La Tortura

Malaya Milagros "Millie" Iglesias-

Her FBI agent name Milagros Wendy Santos

Brian's sister. OC/Dom, She's part Filipino, part Caucasian, and part Mexican. Her mom is half Filipina and half Mexican while her dad is Caucasian. Her dad is Brian's dad. Millie's mom never spoke about her father. When she questions her mom, her mom never replies as her older sister never talks about him either. At age seven a woman named Clarissa comes into Marcella's (Millie's mom) house and dumps her ten year old son there without a care, his name is Brian. Marcella tells her that he's her brother and that Clarissa didn't want him with her. Mariah, Millie's older sister moves out of the house after arguing with Marcella on him staying. Brian and Millie live in a barrio ("hood" or bad streets of a neighborhood) and see car races mostly every day, that's where their enthusiasm with cars begins.

Portrayed by: Ana Patricia Gonzalez