Chapter 1- The Rise of Malefor

Flint woke up with a start,realizing Hunter was calling her,she got up and walked outside,the sun was heating the cold earth which was cooled down by the night air,Hunter waited for her by the river which leads to two waterfalls,Flint walked towards him,when Hunter saw her he smiled "hello sleepy head,ready for todays lesson of flying?"he asked sarcastically,Flint chuckled "i sure am,just let me get the idea on which way the wind is blowing"she said,un-folding her wings to check the wind,it was heading south-east so it would be a flight which was perfect,Hunter led her up to a cliff,low enough so Flint doesn't injure her self if anything goes wrong,Flint,un-folded her wings once more, then flapped them,she does a running jump then manages to fly,but then,the wind changed its direction to north-west,which made her go backwards,but she managed to go forwards so she can practice for when she goes into a storm,but then,her wings failed her then she fell from a high range,she landed hard on the ground and the breath got knocked out of her,Hunter slid off the cliff and ran over to Flint"Flint,are you ok?!"he asked urgently,Flint only managed to get some breath "y-yea"she murmured,she struggled to get up but fell back down again,then hunter caught her"steady..come on,let's get you to Meadow"he said,smiling then helped her walk properly. When they got back to the Valley Of Avalar, Hunter took her to Meadow, when Meadow checked her he said nothing was wrong with her,then suggested she gets some rest, Flint limped to where she sleeps most of the time. The day went by quickly then night came,the musty scents of the river and the air swirled around the valley like a small storm of leafs, Flint woke up during the night, then went outside, the gentle cold breeze made her shiver, she looked at the horizon, seeing a small light,she hoped it was the sun...but it wasnt, it was a volcano,burning with rage,then she realised...Malefor has returned...

Notes - this chapter isn't very long and the reason it took FOREVER is because i was busy with other things like music creation,video creation-as Cat Amber - and role playing on scratch-CheetaProductios- so yeah, i will try to get the next chapter to be long...may take a month . cya guys.

SkylordArticia out.