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Edward and Jasper sat on the couch wrapped in each other's arms as they watch their friend pace the floor. Jasper tilted his head a little to the left so that Edward could nuzzle the delicate place just below his jawbone. Jasper groans quietly. Edward chuckles. Neither man paying much attention to the woman talking widely as she walks back and forth. She stops suddenly and stares at both men as they share a kiss, still not paying her much attention.

"Will the two of you stop that? Right now!" CJ raised her voice so she would be sure they listened to her. "I'm not writing about you two at the moment and I need your help this time."

Jasper untangles his legs from Edwards and looks straight into CJ's eyes.

"What do you want us to do about it?" he smirks as he asks the question.

"It's not our fault you wrote about two other guys now is it?"

"Jasper, stop, that's mean, can't you see she is really upset?" Edward says grabbing a belt loop on Jasper's jeans and sharply pulling him back to rest on the couch. He then turns to CJ.

"CJ what can we do," Edward asks true concern in his words.

"I don't know. I've never done this before. With you two it's always been such a joy to get the two of you involved in a mystery or a romance and let you do your thing then I'd post a new story or a new chapter and things were just…good. I sometimes felt like a voyeur even when I was writing the story," CJ answered clearly frustrated.

"It's scary leaving the world of Fan Fiction and moving on to publish a story that doesn't involve the two of you."

"So read us the synopsis again," Edward encourages.


A New Dream by C.J. Baty

A split-second of time and Walt's dreams of Olympic gold were crushed along with his right leg when he was involved in a serious accident on the ski-fields during the preliminary trials. Now he's teaching beginners on the ski slopes of Crystal Falls Lodge, run by his family in West Virginia, and wondering if he'll ever crawl out of the pit that his life has become. Eventually, the look of devastation on his sister's face at how much he's let himself go, prompts him to try harder to experience life again. First on the list: a trip to town and a haircut.

Curt Woodridge is used to traveling light. Ever since he was kicked out of home at eighteen, when his family found out he was gay, he's been moving from one town to the next, performing in small bars and ski lodges to make his living. He is one of the lucky ones; he was saved from having to live on the streets by his agent and is genuinely happy with the way his life is going. After performing a great set at his latest gig, Curt decides to head into town and look around. He has seven days to kill before he'll be moving on to the next gig.

Neither man is ready for love, and definitely not on the streets of Flat Rock. But when neither of them is looking, quite literally, they fall hard. But how does a man who thought he'd lost everything dare to dream of a life with someone who is leaving town for good in less than a week?

The room was eerily quiet. Edward and Jasper sat looking at each other and then to their friend.

"Sooooo," she asked while staring at the two men.

"I think it sounds just fine. I'd read it," Edward answers grinning at C.J.

"Jasper what do you think?" C.J. asked the other man who was busy running his fingers up and down his partners arm causing gooseflesh to pop out along the path.

Jasper stood up and stepped across the coffee table and grabbed C.J. by her shoulders. Looking deep into her hazel eyes and taking a deep breath, he set about soothing his friend.

"I think you will be just fine. The book is good. People are going to love it. And I really need for you to write a sex scene for me and Edward right now. All this talk about lounge singers and skiers is making me horny. So do me a favor and sit down over there at the computer and work your magic on those computer keys," he kissed her cheek turned her around and patted her on the bum. "Go on be a good girl."

CJ crossed the room and sat down at the computer where she had typed many stories and love scenes for her two friends on the couch. Her fingers lightly stroked the keys and words began to emerge on the screen.

Jasper tugs on Edward's shirt and pulls it up and over the wild bronze hair that needs Jasper's fingers running through it. Edward sighs as Jasper's lips leave tiny wet kisses across his skin on their way to a hardened nipple…..

Author's Note

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do this here but I thought I would give you a little E/J to go along with the announcement. The book mentioned A New Dream is mine and CJ is of course me. So many of you have asked to be advised when I finally got a book published, well on February 12, A New Dream by C.J. Baty will be available for purchase in several venues. Please see my profile for specifics or visit my new blogger .com for news and leave me a post so I'll know you were there.

I wanted a way to let those of you who had seemed interested when my first original story would be published. Well the day has come; on February 12th, 2013…A New Dream by C.J. Baty will be available at Bottom Drawer Publishing and other selling agents. Please check out my new blogger page at .com and leave me a post. And just so you know, I am not pulling any of my stories from fan fiction and I hope to be able to come back here and write from time to time. Thank you all for the reads and reviews and I hope you have the chance to enjoy my original work also.