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No Flames

Konoha 2 years after the war

Everything should have been better after the war ended but it didn't. Neji died protecting him, with no hesitation whatsoever to protect Hinata and Naruto at the same time. Shikaku and Inoichi also died while some other good shinobi died at HQ. The daimyo's death also had a major impact; which led a power struggle in each nation while the shinobi and the people of each land look to their Kages for leadership. So many lives were lost but the biggest life that impacted Naruto the most was Hinata's death.

The Elder's pushed everything in Konoha for their favor, even when Tsunade was pushing for the right choices. The people of the land started to feel the strain of everyday lives after the war. The people helping and supporting Konoha while it's being rebuilt, hoping to bring some light back to Hi Ni Kuni. But that all started to go downhill when someone returned back to Konoha.

Sasuke was finally beaten by Naruto after the two years the war ended. The fight was intense but with Kurama on his side the evil last Uchiha was defeated. He was brought back to Konoha to face justice but in the end Sasuke, who was the last Uchiha, had to revive his clan before he died. So the sharingan can still continue on its legacy of evil. But Naruto in the end felt sorry for his longtime friend but everything changed when Sasuke started to manipulate everyone around Naruto.

He blamed Naruto for making him leave Konoha. Blaming the blonde that he wanted attention; that he prevented Sasuke from gaining the strength he needed to kill Itachi. Some shinobi saw what Sasuke was saying while the elders saw truth to it but the biggest blame he placed on Naruto; He stole what he deserved rightfully what was his.


Sasuke believed his parents were right that the Uchiha clan should have over thrown the Sandaime and maybe none of this would have happen. Konoha would be different, more peaceful. That if the Uchiha clan were in charge, Danzo wouldn't have gone behind everyone's back. The other villages would have thought twice to do anything against Konoha. The Oto and Suna invasion would have never happen. Sasuke would never have gained the curse seal.

"It should have been us from the start!" yelled Sasuke.

Blaming the Senju family for their ideals of peace and love. The will of Fire as well. He blamed the teachings of the first three Hokages for ruining Konoha. If the teachings would have never been passed, Orochimaru would have been killed the first time. But the Sandaime at that time allowed him to escape and continued on with the work the snake man did. If Konoha had Uchiha members as the first three Hokages everything would have been stopped the first time around with no consequences.

No curse seal would have been developed. No experimenting on children and most of all no invasion on Konoha during the chunin exams. Kabuto wouldn't have gone the way he did because of Danzo's 'Ne.' The deranged, power-hungry Hokage candidate would have been killed the first time when he showed his true colors later on. Everything that Danzo did would have been dealt with instead later on who continued with his own method hurting Konoha more than ever. Homura and Koharu saw this to be true. But also sadly Tsunade didn't want to agree with the psychopath boy, but saw truth to it. If her former sensei did step up from the start of his Hokage reign. But Sasuke words left a deep impact on Naruto. He is turning everything around on him blaming everything besides himself.

"You got this all wrong. You are blaming others while it's your clan's fault at the start" replied Naruto. Pointing out that Madara was the mastermind of the plan. Also that Obito Uchiha, a student of the Yondaime, manipulated everyone around him. That the Uchiha clan's thirst for power to control everything brought on their own downfall. Hashirama Senju defeated Madara, not just once but, multiple times in the past that his own vengeance destroyed him and also poisoned the clan. "So your own curse for power did this. No one else," stated Naruto.

Tsunade nodded, pointed out to Itachi but also Shisui gave their lives to protect Konoha.

In the end Sasuke was sentenced to death after some specimen is removed to repopulate the sharingan. But that wasn't the last thing that happened. Sasuke words left some meaning to the civilians of Konoha. Many didn't want to listen to the traitor's words but some truth rang to it. Many people started to blame Naruto again for the destruction of Konoha because of Pain. If Naruto was killed as a child everything would be different in Konoha.

With everything that Naruto endured. Everything he had done. Did it unfold because of Sasuke words. Yes he did bring some light while, many people wonders why did the Sandaime allow Naruto to live. Sasuke had the answer he is Konoha's weapon someone to protect Konoha but his own attention seeking caused more problems than answers. "What kind of shinobi would do all this? He is a joke. He just wanted people to look at him!" shouted Sasuke.

Many shinobi saw truth to it while Naruto looked shocked. But the biggest blow to Sasuke was asking why the Yondaime chose Naruto of all people than anyone else who is more worthy. Many shinobi along civilians remained quiet. Koharu and Homura wanted to dismiss Sasuke but Naruto didn't. He looked at Sasuke with a dark grin hating him. While everyone waited for Naruto "The Yondaime chose me because I am his son. I was given the duty since birth because I am the Yondaime son".

Everyone from the shinobi side didn't expect this. They all looked at Naruto and thought back to the Yondaime and soon realized the resemblance of the two look. Tsunade nodded while the elders looked shocked. They thought Naruto didn't know who his parents are but they started to grow worried. How much does Naruto know about his lineage now? Sasuke stood there shocked, hearing this while many people in Konoha are shocked as well. The elders on the other hand had another concern. A bigger concern seeing something that the Sandaime put off for years while Danzo tried to correct it.


With him getting control of Kyuubi's power, doubts about Sasuke's words started to press on everyone's mind and Homura and Koharu had to make sure that Naruto is taken care of. Thinking that Kyuubi is influencing the boy but it wasn't, they knew to use this line will gain some support from others. They wanted to remove Kyuubi from Naruto. But on the other hand they didn't have the resources or a skilled Fuinjutsu user. But the biggest problem is that Naruto wan the only known Uzumaki in existence and only one form that clan can withstand Kyuubi's chakra. No other will last too long with Kyuubi's potent chakra and if they did, Kyuubi no doubt would make this difficult for many years. So the elders took charge without anyone else knowing.

Behind Tsunade's back, they placed Naruto in a cell that was designed to hold a Jinchuuriki in case of anything. Naruto wasn't aware of this secluded area that was built after the Kyuubi attack. Somewhere in the back of his mind he wondered why. But the biggest question: who ordered the prison to be built. With everything he went through, why use it now instead when he was younger?

The answer came from Sasuke who was looking at Naruto outside the cell. "Hiruzen Sarutobi. The Sandaime". Thinking of the irony that the Sandaime Hokage. One of Naruto most trusted people had this place in case of Naruto's mental stability ever broke. "Also Tsunade knew about it and kept in case something bad happened," smirked Sasuke. Placing the tsukiyomi on Naruto, he collapsed then opened the cell and left.

When Naruto woke up and was freed form the prison by Sasuke he rushed to Konoha and watched it burned from the distance. Running through Konoha the only person came to his mind was Hinata. When Naruto found her, she was dead while her eyes were gone. In rage, he turned around to find Sakura with Hinata's eyes in her eye sockets. But that's not all that was in Sakura body that belonged to Hinata. Her ovaries were removed. The wounds on each side of Hinata's body covered her own with blood.

"Forgive me" crying and sobbing "It was all my fault. I let Sasuke out and he did all this to you and Konoha" dropping on her knees crying, Naruto looked to Sakura angry that it's her fault. Seeing the blood soaked clothes she is wearing, Naruto soon realize what happen. "He forced Shizune to do the procedure then killed her like an animal after he killed Hinata. Saying the only person you should have been with at the start is me. That I bothered him too much and that you had Hinata, he couldn't stand me". She believed that Sasuke would change once he came back to Konoha. That she would show that Sasuke is different and convince the elders to change their minds with the civilian council behind her. But in the end Sakura happiness turned into a nightmare.

Naruto, crying, looked to Sakura angry that this happen because of her. Holding onto Hinata's body, the burning flames never bother Naruto seeing everything in his life turned cold.

Few Days later

When Naruto woke up, he found himself inside a make shift tent. Seeing a large handful of shinobi survivors along with many, many civilians as well; Naruto glared at them making them all look down knowing it was their fault. They listened to Sasuke and now Konoha is again in rubble while many are struggling to survive in what's left over in Konoha.

Tsunade was found dead at the Hokage tower, Chidori through her chest destroying her heart. The remaining jonins all found dead while half of Kakashi's head was found. Shino was the only one alive besides Sakura and told Naruto what happened and seeing everything he knew was gone. "The elders are alive, Naruto. Both of them, they are trying to gain influence. But I tied them up seeing they are one of the main reasons for this happening," spoke Shino. Naruto listened to him while many shinobi looked to Naruto to support.

But nothing was left in Naruto. Everything he held close and dear is gone. "Take everyone to Suna. Leave the elders. Sasuke is coming for them sooner or later. Tell everyone that the elders remained behind in Konoha to take one last stand against the traitor," ordered Naruto. Shino nodded and started to move everyone out of Konoha then Hi No Kuni. "Also don't tell anyone and don't come back for me," said Naruto.

Shino nodded but he looked at his friend. "Naruto, you know what you need to do. Something that was supposed to happen the first time during the retrieval mission." Naruto nodded while Sakura continued to cry. When Naruto turned to her, he grew angry at her. Everything that happened was also her fault; she allowed Sasuke to get out, thinking he will change. But no, she wanted to help Sasuke in her own way and in the end…

Everything turned into a nightmare.

"Sakura, I want to talk to you outside," demanded Naruto. Sakura quietly nodded while Shino raised an eye "Get everyone out".Shino shivered to feel the dark voice he used. But inside of Naruto, everything he knew and held precious is gone. Hinata is dead, the life he wanted to have: a family with her but, it was destroyed and Sasuke's cruel joke to remove her eyes and ovaries and implant them into Sakura. Something that Sasuke didn't want Sakura while he thought Naruto would get his kicks with her.

When Naruto stepped outside he looked at Sakura who was confused to see him in sage mode. "Naruto-" before she can finish her sentence, Naruto sent a devastating punch to her stomach, cracking and breaking some of her ribs. Once on the floor two clones appear around Naruto "Run". Sakura stood there crying, fearing for her life "I SAID RUN" roared Naruto.

All he has is loneliness. Everyone he loved is gone. He looks at Sakura, a person who caused him pain. Another enemy that needs to die. "No please," crying and trembling in fear, Naruto kicked her sending her away. Looking at the pathetic girl in front of him. He wonders why Tsunade even gave her a chance, she wasted everything and in the end, her foolish desire to have the man of her dreams; that crush she has that she thinks she loves, destroyed Konoha but also many lives. "I'm sorry" cried Sakura.

Naruto stared at her emotionless "I'm not". Throwing the Rasenshuriken at Sakura, the pink haired kunoichi closed her eyes. When it came into contact, she never felt so much pain in her life. Everything in her body hurt and when it was done she just laid there on the ground still alive but barely moving but breathing enough. "Everything you did. All for you and your own stupid desire to have Sasuke. This happens!" shouted Naruto.

Sakura just looked up and cried knowing it's true. Konoha destroyed while a tenth of shinobi and civilians are alive. Her mother always told her to go after Sasuke and Sasuke destroyed everything but Naruto is the one that killed her. "Good bye Sakura". Picking her up from the neck Sakura looks to Naruto with tears. Her body broken and damaged, her clothes barely covering her at all. Naruto looked at her in disgust, trying to cover her body. "NO! Don't hide what you are!" throwing her on the floor. Naruto tears the remaining clothes she has "This is what you look like. Nothing but an ugly person. You were jealous of Hinata. Jealous of US. WHY!?" demanded Naruto.

Sakura continue to cry. Feeling the air hit her naked body, she tightens her eyes hoping he will stop. All she wanted was the person she loves to love her back but Naruto prevented that from happening. "You were happy with the one you love. I wanted to have that" cried Sakura. Naruto threw her onto the ground, seeing her naked and disgusting body. Seeing the scars on her sides, he looks to Sakura seeing Hinata's lavender eyes staring back at him. Everything he feels now is dead.

Sakura body tainted Hinata's innocence. Tainted her pure eyes. 'Hinata is gone'. The dream of having a family is gone. The dreams of growing old together and being together is gone. Sakura tried to get up while covering her body, but Naruto just stood there hating her. Everything he learned he started to ignore. Peace is gone. All he wants is Sasuke dead, the pain he caused Naruto he wants to make Sasuke suffer. "Good bye" said Naruto.

Stabbing Sakura in the chest with his hand piercing her body. She looks down to see his hand glow red, using Kyuubi chakra, Naruto killed Sakura the same way that Sasuke tried to do to him at the Valley of the end. But this is going to be different. Pushing more of Kyuubi's chakra Sakura's body turned to ash watching it burn. Her frozen terrifying face burned into Naruto's mind forever.

It was a few days later when Sasuke returned back to Konoha, hoping to finish off the elders once and for all. He found their bodies dead on the ground in the middle of what was left of Konoha. "Sasuke". Turning around the last Uchiha saw Naruto standing behind him with a smile on his face.

"Naruto" smiling, he notices Naruto dark look at him. "What. I gave Sakura an improvement. She wanted to be happy so I gave her what she wanted. Besides, Hinata had everything a kunoichi ever wanted. A pity she couldn't be alive to help restore my clan" smiled Sasuke. Once finished he charged towards Naruto with a Chidori slamming it right into his chest. Naruto never moved or flinched "Now you die" adding more chakra.

Naruto didn't scream instead he glared at Sasuke "No. This time I will fix what I was supposed to do all those years ago." Naruto grabbed Sasuke while three chakra tails appeared. "STOP" shouted Sasuke. Naruto closing his eyes so Sasuke won't use the sharingan on him. With already three tails out a fourth one followed. Feeling his body burning, Sasuke used Susanoo to break free but Naruto used the chakra tails, wrapping them together preventing the chakra beast from forming.

"Naruto stop. You are going to kill us both!" shouted Kyuubi. Feeling the clones dispel the sage chakra through Naruto pushed him. Now with eight tails, Kyuubi looked to Naruto crying in front of him. Everything they went together at least they will go out with a bang. Kyuubi couldn't but help smirk he is happy, to have known Naruto but also a good friend. "I'm sorry Naruto. I know you wanted to have a life with her. But maybe you can" watching Naruto open the gates to his cage.

Kyuubi grabbed onto Naruto's head making him wince. But what Naruto saw was a jutsu with endless number of hand seals and at the end, a timeline of events that happened before. A place where he can change "If I can only go back" cried Naruto. Seeing Hinata following him through Konoha Naruto wipes his face drying his tears.

"You can. This is a Jikukan fuinjutsu I learned from the old man. It will send us back but there is a price. It is said that the dark side of your soul always has unfinished business. So until your dark side finishes the business. It will gain control of you. But if you fail, you will be sent to the stomach of Shinigami to relive what your soul couldn't have. Losing sight of what's in front of you while the darkness grows. But if this happens it will hurt very much" answered Kyuubi. Naruto nodded thinking back to what Sasuke said to him. If none of this ever happened to Sasuke he wouldn't have killed Hinata. But Sasuke still poses a problem and so does everyone else. Everyone in Konoha turned on him once again. The elders placed him in the cell where the old man he once trusted the most had this place behind his back. Konoha betrayed him and maybe Konoha needs to change for him to be better. Seeing what was lost in the first place, maybe living in the darkness will help him continue and give him the power for what he needs to do.

Making the hand seals Naruto felt Kyuubi taking over his body outside the seal. With the last of the thousands of hand seals; perhaps going into the ten thousands. It was only seconds in the real world where Naruto's body along with Kyuubi is blowing up. The chakra blast sent a huge sonic boom to almost every nation but the chakra output as well.


Gaara feeling the chakra looked to the direction of Konoha.


Kurotsuchi along with a few others turned to the direction.


A and B felt the chakra wondering what happen "He's gone. Kyuubi is gone. I can't sense him anymore. What did he do?" asked Hachibi, sadly. B nodded and told A, shocking him wondering what on earth happened in Konoha.


Ao felt the power coming from a long way away. Mei wondered what was going on and orders a team to go.


The village that once stood was destroyed; after being rebuilt then burned down. All that was left was a huge crater; nothing more. A crater going for miles. a battle that took place that rewrote history. A history not even Madara or Hashirama can match.


Right before Naruto's body exploded, Kyuubi took both his and Naruto spirits out of the body and left to go back. They couldn't go much back as they were hoping to but one place that they saw was the perfect opportunity. A month before the genin exams. That month Naruto will change the course of history. Change what happens in Konoha. Change everything for the better. Change for him to live a happy life in a dark world.

Konoha, Five years ago, Academy

Naruto yawning listening to Iruka's boring lectures, feeling his head spin all of the sudden. "Iruka-sensei, can I go to the bathroom?" blinking and feeling very hot, he soon starts to sweat. Trying to stay still his vision soon starts to blur while Naruto soon started to wobble.

Iruka shakes his head "No Naruto. The genin exams-" stopping, he watches Naruto collapse on the ground holding his stomach. "Naruto!" scolded Iruka, thinking he is doing a prank. Naruto's whole body sent out a chakra wave, sending everyone off their seats. Iruka slowly getting up notices Naruto thrashing and screaming. Picking him up, he rushes to the hospital and to get the Hokage.

Everyone in Konoha felt Kyuubi's chakra explode that day. As if it was trying to get out but in fact it was trying to get back into Naruto. With both souls returning back to the past. Today history is going to change and Kyuubi made a few tweaks into the seal.


Hiruzen sighed wondering what is going on. Just a few hours ago, Naruto was in class then a huge burst of his chakra but also Kyuubi's Chakra was released. He stood outside, waiting for the doctors to finish. "So?" asked Hiruzen. The medical team didn't know how to explain it. Sarutobi then ordered a message sent to Jiraiya, telling him he needs him back sooner than he expected. The medical teams didn't know what to say. They never encounter chakra pushing into a body like this.

Then as things couldn't get worse, another chakra blast erupted but this time, the blast came from Naruto's room. When Hiruzen and the medical team arrived, Naruto was nowhere to be found. His room was completely destroyed the chair gone burned marks in a few areas "Dear Kami. Secure Konoha. Find Naruto" ordered Hiruzen. The ANBU nodded and quickly left. The Sandaime walked into the room and looked around to see what is left.

One thing made him shiver when he saw it. A spiral on the wall that wasn't damaged by the blast. The spiral made by kunai marks with one word in the middle clear as day "Uzushiogakure". How did Naruto know? What is going on? Soon a monkey appeared giving him a scroll "Tell Jiraiya to go to Uzushiogakure". Reading the scroll, he raised an eyebrow, the toad sage felt Kyuubi's chakra all the way in Tea country. 'Did Naruto's seal release that much chakra?'

Thinking to himself, he wonders what is going to happen next? If Jiraiya felt it, what are the odds of the other nations knowing or feeling Kyuubi's chakra as well.

Uzu No Kuni.

When Naruto woke up he looked around finding himself in the ruins of Uzu. "It worked" running around he found a river and looked at his reflection. Shocked to see he is younger he smiles. Looking at himself he notices he is taller and has more muscle then he had before when he was a child. "Kurama?". Calling Kyuubi.

Mind scape

Naruto appears in front of Kyuubi yawning. Looking exhaust he looks at Naruto nodding his head "Yea. We're back and I made a few improvements while you were sleep. Also, if anyone from Konoha comes. The chakra your parents left you behind I put more in it but their souls couldn't come back so they are shells. Meaning you can control them to work in your own way. But also they can also be outside the seal" smirked Kyuubi. Wondering what more can this do but also how much damage with Minato and Kushina doing to Konoha before they leave once again?

Naruto nodded and smiled but first thing first. Coming back to the past "Going to train a bit. Also what about your chakra?" Kyuubi pointed behind him showing Minato smiling. With him appearing outside, he can get Kyuubi's chakra with no problem and in the meantime he can train until someone from Konoha comes for him. Or better yet, why not walk to Konoha with his parents. Teach the people to who mistreated Naruto wrongly a lesson.

Two Weeks Later

Jiraiya, reading the report from Hiruzen but, also some spies and people he knows. 'I don't understand. Why did Naruto suddenly release Kyuubi's chakra. Did the seal fail after all these years?'. Wondering what happened. He along with Gamabunta was swimming towards Uzu. Wondering how Naruto got to Uzu, Hiruzen sent him a picture of the Uzu spiral with Uzu craved right in the middle of the spiral.

"Jiraiya. You sure you can find the kid? I mean I felt Kyuubi's chakra from Myoboku. If something like that can happen when I'm there, what chance do you have?" asked Gamabunta.

"Don't know. But I got to make sure Naruto is alive" answered Jiraiya. Seeing the shore he jumped off the gama's head while the boss toad himself poofed back home. Jiraiya continued walking towards the ruins of Uzu; wondering why did Naruto come here. 'Maybe it wasn't Naruto. Maybe Kyuubi did do something. But sensei told me he hasn't told Naruto yet'. Wondering what else can go wrong. He wonders why Hiruzen is taking so long to tell Naruto about Kyuubi being sealed inside of him.

Running through the island for almost a few hours, Jiraiya notices some buildings not too far from his position. 'Well I found it. I can't sense Kyuubi's chakra or anyone else around the area.' Wondering if that is good or something bad happened to his godson. He started to think more about Naruto and the first time Minato and Kushina took the name from his book. He soon regrets not taking over his duties as a godfather and leaving Naruto behind in Konoha.

Hearing something from a distance after walking an hour, he stumbled upon some old training grounds. Moving along the shadows he wonders who the voices he hears are. "Got to do better. RASENGAN" shouted Naruto. When Jiraiya heard the attack he looked down from the tree shocked to see who it is.

Minato smirking uses a Kawarimi no Jutsu switching places with Jiraiya. "RASENGAN" shouted Naruto. Slamming the ball of chakra into Jiraiya's chest it sent the pervert through a tree. "Who was that" said Naruto. Knowing he can't reveal anything, he turns to Kushina with a smirk while Minato drags Jiraiya back to Naruto's location.

"Oh man, what hit me?" groaned Jiraiya.

"Naruto's Rasengan" replied Minato. "Sensei" hissed Minato. Kushina stood next to Naruto while Naruto soon started to glare at Jiraiya. With Kyuubi's help on his parents he told him everything what Minato and Kushina couldn't do the first time in the past. He learned that Jiraiya was his godfather which made Naruto angry that he left him behind for twelve years in Konoha. But he also understood that he had his own spy network to help Konoha.

Jiraiya is shocked. Looking at Minato and Kushina he turned to Naruto then back to the parents. Sensing their chakra "You're alive but how?" Before Jiraiya can even ask more, Kushina kicked Jiraiya in the ribs making him wince.

"How dare you. You abandoned Naruto!" shouted Kushina. Jiraiya coughing look onto Kushina nodding seeing it's really her because of her temper. "If you bothered to even check on Naruto you would have noticed the seal we placed on him," answered Kushina. Minato nodded told Jiraiya what sealed he used making the sennin eyes widen.

"We placed our chakra into Naruto so when he was old enough we would help him gain control of Kyuubi's chakra. But instead I find out Kyuubi has been healing our son. Helping him, keeping him alive which in the end used more of his chakra. Then when the time of our chakra came up to help Naruto. It came to a shocker how we told Naruto who we are. We found out Hiruzen did almost nothing to help Naruto but you as well. Kakashi also did nothing," hissed Minato.

Wondering why Konoha didn't honor his wish but also asked what happened if Naruto died if he was younger. What other person could seal Kyuubi or contain his power? Jiraiya looked nervous while Kushina told him who and she wouldn't like it one bit "Only an Uzumaki can withstand that power and Tsunade being one fourth needs to give birth so that can happen". But still there wasn't a one hundred percent chance the baby would survive at all. "They would have forced her to have a child while that child learned the hard way," hissed Kushina.

Jiraiya let out a nervous smile but looked at Naruto who is glaring at him. "I know what I did was wrong. But I had my spy network. We also have more problems than you all think," answered Jiraiya. Minato waved his hands telling him he figured out how much chakra that Naruto and Kyuubi sent out. Which probably warned the other nations of his presence. "Yes" stated Jiraiya. That the Uchiha clan is gone because the elders think they had a thing with Kyuubi attacking. "What?" asked Jiraiya. But Minato wasn't done, he figured to get rid of the problem and also with what Naruto knows during the past and why of Sasuke's power. The Uchiha clan was probably going to revolt against the Sandaime.

"Meaning Itachi was ordered to slaughter the clan. Good thing he did seeing they had a hand in this," answered Minato. Jiraiya looked speechless seeing that Minato figured this all out by himself or perhaps he already suspected something when he was Hokage. Maybe something happen during the fight with Kyuubi?

Kushina rolled her eyes seeing Jiraiya speechless look. "Then do you want to know what happened the night Kyuubi was released from me?" Tapping her foot, Jiraiya quickly turned to her seeing this is the best chance to know what happen. "Good, listen up and summon the toad with the key. I will help Naruto get Kyuubi's chakra. The deal we made should help Naruto," stated Kushina.

Naruto watching Jiraiya sighs. Noticing his distrusting look he claps his hands summons Gerotora who was surprised to see Minato alive. "I hope you know what you are doing Minato." Jiraiya turned to Naruto who also dropped a scroll onto the ground opening up "Sign the contract kid. No doubt Minato can teach you how to summon". Minato shakes and points to Jiraiya who had a gleam of hope just yet.

Naruto looked onto scrolled and listened to Minato to what to do. While Gerotora listened to Minato on what happened and what needs to be done. "Ribbit, if this is all true. This key will help Naruto. But isn't he young?" Kushina sent him a glare while Jiraiya shivered and told him to trust Minato. Naruto watching this sees his former sensei places too much trust in his father.

"Kushina-chan you know what to do" said Minato. Kushina nodded while Naruto listened to his mother on what needs to be done. Jiraiya turned to Minato and nodded, "This is going to be a long talk" said Minato.

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