La Tortura


Twenty Percent Angel Eighty Percent Devil

Millie POV

I watched as Hector and his crew came into Harry's as I was at the computer with Bri. "Damn, what do we got here? Hired some new help?" I looked at Hector as Bri went over to him and said, "Don't even think about it. What's up?" Hector replied, "What's up Brian? How you feeling?" Brian nodded as he said, "Pretty good." I walked over beside him as Hector said, "Oye mami, Millie, how's it going?" I answered, "It's all good, Hector. So what do you need?" Hector replied, "What's up man? I need you to hook me up. Three of everything, I made a list. Why don't you look that over?" He pulled it out and Bri gave it to me as I looked it up on the computer. Bri asked, "When do you need this stuff by?"

Hector answered, "Tomorrow, today, now." Bri nodded as he said, "Right." Hector replied, "White boys work fast don't they?" I looked up the stuff as I bit my lip, these could be our cars for the truckers. I asked, "You said you need three of each?" Bri came over to me and looked as Hector said, "Yeah three of everything. What do you think about that?" I looked over he had a wad of cash and said, "Check this out." I looked over at Bri, we had work to do.

### &&&***###

"Come on, Bri." I said as we got out of his red pickup. Bri nodded at me as he gave me a boost onto the window bars and I heaved myself up and helped him up and we ran on top of the building and he smashed the window open and we climbed in. "Bri, Bri, check this out," I motioned to the cars and he looked at them as I whispered, "The tire idiot, there not Masha Moto." He sighed as we climbed out of the building and he helped me down the pole and I turned around as he went down the pole only to get a glimpse of a gun before I blacked out.

### &&&***###

I moved as something poked me. I grunted as I blinked and I heard a familiar voice say, "They moan like cops." I moved as I opened my eyes only to face a gun. I looked and saw Vince holding it. I held a hand to my head as I heard another voice, "Guys, this is one of those times you need to be clear about what you say. Nod if you understand me." It took me a while to comprehend him after being knocked out. Vince pushed the gun to my chest as he yelled, "Nod!" I obediently nodded. "Sit up," I sat up and blinked as I looked at Bri. I looked at Dom as he said, "Tell me what the hell you're doing down here."

I held my head as I let Bri reply, "Dom…I owe you a ten second car. And what this is about, this is about Race Wars." Bri and I got kicked for no reason as I glared at Vince and Dom shot Vince a murderous glance as Bri continued, "We just went in there and Hector is gonna be running…three Honda Civics with Spoon engines. And on top of that he just came into Harry's and he ordered three T66 turbos with NOS and a MOTEC system exhaust. " Dom asked, "So what are you saying? You're gonna check everybody's shit out? One garage after another?"

I looked at Bri as he answered, "Yeah…because Dom you know I can't lose again." Vince yelled, "He's a cop! They're cops!" Dom turned to us and asked, "You a cop?" Bri shook his head. Dom shrugged and said, "Let's go for a little ride." Dom motioned us. I looked at Bri. I was still on the ground and Vince pushed the gun at me as he yelled, "Walk!" Dom yelled, "Hey!" Vince stopped and Bri helped me up as I held my head. Dom paused and when we caught up to him he pushed Bri away and threw an arm around my shoulders as he kept my feet steady as I felt a pounding headache.

### &&&***###

I got out with the guys as Dom said, "Okay, you stand watch." Jesse drove off as we ran over to the Tran's garage. Dom gave me a boost over the fence as we all climbed it and then made me go first up the ladder. We crept up to one of the paneled and Dom lifted it. I made to go first but Dom stopped me as he said, "V, you go first." He rolled his eyes and jumped down to the car and then the ground. Dom looked at Bri and said, "Alright, I'm gonna go next. Bri help Millie down to the car and I'll grab her after alright?"

I rolled my eyes as Bri nodded. Dom swung off then jumped down. I crouched down then stepped through as I grabbed the bars and dangled my feet but they couldn't reach the car. Dom held his arms out and I rolled my eyes as I swung softly and then let go and fell into Dom's arms. He caught me and he wiggled his eyebrows at me and I rolled my eyes and shoved myself out of his grip.

"Yo, Dominic," we turned and walked over to Vince and Bri as Vince said, "There's no engines." Dom quipped, "What are they planning on racing with hopes and dreams?" Bri grabbed my shoulder and motioned to me and I turned around to see DVD players, and a lot of them. Bri went closer when Dom grabbed my elbow and I turned to him as called out, "Alright we got company!" He dragged me with him as he said, "Stay beside me, don't move." Then he called out, "Spilner!" I turned to look for Bri as Dom moved me beside him and he pulled out a gun he kept in his right hand as Bri raced over to us. Dom kept one gun in his hand and the other on my back.

I peeked up and saw Johnny Tran as he said, "Let me ask you a question, Ted. Do you see anything wrong here?" Ted answered, "No." Johnny asked, "We got no engines do we?" Ted replied, "No." he repeated, "Do we?" Ted answered, "No." Johnny asked, "A couple of Nissan SR20 motors will pull a premium one week before Race Wars huh?" Ted commented, "Probably." Johnny said, "You're a smart fence Ted. Maybe too smart…What are you feeling Lance? 40 weight? 50 weight?" Creepy Lance replied, "A 40 weight sounds nice." Johnny tossed Ted to the ground and force fed him oil as he said, "Where are they Ted? Where are they? Where are they?" Ted finally answered, "In a warehouse, they're in a warehouse man." Someone grabbed me and I turned and Dom was pulling me back, I fought him, I wanted to see what else happened. I was almost sure it was Tran who was pulling the heist. Dom carried me back with his gun in hand as he murmured in my ear, "You don't want to see this." I let him grab me and sat me in between his legs as we waited the Trans out.

### &&&***###

"My superiors are flying in from D.C the day after tomorrow, I want something to show. Now we got a fence with a lube hose in his mouth, automatic weapons, priors on every one of these Asian punks, a garage full of DVD players, and generally psychotic behavior. Tell me why we shouldn't move in on Johnny Tran now and see where the dust settles?" I answered, "Because all we have is behavior." Bilkins turned to me as I leant against the doorway. I continued, "Let us get hard evidence, because what we have now is circumstantial"- Bilkins cut me off, "What we have now is probable cause. And truckers arming themselves for some good old fashioned vigilante mayhem."

Sarge said, "Tell me about Hector guys." Muse cut in, "Latino with spear guns, give me a break." I turned to him as I said, "What was that? I didn't hear you." Sarge sent me a look. I answered, "Hector's still working on the engines but the tires ain't match." Bri chimed in "Will somebody get me a cigarette?" Bilkins told Muse, "Get him a cigarette." Sarge said, "Don't give him a cigarette. I thought you quit?" I replied, "He did." Bri pleaded, "Just get me one." Bilkins said, "Get him a cigarette." Sarge and I chorused, "No." Sarge turned to me and said, "Tell me about Toretto." I shook my head and replied, "I told you, he's too controlled for this. I mean going homicidal on semi-trucks?"

Bri added, "Maybe his buddy Vince." I shook my head as I replied, "Nah, he's too stupid to pull it off." Muse chimed in, "I think the kid is blurring your vision." I turned to him, "What did you say?" Muse continued, "I mean I know you spread your legs for anybody even criminals, a man beating somebody to death, but you don't discriminate do you?" I lunged at him shoving him as did Brian I was about to punch him. Bilkins pushing Muse away. Sarge grabbed my shoulders as he yelled, "Knock it off!" Sarge turned and looked at me as he questioned, "What? Are you going native on me Millie?"

I didn't reply as I glared at Muse who Bilkins was yelling at. "Have you read Toretto's file lately, Millie?" I nodded and motioned to Bri as I said, "Yeah we memorized it." Sarge replied, "Read it again. No, better still take a look at these. Remember I told you about the guy he nearly beat to death?" He pulled out pictures and I looked at them with Bri. The man's face was ruined completely. Sarge said, "Toretto did this with a three quarter inch torque wrench….he's a model of self-control." I shrugged as I said, "Yeah, well people learn from their mistakes, Sarge. I'm not defending him. But honestly right now that's probably the last thought on my mind." He looked at me as Brian said, "We need a few more days." I turned and walked off to Bilkins as Bri said, "We need a few more days." And we walked away from our superiors. There had to be a reason for Dom to do it. There just had to.

### &&&***###

I trailed my eyes over Dom as he worked on the car with Bri. Ever since the argument with Muse I was studying Dom. I mean in no way is he ugly. He's handsome, no denying it. But the way he acted with the team was even more appealing, it was like he was in some ways a father to them. I heard Dom say, "You break her heart, I'll break your neck." I shook my head and looked back at Letty who was smirking at me an eyebrow raised. I bumped my hip to hers as I rolled my eyes. "Millie!" I looked over and saw Dom. He waved me over. As I walked over I asked, "Do I look like a dog to you, for you to wave me over?" Dom rolled his eyes and said, "If you were a dog, you'd be a Chihuahua." I rolled my eyes and punched him in his arm and he threw his arm around my shoulders but I flinched and jumped back. "What?" he asked. I answered, "You're all sweaty and…icky." Bri laughed as he asked "Icky?"

Dom answered, "Cute word from a sexy woman." I rolled my eyes and walked in front of them so they couldn't see my face color. That's when I realized. "Shit," I cursed. I liked Dom, I liked-liked him.

### &&&***###

Dom opened the door to his garage and I let out a whistle as I saw it, "Oh my god." Bri said, "Wow." Dom smirked as he put a hand on my shoulder and said, "Me and my dad built her. 900 horses of Detroit muscle. It's a beast." I said, "More like beauty." Dom chuckled as he led me with him as he said, "Know what she ran in Palmdale?" We chorused, "No, What?" Dom replied, "9 seconds flat." I bit my lip. I could see this was his baby. Like my baby, my 1967 GTO Pontiac. Dom continued, "My dad was driving. So much torque the chassis twisted coming off the line, barely kept her on the track." Bri asked, "So what's your best time?"

Dom answered, "I've never driven her." Bri asked, "Why not?" Dom answered, "It scares the shit out of me." I looked at Dom as said, "That's my dad." He let go of me as he said, "He was coming up pro in the pro stock car circuit. Last race of the season. A guy named Kenny Linder came up from inside, in the final turn. He clipped his bumper and put him into the wall at 120…uh, I watched… my dad burn to death…I remember hearing him scream. But the people that were there said he was dead before the tanks blew. They said it was me screaming."

I walked over to Dom, and I put my hand on his shoulder and leant my head against his shoulder. Dom continued, "I saw Linder about a week later. I had a wrench, and I hit him." I felt Dom clenching his fists. Without even processing my actions I grabbed his hand in mine and ran my thumb over his hand. Dom squeezed my hand and let go as he walked away and said, "And I didn't intend to keep hitting him, but when I finished, I couldn't lift my arm. He's a janitor at a high school. He has to take the bus to work every day. And they banned me from the tracks for life. I live my life a quarter-mile at a time. Nothing else matters. Not the mortgage, not the store…not my team and all their bullshit. For those 10 seconds or less…I'm free. " I smiled lightly and Dom turned back to me.

### &&&***###

"What are you doing here?" I looked up at the white house as Vince answered the door, sneering at me. I answered, "I'm looking for Dom." Vince sneered as he said, "He ain't here." He slammed the door in my face. I sighed at that. Fighting with the guy was getting old. I knocked again and the door opened, this time it was Jesse. I smiled as I said, "Hey Jess." He smiled and I walked inside. I turned and gave him a hug. He asked, "What brings you here at 12 AM?" I answered, "I'm looking for Dom." Then someone said, "What no love for this chica?" I turned and saw Letty with Leon I smiled at her and gave her crushing bear hug. Then I looked at Leon and turned to Letty as I asked, "May I?" Leon rolled his eyes while Letty grinned and gave me a nod so I hugged Leon. "Letty where the-oh, who let the skank in?" I stepped away from Leon and looked at Vince. Letty put her hands on her hips. Leon said, "And that's why you don't get any loving from Millie, that's what the problem is, ain't it?" Letty added, "Penche tonto."

"What's going on?" I turned and saw Dom walk downstairs. Jesse replied, "Vince is being…Vince." Letty added, "A dick." Leon said, "An idiot." I smirked. Dom rolled his eyes and paused on the step as he asked, "Millie?" I waved at him. "Shit," he cursed. I smirked and said, "Nice boxers." I looked at him and he only had on some Spiderman boxers and tank top on. He rolled his eyes as he said, "Damn it." Then he climbed back upstairs. Letty turned to me as she asked, "So what are you doing here so late?" I answered, "I got to tell Dom something." Letty raised an eyebrow. I smirked and said, "Which I'm not telling you, any of you." Letty pouted.

"Whatever. Just make sure he wears a rubber, don't need him getting an STD," I glared at Vince. Leon said, "Hey man, knock it off." Jesse inserted, "Not cool." I said, "You keep making all these sexual comments Vince. Are you compensating for something? Or are you in love with Dom?" Vince growled, "You better watch your mouth, you bitch." Dom came back downstairs in a t-shirt and jeans. He asked, "What's up Millie?" I sent Vince a look and turned to Dom as I asked, "You look tired…I'll just come back tomorrow." He shook his head and said, "No, no, no. I'm fine." I nodded and asked, "You up for a drive?"

### &&&***###

"So what are we doing here?" Dom asked. I shook my head at him as we passed the storage unit entrance and I pulled in. I grabbed my key as I opened it and said, "Well, now I want to show you something." I pulled up the door with his help. I walked over and uncovered the tarp. My purple baby uncovered. Dom looked her over and asked, "She yours?"

I nodded and said, "Yeah, yeah. She's my baby. I won my first race with her. My mom she was, she loved cars. She loved racing. Good friend of her's gave her the base, his son and Bri and me ended up being best friends funny huh? Anyways through the years we built her. Bri's always loved the imports. I've always loved muscle. I won my first race when I was 15. My mom was shot in a drive-by a few months later; cops said it was an accident. But she was the only one outside that store when it happened the only person to get shot. I always ask myself if maybe it was one of the guys I raced. Cops didn't do shit. No one was arrested. Bri was 18 so he got legal custody of me, though it took months for him to. This car means the world to me, the only thing besides this"- I took out a silver cross on a chain, from inside my shirt as I said, "That I would kill for. Here," I took it off. "What?" He asked me. I put the chain around his neck and it looked good on him, I said "I trust you to keep it safe." Dom shook his head as he asked, "Why me?" I countered, "Why not?"

I looked back at the car as Dom said, "Did you ever look for them? The ones who killed your mom?" I shook my head as I answered, "Nah, by I wish I did." I looked at the car and turned to Dom as I asked, "Wanna go for a spin?" Dom nodded and got in as I did. "Miss me baby? I missed you too." I kissed the wheel as I started her up. Dom looked at me as I grinned like a maniac and floored it. I drove and drove and drove. Until I pulled over into a 24 hour open diner. Dom and I got out and sat in I ordered a large order of cheese fries and tea and Dom a coffee. As we sat there Dom looked back at me. I said, "Okay, so what's the deal with Vince? Who shoved the stick in his ass?" Dom chuckled as he answered, "You did." What? "Me?" he nodded as he laughed. I asked, "Why are you laughing? This is no laughing matter?"

He stopped laughing only to continue laughing harder. He paused and said, "Look, Millie. Vince is, you're one of the first girls ever to not fawn over him, and the first to actually hit him." I replied, "He hit me first!" Dom shook his head and said, "No that's not why he's like that. Don't you see he cooled it with Brian? It's because you're a fighter…" I bit my lip as I raised an eyebrow. He answered "It's because he likes you, Millie."

I replied, "He likes me like…" Dom rolled his eyes and replied, "He has a-a crush I guess you can say." I shook my head as I scrunched my nose. "What?' I replied, "I don't think you're right." He looked at me as he sipped his coffee. I said, "Like, for instance. Tonight, he shut door in my face." Dom looked at me and asked, "What did you do?" I answered, "Nothing! Okay so I knocked on the door and he opens it and says 'what do you want?' I answered, 'I wanna talk to Dom' and he says 'he ain't here' and bam door slam."

Dom raises an eyebrow at me. I asked, "What?" Dom sighed and said, "You asked for me…think about it…" I shook my head as I said, "No, it's not possible." I shook my head more. Dom asked "You don't like him? I thought it was your weird way of flirting with him." I rolled my eyes and reached over and punched him in the arm as I replied, "Hell no. When I flirt with a guy, he'll know I am…besides he's not my type."

Dom laughed as I leant my head against the seat. Dom took another sip as I ate a fry and asked, "So what is your type?" I looked at him with an 'are you serious' look. He raised an eyebrow. I shook my head and ate another fry as I looked out the window and answered, "I don't have a specific type. He has to be brave though, he has to love his family, he has to be the kind of guy I can talk to and never have to watch what I do, he has to make me forget about things that trouble, he has to have a wild side like half devil half angel to balance it out, and be protective and I just-I need to feel safe around him I guess," I finished as I looked back up to meet Dom's eyes. I raised an eyebrow and said, "It sounded corny didn't it?" Dom laughed as he shook his head and replied, "No, not at all."

I shook my head. Dom asked, "So what no physical characteristics?" I raised an eyebrow. I shrugged and said, "I don't have any specifics." Dom nodded and I said, "My turn, what's your ideal woman?" Dom rolled his eyes as he looked and I chewed on another fry.

He looked back at me and looked in my eyes and said, "She's got to have a backbone, not afraid to break a nail, be ready for anything, and ain't afraid to take someone on, and she's got to have this look in her hazel eyes…" I looked away from Dom then, my eyes were hazel. "80 percent devil and 20 percent angel, that's the look she's got to, have in her eyes. And she ain't afraid to get a little grease in her nails most definitely." I ate my last fry and looked up at Dom as I said, "She's gonna be a lucky woman Dom. Come on, let's get out of here."

### &&&***###

"Mia isn't home yet," Dom said as he hung up. I replied, "Don't worry, she's okay with Brian." I reached over and squeezed his hand. He nodded at me and said, "She better." I rolled my eyes and said, "Hey Dom…" He looked over at me and I asked, "Do-do you mind if I crashed at yours tonight? I have a feeling I know what's going on at Harry's…" Dom looked at me and said, "Mi casa es tu casa, Millie." I smiled and said, "Thanks Dom."

### &&&***###

I shut car door as we made our way to his door. The house was dark, I checked my phone 2 AM, it read. I followed Dom when he paused in the doorway and turned around as he said, "What? No kiss?" I raised an eyebrow. He continued, "What? You don't kiss on your dates?" I smirked as I replied, "Date? I wasn't aware that was a date…" Dom stepped closer as he replied, "Really? Because I could've sworn it was." I replied, "Then I guess it was." I leaned in and kissed him. I couldn't help it. After the thing at the diner, I mean how? Dom grabbed my hips and pulled me towards him as we kissed. I heard something and let go. Dom kept his grip on me and I said, "Wait, Dom…what if someone hears us?"

He shrugged and kissed me again. Dom's tongue tangling with mine as we kissed, I was distracted again when I heard something. This time I could pinpoint it, it was snicker and a grunt. I l stopped the kiss again causing Dom to growl as he whispered, "When I said 80 percent devil and 20 percent angel, I didn't mean it like this." I shook my head and asked, "Don't you hear that?" I heard more laughing. "Hear what?" I put my hand to his mouth and then we listened as more laughing sounded.

This time he turned around and walked further into the house as I followed him. He put an arm in front of me to hold me back. We walked into the living room to see Jesse, Leon, Letty and Vince there watching TV. My face flushed as I saw them all laughing. "Date? I wasn't aware that was a date…" Jesse said to Leon as he laughed. Leon replied, "Really? Because I could've"- Dom said, "Knock it off! What are you all doing here? Go to bed…Now!" Letty hit Leon and Jesse as they all started leaving. Vince stood up beer in hand as he said, "Dom, use protection wouldn't want you to risk getting an infection."

Dom clenched his teeth and said, "Get lost Vince. That's the last time I let it slide…brother." Vince sent me a glare and stomped off. Dom turned to me and I smiled weakly. He said, "Right…where were we?" I answered, "You were gonna show me where to sleep?" He raised an eyebrow as he wrapped an arm over my shoulders and asked, "What?" I knew what he was talking about so I replied, "The mood was killed, gone, infiinito."