Death is Her Gift.

By Oxnate

Disclaimer. Do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Highlander.

Twanging The Highnotes

Joseph Dawson had stopped even playing lip service to the watchers' council's motto of 'observe and record but never interfere' after Duncan MacLeod lost his head. Inconsolable after losing the Immortal widely regarded as the 'best of them' he was transferred to England to assist in re-establishing a sister watchers' council of the Vampire Slayers after they suffered some devastating attacks from the supernatural world.

He was incredibly surprised to find that one of the Slayers was also an Immortal having suffered her first death in 1997. He also found that he liked the petite young woman and was impressed by her courage and the goodness of her spirit. He immediately resolved that he would not sit back and let this girl suffer the same fate as MacLeod. He began instructing her himself in the rules of the game and the ways of other immortals and watchers. Her martial arts skills were already well beyond what he could train and she had an impressive collection of weapons already, including a couple decent swords.

In his spare time, he opened up another Blues bar, Twanging The Highnotes. The Blues were becoming popular in England and his bar was quickly becoming successful. After only a month, Joe had cleared a net profit of ₤100. He was now a hundredaire. As he was closing up a few nights later, he heard a voice he never expected to hear again.

"You left Seacouver so quickly, Joe. I never got to pay my tab." Methos said.

Joe turned around to see his old friend. "Methos. You come to pay that tab?"

Methos smirked. "Not today, no. But soon." he promised.

"Sooner than you think." Joe said. He pulled a shotgun out from behind the bar and blasted the Immortal in the chest.

Methos started coming to and heard voices.

"His name is Methos. He's the oldest known Immortal. Take his head and you will be all but invincible, Buffy."

"I don't know if I can."

"He deserves it. He was one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. He killed so many people that they called him 'Death'. And he's my gift to you."

"Death is my gift." Buffy whispered before swinging her sword down.

A/N: All similarities to real people, events, usernames, or websites are completely coincidental and not to be taken seriously.

Obviously written before I had my epiphany in Death and Taxes.