm hungry now."

(Far into the distance)

A blue cat was spying with a telescope on a rock, and then ran back into the hole. He jumped down from the ladder and cried, "Yamucha-sama!" He jumped on the chair to sit. "I spotted some sitting ducks!"

Yamucha shocked, "What?" then he smiled, "It's been a while since our last prey." He wiped off the food on his mouth with napkins, then smiled in excitement. He walked out of hole and stared at the two tiny sitting ducks. "A little brat and a pig. I doubt they have any money."

"But they might have some Hoi Poi Capsules!" said the blue cat.

"Okay, Puar! Get the Jet Momonga ready!" ordered Yamucha as he walked back into the hole.

Puar nodded, "Right!"

(With Kakarrot and Oolong)

Oolong rubbed his stomach and groaned, "I'm starving too…!"

Kakarrot got up and sighed, "I'll go find us something to eat. I can't let you guys starving to death, because I need you to find Dragon Balls." Before he could walk away, then he glanced over his shoulder and chuckled, "Do you like pork?"

Oolong shook his head and yelled out, "Hell, no!" Suddenly, he noticed that someone was driving on the motorcycle on way to them. "Hey, what's that?" asked Oolong.

It was Yamucha and Puar who rode a flying bike, the Jet Momonga, up to Goku and Oolong. Then Yamucha stopped next to them and stared at them. "Yo," greeted Yamucha.

"Who the hell are you?" demanded Kakarrot.

Yamucha got off the motorcycle and rest his hand on his katana by his waist. "I am Yamucha, the hyena who has made this desert his stronghold!"

Puar was the next to greet. "And I'm Puar!"

Yamucha chuckled, "It wouldn't be right of me to fight a couple of kids, but if you want to make it out of this desert alive, you'll give me your money and capsules."

Oolong widened his eyes and pointed at Puar. "Puar! If it isn't crybaby Puar!"

Puar shocked, "Oolong!"

"Do you know him?" asked Yamucha.

Puar looked up at Yamucha and nodded, "I do! He always used to bully me back when we went to the Southern Transformation School!"

Yamucha chuckled, "Bullying weak people is wrong. Puar. I'll make him pay for what he did to you."

Oolong cowered behind Kakarrot and gulped, "Didn't you just say bullying weak people is wrong?"

"Yamucha-sama! Oolong was kicked out of school for stealing a female teacher's panties!" said Puar.

Yamucha chuckled, "He sounds like quite a pathetic person…"

Puar glared at Oolong and said, "You big pervert! I hate you!"

Oolong snarled, "Why'd you have to bring that up, you jerk…!"

Kakarrot got enough with Oolong and Puar arguing each other. He backhand punch on Oolong's nose, making him fell over to ground. "I don't have a time for your shitty bickering! I don't care about you guys. Anyone gets in my way is going to get killed! That same goes for you if you get in my way, piggy!"

Oolong got up and nodded nervously, "Y- y- yes, sir!"

Yamucha smirked, "None of that matters now. Just hand over your money and capsules."

Oolong shook Kakarrot's arm and asked, "Hey, you are strong, right?"

Once again, Kakarrot punched Oolong in the nose, knocking him down the ground. "Did I tell you not to touch me again?! Obviously, I'm not weakling bastard like you! I'm strong!"

While Oolong was laying on the ground, he tried to wipe the nosebleed, and laughed, "We're not giving you any of our money or capsules! You'd best leave before you get hurt!"

'Moron! When will he ever to shut up? I don't even know why I bother to invite him to our Dragon Ball Gang!" thought Kakarrot.

Yamucha stepped forward and chuckled, "Oh? Do you want to visit heaven that badly?" as he drew the katana from his sheath.

Puar stared up at Yamucha and cheered, "Yamucha-sama! Beat them up!"

Yamucha nodded, "You got it!" as Oolong ran away in fear to cower behind one of large rock.

"Okay! He's all yours! Knock his lights out!" Oolong demanded Kakarrot.

Growling, Kakarrot muttered, "What a coward! Once I kill this Yamucha, I'm going to torture Oolong too!"

"Go beat him up! He wants to kill us!" said Oolong.

"Shut up! I know already!" scowled Kakarrot. He stared up at Yamucha and chuckled, "T- to think an earthling like you is going to take on Saiyan like me! Let me tell you first. You cannot beat me. That's fact! You will realize that you are no match for me once you're in next world!"

Yamucha sighed, "This kid sure is underestimating me…"

Oolong gulped and muttered to himself, "I am not sure who I should cheer on. The thief bandit or Kakarrot. If Kakarrot wins, he's going to torture me anyways! If that Yamucha guy wins, he's going to steal our money and capsules then leave us. I don't know who to cheer!" Then he realized that Bulma was sound snoring and turned at her who was still sleeping. He sighed, "Not a care in the world…"

"Here I come!" shouted Yamucha. He threw his scabbard up into the sky so Puar could catch it. Then he charged towards Kakarrot and attempted to swing his sword at him, but the young Saiyan jumped to dodge and landed on the ground behind him.

Yamucha then charged towards Kakarrot and thrust his sword at Kakarrot, but the Saiyan rolled over on the ground only to reveal Puar in front of him. He was freak out and stopped just at the inch above between Puar's ears. The blue cat fainted from fear.

Yamucha gave Kakarrot another swung, but Kakarrot jumped to dodge. Then Kakarrot went back just to swing his leg down at Yamucha, but the thief bandit blocked his leg with the sword. They bounced themselves off away from each other.

Suddenly, Kakarrot charged towards Yamucha and punched him in the gut, knocking him away.

"Yamucha-sama…!" cried Puar.

Oolong smiled widely and cheered, "Awesome! He really is strong!"

Yamucha got up and clasped his stomach in the pain. He growled, "Boy! Your leg touched my sword that should have cut your leg off! How comes it didn't cut your leg off?!"

Kakarrot chuckled, "That's because I'm a Saiyan. The strongest race in the universe! Pathetic weakling human like you should not be underestimating me!"

Yamucha growled, "What?! Never mind that, your fighting style reminded me of someone! Who's your master's name?!"

"I am not sure if I can call him my master, but I never consider him my master anyways. In that case, I can tell you his name. It was Son Gohan," responded Kakarrot.

"I thought so." Yamucha sighed, "Son Gohan is such an expert that for every martial art there is, he has no equal!"

Kakarrot chuckled, "You said he has no equal? You fool! He is too weak for me! You see, I killed him myself. I felt so good to kill him! He was too foolish enough to adopt me as his grandson! He was too foolish enough to raise me and train me to be great Martial Arts! I'm glad that he made me to be stronger so I can kill him! Now you will be my third earthling killing!"

Yamucha widened his eyes and shocked, "What?! You killed him?! I guess that means I can't go easy on you just because you're a kid. I will have to go hard on you since you killed him."

Oolong shocked, "I've heard of him, too!" then he got in thought, 'His master's famous! I can't believe that he killed his own adopted grandpa who made an effort enough to train him!'

Kakarrot clasped his stomach and sighed, "I'm so hungry… " Suddenly, he widened his eyes and shocked, "Shit! I- I forget about wolves that I got last night! Fuck! Fuck that turtle!"

Yamucha widened his legs and chuckled, "It's been so long since I've fought a tough opponent!" as he shifted into wolf stance. He shouted, "Roga…fufu-ken! (Wolf Fang Gale Fist)"

He charged towards Kakarrot and kicked him in the jaw, and typically did a combo of clawing and punching, then finishing with a double palm strike to launch his opponent away into several rocks. The large rock crumbled and crushed Kakarrot on the ground.

Puar ran towards Yamucha and cheered, "Yamucha-sama!"

Oolong cheered, "That's our Yamucha-sama! He's the strongest man in the world, not to mention good-looking! What an amazing guy!" which got Yamucha attention to him. Yamucha walked towards him. Oolong widened his eyes and waved him off. "S-Stay away!" He shouted out, "Transformation!" then he turned into a fly and flew away. "Bleeeh!"

"Don't let him get away, Puar! After him!" ordered Yamucha.

Puar nodded, "Right!" then he shouted, "Flyswatter Transformation!" as he turned into flyswatter and knocked Oolong out of his form, eventually stopping him.

Oolong yelped, "Ouch!" then he rubbed his head and glared up at Flyswatter Puar. "Dammit! I thought we were classmates!"

Puar went back to his regular form and chuckled, "That's what you get for bullying me!"

Yamucha walked down to Oolong and said, "If you'd rather not wind up hurt any more, you'll hand over your money and capsules."

Oolong sighed, "A-Alright." Then he put his hand in his pocket. "Damn it! I was saving this for a special occasion, too!" He finally found it and showed it to Yamucha.

Yamucha smiled, "Oh, an M-size capsule! Pretty fancy for a kid like you to have! I bet I can sell it for a lot!"

Kakarrot emerged from the rock and still hold his stomach. He walked towards Yamucha and growled, "So hungry… You bastard! Now you've gotten me mad!"

"You're still alive?" asked Yamucha. "Do you want to experience my Rogafufu-ken even more?"

Kakarrot chuckled, "I don't waste my technique just to defeat you, earthling!"

Yamucha rushed towards Kakarrot and punched right at Kakarrot's face, but the Saiyan raised his arm to block the punch. Then Kakarrot punched right at Yamucha, and roundhouse kicked him square in the jaw, sending him towards the nearby rock. But Yamucha didn't went through the rock, he got bounced off and smashed into the ground.

Yamucha got up and snarled, "Damn you…!" then he charged towards Kakarrot.

'Dammit! I am so hungry! I hardly have any energy… I forget the important note. Saiyan required to have their stomach on full before they can fight! I am pathetic Saiyan warrior! Here I am having a hard time to fight with this weakling earthling!' thought Kakarrot.

Oolong widened his eyes and shocked, "All you did was make him mad!"

"Shut up!" demanded Kakarrot.

Bulma could not stand the ground shook, so he had to wake up and rubbed his eyes. He sighed, "Keep it down! I can't sleep!"

Yamucha stopped running at Kakarrot while staring at Bulma. Now the green-haired girl saw him and began to fall in love with him. She thought, 'He's a cute! He's fighting Kakarrot! Yes! He's going to save me and beat that Kakarrot up!'

Yamucha's legs began to trembled and fell to the ground. Puar ran to him and cried, "Yamucha-sama!"

"P- Puar! Temporary retreat!" said Yamucha.

Puar nodded, "Right!"

Then Yamucha fled on his motorcycle and shouted, "Listen up! That capsule will be mine!"

"Huh?" confused Oolong. "What just happened?"

Bulma got up and stared at Kakarrot and Oolong. "Say, who was that just now?!" asked Bulma curiosity. "He seemed like a really cool guy…! Who was he?"

Kakarrot grabbed Oolong's shirt and demanded, "Do you have a house?! I'm hungry! Throw that capsule now!"

(Yamucha's Hideout- Nightfall)

"Damn it!" Yamucha grumbled, "I had no idea there was a girl there!"

Puar sighed, "I know how you're weak around girls, Yamucha-sama!"

Yamucha slammed his fist on the table and snarled, "I can't stand this! I get nervous every time I see a girl… It's not that I hate them, I just get panicky… But I swear that I will steal that capsule!" He drank the hot tea and stared at Puar. "We're going after their Hoi Poi Capsule once sun sets."

"But you're not good around girls, and there's one with them!" said Puar.

Yamucha chuckled, "I think I Know how to take care of that."

(With Kakarrot, Oolong, and Bulma- Inside RV)

While Kakarrot was eating the meal, Bulma sat next to Kakarrot and complained, "Why didn't you tell us you had this mobile home capsule?! You're so selfish!"

Oolong opened the oven to reveal the huge turkey and sighed, "Dammit! I was saving this capsule for a special occasion, too!" Then he picked up the turkey and carried to the table. "Why'd those bandits have to show up?!" He placed the turkey on the table and looked at Kakarrot who was still eating the meat. "You sure eat a lot, huh?"

Kakarrot scowled, "Obviously, I'm hungry! Now stop talking to me when I'm eating!"

Bulma gently touched her hair and frowned, "I have split ends from walking in all that dust!" She asked Oolong, "Say, does this thing have a bathroom?"

Bulma pointed up at the stair and said, "It's over there."

Then they went into the bathroom. Bulma grumbled, "Look how small this is! A shower is all you can take in here!"

"Stop your complaining!" Oolong sighed, "Who's the one letting you use this mobile home in the first place?!"

"I assume it has hot water?" asked Bulma.

"Of course it does!" said Oolong. "It actually has hot water, plus soap and shampoo!" Bulma began to look around the bathroom. "What're you looking for?"

"Peepholes," replied Bulma.

Oolong scoffed, "There aren't any!"

"Really? But still, no peeping!" said Bulma.

Oolong nodded, "Got it." Then he got in thought, 'I'd never do anything as shallow as peep on you! I prefer being much more direct…!'

(Later- Night)

Meanwhile, outside the van, Two robot hopped through the large rocks and hid behind the rock. *Pilaf-sama! We've located them!* said one of robot.

*Good! Commence with the plan!* said Pilaf. *No slip-ups this time!*

One of robot nodded, *Understood!*

Then the robot door creaked opened only to reveal Mai and Shuu. "Let's go!" said Mai. They hopped out of robot. They ran to other rock and stared at the van. They decided to risk even more so they went to the van and looked up at the window. Shuu picked up the clock and set it to 00:03:59. Then he placed the digital clock under the van.

"Uh oh! There's someone out there!" said Mai.

Shuu yelped, "Whoops…!"

"What are you doing?!" asked Mai.

"I accidentally stuck the bomb to my hand when you suddenly tapped me!" said Shuu. He revealed to her that the tap was stuck in his hand.

Mai shocked, "Get it off, hurry!"

"I can't!" said Shuu.

"Well, I'm running away by myself, then!" said Mai. Then she began to run away.

"Hey, wait!" cried Shuu as he followed her.

(With Yamucha and Puar)

Yamucha and Puar ran to hide behind the rock staring at the van. "A mobile home," said Yamucha. "Ah, so that capsule was a mobile home."

"It'll be hard to steal it now," said Puar.

Yamucha chuckled, "Anyway, Puar. You lure the girl out when she's all alone. With her gone, it's as good as ours!"

(Inside RV)

Oolong hung his arms around behind his neck and stared at Kakarrot. He asked, "Do you think those bandits'll attack again?"

"It doesn't matter if they do. I won't lose now that I've eaten a lot! I will kill him when he came back!" said Kakarrot.

"By the way, are you actually serious about going to Mt. Frypan?" asked Oolong. "It's a really scary place, you know! What are you going all the way there for, anyway?!"

Kakarrot sighed, "First of all, I don't like you at all, piggy! Second of all, I want you to stop complain! I will tell you because you're annoyed! That's because there's a Dragon Ball."

"A Dragon Ball? What's that?" asked Oolong.

"I have one, I'll show it to you," said Kakarrot. He picked up the Four-Star Ball and showed it to him. "This."

(Outside the Van- With Yamucha and Puar)

Yamucha looked up at the window and said, "I can hear the girl's voice…!"

"It'll be easy to draw her out if the other two are asleep!" said Puar.

"Let me see…" said Yamucha. Then he took a peek at the window only to reveal nude Bulma taking a shower. He quickly crouched and got frightened.

"Yamucha-sama! What's the matter?!" asked Puar.

(Inside Bathroom- With Bulma)

Bulma stared at the window and confused, "I could swear I heard something…"

(Outside the Van- With Yamucha and Puar)

Yamucha clenched his fist and gulped, "T-This is a nightmare…! I just saw the greatest thing in the world…!"

"What did you see?!" asked Puar.

Suddenly, he heard Oolong's voice shocked, "You serious?!"

"It's those brats!" said Yamucha.

They had to move to another window. "It sounds like they're still not asleep!" said Puar.

(Inside Van- With Kakarrot and Oolong)

Oolong picked the Four-Star Ball and said, "So if you collect all seven of these Dragon Balls, a dragon comes out and grants you a wish?"

Kakarrot nodded, "Yeah…"

"Any wish at all?" asked Oolong.

"Yeah, at least what she told me," said Kakarrot.

"So how many balls do you have right now?" asked Oolong.

"How many question you're gonna ask?! We have five Dragon Balls right now," replied Kakarrot.

"So that means the sixth is on Mt. Frypan?" asked Oolong.

An annoyed Kakarrot scowled, "Of course! Now stop asking me all of these question, and shut up!"

(Outside the Van- With Yamucha and Puar)

"Puar!" cried Yamucha. He gestured to come with him.

Puar nodded, "Right!"

Yamucha and Puar ran to the rock so they can discuss about the Dragon Balls. Yamucha smiled, "Did you hear that?!"

Puar nodded, "I did!"

"They said it would grant you any wish you want!" said Yamucha.

"Yeah!" Puar nodded, "They did!"

Yamucha cheered, "Alright, then! I'll ask him to make it so that I don't lose my cool in front of girls!"

Puar fell down on the ground and sighed, "Actually, Yamucha-sama… Wouldn't it be best to ask for power or money instead?"

Yamucha stared at Puar and asked, "How many years have you been with me now?"

"Two years come next month…" replied Puar.

Yamucha sighed, "You've been with me for two years and you still don't understand me. I have no interest in power! And I can always steal money if I need it. Isn't that right?"

Puar sighed, "Yes, but…"

Yamucha frowned, "But being panicky around girls is truly pathetic!" He clenched his fist and said, "To put it bluntly, I yearn to be married!"

Puar sighed, "So you actually do like girls…"

Yamucha stared at the van and chuckled, "Those Dragon Balls are mine!"

(Inside Van- With Kakarrot and Oolong)

"But that's really not my kind of thing…" said Oolong..

"Why not?" asked Kakarrot.

Oolong sighed, "The only thing I'm into is women. Nothing else."

"Then why not have the dragon give you some women?" asked Kakarrot.

Oolong smiled, "Hey, you're right! Good thinking! I'll just ask for the cutest girl in the world. Wait. Maybe I should ask for warm panties instead."

Kakarrot scoffed, "Sorry, but you're not gonna get your wish anyways. I'm going to my wish. If you steal my wish, then I will kill you. But still why do you like a girl so much? I don't see any reason why the pig like you like human."

Oolong sighed, "Little kid."

Kakarrot chuckled, "I will tell you that might interest in you. When she sleeps, we will go to her room and take her bra and panties off. How about-"

Suddenly, Bulma clocked Kakarrot in the head and growled, "What stupidity are you spouting out now?!" Bulma wore towel around her body and had the towel wrapped around her hair.

Kakarrot glared up at Bulma and growled, "You bitch! You will not hit me ever again!"

Bulma widened her eyes and thought, 'O-Oh shit! I did to him something I shouldn't have done!'

Kakarrot stood up and clenched his fist in anger. "Woman! How dare you hit me?!"

"I- I- I'm sorry! Please forgive me!" begged Bulma.

Suddenly, Kakarrot punched right at Bulma's face, knocking her down the floor. He took the towel off from her, only to reveal her nude body. He pulled her hair and then slammed her hear on the floor. "Do you know what I will do next if you do something to me?!" He did not get any respond from her. Once more again, he slammed her head on the floor again. "Answer me! If you don't, then I will punch you again! I don't care if you're woman or not! I can still hit you!"

Bulma gulped nervously, "Y- You will take my bra off?"

Kakarrot chuckled, "Wrong answer! You will sleep in your bed naked!"

"Why can't I have pajamas?" asked Bulma.

Kakarrot chuckled, "I doubt piggy's pajamas can fit you in, does it? Besides, Oolong probably doesn't care if I hit you that way, since he gets to see your naked body!" He glanced over his shoulder at Oolong who was drooling at her nude. He let Bulma get up and handed the towel back to her. "Here's your towel back. This perverted piggy won't get back to his sense again if you're still naked anyways."

Bulma grabbed the towel and covered her body with the towel. 'W- Why do I have to be stuck with this villain Saiyan and perverted pig? Either I have to change him a better person, or wish him to be dead'

Finally, Oolong regained his senses back into, and decided to walk to the fridge. He acted like it never happened. He thought, 'I can't believe it! I just saw Kakarrot tortured her, but at least, I see something good! I just scored it!' Then he grabbed two orange juices and gave one of them to Bulma. "How about some cold juice after your hot bath?"

Bulma sighed, 'I can't believe it! He just act like a normal?!' then she gave him a fake smile. "Oh, sometimes you can be pretty polite for a pervert!"

"I could've done without the pervert remark!" said Oolong sarcastically.

Bulma grabbed the orange juice and smiled, but still a fake smile. "Thanks!" Then she drank the orange juice up.

Kakarrot quickly yanked the cup of orange juice out of Oolong and angrily drank whole juice. 'That bitch! I thought she understood me last night! I guess I will have to find a way to prank her again!'

Now, Oolong began to smirk like a pervert. Kakarrot stared at Oolong and asked, "Aren't you going to have any?"

Oolong smiled, "Eh? Oh, I had some earlier."

Bulma yawned, "I'm sleepy… Where's the bed?"

"Upstaris," said Oolong.

Bulma nodded tiredly, "Oh, okay." She climbed up on the stair, but before she could go into the room. She stared down at Oolong, "You guys are sleeping down here!" then she stared down at Kakarrot who glared up at her. She sighed, "Um… except for Kakarrot. He can go in the room anytime! Oolong! If you try any funny stuff while I'm asleep, it's more PP diarrhea time for you!"

Oolong chuckled, "I won't!"

"And have my clothes washed by tomorrow morning!" said Bulma.

Oolong nodded, "Okay!" Then Bulma went into her room. He sighed, "She sure is hot, but her attitude could use some work! How was she raised?!" He noticed that Kakarrot began to sleep. He chuckled, 'Looks like the sedatives I put in the juice have taken effect! Now that she's completely asleep, I can feel her up!'

(Outside the Van- With Shuu and Mai)

"What's takin so long?!" asked an impatient Mai.

Shuu tried to change the bomb time, and trembled, "This looks bad! It won't stop! It's going to explode in less than a minute!"

Mai shocked, "No way! So now what?!" Then she ran to cover behind the tree.

Shuu sighed, "Don't ask me…!" Finally, he was able to change the bomb time to 8:00:00 a.m.

"What did you do? Are we safe now?" asked Mai.

Shuu nodded, "Yeah, I reset the timer. It won't explode until eight o'clock tomorrow morning."

(Inside Van- With Oolong)

Oolong gently touched Kakarrot's nose who was still snoring sounds peacefully. He chuckled, 'The sedatives worked perfectly!' Then he climbed up on the stair into Bulma's temporary room.

(Outside Van- With Yamucha and Puar)

Puar peeked through the window staring at Kakarrot who was fast asleep on the couch. "The boy's all alone!"

Yamucha chuckled, "Okay, Puar! Turn into a key!"

Puar nodded, "Right! Transformation!" as he changed into the key.

Then Yamucha unlocked the door using the key and opened it.

(Inside Van- With Oolong- Bulma's room)

Oolong was going to pull the blanket from the sleeping Bulma. He heard someone breaking into the RV. He shocked, "W-What was that sound?!"

From the kitchen room, Yamucha stared at the sleeping Kakarrot and sighed, "The lazy kid's asleep. Are the pig and the girl upstairs?"

Puar looked around him and nodded, "Probably!"

Yamucha chuckled, "Okay! Transform into this boy and draw them both outside!"

Puar nodded, "Right! Transformation!" as he changed into Kakarrot.

From Bulma's room, Oolong shocked, "Don't tell me he's awake now!" He saw that Kakarrot who was climbing up the stair. 'That's impossible! Those were extra-strength tranquilizers! What do I do?! He'll give me PP diarrhea again if he found out that I was here or put him to sleep!' Suddenly, he got an idea. He smiled, "That's it!" He ran to Bulma and put the blanket over Bulma's head. "Transformation!" then he changed into Bulma.

Bulma chuckled, "Oh, Kakarrot-chan! You're still awake?"

Kakarrot looked around him and confused, "Huh? Where's Oolong?"

"He just went out for a walk," replied Bulma.

Kakarrot smiled, "Oh, really? Oh, yeah! I need to tell you something important, but can I do it outside while we take a walk, too?"

Bulma puzzled, "Eh? Sure…" Then she stared at the bed and thought, 'Man…'

Kakarrot climbed down the stair with Bulma and asked, "Oh, so Oolong went on a walk?!"

Bulma nodded, "That's what I said! There's no need to shout!" Then they walked out of RV and still strolling outside.

Yamucha was holding the sleeping Kakarrot behind the stair and sighed, "Ah, so the pig went out for a walk. But I don't remember the girl being so chubby…" then he laid Kakarrot on the floor. "Well, all that matters now is that I find the Dragon Balls…" He climbed up the stair to Bulma's room. He noticed that there were two rounds thingy under the blanket.

He walked towards them and confused, "What are those bulges?" He noticed that there were definitely rounds thingy under the blanket. He chuckled, "Did they really think nobody would find them here? The Dragon Balls are mine—" Then he placed his hands on the two Dragon Balls or at least what he thought. But it was so soft. He squeezed it and played with it.

"Huh?" Yamucha confused, "They're strangely soft…"

(Outside- With Kakarrot and Bulma)

"Come on, what do you need to tell me?" An impatient Bulma complained. "We've walked a really long way!"

Kakarrot smirked, "I guess this is far enough. Here, I'll show you!" Suddenly, he changed into Puar.

Bulma shocked, "Eh? Puar?!"

Puar chuckled, "Sorry for tricking you!"

Suddenly, Bulma changed into Oolong and pointed at him. He growled, "How dare you…!"

Puar shocked, "Oolong…!"

(Inside Van- With Yamucha)

Yamucha pulled the blanket out and widened his eyes. He screamed in frightened, "AHHHHHHHHHH!"

(Outside Van- With Oolong and Puar)

Puar widened his eyes and cried, "Yamucha-sama!" as he flew towards the van.

Oolong scowled, "Puar!"

Puar finally caught up to Yamucha and saw that Yamucha sat on the stair outside the van. "Yamucha-sama!"

Yamucha shocked, "One breast, two breasts…"

"Try to pull yourself together!" said Puar.

"Hey, stop!" cried Oolong. When he saw Yamucha and shocked, "Y-Yamucha…!"

"Let's call it a day and retreat!" said Puar. He picked Yamucha's arm up and pulled him to walk.

Yamucha kept muttering and said, "One breast, two breasts…"

Oolong frowned, "What the fuck did they want?!" Then he decided to go to sleep for a night.

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