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Chapter 22

After Two Months

(Back to present time. The Crossing group of Koji, Koichi, Tai, and Kari were talking with the group of version 2 Digidestined when a familiar voice called out to them.)

"Kari…" She felt a warm spark of energy course through her body when the familiar voice called out to her. Her name with that voice was the thing she had wanted to hear most in the last two months, and the happy feeling it brought to her didn't disappoint.

She didn't respond as she turned to face the source of the voice. The moment her eyes found his familiar features, the face she had wanted to see more than anyone's, she felt her heart flutter and breath catch in her throat. Seeing him again brought back all of the feeling, both mental and physical, she had been denied while they were apart.

"Takuya, you're all right?" The younger version of Hikari was the first to greet him with a happy smile, oblivious to the fact that he was stuck in a moment with her older version.

"Where the hell were you? We were almost killed by that dark digimon you let go the other day?" TK trumped her voice with anger.

"You tell us to call you if anything happens! And when it finally does, you're nowhere to be found. Do you know how many times we called you?" Davis jumped in line with TK's anger.

Neither of the two seemed happy to see Takuya, but he didn't care. He didn't care that the younger Hikari was waiting for a response from him, or that Daemon had made a return to attack his allies. No, all he cared about was that Kari, his Kari, was before him.

Tai (v2) felt they deserved some answer about his absence so he began making his way towards the object of his frustration. "They're right. You'd better have a good excuse wh-" Before he could get between Takuya and Kari, Koichi reached out and grabbed him by the shoulder, stopping him from advancing.

"Hey! What's going on?" He now wanted an answer from the boy holding him back. He didn't see how his issues with Takuya was any of his business.

"You'll get in the way," Koichi smiled. Being more sensitive to other people than his brother he knew how much Takuya had been missing the girl in his life, so he wasn't going to let anyone interfere with their moment.

"Um~ Hey…" Takuya didn't know what to say. For two months he had wanted to see this person so much it hurt and now she was stand only a short distance from him. No longer did the invisible walls of Zones separate them, now only her silence did that.

"Hey…" She finally responded, unable to find any words better than those he had found.

He couldn't help but smile after finally hearing her voice again. The kind and loving tone he remembered would have been easier to hear if she had said more than a single word, however, her shy response was extremely cute to him. It made his heart flutter and quicken at the prospect of holding her soon. "It's been a while."

"It has," Kari smiled back at the sight of his slanted grin. He had an infectious playful smirk that she really loved and always felt her heart and mind respond to.

An awkward atmosphere had fallen over the street as those who didn't know what was happening tried to figure it out. They would all soon understand the two's strange behavior.

"Oh seriously… just get to it," Tai rolled his eyes and sighed quietly so that only the twins could hear him. They had to agree with his statement.

"Am I missing something?" Tai (v2) had to ask after that remark. Apparently he had been close enough to hear his older version, but didn't completely understand its meaning.

"More than you know," Koji couldn't resist the barb.

With a few awkward steps Takuya and Kari closed the distance between them until they were looking directly into each other's eyes, oblivious to everything around them as they did. They took their time in silence to remember the color and warmth, while they searched for emotions behind them. Each wanted to know what the other was thinking and feeling at the moment so that they could understand what their next move should be.

A few second passed like that before an awkward air began to settle over them, compelling one of them to act. Knowing that someone had to make the first move Takuya took the initiative and reached out for her. He softly place his hand against her cheek, but the action made Kari shy her face away from him, making him wonder if he had made a misstep. It had been a while since they had seen each other and she probably wanted to take it slow, wanting to get to know him all over again as it was. There was also the fact that he had become aware of everyone around him again.

"I guess there's a lot that we need to catch u-" Takuya never got to finish as Kari suddenly lifted up off the heels of her feet and pressed her lips against his. It would seem that she wasn't as shy and concerned about the time that had passed than he had thought. All she seemed to care about was being with him again; connecting with him again.

In the first few seconds of that kiss the two months of longing and urge fell away, sated by the out pouring of their emotions into the contact. Instinctively Takuya slipped the hand on her cheek behind her head, running his fingers through her soft hair and holding her firmly against him, while Kari's arms wrapped themselves around his midsection.

The loving act kept the couple quiet while silencing everyone around them as they tried to come to terms with what they were seeing occur before them. A little bit ago they had believed that the person they had met a few days ago, not under the best circumstances, had no manner of relationship to them. In the last couple of minutes they had learned differently after meeting two of their alternates from a Zone similar to theirs. And now… there was what was happening. Something that told them he had a much deeper connection with one of them than all the rest.

Most of the Digidestined were left in thoughtless surprise or their inner thoughts weren't of any real note. However, there were the few that were worth mentioning.

Tai(v2) was trying to process the idea of his little sister, while it not really being his little sister, making out with a boy he had issues with. Sora was wondering if Takuya was as bad as they originally thought considering Kari seemed to approve of him. Mimi felt another interests slip away, and she really didn't seem to care; but she would admit he was much more intriguing than most of those that had come before.

Davis and TK's agitation and anger towards him increase. The two often didn't think or feel things along the same lines, but now they were. They were thinking that they might have better understood why they had such a problem with him since they had meet. Until that very moment they had thought they disliked him because of the circumstances under which they had met or the way he acted, but now they understood. They didn't like him because he was the most threatening rival they had ever come across.

The younger Hikari was a different matter from the rest. She had no idea how she should feel at the moment. She knew she was young and what had developed between her and him had been a one-sided crush, her first actually. From the very start she knew it couldn't work with the Zone and age difference, but in the back of her mind she still thought it a possibility. However, it couldn't. He had someone he cared about… and it was her; a different version of her. It would take some time to get over, and some day seeing how things could work out would make her hope for the future, but for now she'd have to work through it.

"So have you gotten used to seeing your sister make out with Takuya yet?" Koji smirked, giving the older brother a sideways glace so he could watch his reaction.

Tai rolled his eyes in Koji's direction and glared intently at him. "Shut up."

His reaction drew a smirk and single chuckle from Koji.

"You know what?" Tai tilted his head slightly and gave him a weary look. "I kind of feel sorry for Takuya. I originally thought that I had it difficult with Matt as a friend, but now I think I had it easy compared to him. You're just evil."

"You're probably right," Koichi grinned in Tai's direction, knowing that he had gotten one against his brother with that remark.

A few minutes had passed since the two had started, getting reacquainted, and they were finally forced to separate to come up for air.

"I've missed you," Kari smiled up happily into his face.

"Me too," Takuya smiled back. He felt completely complacent in that moment. This is what he had been waiting two months for and now he had it. The circumstances weren't ideal and there was still a lot to be concerned about, but considering it was under similar conditions that they had started their relationship he could see the humor in it.

"Oh… hey Tai. Guys," Takuya was finally able to move a bit of his attention off of Kari and onto the others.

"So you're done ignoring us," Tai (v1) smirked in his direction while he tried to erase the earlier sight of Kari and Takuya making out.

"Dude, can you blame me?" He nicked his head towards Kari, who upon getting the meaning of his comment turned a few shades of red.

"She's my sister!" Tai (v1) barked at him in response.

"Yeah…" Takuya apologetically rubbed the back of his neck. "Kind of forgot…"

"Somebody needs to explain what is happening!" Davis's mind finally boiled over with questions and surprise. He needed to vent his confusion or his head very well might have exploded.

"This probably does require some explaining," Takuya for the first time since arriving looked over the stunned group of Digidestined and thought about what the constant stream of new events and information must have been doing to them.

"Before that. You know… We're starting to draw a crowd, so we should probably get out of here," Koichi brought everyone's attention to the fact that people were starting to show up on the balconies of the buildings around them.

It wasn't surprising that people were starting to gather after what had happened. They were actually more astonished by the fact that they had gone so long without anyone coming to investigate or the wail of a police siren and flashing lights calling out in the night.

"Not good," Tai (v1) swallowed hard at the sight of all the eyes on them. "The Digimon!"

At that realization the groups eyes shifted back to the four digimon that had been standing watch over Daemon only to find that the four plus the demon lord were gone.

"Where…!?" Davis voiced loudly as he tried to figure out where they had gone, but he didn't get far as Koji cut him off.

"They've been gone for a while now. I sent them off as soon as the situation here was secured," Koji sighed at all the confused looks around him.

"Man, they must have had a hard time dragging Daemon off with them. Caught twice in two days. I almost feel sorry for him… if he weren't a murderous demon psychopath and all," Takuya chuckled.

"Hopefully, at some point you'll explain why you… and us… let him live… but for now shouldn't we get out of here?" Tai (v1) inquired as he watched more and more children exit onto apartment balconies to investigate what was happening in the street in the dead of night.

"He's right. Let's pick this up again at a later time," Takuya made the final decision, took Kari by the hand, and quickly walked with the group of Destineds to the dark alleys of the neighborhood, wanting to avoid any run-ins with any one investigate the damage they had caused. The last thing Takuya wanted was another confrontation with the police of this Zone; once was enough for him.

Something about what had been said sparked a question within Tai (v1) and while they walked, more like escaped, he thought it was good time to ask it. He mainly did it to cut through the tense silence that had fallen over their trek through the dark night.

"Speaking of time earlier. Why is this Zone like four years behind ours?" Tai jumped on the chance to get that question answered. It had been bothering him for a while, but with all of the drama going on he had had little chance to ask.

"About half of the Zones in the Multiverse share a common passage of time, like our Zone and yours," Koichi began to explain without stopping or turning to face Tai (v1). At times like this he could be even friendlier than Takuya, who at the moment seem to have all his attention in a whispering conversation with Kari, so he took over answering the inquiry. "But amongst that other half you find others that move at their own pace, either faster or slower, which results in worlds like this."

"Are you saying that we could end up in a Zone where time moves very slowly, and when we return to our own years have passed?" Tai's (v1) voice sounded a bit shaky as he shared his very real concern.

"It doesn't work like that. The time difference is usually by a very, very, minuscule number," Koichi responded, wanting to address the concern quickly.

"Four years doesn't seem that small of a number," Tai (v1) retorted, his concern undiminished.

"Actually, the number's probably some factor of milliseconds every year. Though, when you multiply it by the billions of years the Zone's existed, you get a four year difference," Koichi answered, finally reaching an explanation that Tai felt better about. "You feel better now?"

"Yeah, but thinking about something on that kind of scale really changes things," Tai replied as he tried to think about how such small amounts of time could build up into years. "It is incredible that something as small as milliseconds a year can build up to such a difference."

"Welcome to the Multi-verse my friend," Takuya broke out of his conversation with Kari long enough to laugh before going back into it.

"Yeah. It just keeps getting more and more complicated," Tai (v1) rejoined.

"It seems that your finally starting to understand a bit," Koji half-joked, knowing full well that even he still had a lot to learn.

"There's no truly understanding how the Multi-verse works, but we can always try," Koichi took a bit of the bite out of his brothers comment and smiled at Tai (v1).

"I'm still confused about most of it and I've been doing this for four years," Takuya added.

"You're always confused," Koji glared.

"Wow… Granted that I walked into that one and all, you're still in quite the rare form today. I'm no match at the moment," Takuya sighed, easily giving over the victory since it was taking too much of his attention to quarrel with Koji and enjoy Kari, so he dropped the less enjoyable one.

"Hello? Did you all forget about us?" Mimi's questioning tone cut into the conversation demanding that they at least acknowledge them again. Since the five had come together they hadn't really said anything to them, or explained the new developments. In fact, it seemed like they had gotten off on a whole different subject.

"I didn't, but I don't speak for them," Koji spared a glance over his shoulder to the group of native Digidestined trailing behind them.

"Don't let it get to you. We kind of have an odd way of going about things… that could be considered… umm~, huh," Takuya tried to sum of their process, but couldn't find the right words.

"Unorganized?" Koji recommended.

"Haphazard?" Koichi chipped in.

"Random?" Tai tried his luck.

"Chaotically successful?" Kari gave it a bit more thought and came up with a slightly more positive descriptor.

"That!" The three Runner quickly settled on Kari's choice since it made them seem a bit more capable.

"Good one, Kari. I like that. Chaotically successful," Takuya beamed at her as she half blushed and laughed at his praise and the others responses. Only with this group, doing the job they were doing, could they find what she came up with as a compliment.

"You know you guys really don't give off a feeling of confidence when you talk like that," Tai (v1) chuckled, surprised that even Koji seemed to be going along with it.

"Yeah… I was thinking the same thing," Matt agreed with him.

"I was just joking with them. You actually sound serious," Tai (v1) glanced back at Matt, putting him on the spot.

"…" Matt stared at the older Tai trying to figure out how to respond.

"Trust me. They might seem like they're making it up as they go along…" Tai (v1) paused for a second to contemplate something before continuing, "Takuya might actually be making it up, but it works. When you see them in action, you'll see why we trust them."

"You sure about that?" Matt had to be sure.

"For the most part," Tai (v1) chuckled as his shifted back to his sister and Takuya who seemed to have started up a new conversation.

"Are you serious? Kao's got a partner now!" The news that the little boy who two months ago knew nothing about digimon was now a Destined came as quite a surprise to Takuya.

"Yeah, a Koromon at the moment. He's even got a D-3 like ours," Kari answered with a smile. "Izzy thinks that he's the start of a new generation of Digidestined."

"That's great and all, but what are the chances that he'd actually see a digimon battle just a short while before becoming a Digidestined?" Takuya's question seemed to be rhetorical, but with a real answer.

"Pretty high actually," Kari replied with a more serious tone.

"Huh?" He seemed surprised that she had actually given him an answer.

"It's how we originally became Digidestined. And it was the same for Davis, Yolei, and Cody a few years later," Kari explained, wondering why Takuya, and now Koji and Koichi seemed so surprised. She could tell since the twins had turned their eyes back over their shoulders to better listen to the conversation.

"Do you mean that you became a Destined by witnessing a digimon battle?" Koji felt compelled to ask. He had never given much thought to why other people became Destineds, all he had ever really cared about was why he and the other Warriors had been chosen; but now that the subject had been raised he was taking an interest. "Was that all it took?"

"No," Kari was quick to shoot down that assumption. One that suggested that the only reason they were Destined was because of random chance. "When we were much younger we witness a battle between a large Greymon and a Parrotmon in the real world, but so did a lot of kids. It wasn't until years later while we were in the middle of the fight with the Dark Masters that we learned that reason we were selected among those other children was because of the inner qualities we possessed."

"Like your quality of light," Takuya smiled at her warmly before shifting his eyes to Tai behind them, "And Tai's courage."

"Yes," Kari nodded, taking pride in the fact that their attributes seemed to shine through so well.

"So you and the others were filtered from other possible candidates by the Digital World for the traits it believed would make for the best defenders against the forces assailing it," Koji summed up, adding his more intelligent spin to it.

"That's not a whole lot unlike us," Koichi remarked as he thought about where there were parallels between their two different origin stories. "We never saw a digimon or battle before arriving in the Digital World, but we were selected from a large group of candidates for traits that made us compatible with the spirits."

"There was also our Warrior mentality hidden deep within," Takuya added.

"As well as how we'd function as a team," Koji noted, glancing to Takuya at the thought.

"It's most likely a common story among many Destined's origins," Koichi looked to his brother as a thought suddenly crossed his mind. "The few exceptions being someone like Ayame who became one because her mother was one. However, that's speculation because she also seemed to be quiet skilled and a good leader."

"Yeah…" That and a slight nod from Koji was all he got in return for his comment. It would appear that he had brought up a sore topic at the moment. With Takuya's plans to see Kari, the mission they had just wrapped up, and the new one that had been dropped on them, he hadn't had a chance to visit Ayame and her Zone. He still had no idea how things had work out after they had chased the army out of the Digital World. He wouldn't admit it, but he really wanted to catch up with them. Maybe they'd have some time once this mission was over.

"You said it took a few years after seeing your first digimon battle for you to become a Destined. Correct?" Koji's mind seemed to have shifted to new area of interest.

"Yes," Kari quickly replied.

"So what triggered you becoming Destined years later?" Koji was sniffing around an idea.

"Well…" She had expected the answer would be easy, but with all of the events they faced and enemies they fought it was harder than she thought to come up with the one reason.

"It was the Dark Masters," Izzy interjected. Upon his intrusion the four turned back to look at him. They hadn't been aware that anyone from the group had been listening, let along willing to make themselves part of it. Though, considering it was Izzy they shouldn't have been surprised that he had latched onto the theoretical discussion of cause and effect connected to the Digital World.

He seemed to have taken their looks as acknowledgement and quickened his pace to catch up to them before given his explanation. "I've thought about this before and from the information I've gathered and what we know about the events leading up to our first day in the Digital Would. It was the first appearance of the Dark Masters in our Digital World that created the need for us to become Digidestined. They appeared before any of our other enemies besides from Apocalymon, however, I believe he was responsible for warping the Digital World and wasn't actually threatening it. The real danger to the Digital World came from them."

"Interesting…" Koji seemed to welcome Izzy's insight into the topic. "So your Digital World responded to the threat of the Dark Masters by summing your group. Was it the same kind of thing for the second generation?"

"Well, we originally thought that the reason we were called back to the Digital World was the Digimon Emperor, but that didn't turn out to be the case," Kari took over again since it involved her more than it did Izzy. "For a time we even though it might have been-"

"Hold it," Koji gaze flashed over to Kari, but found that she had been silenced by Takuya's hand cupped over her mouth. It seemed that he had come to the same realization as him.

Kari stared up at Takuya, his hand still over her mouth, her look questioning what he was doing to her.

"Remember, certain things haven't happened yet," Takuya explained. He didn't know what she was about to say since he hadn't heard the story beyond the end of the current day, but what he could tell was that she was working toward the identity of the Digidestineds real enemy. It might not have been the first name out of her mouth, but he knew it would come eventually.

"It's best if they don't have any foreknowledge of what's to come. It could only make them overconfident or expectant for events that might not happen or have changed," Koichi leaned over her shoulder and whispered, trying to keep Izzy from hearing him.

"Oh… sorry…" Kari apologized the moment Takuya took his hand away from her mouth. She felt a little embarrassed that she had almost let the secret slip and swore that she would be more careful in the future.

"It's cool. It's actually kind of our fault," Takuya rubbed the back of his neck nervously. "You were just answering our questions and we led you right into that slip." He finished by putting his arm over her shoulders and pulling her closer.

"Back to what we were talking about," Koji's interest in the couple had faded again and returned to his earlier thoughts. "So Izzy, your idea is that your Digital World response to a threat with a proportional answer of power."

"Yes…" Izzy focus had still been locked on Kari, wanting to know what she had been seconds away from revealing, but after seeing how the group had hushed her he knew nothing else was going to come of it so he turned to Koji. "The Dark Masters rose up and the eight of us were called to deal with the threat. We were strong enough to defeat our enemies, but not too powerful that we could become the source of a new threat. We were the perfect amount of power to save both worlds. And from that our powers grew and expanded each time we face a stronger opponent. Hence, my idea that the Digital World replies to threat with the equal response of Digidestined."

"I see. That actually makes a lot of sense, but don't let the perfect response part of that go to your head. You can pretty easily fail if you think your victory is assured," Koji glanced to him.

"Of course not. I'm one for treating each event as an unknown," Izzy nodded in agreement.

"Good," Koji smirked at the idea. "Back to your two's Zone. It's going to get crowded with Digidestined soon."

"What makes you say that?" Tai brow furled at the strange statement.

"Think about it. If what Izzy says is true and it applies to both of your Zones, and your Digital Worlds response to threats by raising new Digidestined… Just think about the threats that appeared in your Zone two months ago. How many Destined do you think your Digital World would think was an appropriated response to deal with the likes of Lilithmon, Dominimon… and the worst of all, the Millenniummon of the Sealed Digivice?" Koji stopped there to let the idea sink in.

The question quickly sunk in as the siblings fell quiet, turning the possible answer over and over in their minds.

"With threats like those I wouldn't be surprised if half of the children in your Zone become Digidestined…" Takuya chuckled at the idea, "…but I guess the final number really depends on what's actually possible."

"Like if the powers of the Digital World can manage the energy and resources required to create that many Digivices and Partner Digimon," Koichi responded to the statement. "Maybe one out of every fifty or a hundred is a more reasonable number."

"If millions of new Destineds is what you consider reasonable," Takuya glanced over Kari's shoulder to Koichi.

"Or it could be working towards a completely different response, but whatever the result…" Koji turned to look at the siblings, waiting for them to get what he was hinting at.

"Whatever the result, we should probably keep any eye on it and make sure to try and get ahead of the possible problems," Tai sighed, realizing that if even one out of every thousand, a much lower number than what they were suggesting, they'd still be faced with millions of new Digidestined appearing on the scene.

"But on the other hand the new Destined who have already appeared might be what started to spring up while there was still a threat. With those forces eliminated the creation of new Destineds might have already been halted and those are the only one's you're going to see," Koji noted an opposing view to his own idea.

"That does sound like a more manageable situation, but we still need to be careful," Tai wished for the easier outcome. "All it would take is for one of those new kids to take their partner to a news station or post a pic on the net and years of work could be ruined." Some kind of idea seemed to have washed over him as he paused for a moment to think before opening his mouth again. "On that note, have you guys ever come across an Earth where the Digital World was public knowledge?"

"You mean like human and digimon coexisting side by side?" Takuya wanted to clarify the question. He could think of a few where government organizations of the real world knew about the Digital World, like the one Koji had gotten stranded in during the incident with the Sealed Digivice.

"Yeah, I guess that's what I'm asking?" Tai pondered the idea a little before responding.

"No, never seen nor heard of one," Takuya answered quickly, knowing for a fact that if they had seen a Zone like that it would have stuck in his mind.

"Both worlds really seem to try and stay separated from each other with only a few mediators, like all of us, acting as a bridge between them," Koji added.

"A world where humans and digimon coexist…" That singular thought cross Kari's mind. While Takuya, the twins, and her brother continued to discuss the concept of new Destined and the possible outcomes, her mind wandered back to her dreams. One if particular stood out the most considering the topic. The one where she hoped and wished for a world where humans and digimon could work together towards a brighter future. United in their efforts to grow and understand each other.

"I can't imagine that those worlds, if they do exist, would function very well," Koichi's statement shook Kari from her thoughts and focused her back on the conversation.

"What do you mean?" Kari's tone reflected a sense of having her dream crushed mixed with a bit of deflated anger. How could he say that humans and digimon couldn't get along?

"Think about how most people react when they learn about digimon or how many digimon treat humans, namely the powerful ones. There's a lot of untested and unknown hostility out there despite the limited contact between the two groups," Koji's emotionless tone and look didn't falter for a second while he discussed the matter. "I've told you about the ODC before."

"But we're not like them. We get along really well with digimon," Kari argued, hoping to change his opinion. She wanted him and the others to think differently, not for their sakes or hers, but for her dream of the future.

"And us with humans," Gatomon added.

"That's because we're kind of extraordinary in that regard. Hence the Destined title. It takes a special kind of people to accept digimon and vise-versa, which is why there's so few Destined in each Zone… and even fewer Runners," Koichi remarked. He could see that Kari was trying to change their minds, look on the brighter side of the possible outcomes, but as he was now he couldn't really see it.

"People and digimon who can understand each other are often far too rare for any real community to form outside of a team of Destined," Koji put the deciding fact to it.

"Things do tend to get really complicated when humans and digimon meet, don't they?" Tai sighed as he thought about all the little incidents over the past that had caused them so much trouble.

"…" Kari didn't know what to say to that. Her dream had arisen anew a minute ago only to come crashing down again; like it had when the world forgot about digimon after the battle with MaloMyotismon.

Hearing such damning evidence from people so intelligent and experienced with digimon and Zones she felt hope slipping away from her. Her belief was cracking under the facts, but she still had a chance to save it. She turned to Takuya, hoping he could somehow salvage what she felt. Beside her, his arm still wrapped around her shoulder lovingly, but his eyes were unfixed, as if he were staring off into the distance. He was completely silent and for a moment it seemed as if her last refuge was nonexistent.

"A world where human and digimon can coexist…?" He finally broke his silence as the focus returned to his eyes. "I never really thought about that, but it seems like a great idea."

"Where you not listening to us?" Koji gave an annoyed sigh as he shook his head in disappointment.

"I was listening. It was really negative in my opinion," Takuya laughed. "It's definitely a world I'd like to see someday if it exists. And if it doesn't yet, we should see what we can do about it."

"It'll never work," Koji turned his focus back to the path before him, attempting to brush the idea off.

"Maybe, maybe not. Either way, we won't know until we try someday," Takuya's smile grew wide, his confidence in his claim growing with it. "Kari, what do you think abo-!"

He had turned the question towards her but was quickly silence when she shot up on her toes and kissed him hard on the lips. She held him in her embrace for a while before dropping back down and smiling very warmly up at him.

"What was that about?" Takuya was taken aback by her sudden display of passion. He had figured that she had used up all her pent up feelings in the street and had returned to a reserved state since there was so many people around. She wasn't the type for public displays of affections so early in the relationship.

"That was for being you," she lovingly watched his questioning face as it turned into a smile.

"I do tend to be me a lot, so can I count on a lot more kisses like that?" He smirked back, drawing a dry cough from Tai. The older brother really didn't want to listen to his sister and her boyfriend flirt with each other.

"Only if you can stay the you that I like," she playfully smirked before lowering her head and hugging him tight. "And Takuya?"

"Yeah?" he tried to bend his head into a position in which he'd be able to see her face, but couldn't find an angle that got him past her bangs and his own chest that hid her face.

"I'll help you with that since you're going to help me with my dream," Kari snuggled into his chest, letting him know that she would stay beside him.

To be continued…

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