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Konoha Stadium

Everyone is getting ready for the chunin exams. Fire works signaling the start of the exams. Vendors closing down shops and games to watch the chunin exams to begin. civilians along with shinobi are rushing to get their seats to watch the chunin exams. Everything today is all about the chunin exams and to see who will become chunin.

But not is all well in Konoha. Tsunade had a meeting the night before with the clans heads and the top jonins in Konoha. Hand picking a few herself knowing who is loyal and not. The clan heads nods hearing Tsunade plan while the jonins are placed in Konoha strategic to take down the enemy before they do much damage. Each Anbu is paired up as well with two chunins as back up.

Already giving the genins some orders. They are nervous enough with the chunin exams but now they have to protect Konoha if an invasion breaks out. Talking about being nervous enough but now. You have to deal with a possible invasion. No pressure right guys all from Naruto.

As things couldn't get much worse, A the Raikage and his brother Killer Bee with Yugito Nii are coming to Konoha. But they aren't the only Kage coming to Konoha. Onoki the Sandaime Tsuchikage is also coming to Konoha. But he wont be coming alone his son-in-law Kitsuchi, will be coming to Konoha.

But the main Kage they are waiting for is the Kazekage who Tsunade knows will be under disguises as Orochimaru. Already breaking the Kages into two groups. She hopes her former sensei can take Orochimaru down. But if he cant Naruto already placed a Hiraishin seal at the scene to remove the stain from the shinobi world.

With the stadium filling up, Karin along Menma are walking to their seats. Happy enough that Tsunade was able to convince Kusagakure to allow Karin to resign giving them a choice that they cant refuse. She is wearing the Konoha headband across her forehead.

"Oji Kakashi" shouted Menma. Smiling at the jonin he chuckles behind his mask while Kurenai smirks. Liking to hear this she smiles at Karin seeing she is fitting in Konoha quickly.

"Hello" smile Karin. When the papers came back to Konoha within a few hours after Tsunade deal 'or threat'. Karin met Kakashi and his girlfriend Kurenai. She also met Hinata who is dating Naruto. But when she met Menma she squealed like a girl seeing how cute and adorable he is.

Much to Menma happiness he loves his Karin Nee-chan. Everyone laughed at the sight where Karin was hugging him but also tickling him making him laugh uncontrollable.

"We saved you two your seats but the company around us is something you might not be use to" said Kurenai nervously.

Karin looks confuse wondering what she means. But when she saw the people sitting behind her she winces seeing what clan.

"Ano Karin nee chan. That's the girl who Hinata spoke a few weeks ago" said Menma. Kakashi and Kurenai hearing this turns their head to see Hanabi who let out a nervous smile while Hiashi raised an eye. This is the first he meets the new addition to the Namikaze family. But also he didn't know that Hanabi spoke to Hinata a few weeks ago.

He turns his head towards Hanabi who looks nervous. Slowly moving his attention to the elders who look concern for some reason. Since they went behind Hiashi back to make Hanabi the new heiress of the Hyuga clan. Tsunade rumors of becoming the Godaime and Naruto politely turning down the Fire Daimyo much older niece. The Hyuga clan suffered a backlash on what Hiashi did at a restaurant.

'Can things get any worse?' thought Hiashi. Looking at Hanabi he notices her faint light blush. Wondering where she is getting it he notices Menma with his knees sitting on the chair talking to her.

"Ano you look like Hinata-chan. You have the same pretty cheek bones" smile Menma.

Hiashi eye twitched violently. Already losing one daughter to a Namikaze he looks at Menma smiling at Hanabi making her giggle. Which is something he has never seen Hanabi do. Giggle. She would be the last girl in the Hyuga clan to giggle. A new-born would giggle before her.

'I think I lost both my daughters to blondes' sigh Hiashi.

"Menma-kun sit down the exams are going to start" smile Karin.

Menma nods and waves good-bye to Hanabi and blows her a kiss and sits down.

Kakashi watching this cant help but chuckle while Kurenai pokes his sides making him stop. But in truth she is laughing inside because Menma watched Naruto do that to Hinata. Seeing already the younger brother is copying the older brother. All little brothers look up to their older brothers as a role model but also on advice.

Hiashi on the other hand looks at Hanabi. Seeing her light shade of red on her face she is about to open her mouth.

"Not until you are a chunin" said Hiashi firmly with no room for discussion what so ever.

Hanabi looks down and sighs. She never met anyone who talked to her like that and it felt nice to her. Hearing someone snorting she turns around to see an elder glaring at Menma. Making her blood boil she activated her byakugan on will making her eyes widen.

'Is this what nee-chan meant but also feels?' thought Hanabi.

On the other side of the stadium

Sasuke is walking to find any available seats. Since the incident at the hospital an anbu is watching Sasuke at all times. Thinking back to what the Sandaime told him he can't help feel angry at himself that he lost control. The hospital was badly damage but yet again fate seems to throw Naruto into fixing the problem. Lucky no one got serious hurt or anyone died.

When he woke up in a small clinic. All he remembered was pain and anger and when the anbu told him what happen. He was asleep for two weeks due to chakra exhaustion and when he went to see the damage of the hospital. He is shocked to see every single carpenter and skilled worker from Konoha working on the hospital around the clock.

Even skilled workers from Nami no kuni came to Konoha. Seeing that Naruto made a huge impact in the nation they bought many supplies from there to help rebuild the hospital. But what shocked Sasuke even more that they even created another wing behind the hospital. Seeing that the old abounded building behind the hospital was taking space. He couldn't believe how fast they got the hospital repaired in the front but also already finished working on the new structure of the East Wing of the hospital.

Behind the Hospital the south wing of the hospital the structure is already built while more and more carpenters are working around the clock.

If he would have guess, Tsunade must have been the one to push for this. Wondering if the rumors are true about her taking the mantle of Hokage. He hopes it isn't true because with what has been happening he can forget about becoming Hokage. He wanted to prove to everyone that his clan has changed through him. Seeing that his purpose into killing Itachi is gone and his clan name smeared beyond repair. He knows his word carries little weight against the Yondaime and his wife.

The example they made when they came back. When Naruto came back with them back to Konoha. His failing his genin exam while Naruto thought about the true meaning of the test. Everything started to spiral out of control and he doesn't have any power to control it. All he has left is his own life. Taking it one day at a time hoping everyone will forgive him.

'I want to prove to everyone that I can protect Konoha. That the Uchiha clan Sharingan can protect its people not harm them. I know once I get the rank of Hokage everyone will see me' thought Sasuke. Taking a deep breath he walks and bumps into someone. "Sorry.. Sakura-chan".

"Sasuke-kun" blink Sakura. "When did you get discharge from the hospital? I was there a few weeks ago and found out about Naruto having a little brother. But I also heard about the surgery you had. I wanted to come see you but no visitors were allowed" explain Sakura. Seeing him finally outside the hospital she checked around a few clinics while the nurses didn't answer her question.

Wondering where Sasuke has been since the hospital had to be repair. She notices his frown wondering if she said anything to make him sad.

"Have you been doing good?" ask Sakura.

Sasuke hearing the question looks down to the ground and sighs. When he looked up to Sakura he stared at her face but couldn't keep looking at her he looked away quickly. To Sakura she saw the hurt and sad face all over Sasuke. Walking to him she gave him a hug making Sasuke wrap his arms around her.

"Its ok. Lets find a seat" smile Sakura. Sasuke slowly nods and takes her hand with his making her smile. "I'm sorry Sasuke-kun. But I promise I will try to help you get through this" whisper Sakura. Once finding some seats she places her head on his shoulder while Sasuke gives a light smile.

"Thank you Sakura-chan and I'm sorry" whisper Sasuke.

With Tsunade, Jiraiya and Hiruzen.

With all three waiting, Jiraiya got news from a spy that the Kazekage is moving large numbers around the border of Hi No Kuni. Already having the meeting he looks to Tsunade who looks clam and relax. Wondering why she wanted to study the forbidden scroll but also she looked into scrolls from her clan but also the Uzumaki clan.

'Guess she was preparing the worse case scenario? I mean Orochimaru is a twisted bastard and Tsunade wanted to make sure she is prepared against him' thought Jiraiya. Looking at Hiruzen he has done some light training getting back into shape. Doing a few runs here and some chakra control exercise slowly building some muscle memory again.

"There here" said Tsunade. All three watched the Kages and there escorts come out of the carriage. With them all walking towards the middle to meet each other instead of Onoki who is floating on the left. The Kazekage in the middle and Raikage on the right. Each of them walking while sending each other glance wondering how things are going to turn.

The air around them radiate with different power. Each of them always sent glances and look ahead to see the Hokage. The tension in the air was thick enough that the others behind him sent nervous glances to the others.

"Greetings. I suspect everyone trip here wasn't that bad?" smile Hiruzen.

"It shouldn't have seeing we sent them scrolls ahead of schedule asking someone to proctor the match" said Tsunade. Looking at Bee she raises an eye seeing him stare at a certain part of her body. "Eyes up here buddy" groan Tsunade. Making everyone turn to Bee he rubs the back of his head nervously. Before the Raikage reprimands him "Geez you have a attraction to Milfs and big breast".

"Ahh well ahhh" said Bee dumb folded. Rubbing the back of his head seeing he got caught but also Tsunade found his weakness.

"Well this is interesting" said Onoki finally speaking. Looking at A he hovers towards Hiruzen "Its been years Saru" huffing his chest seeing the only two Sandaime Kages left in the Hidden Villages.

"Yes years in fact" said Hiruzen. Thinking back in the previous war when both Sandaime's faced each other. Now its a completely different reason.

"For you old timers yes. There is still a few Yondaime's around" mutter A.

"Indeed but yet the Sandiame's always caused problems" chuckle The Kazekage under disguise. Earning a glare from the Sandaime's they turn to each other and shrug their shoulders because of their old age.

"Tell me about it" groan Tsunade. Pinching the bridge of her nose she turns to Kitsuchi "At least he doesn't cause much trouble for you".

"You don't want me to answer that" wave Kitsuchi. Earning a few snickers both Sandaime's turns to the other scowling at their former student or family member for the insult. "Should we get this exams started".

"Indeed, Sensei here will be going with the Kazekage" said Tsunade. Seeing the Kazekage body language move a bit seeing his is happy with this. "I got to play babysit before you two try to kill each other. Sensei please go over the treaty with Suna" said Tsunade.

Hiruzen waved his hand while A raised an eye on the events. Even Onoki looks confuse onto something.

"Jiraiya show Killer Bee where he will proctor and if your body guards want to come and stay in the same room that's fine" shrug Tsunade. Turning around the groups broke into three. Hiruzen smiling at the Kazekage making small talk.

While Tsunade notices the confuse reactions of Onoki and A. Seeing Yugito and Kitsuchi looking at each other wondering what is going on. The Kages always stayed in the same booth with no one else. For something like this in the chunin exams each Kage wonders what is going on.

"Sensei is going to give a speech than I will have my coordination. Shouldn't take more than forty-five minutes to an hour" summarized Tsunade. As they walk towards their private box they are greeted by Yamato who bows. "Is everything in order, Yamato".

"Yes of course Lady Tsunade all is in order. Everything is going to according to plan" said Yamato. Letting them all in the Kages sit in the front while their guards sit behind them. They look down to the stadium seeing how fast the place is getting filled.

A looking around notices some anbu and jonin station around their box. Onoki also notices the same thing as well. Both of them slowly turning to Tsunade sitting in her seat letting out a yawn.

"What?" ask Tsunade confuse.

"Is there something going on?" asked A curious.

Onoki also nods wondering what is going on. Seeing some jonins and anbu around the box he can't help something is going on.

"Well besides my former teammate killing the Kazekage and impersonating him. Hoping to use Suna and Oto as a joint army to attack Konoha during the time of the chunin exams" shrug Tsunade. Looking for the popcorn she grabs a handful of it and begins to eat "What?" wondering why everyone is blinking at her. But also looking at the popcorn in her lap.

"I'm not sharing" said Tsunade like a child.

"What" said Yugito thinking she misheard the Godaime. Not about the popcorn but a invasion.

"You're kidding" said Kitsuchi blinking at her than moving his sights to Onoki.

A stood there blinking and moved his sights to Yamato who looks too calm.

"You are to tell me that Suna is about to attack Konoha with Oto aiding them?" said A. Watching Tsunade eat her popcorn and nodding he pinches the bridge of his nose. "And you are not worry about this what so ever?".

"Why should we? I mean we already took care of the problem in fact the most they are going to do is try to summon some snakes in Konoha. I already have teams station all around Konoha. Teams outside of Konoha ready for the attack. So the safest place for all of you is inside this box so no international incident can happen. I already gave my genins orders while Jiraiya is telling the proctor what is going on".

"So like that no team from Kumo or Iwa will get hurt during the process. Jiraiya is telling Bee where the room is safe for the teams to go in once this invasion breaks and once it does break. All hell will break loose" explain Tsunade. The shinobi outside of Konoha all blink while Onoki chuckles seeing how well and fast Konoha responds when someone tries to attack them.

A carefully looks at Tsunade wondering a few things.

"Where did you get your information?" ask A.

Tsunade hearing this rolls her eyes and yawns.

"Truthfully we have loyal shinobi from Suna who warned us what is going on. My former teammate Jiraiya is a spy master and gathered some information. Why do you think I sent the Sandaime to deal with him first. He wants revenge and sensei wants to correct his mistake. If he doesn't that's where I and someone else comes in" shrug Tsunade.

The Kages both share a glance seeing that Tsunade is already has a plan to take care of her former traitor teammate. Their body guards looked towards there Kages seeing how well Konoha responds but also how fast they militarize.

"Its beginning" said Tsunade.

Hiruzen Side.

Once he stepped up to the balcony the stadium got quiet and turned there attention to Sandaime. Audience all waited for the Sandaime to speak to shed light but also wonder if the rumors are true.

"Well the year sure has been interesting. We had many surprises, revisits but also people returning to us. Truths coming to light and love blossoming in Konoha and no I'm not talking about some certain genins. More like a copycat and genjutsu mistress." The crowd down below chuckles while shinobi whistles and when Karin turned to the suppose people they started to blush.

"Even though the year still hasn't ended nor have we met our half way point. I know for sure things will be looking good with this year batch of genins. Never have I seen such promising genins from Konoha. Truly the future of Konoha is in great hands".

"But not just from Konoha but also our neighbors and friends. Take pride from the village you came from because its just not the village you fight for but also your nation. Even though we each come from different regions of the shinobi world. We each are gathered here today to test each other skills and talents".

Hiruzen takes a deep breath and smiles.

"I been doing this job for many and I can say many many MANY years. But also I'm proud that I'm able to pass the title to Hokage to someone else once more. The first time I passed the title too was Minato Namikaze. The Yondaime a proud shinobi of Konoha and soon to be father as well. Even though things didn't go planned he was always thinking about Konoha but also his family".

"That's why after today I will be retiring but before I retire I am naming my successor. She has returned to Konoha and taken a great liking to a genin that reminded too much of his mother. She is one of the two clans that founded Konoha. Yes the rumors are true she has adopted Konoha prankster hopefully the gray hair wont come as fast as mine did"

Hiruzen paused to hear the laughter all around Konoha. Looking down to the genins he looks at Naruto seeing the many mistakes he has done. Thinking more of what happen but more of the thought what could have happen if Minato or Kushina returned. Would things have been different from him. Would he awaken the Rinnegan as Hiruzen takes a deep breath.

"That's why the person I am naming as Godaime is Tsunade Senju" roared Hiruzen.

The shinobi stood up and clapped while the civilians cheered to hear who the new Hokage is.

Sasuke sat in his seat shocked to hear who is the Godaime. Sakura turns to Sasuke wondering what is wrong seeing his frown.

"Sasuke-kun?" calling his name quietly. Sakura watches Sasuke turn to her "What's wrong?". Seeing Sasuke remain silent she watches him take a deep breath.

"Its a long story but to make it short. Some one told me shinobi endure and that the Naruto we use to know is gone. That everyone is seeing for who he really is. That loud mouth kid who proclaimed to everyone saying he will be Hokage. I have no doubt in mind he will be Hokage. Because everyone in Konoha looks to him. He is getting what he always wanted".

Thinking of what Ibiki said to him after the Naka shrine was blown up. He cant help see the truth about it.

"I want everyone to know that Uchiha clan can protect its people. Protect Konoha and I want to be that person to do that. But seeing who is the Godaime and Naruto being adopted by her. I know I have a very long rough and hard road in front of me" answer Sasuke.

"You wont have to do it alone. I'll be by your side" answer Sakura. Turning her attention to the balcony seeing Tsunade walking, Sasuke also looks.

"It's been years since I been in Konoha" smile Tsunade. Hearing a few chuckles "Also sensei the pun about the gray hair. I can keep him under control just take the gaki's ramen away from him" smirk Tsunade.

Everyone heard a loud whine of a 'Nooooooo' coming from down the arena. Chuckles and giggles could be heard while a banging was heard with a mutter of 'Stupid' repeated a few times.

"I bet you didn't think of that" giggle Tsunade. Looking all around her Tsunade smiles "I'm honored that I can become Hokage like my family has done before me. I will uphold the Will of Fire that my grandfather taught me. I choose to be a medic to help and saves lives and that Konoha needs to be healed".

Everyone remained silent. No one spoke while Tsunade looked down to the genins but slowly moved around to see the civilians and shinobi staring at her.

"The village that I remembered before I left changed while people went behind its back for there own greed. Well that stops NOW" shouted Tsunade. "As Godaime Hokage I promise to restore Konoha back to a shining beacon that it once was before. A place where everyone will remember the fire we have that burns brightly to protect there home. Today marks a new era not just for Konoha but for everyone because today marks a era of a Kunochi reaching Kage".

"We are shinobi regardless of being male or female I see a bright future ahead for Konoha but also from the other villages. Take a look at yourselves and congratulate yourself for all the hard work in your life. Because it was that hard work that got you here today".

"Today we start the chunin exams held in Konoha to see if the genins here has what it takes to become chunin. It will be a milestone in there lives to see how far they can go but also test their limits. After that limit they will push themselves beyond that limit to reach a new goal. Today is the new start of there lives some of you wont become chunin".

"But don't let this stop you from trying again. LET THE EXAM BEGIN" roared Tsunade.

The genins on the ground hears someone rapping after Tsunade speech turning around to the figure.

"Yo this is Mister Jinchuriki and I'll be proctoring this exam. But this year we have twists yo" smiling and rapping he looks at Jiraiya who has a confuse face. "As I was saying the matches will be chosen when a Kages pulls the names out of the hat. Since none of you know who you will be fighting". Turning to Jiraiya who has a anime sweat coming down his head. Bee shrugs his shoulders and continues.

"Since none of you know who you will be fighting. The month they gave you was to train and come up with tactics to defeat others and possibility teammates in the exams" lectured Bee. Everyone in line sent a glance towards each other wondering how this exam is going to be.

"Well lets get on with the exam. My back is killing me" groan Samui. Standing straight almost the entire morning since they arrived at the stadium she cant wait for the exam to start.

"Its because of that big chest of yours" said Omoi. Licking on the lollipop he stops feeling a death glare at aimed at him.

"Hahaha' chuckle Naruto. Seeing Samui setting his sights on him "What?".

"Keep laughing or you are going to be dead like that idiot teammate of mine. Always talking about a female body part" complain Samui.

Karui nods agreeing with her teammate until Omoi said something.

"You just mad because you got no chest. Heck even some pre teens from Konoha are starting to develop" said Omoi out loud.

Karui tempered flared while Omoi jumped behind Killer Bee for protection. Jiraiya watching this chuckles nods knowing what Omoi is saying. Remembering Tsunade when they were genin. He knows of early boomers when he sees one.

"Well I seen my share of those early bloomers" answer Naruto. Everyone around him turned to him confuse minus one Hyuga whose eyes started to twitch very violently. "Something the matter Hinata-chan?". Wondering what is bothering her he hopes she isn't nervous about the exam.

"Yes Naruto-kun, what do you mean by that?" answer Hinata too sweetly. The guys around Naruto knew that voice all to well even Shikamaru who mouth 'Poor bastard choose your words wisely'. Naruto on the other hand looks at Hinata and smiles. Not knowing of the dangers is coming if he answers.

The girls placed there hands on there hips and watches Naruto carefully and hopes he chooses his words wisely. If he chooses something else each kunochi is thinking the same thing to beat Naruto in one swift kick to end the match.

"Well I had to learn some measurements because of my Oiroke no jutsu. One hundred and forty seven centimeters. Thirty eight kilograms. Eighty two bust. Sixty one waist. Eighty eight hip" answer Naruto. Wondering what is wrong he sees Hinata mouth drop open in shock. "Yup. Also she is one hundred and forty nine centimeters. Forty Kilograms. Eighty bust. Sixty waist. Seventy nine hip" pointing to Samui.

She folds her arms across her chest glaring at Naruto for revealing her numbers. Seeing Omoi mouth drop open while the lollipop falls to the ground, Jiraiya chuckles proud to see Naruto learning something very useful.

"What? Did I say something wrong? I mean I can probably tell you the others here as well" wondering why Hinata is glaring at Naruto with her byakugan on. He cant feel nervous for something he said "Was I wrong about the bust size maybe its ninety two I get them- ow OWWW" whine Naruto.

"Excuse us I need a word with my boyfriend about revealing personal information" hissed Hinata. Pulling on Naruto's ear dragging him out of the arena floor. Every guy in the stadium is wondering what did Naruto do this time.

"I cant believe my teammate knows how to measure a woman's body with his eyes. I mean what is he a Wikipedia for our sizes?" asked Yakumo. Feeling a little violated herself she cant help feel a little envious of Hinata. "You know I'm older than Hinata and she hides all that in her sweater" wonder Yakumo.

"Tell me about it. I'm older too and she looks like that. I would kill to have a figure like that" groan Temari. Remembering her mother and how beautiful she was she cant help feel a bit self conscience.

"Hmm trouble some if you ask me. I don't get you girls always wanting what others want. Be happy what you have" groan Shikamaru. Before any kunochi's reply they all heard something.

"SLAP" everyone heard a loud slap coming from a direction silencing the whole arena. As Hinata is walking back to her spot smiling everyone in the stadium is wondering why Naruto is holding his cheek. Jiraiya sees Naruto and winces while Bee himself flinches seeing the hand print.

"The slap of a million exploding suns. Speed, strength, and accuracy oh yea she is definitely Tsunade apprentice" whimpered Jiraiya. Watching Naruto walk back to his spot where the red hand print of Hinata's on his face he takes a deep breath.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to reveal any personal information" mutter Naruto looking at Samui who raises an eye. She sees the dark red hand print on his face and turns to Hinata smiling.

"Apologize accepted" smirk Samui. All the kunochi's smile while the guys wince seeing the red imprint of Hinata's hand on Naruto's face. Seeing the perfect print left on it they all wonder if Hinata's hand was made for Naruto's face to have that print on it.

"Good now can it be healed it really stings" whine Naruto. Hearing laughter coming from Kyuubi he sighs and turns to Jiraiya who shakes his head.

"Everyone grab a paper and write your name on it. Once done throw it in the bag. I will take it to the Kages where Tsunade, Onoki and A will choose the matches. I doubt the Sandaime or Kazekage will want to draw names out" smirk Jiraiya. Seeing Kankuro and Temari flinch they turned to Gaara whose eyes are cold as ever.

"Come on Gaara lighten up a bit. You don't want me to fight you again" smile Naruto.

Temari flinched while Hinata looks confuse. Wondering when Naruto fought Gaara she notices the Kazekage youngest son glaring at Naruto. Hoping Naruto can be friends again with Gaara knowing he will be a great ally in the future.

"Ok I'm going now' said Jiraiya. Leaving in a swirl of leaves the genins turns to Balcony and watches Onoki pull out a paper.

"Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze" groan Onoki. "I should have grabbed the top paper but no I had to go to the bottom" groaning even more. Some chuckles all around Konoha is heard.

Naruto shrugs his shoulders and walks towards the other side of the stadium. Wondering who his opponents is going to be he turns to Tsunade pulling a name out of the hat.

"Samui of Kumo" said Tsunade. Turning to A she shrugs her shoulders and walks back to her seat and throws some popcorn in her mouth.

"Oh come on. Why are the Ero gods torturing me today" whine Naruto. Dropping his head he hopes things goes well and if it doesn't he can hope that his healing factor will fix it or maybe Kyuubi. Can replace or repair what ever damage that might come along the way.

Bee watching this chuckles seeing this is revenge even though he apologize to Samui.

"Alright besides the two who were called everyone else up to the stands" order Bee. Looking at Naruto "Good luck you going to need it".

Naruto shrugs his shoulders and looks at Samui who is getting ready herself.

"Alright first match begin" signal Bee.

"Doton Earth walls" making some hand seals he slams his hands on the ground making a few earth wall emerge from the ground. "Kage bunshin no jutsu" creating a few clones some clones jump behind the walls and hides while others charges in.

Samui getting into a stance quick brings out her tanto. Slashing a clone making it dispel the other clones quickly brought out there katanas and parry against Samui slashes. Slowly pushing her back against a earth wall making him smirk.

"Not bad" smirk Samui. Twisting her body to the left she punches a clone in the face. Turning around she quickly watches Naruto jump over the earth wall.

"Got you" charging towards Samui. She got into a stance and waited for Naruto to get close.

"This is pay back" shouted Samui. With a swift kick and Naruto charging towards her she kicks Naruto square in the middle making him stop dead in his tracks. Every male in the stadium wince and grabbed there pride. Samui smirks soon watches Naruto dropped onto his knees and "Poof". Blinking a few times she notices some of the clones freeze in there place in fear but also in shock.

"Oi you crazy kunochi did you really had to do that to my clone. Shit. I got the memories back knowing how it feels" whine Naruto. Appearing behind the wall he quickly points his pointer finger in his mouth wetting. Running towards Samui "Wet WILLIE" quickly putting his finger in Samui ear rotating it getting it wet.

"EW" scream Samui. Jumping away slamming her back against the earth wall she quickly tries to dry her ear with her hand but cant. Seeing all the clones holding there katana on various vitals all over her body. She looks at Naruto "What kind of tactics is that. I mean you just wet willie me" groan Samui. Freeing violated she tries to move forward but cant.

The clones quickly put more pressure on her body making her nervous. Turning to Bee she sighs and nods her head knowing she is defeated. Turning to Naruto she sees him smiling making her wonder if eh was planning this from the start. Seeing she made a mistake to back into one of the doton earth wall. She knows that's how he beat her.

"Winner of the first match Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. Dam pretty good show if you ask me" laugh Bee.

The crowd soon started to clap while others chuckle at the show. Naruto shrugging his shoulder dispels his clones and walks towards the stands.

Up in the balcony.

"Hahahah" laughed Tsunade even Onoki was laughing loudly while Kitsuchi cant help shake his head. Yugito sighs while A eyes hasn't stopped twitching.

"Well what do you think?" ask Tsunade trying to control her laughter she turns to A who huffs his chest in annoyance. "Big baby. What about you small baby" turning to Onoki who stops laughing he shrugs his shoulders. Not bothered about the pun he rather sees A get insult and his shinobi beaten.

"Clever boy. He used the walls to hide himself but also his clones. He also used some clones to push her against the wall. Once close enough he made his move he could have killed her instead he played a prank on her. But to learn elemental jutsu such a young age he sure knows how to use it for his advantage especially with his clones" smirk Onoki.

Seeing how clever Naruto is he wonders if he read that in the history books seeing that Iwa uses that type of tactics in there village. Also seeing that he uses the kage bunshin which the information goes back to the user. Onoki soon sees that Naruto could have dispelled a few clones to know where Samui position at all times.

"Hmm I will wait until his next match to give you my decision. But the way I see it I have no doubt he is chunin material" said Onoki. Kitsuchi raises an eye seeing his father in law is giving a genin credit. But seeing the display of show he has to admit Naruto did make Samui think she was in control.

"I agree with Onoki I will wait until his next match. He did hide himself behind the rocks and used his clones. An obvious tactic for a academy student" stated A. Not wanting to give him any credit he turns to Yugito who is thinking of something else.

"Ok. So who is going to pull the next match?" ask Tsunade.

"Me and Onoki" said A. Reaching into the bag he pulls out a name and turns to Onoki "Kurotsuchi Of Iwa".

Onoki smirks and floats to the bag and pulls out a name. Wondering what poor person who is going to fight against his grand daughter he reaches in and grabs the top paper.

"Hinata. No last name?" said Onoki.

"Ohh this is going to be interesting" smile Tsunade. Looking down to the arena floor while eating some popcorn "Oi milf lover did you get the names" shouted Tsunade.

"Hmm Yea" shouted Bee embarrassed.

The kages looking down notices Hinata walking towards the other side. A watching this raises an eye while Onoki looks confuse.

"Isn't she a Hyuga?" ask Onoki. Wondering what is going on he turns to Tsunade wondering if she is bending the rules.

"Yes but she left her clan due to personal reasons. She is also learning to be a medic nin and a really good one that I made her my new apprentice" answer Tsunade.

"This wouldn't have to be the previous Heiress of the Hyuga clan" ask A. Looking at her he cant help feel something off but also wonders if the rumors are true about her.

"Yes she was and also the same child you try to kidnap when she was three years old. She is dating my adopted son Naruto for quite sometime now" answer Tsunade with a smile.

"She doesn't look like the rest of her clan". Getting everyone's attention he snorted and looked at Tsunade. "The females all have brown hair and sliver eyes. She has dark blue hair and her eyes are tinge of lavender" spoke A. Staring at Hinata seeing some of his failures he smirks and relaxes in his seat.

Tsunade watching this cant help wonder what A is planning turning to Yamato who nods. Already knowing what Tsunade wants to do just as a precaution.

Once both kunochi arrived at the field they turn to Bee who looks at the two.

"This wont break out in a cat fight will it?" ask Bee. Hinata shrugs her shoulders while Kurotsuchi playfully taps her chin with her finger. "Why did I even ask a stupid question like that' thought Bee. Signaling the match to start he jumps back a bit away from the kunochi's. After seeing what Hinata can do to Naruto he would rather deal with his brother temper instead of Hinata's freakish slap.

"I hope you aren't going to use those stupid childish pranks on me like your boy friend" smirk Kurotsuchi.

"No and if Naruto did prank you. Trust me when I say this you wouldn't be walking away with his pranks so easily. Samui got only a minor dose of his pranks trust me when I say this. Not even the anbu can catch him when he pranks some one" smile Hinata. Charging towards Kurotsuchi she aims a chakra palm at Kurotsuchi chest.

"Suiton water trumpet" making the hand seals she blows a stream of water through her hand aiming at Hinata.

"Eight Trigrams Vacuum Palm" shooting a burst of air at the water jutsu. Hinata makes a few hand seals "Suiton Water encampment wall" a pillar of water surrounds her body.

"Doton Earth Flow Spears" making the hand seals Kurotsuchi slams her hands on the ground making a few earth and mud spikes. Stabbing the pillar of water making it stop with the water falling onto the ground "Where did she go". Wondering where did she go she sees Hinata standing on top of a earth pillar.

"Missed us" smirk Hinata. From underneath and around mizu bunshin appeared all around Kurotsuchsurrounding the Iwa kunochi.

"What the hell? How are you able to create so many mizu bunshin" shouted Kurotsuchi. Looking around seeing at least two dozens of Mizu bunshin she remembers her grandfather make at least one dozen of Doton bunshins. Even a top jonins could make at least one dozen of kage bunshin while elemental bunshins take more chakra but also control.

"Chakra control" smile Hinata. Snapping her fingers all the mizu bunshins soon started to charge towards Kurotsuchi.

Dodging and blocking some strikes Hinata, charges towards Kurotsuchi. Slamming a chakra palm onto her side making Kurotsuchi jump back. Clicking her teeth not wanting Hinata to close her chakra points. She hopes her next jutsu will keep Hinata at bay and perhaps stopping her.

"Yoton Quicklime Congealing Technique" making the hand seal she shoots a stream of liquid at Hinata making some of the mizu bunshin turn into a puddle of water. Hinata in the last second quickly stops her charge and started to spin.

"Hakkeshō Kaiten" creating a rotating shield of chakra all around Hinata. She quickly increase the size of the chakra shield around her. But when she did the quicklime also expanded making Hinata reconsider her action. Slowing the chakra output and making the chakra shield smaller. The quicklime all around soon started to harden making a shell.

"Ha take that" taunted Kurotsuchi. Walking towards the giant cement bubble that has Hinata trapped "Not so powerful are-" stopping she notices a few cracks appear all around the cement bubble.

"Protection of the Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms" shouted Hinata.

Kurotsuchi watches a thin layer of chakra cutting through the cement. Soon it started to expand creating a arc shape all around Hinata. Quickly making a few hand seals aiming at Hinata with another "Doton Earth flow spears". She watches the spears shoot out from the ground but watches the stone spears be cut up into slices.

"How the hell" shocked to see the stone spears being cut into slices. She quickly throws some kunai at the chakra arc and watches the kunai metal also be cut into slices.

"This is my ultimate defense that I created. Now its time for me to end the match" said Hinata. Getting into a stance shocking everyone from the Hyuga clan. She wonders what her father but also everyone is going to say. "Eight Trigrams One Hundred Twenty-Eight Palms".

Kurotsuchi watching this quickly knows if she doesn't come up with something she is going to be finished.

"Dam it. I need to protect myself. Doton Earth dome" clapping her hands together a dome of earth envelop her. The last thing she saw was Hinata charging towards her.

"Did you forget I can see through objects" shouted Hinata. Watching Kurotsuchi hide behind the wall of earth. The first, two consecutive strikes to make two. Second, another two consecutive strikes to make four. Third, four consecutive strikes to make eight. Fourth, eight consecutive strikes to make sixteen. Fifth, sixteen consecutive strikes to make thirty two. Sixth, thirty two consecutive strikes to make sixty four. Seventh, another sixty four consecutive strikes in succession to make a total of one hundred and twenty eight strikes.

Once Hinata was done with her attack and watching Kurotsuchi within the earth dome. The earth dome crumbled underneath its weight but also Hinata's attack revealing a down Kurotsuchi on the ground. Standing up straight she walks towards Kurotsuchi who is trying to move her body away from Hinata.

"How" croaked Kurotsuchi.

"My byakugan allows me to see through objects. It was a good idea for you to create a dome of earth but I pushed more chakra into my fingers shooting the chakra through the earth right into your body closing your chakra points. It's something I been working on for quite sometime now" explain Hinata. Turning to Bee who nods he points to Hinata.

"Winner of the second match Hinata of Konoha"

Up in the stands Hiashi has his mouth open in complete shock. He just witnessed Hinata shoot her chakra from her fingers into the person body closing there chakra points. But also she performed the Hakkeshō Kaiten who he never told on how to perform the jutsu. Add even more insult she created a new more powerful all around defense but also destructive offense.

"I underestimated Hinata-sama abilities. Not only she did not use the Hakkeshō Kaiten on me but also the one hundred and eighty palms as well. She also created a new more powerful ultimate defense with even more destructive offensive" explain Neji. Seeing his mistake he regrets what he said to Hinata but also to Naruto's family. Learning the truth he wishes things would be different.

"How did nee-chan get so powerful?" question Hanabi. Looking at Hiashi he himself wonders as well while the Elders behind him are talking about the match and also praised Hinata's first round of the exam. Wondering if she truly earned the position of Heiress in the clan. She sees how powerful but also elegant Hinata has become.

Kurenai in the front giggles while Kakashi waves his finger at her disapproving at her but in a playful way. Seeing the shock reaction of the Hyuga members but especially the elders. He chuckles and wonders how things are going to be like for Naruto and Hinata.

"Well if you truly wish to know its quite simple. Naruto helped her but also pushed her to his limits in a supported, loving way. Not in a disappointed and belittle way on how some people do" answer Kurenai.

Everyone around her remained quiet while Hiashi looks down to the floor and sighs. Knowing who Kurenai is suggest he got up and made his way towards Hinata's location. No one said anything while Hanabi looks at Menma seeing him smiling at him.

Neji coughed into his hands making her frown seeing his disapproved look. Wondering what kind of life she is going to have. She already misses having some free time to herself but now she doesn't have it.

'I wonder what else nee-chan is hiding from us' thought Hanabi.

And cut. Yea I know its more fillers than fighting but had to be done. Next chapter more fighting promise.