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My fingers gripped his messy bronze locks. I used soft tugs to show him I needed him to go slower, lapping my stiffening length. He knew I'd eventually need it deeper, faster and that I'd flatten my hands on the back of his head and push when the time came. We knew each other so well.

"Oh darlin'…so good…you work me so good."

Edward looked up at me then from his position between my legs. His eyes shining brightly crinkled at the corners. He never stopped sucking me so deliciously but I could see the mirth in his eyes. Shit!

I lay my head back and tried desperately to stay in the moment but in my head I was ranting and raving already. NOT THE FUCK AGAIN!

That was it! As soon as I started screaming at her in my head…Edward pulled away from my now shrinking hard on and chuckled.

"Jasper," he whispered as he petted my thighs trying to sooth my shattered nerves.

"Edward, she does it on purpose! I know she does," I crossed my arms and legs as he crawled up the bed to lay by my side. Pulling me into his arms, he held me whispering in my ear letting me know that he loved me.

"She hates me. It's always me that gets cock blocked," I knew I was a grown man and I was pouting like a teenage girl but seriously this was getting fucking old! "She likes you better than me. She never does this when it's your turn to get off."

Edward laughed out loud at my last statement, effectively ending what could have been a fabulous blow job for me.

"It just seems that way, sweetheart. She loves you just as much as she loves me." His lips tickled behind my ear trying to end my pissy mood. I wasn't having any of it and I pushed on his chest to stop him.

"I really am sorry, Jasper," CJ finally spoke from behind her hiding place. "It's just…I'm…well…stuck, I guess you could say."

She did sound dejected but I wasn't ready to forgive her for stopping my fun again, not yet anyway.

"What can we do, CJ," Edward asked. I knew Edward was always more sensitive to CJ's voice than I was.

"I don't know that you can do anything," CJ answered. "It's just one of those things. Life is just sucky right now."

"Did you have to say the word suck?" Jasper thought to himself.

"Did you ever thank all those fan fiction readers who bought "A New Dream"? That might perk you up some," Edward offered.

"No, I need to do that," CJ answered then added, 'I think I've lost my muse, Edward. You know, the one who helped me when I was having writers block."

"Good Lord, we have to snap her out of this Edward. Nobody is going to get laid if she's got writers block!" I groaned to Edward.

Edward shook his head in agreement and then he got a faraway look on his face. Shortly after, his eyes lit up and a beautiful smile crossed his lips.

"CJ," he called out. "It's the new story that's giving you trouble, isn't it?"


"Okay, so, what's got you stuck?"

"It's a certain scene I'm writing. The two main characters, Justin and Marcus are being…intimate…"

"And that's a fucking problem?" I groaned waving my arms in the air; she was really getting on my last nerve. "At least they're getting off!"

Edward slapped my arm hard and glared at me. He mouthed the words not helping.

"What if you let Jasper and I read it and act it out for you," Edward asked. I liked the sound of that and my cock twitched.

"Yes, we could do that. Maybe then I'd get off," I answered excitedly.

"JASPER!" Edward and CJ shouted at the same time.


Edward rolled his eyes at me then asked, "Alright CJ, do you want us to read it for you?"


I knew Jasper had a one track mind but honestly he was not helping the situation at all. I could clearly see that CJ was having a difficult time of it. She needed us and Jasper was being an ass all because he got cock blocked.

"Thank you Edward, I appreciate that you care but I don't know about that. You two are nothing like Justin and Marcus and Jasper, well he just isn't mature enough…"

"What the hell do you mean I'm not mature enough?" Jasper sat up in the bed and looked at the ceiling while he shouted. Did he really think she was floating up there somewhere? I was going to have to have a long talk with this boy.

"Well the offers open if you ever need us. We're here for you, you know that." I answered quickly so Jasper wouldn't say anything else.

I turned to tell Jasper that we just needed to give her some time and she'd be back in the writing mood again. Suddenly I was overcome with this need to kiss the pouty mood right out of my man. I sighed and whispered a silent thank you in my mind. CJ was writing us again.

I ran my fingers up Jasper's arm and then across his chest. I tweaked one nipple and kissed Jaspers shoulder. God, I was so horny. I realized that CJ had left us naked instead of dressing us like she usually did when she talked to us. It dawned on me then, she had stopped us before on purpose. The little minx had been playing with Jasper…just because she could and she knew he'd pout and get pissed off. I heard a giggle become clear in the back of my head and CJ whispered, "I couldn't help it Edward, really. Jasper is just so much fun to tease and mess with. He really brings it on himself."

Jasper's breath caught as I straddled his lap and moved to suck on one pink hardened nipple. I loved biting on them, just enough to sting and to hear Jasper's reaction. I couldn't help smiling when he called out, "Shit! Yes!"

I could feel Jasper's hard on come raging back to life under my ass. Moving I maneuvered Jasper's length to slip into my crease between my ass cheeks. He was leaking just enough to rub smoothly over my opening stimulating the nerve endings there. Damn it felt good.

Jasper reached up to rub the palm of one hand across my stomach causing my abs to constrict under his touch. With the other hand, he palmed my erection gently…lovingly. We both relaxed into the touches and strokes we were giving and receiving, enjoying the build up to what we both wanted and needed. Jasper finally spoke but his words were breathy, like he was having difficulty getting them out.

"She was fucking with us…again! Me and you, too; you know that right?"

I did but damned if I could care about it right at the moment. I reached down beside Jasper, where I instinctively knew there would be a bottle of lube and a condom or two. Supplies in hand, I scooted back away from Jasper's fingers which were driving me to distraction. His rather large erection was now in front of me as I sat on his thighs while I tore open the condom and teasingly rolled it over him. Once on, I pinched the end a little and winked at Jasper. That earned me a deep gravely, "Oh, God!" Then using the lube, I made sure to slick him up nicely and I rose up on my knees.

Jasper grabbed his cock and held it rigid. He knew what I wanted and he was letting me know he was so fucking ready it wasn't funny. I used the rest of the lube on my fingers to massage myself, knowing Jasper loved to watch me do that. He whimpered at the scene and his body shook slightly. Pushing myself down over Jasper's rock hard length was harder on him that it was on me. My body accepted him as it had on so many occasions. His body broke out in a fine sweat and I could see the strain in his face. He was trying so fucking hard not to thrust up into me until I was ready for him.

It felt so good. He filled me completely and I knew he was feeling the heat and the ridges of my tunnel as I slowly rode him. No words were necessary between us. Nothing in the world felt like the connection the two of us enjoyed with each other. Love and lust mixed together poured from both of us we stared into each other's eyes. This was the part I loved the most, the intimacy our joining brought to us. No one else had ever made my heart beat, the way Jasper did. It felt like it was going to break free from my ribs and float away into the clouds.

I moved faster, bringing us closer to the climax we were chasing. Jasper's thrusts became erratic, without rhythm. He was close.

"Touch me," I ordered him. "Make me come, baby."

Always willing to please with his trademark smirk on his face, Jasper used one hand to cuddle and squeeze my balls lovingly. He grabbed my shaft tightly with the other hand stroking quickly up and down. It was a completely opposite feeling tugging me in two different directions. I leaned back resting my hands behind me between Jaspers out stretched legs. The change in position had me writhing in no time. Jasper's cock rubbed across my sweet spot on nearly every stroke now. I felt the tingle in my balls as Jasper held them snuggly. It was the rush of white heat that suddenly raced through my veins that shocked me. I rose up, eyes now focused on my lover and I felt my mouth drop open though no sound came out. Thick ropes of semen spurted from my cock and splattered on Jasper's stomach and chest. One splash even reached his cheek and dripped off. The look on Jasper's face caused aftershocks to draw my orgasm out even more.

Jasper gasped, shuddered and filled the condom inside me, panting my name over and over again. The look of pure bliss on his face made my heart swell to bursting with joy. It was moments like this sharing each other's sexual high that brought us even closer together.

I leaned forward because I couldn't stay up any longer and relished the feel of his skin pressed tightly to mine. We stayed there for what seemed like hours just listening to each other breath. Finally Jasper had to speak.

"That was…"Jasper started.

"Amazing," I finished.

I could feel Jasper smile against my hair as I smiled against his chest. We felt lazy, sated and beyond the need to say anything else.

It didn't take long for soft snores and mumbled words of love to fill the space in the quiet room and in CJ's mind.


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I have a couple of rec's for you if you are looking for something good to read: 1) His Daddy's Eyes by SlashGalAgget which is an Edward/Jasper story with an incredible baby named Matthew who brings love to everyone he comes in contact with and 2) The Red Hoodie by ant1gon3 which is an Edward/Seth/Jacob threesome story. The beginning of this story was a little hard for me because sadly in our word people can be as cruel as some of the folks in this fic but as the story has progressed it gets better and stronger and draws you into it with its heart. Both stories though very different are well written and well worth your time.

Thanks for reading, CJ